Senate to vote on U.N. Treaty: Rights of Persons with Disabilities

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Glenn has been trying to take a break and recharge from politics because of how trying he believe the next four years are going to be. But today he had to get back in the game.

Glenn explained to his radio audience this morning that tomorrow the Senate will vote on the U.N.’s Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD).

“I urge you to call the Senate and beg them to vote against this,” Glenn emphasized. Later adding, “This will impact every parent and every — every parent of a disabled child and every disabled person in America.  Let alone the world.  It is already passed the Senate committee.  It is about to go to the floor of the Senate and it must be stopped.”

Only 34 senators are needed to block the treaty that in Article 18, Section 2 states that all “children with disabilities shall be registered immediately after birth.”

“Why are we registering children with disabilities?” Glenn questioned.

Being the father of a disabled child, Glenn also emphasized that America has great programs and opportunities for people with disabilities. If we want to improve what we are doing for these individuals even more, we don’t need to go to the U.N..

“Let’s have that conversation and fix it ourselves,” he emphasized.

The U.N. resolution also states that these children “shall have the right from birth to a name, the right to acquire a nationality, and, as far as possible, the right to know and be cared for by their parents.”

While there probably are countries where a baby born with a disability is not provided these things, America is certainly not one of them.

Glenn explained that, “As far as possible the right to know and be cared for by their parents.  What that will be a lawsuit ready to happen.  If you give up a disabled child because you can’t handle, I can’t be the parent of a disabled child.  For some reason you can’t handle it, if you give that child up for adoption to a loving family well you have a right to know and be cared for your parents.  You can sue those parents for not taking care of you.”

Essentially a parent who may have given their child up for adoptions would have to take them back and take care of them — or pay up. At least on the surface level, this would make it incredibly hard on an adoptive family or to adopt these children at all.

Glenn characterized the U.N.’s CRPD as being “pro-abortion,” comparing it to a story on the UK’s healthcare system that Glenn discussed last week where sick and disabled newborn babies are being put on death pathways. And unfortunately for us, this is the same healthcare plan much of Obamacare was modeled after.

“Your friends didn’t listen when we had there were death pathways or death panels, and coming this June — it officially starts — the way you get kidneys (for a transplant) is changing. If you need a kidney transplant, good luck with that. You better be the right person and the right age. The elderly are not going to get them. The youth are not going to get them. It’s going to be the 40-something that have the best odds putting more into the system than they take,” Glenn said.

“We are living in a time now where reality has consequences.”

Glenn urged listeners to call their Senator and encourage them to block the U.N. Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. You can reach the Capitol Switchboard by calling this number: 202-224-3121.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    The UN’s CRPB is nothing more than a globalist expansion over the sovereignty of nations to govern themselves and their people. I have contacted Senators Kyle and McCain, and hope they vote against this abomination of a treaty.

    Its far past time to get the UN out of our nation, out of our territory and especially out of our business once and for all.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Understand well all of you who voted again for Obama, this is the beginning of a legacy of eugenics programs: compared to the madness and outright evil of Nazi Germany, this will be many orders of magnitude worse if allowed to occur.

    It shall become a means of population control, in which the life of one person is considered worthless next to the collective. 

    All of you who wanted Obama wished for ‘free stuff’ in exchange for your freedom, so be it, you have a king and a tyrant now, and soon will see the full truth of his evil. May God have mercy on your souls.

    I and my house will serve only the Lord, and I will not comply, I will not be silent, I will not bow down willingly to any man.

    • landofaahs

      The liberal UN are thieves and liars.  Is it so surprising they would be murdering pigs also?

    • Draxx

      The U.N. is the New Mafia…  “Kill Guido he is no longer useful to us and he knows too much for our own safety…”

      • Victor Barney


    • Kanak Attack

       Forget about what’s in the treaty.  Why are we voting on a bill proposed by the U.N at all???  The U.N has no say in the laws of our country.

      • Bumpkin Kingsway

        Its all about UN Agenda 21.  Our POTUS and Co understand that THEY cannot be the ones to tell us of the changes they are making to embrace the One World Government, headed by the UN.  That’s like a parent trying to tell their teen they are changing the house rules.  Obamacare is all about agenda 21, too.  They will, if they haven’t already, mandate that in order to keep insurance, you have to accept ALL the immunizations and shots they deem necessary, or either pay a fine or lose your insurance, maybe even morph into jail time.  (in my opinion, death by lethal injection will likely replace death by being thrown into a furnace, like the Jews were.  People, get ready.  Its going to get really ugly.  I believe there will be a third world war, AND a civil war simultaneously.  With the high technology, they fully expect to be able to win a war by drone.  We need to get our BEST minds working on inventions and ideas on avoiding being identified by drone-  do they use heat registration, or ? in order for those of us who REFUSE to go to the FEMA camps and prefer autonomy to avoid murder by drone.  I fully expect we will see mass in our day.  some of us will end-up WISHING that the world suffered a terrible fate on Dec 21st 2012.  – indeed, it will likely be the day Obama signs into law something horrible.  Forget the scary stories on the H2 channel.  They are REALLY pushing them, aren’t they?  And Agenda 21?!  WOW!  I was able to listen ALL day to one program after the other yesterday as I had to sit and work near the TV-  ALL day and ALL night was one program after the other about our Earth, the end of civilization, and one tragedy after the other-  all imagined.  Take about trying to scare the people into a panic!

        • Anonymous

          In a somewhat aside, the Smart Meter people just knocked on my door about an hour ago (in Texas), stating they were here to install my meter.  I stated I did not want it.  They told me that I would just receive a letter telling me I have to comply.

          Does anyone know the rules of Rights of Refusal for this in Texas yet?  Who to contact?  I’ve got to get on this quicker than I thought

      • Anonymous

        Apparently, not true since Obama was voted in. Thank you once again to those of you that voted for the comrade.

        • Anonymous

          And as an addendum ….Steven Spielberg knows his history. I would suggest those of you still not certain, go watch the movie, Lincoln if you can afford it….now that your man is after our earnings!

      • Anonymous

         If we ratify the treaty it is enforceable on us, that’s their intent to circumvent our Constitution and make it moot, like Hillary keeps trying to get the small arms treaty through.

        • Anonymous

          Like Hillary Keeps Saying She Is A Twentieth Century Progressive…. …Which Is Really REgressive. The Left Always Blames Others For What They Really Believe!

      • Bonnie Somer


    • mspatdev

      I agree whole heartedly with snowleopard. You people who voted for Obama, you will get your freebies, but it isn’t going to be what you expect. You didn’t listen to us when we were giving you a warning as to what Obammy was capable of doing. I knew this 5 years ago. You all will wish that you hadn’t of voted for Obammy. He is like Stallin and Hitler when Germany was taken over in the early 1940’s. He and Hillary were in the U.N. taken our freedom to have guns away from us. You that voted for Obama aren’t going to have good health care. You aren’t going to find a good job, because he wants to be King and the unions are the only people that will be working. When he gets into his airplane and goes out among the people, he is in the union shops. That is who supports him and pays attention to him and Obammy won the election with the Fraud of unions. I will not bow to him if he is the last person on earth. I will not comply to him and his wants. When The Lord, God or Jesus comes to earth I will bow to them only.   May God Bless Us and All of America.

      • Anonymous

        Mr NarcisisistCelebrity-In-Chief Hussein-Obama The Spoiled Child Wants To Be King President of the World Not America…King Of The UNofA! Doesn’t UN stand for No?! Worse Than Hitler..He Is Mao Stalin Lenin Chavez…..

    • Anonymous

      Hey Snowcat, good to read your posts!  I also stand with, “ for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”  I can only add that when Paul wrote the most about joy, he was in prison in Rome waiting for his eventual execution.  May we all stand tall on our knees like Paul. 

      I can only add II Chronicles 7:14 If my people who are called by my name…  It is up to those who believe to take up the fight and shoulder the burden of prayer.  What we see now is the typical existence of human governments down through history.  Our great country experienced a blessed 200 year reprieve from the oppression of evil dictators and tyrants that always defines the race of man. 

      If the believers in this country do not pray down an awakening, the lemmings who cry love and diversity and sharing, as they all race to the bottom of the pit, kissing the feet of their masters and stabing thier neighbors in the back for table scraps, while they drag all the rest of us along in their commune of missery. 

    • Anonymous

      yep you are so right right…hussein-obama is sooo worse than hitler, can anyone say deathpanels. i mean hussein-obama even voted for AfterBirth Abortion..duh–isnt that Murder?! these people inhumane people idolize Mao and Mao Killed More than Hitler

    • Bonnie Somer

      u r so right where are the rest of all Americans what the hell r they doing

    • Anonymous

       Most Republicans and conservatives just don’t get it.

      Know now, that all too many of you (republicans and conservatives) who voted against Obama want your religious belief system (ideology) being the template for State Laws is the one single reason why so many, many, many people vote against GOP candidates.

      It is your religious beliefs that causes you to loose vote after vote after vote. You do not want Shirria Law, and shout ‘separation of Church and State’, yet you have no problem wanting to have Christian Law becoming the State Law of the land. You say that you believe ‘separation of Church and Stat’, but (and this is a big but) only for all other Religions and their religious laws and not yours.

      I believe that most Americans believe in and support the US Constitution and it’s Amendments but more than enough Americans do not support religious laws becoming the law of the land; be those laws Shirria or Christian.

      Most homosexuals are more than just well off financially and (now get this,) support GOP fiscal policies but will not vote GOP because of the GOP’s religious stand on homosexuals. Most Homosexuals also believe in a strong national defense; but are not really allowed to serve their country because of GOP religious beliefs and stands against homosexuals serving their country. Thus again Gays will not vote for GOP candidates and for this reason also.

      Most women also believe in the 2nd Amendment, and believe in a strong national defense, and more than a few women support the fiscal policies of the GOP but are dead set against the GOP’s Christian religious beliefs (do I need to repeat this ?) against abortion being made into State Law. This religious anti-abortion ideology of the GOP turns more than a few voters away from the GOP.

      My grandson’s generation do not have any faith whatsoever in any of the politicians and more than a few of them will not (when they come of age) or do not vote because they view all politicians as being corrupt.

      As my grandson stated to me “… none of the politicians have Honor, integrity, Pride, Ethics or respect for anyone. (ie. politicians lack HIPER) It is these 5 moral values that make up Agape (God’s Love in to and for us) as expressed by the Christ Event.

      My grandson was taught HOPESTAR-B-CO-HIPER by me all of his life. That is, he was taught that the:




      Ethics and
      Respect for all people at all times under all circumstances

      that is Hope is from Agape
      and Agape come from the seed revealed by the STAR of David
      via the Christ Event (Agape) and to be taught to all nations by
      Citizens who are of HIPER and who live Agape via HIPER…

      This is what I have taught all of my children and grand children.

      GOP and Democrats both lack the HIPER to bring peace to earth.

    • Bob Bowman

      If this did lead to  *a legacy of eugenics programs* it would be a great beginning.
      I’m tired of paying to support parasites.

  • landofaahs

    Does this mean liberals are in trouble?  I mean, liberalism is a mental disorder.  Is this the way to protect retarded liberals or abort them?

  • landofaahs

    When the coming crash comes and the nation splits as history indicates a  great chance of sadly, those new countries will not have signed on to the UN BS. I hate to see it happen.  We threw away freedom for being taken care of.

  • Sam Fisher

    This is all about with Article 18, Section 2 states that all “children with disabilities shall be registered immediately after birth.” It all about knowing where they are so they someday can kill them out of “compassion” we must not let the U.N. kill these people. They are living human beings and deserve to live. It time to wake up. We must get away from the U.N. before it is too late.

    • BentGhazi

      It’s a starting place. How long before they start demanding the registration of all people who are disabled, for what ever reason and no matter their age group? Then they will want to register the obese, the diabetic, the cancer patients, the cardiac cases, the people with impaired lung function, the people who have bowel diseases, the ones afflicted with organ failure diseases, where does it stop??? 

      They will next be asking about people with ingrown toenails, or excess freckles. 

      This is evil, immoral, and cannot be allowed to become a part of our laws – it’s unconstitutional as hell.

      This has nothing to do with the original UN Charter. The UN was never intended to become a one world government, it was chartered to be a forum for all the world’s nations to meet and settle their differences. It’s a perversion of what the UN was created for.

      • Sandie

        With Obamacare, there won’t be a need to register “the obese, the diabetic, the cancer patients, the cardiac cases, the people with impaired lung function, the people who have bowel diseases, the ones afflicted with organ failure diseases”, etc. Almost all these people and their medical info are part of the system now. Part of the Obamacare is to get all medical records computerized. My Drs. office went electronic some years ago. Most hospitals are now too. Obamacare will make sure they all are, so it will be easy to find certain cross sections of people by affliction if/when they have to determine whose care can no longer be afforded. They are looking forward to the time when we will all be on Government, single payer insurance, because the cost was driven up by Obamacare.

        • BentGhazi

          Next: the last round-up …
          I’m not talking about a cheesy western flick either.

          All of this can be undone, but will it is the big question. Unfortunately he wasn’t impeached in the first term, maybe we can get that done soon.

          • Sandie

            I wish, unfortunately we don’t have the numbers to have a succesful impeachment even if the Hose brought charges.
            I guess we will be rounded up and brought in for the final treatment – soylent green anyone?

      • jjet

        The UN has been nothing but a spys nest from the beginning.

        • BentGhazi

          That’s the doing of the governments that make up the organization. I’m fairly certain that Eleanor Roosevelt had no idea that the ultimate result of her championing the idea of the UN, that the organization would turn out to be an anti-American leech.

      • Frank Balcer

         This is turning into Nazi America, any votes to support this is clearly treasonous.

        • BentGhazi

          The morons who voted for him are the only ones that can’t figure that out! Time will tell if things change, but I think we are in for a rough time ahead. Have you seen any of the stuff being written on the left wing sites lately? They are doubling down on insanity, and are unapologetically proceeding toward a conclusion they will not see coming until it is staring them in the face.

          • Frank Balcer

             This is what happens when people don’t learn from history & understand the constitution.
             “that all men are created equal, endowed by their creator, with certain unalienable rights, among them are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. no person shall be deprived of these rights without due process of law.
            they cant figure that out because they keep their heads buried in the basement of an outhouse, absorbing all the crap & ignoring the real truth ( the light).

          • BentGhazi

            I know! They keep thinking it says, “Tha tall men are created equal…”


          • BentGhazi

            So true. It’s no big surprise that we are in the mess we have now because so many in Congress and the other branches of the federal government have been derelict in their duties for so long.

            The Department of Education has been busy muddying the waters with all this socialist brain washing of our young people in the public school systems across America. Most of the people under 35 now have no idea about any of the history or how government is supposed to work. The sad part is they are for the most part lost to reality, they think what they have been taught is the truth, but it was loaded with propagandist’s lies.

            I am not sure we as a nation will continue to exist in another generation.

  • Draxx

    I believe it is too late for the Fools Out There, they will live and die in complete ignorance or stupidity… We have to make sure that they do not take us with them!

  • James Mcdermott

    Well I love how they are looking at this so one sided. Yes, it does seem odd that they are given rights to a name here in America but in different parts of the world, disabled people are often discriminated against. In many cultures they are shunned from society, its pretty sad actually. 

    • jjet

      James, this is not about other culures, this is about giving the UN or anyone, any remote thought of power over ordering The United States of America to do anything.We have been the light for the free world. We don’t need to be told how to treat people. In case you have been taught differantly, you were born to a very wonderfull, exceptional, country.  You can and should be very proud.

      • James Mcdermott

        Yea I am lucky to live in the U.S. but I still don’t see the problem with guaranteeing disabled people special rights. I feel that if our Government wont do it by themselves, maybe they need this UN push. I just really hate fear-mongerers who like to have everyone believe that the UN will make us a bad country

  • Anonymous

    This is important, I already contacted my Senator and others about this issue, I encourage you to do the same

  • christopher mahoney

    The UN was not established to regulate such domestic matters, but rather to promote international peace. 

  • Danny Tonty

    I thought this was to help make other countries have laws like Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) signed in 1990 by George. H.W. Bush? In some other countries persons with disabilities are not respected and valued as they are in America. It would change nothing in the U.S., but shows we support the rights and liberties of disabled people in other countries?

    • jjet

      No Danny, No Danny, Please here from a differant source. At least here,and question, Don’t just blindly believe.   And you don’t understand what is happening. We are giving others the power to tell us what we can and can not do.  NO ONE can ever take that away from the American citizens. NO ONE. Think Danny,please
      understand. You are an American. You were born with your rights. The UN, and others will tell you what you are or can be. The liberal ideal is so wrong.

      • wrapture

        1. Please tell the readers how the UN will ‘enforce’ any part of the treaty.
        2. Name any country that does everything that the UN supposedly asked it to do as specified within a treaty that the subject country signed.

  • Jerry Reames

    those bastards don’t need to know who has disabilities or anything else just more government intrusion

  • Anonymous

    Doesn’t anyone remember that this is what happened in Hitlers Germany?  Has this part of WWII history been whitewashed??  It wasn’t just the Jews that were persecuted but the the helpless and the God fearing as well.
    All I can do since the election is pray “Dear God forgive us as a nation and return your blessing to this land”.

  • Anonymous

    This is truely disgusting.  Why does the UN have to be Involved/  When we phone our elected, I suggest telling them the UN needs to be out of this country.  Knowing many cutbacks are planned by the Obama team, it certainly slaps us in the face when we read the latest attack on our freedoms and rights.  Pass this article to everyone on your email list and especially to the liberals you know.  Then get on the phone and CALL your senator.

    • antithetical radical

      Liberals just loooooove the UN, the Hague and the Geneva Conventions. They don’t have a clue about any of those organizations, but they can’t wait to join the European Union. I suppose there is some kind of attraction to becoming serfs in the new feudalism on the continent – or some other such nonsense. 
      I will resist them as long as I am able to draw a breath.

      • Sandie

        They are lazy brained people who can’t make the effort to think for themselves. Being a serf takes the pressure off their brains.

        • Anonymous

          Everybody’s goin’ serfin’, serfin’ USA!


          • Sandie


  • 4violet25

    This is another disregard for our Constitutionality that has been undermined by degrees I am sure we are going to be truly disgusted to find out, all under the guise of this administration who has been waiting to wield any form of socialist/communist agenda that’s been well pre planned.
    I can’t contact our Senate reps,, their offices tell you politely or not, that ‘they’ are voting with the ‘agenda’, been that way for over 12 years.
    Today’s news indicates that the UN can’t control or relate to the simplest judgement for handling serious warmongering issues particularly with Syria, pulling out their forces because of the use of Syria’s chemical agents now in their bombing of their own people.  So this is in fact a form of muslim against muslim ethnic cleansing but since its started the UN has done exactly what.  Now we will have them tell us to live and obey under their rules by whose Executive Orders with or without this Senate, who believes that we can’t understand how serious this was prior to the election.
    How did Obama allegedly ‘win’ this past election is difficult to believe on behalf of myself and other Democrats many who for the first time in their lives didn’t vote Democrat, but this alleged decree involving the UN is a violation of our nations sovereignty, why aren’t  there millions standing up and screaming from the rooftops about this vote and its failure to even comply with our Bill of Rights.  Who has survived WWII that wouldn’t see through this rhetoric.
    Its dumbfounding.

  • Joe

    I see this as international law abridging the the laws of the United States.  I forget what Supreme Court Justice that agrees that international law should be used in appeals to higher courts.  Not a lawyer but something really smells here.

  • Anonymous

    Every law passed or treaty signed that abridges the rights of We the People, has been enacted in treason and in violation of the Oath of Office.  Public trials and punishment NOW will prevent any more of this nonsense!

  • Anonymous

    I worked last year in a unit for autistic high school students.  They all had struggles just to come to school and make it through a day.  But everyone of them had some mental and emotional gift to enrich those around them and our world.  One wrote the most thoughtful and beautiful poetry, another could fix almost any electronic device, another became a skilled digital photographer.  If they had not had SPED help through their lives no one would have learned of their talents. We must keep the U.N. and their Muslim philosophy out of the U.S. and our lives.

  • Anonymous

    I sent them e-mails but my two senators are A Number One Prime Time Obama Lap Dogs.  They will vote any way he tells them to vote.  In every elction they get all the free loader votes because they will always vote to keep the food stamps and welfare checks coming. They know what side of the bread their b utter is on and it isn’t on the conservative side.      

    • BentGhazi

      Hang in there sarge, all we can do is our duty. In the end they will lose. The main reason they won is because too few of us actually voted, and some idiots threw their votes away because they didn’t like Romney. They split the vote, and it’s costing us all.

    • Frank Balcer

       If they sign the treaty, then that is a clear act of treason & they need to be treated as the criminals that they are for committing it, & violating their oath of office.
      to protect & defend the constitution from all enemies, foreign & domestic.
      this goes against everything our forefathers fought & died for, which is in our constitution. this is the exact same stuff the Nazis did, this is the start of eugenics, or as it is called now agenda 21. 

      • Anonymous

        Unfortunately, the people in the 18 to 29 age group didn’t study what the Nazis did so they don’t recognize that the government is following Hitler’s play book. Most of this age group believe that socialism and government control of our lives is the only answer. Us in the older generations are to blame. We trusted the public education system and many didn’t bother to really look into what their kids were being taught. I talked to some kids that graduated from high school last spring. I was amazed at how many didn’t even know who Hitler was or what he did. These young people can vote. I was also in favor of lowering the voting age from 21 to 18. Now that I look back, I believe it was a big mistake. In the UK they no longer teach about the Holocaust because it is offensive to Muslims who insist it never happened. Obama is just a small part of what is happening. This has been in the works long before he was even born. If Joseph McCarthy was still alive he would be saying “I TOLD YOU SO!”

        • Frank Balcer

           I am still in that 18 to 29 age group, & I know more than a lot of others in my age group. We need to start showing more proof that it did happen & teach them about Hitler & the holocaust no matter what them Muslims say or do, I had enough of the political correctness and sick & tired of it, as I’m sure a lot of others are too.
          Who are the Muslims to say it never happened? I dare them to talk to any Veteran who was there & rescued the survivors from the camps, then deny it.
          There is no better teacher than a person who was there & witnessed it.
          I don’t know anything about photography, but there was no way in the 1940’s to fake pictures like those of the holocaust.
          I think they still teach about here in the U.S., I don’t know any more because it’s been almost 10 yrs since I graduated High school, it could have changed since then & I don’t have any kids to tell me what learned in school.

          • Anonymous

            You are correct. You must fall into one of three places. 1) You went to a public school that had not stopped teaching about it yet. 2)You must have gone to a private school. 3) You did a lot of research on your own. I don’t find too many in your age group that know, or believe, what really happened. Unfortunately, many of the actual WWII combat veterans who took part in liberating the Nazi concentration camps are no longer with us or they are going senile, have dementia or Alzheimer and are unable to recount their experiences. Such was the case of my father-in-law. Also many of the victims of the Nazis are in the same category as those who liberated them. When I was assigned in Germany in the late 1970s I visited Dachau. I had some difficulty finding it. The Germans in the area would either pretend not to understand you or would refuse to give directions. Beside Muslims, there are also Germans who are trying to convince the world that it did not happen. Eisenhower even predicted that as the years go on, more and more people would start believing it didn’t happen. That is why he ordered that it all be documented on film and all the evidence possible. His exact words were “Some day some son-of-a-bitch will claim that this never happened.” In his book that recounted his military career he said that what he saw, in those camps, almost made him ashamed that his name was Eisenhower. He was a decedent of immigrants who came from Germany. You just keep going in your research and your efforts to help keep the younger generations informed. Future generations must be able to look back on the Holocaust and say “THIS MUST NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN!”

          • Frank Balcer

             I knew about Hitler long before I was in high school.
            I always loved to read the history books they had in the school library especially on Military history. besides the books, some friends of mine, my age knew about him.
            one was home schooled & the others were Military history lovers. I also watched the History channel a lot.
            in class the holocaust was rarely talked about & I was in a public school.
            It is tragic that people keep their heads buried in the basement of an outhouse & ignore the truth because they are too ignorant to face reality. unfortunately for most people, when history repeats itself, it will be to late for them, as for the photos & films of the holocaust, there is still no way those can be faked in the 1940’s.
            I will still do more research & try to teach others of this tragedy.
            Like what was said “THIS MUST NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN”

  • Anonymous

    You didn’t watch the vid. clip I posted did you Glen.

  • Anonymous

    I’m on it Glenn, for Connecticut .

  • Anonymous

    going back about about 20 years ago, my Mom was in a nursing home.  When I would visit I would feed her, she would just about choke on each spoon full.  I approached the nurse advising them about this serious problem.  They advised me that I would need to tell my sister about getting a feeding tube for my Mom since she had power of attorney.  After my sister talked to the doctor about arraging this, she told me the doctor  informed her that really wouldn’t be necessary,  since my Mom was 91 and senile, she wouldn’t really feel anything.  In other words just starve her to death.  Needless to say my Mom was provided with a feeding tube.  How callous was that doctor, maybe his children will one day have to make a decision whether or not to put him on a feeding tube.I wonder what they will do.

  • Anonymous

    You’re a fool to think this isn’t the 1st step to euthanasia

  • Galen Stangeland


  • Anonymous

    Ten Specific Problems with the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

  • mdkrause

    This why the UN should be destroyed.  It must be defunded. Stop all funding. That will stop all idiot ideas from the UN.  That is what people should be demanding their rep. to stop the UN funding.  Kick them out of America.  Let the assholes in Europe fund these UN assholes. 

  • Anonymous

    Y’all should check this out… It’ll make you toss your cookies once you see it for what it is…

  • Sherry

    Where is this story on the Blaze website? 

  • Dennis Johnson

    Some of the first people killed by the nazi’s, Jews, disabled,etc. Keep the UN out of our laws or risk it all when the U.S. citizens have had enough and whatever comes to those who vote for this trash.

  • Anonymous

    ‘death panel’ term come to mind. say Obamacare is heading over to UN to control and implement.

    we deserve  what we vote for, include with the consequences

  • Anonymous


  • suz

    accurate and completely intentional.  the bho progressive/socialist/marxist wants this and needs a confused, dumbed down, scared people.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe just another way in how “they” pick and choose who gets health care or not in the near future. 

  • Snorri Sturluson

    Disabilities will be / are defined by bureaucrats and politicians neither of whom can be trusted to abide by any ethics let alone the the Judeo-Christian ethic of the U.S. With 7 billion people on Earth how do you insure that you and your family members do not become those on the U.N.’s “short list” or those that “should not reproduce for the good of society”? Answer: a small sized government with term limits and WMD coupled with the willingness and ability to use such. Only then can reasonable discussions and moral definitions can be had with the likes of the rapacious U.N.

  • Dennis Hall

    This is very poorly written.  It is full of grammatical errors.  I had to look to ensure I was on the real Glen Beck website. 

    “Your friends didn’t listen when we had there were death pathways……………….. Eh? 

  • Anonymous

    As a parent of a hearing impaired child I have had hearing impaired adults wanting to take him away because his culture is not like mine.  The fight to keep and raise by hearing impaired child has been going on for a long time.  This is one more thing to take away my rights.  My child is now an adult and lives a good life without assistance.  People call my child disabled, no he learns a different way and has adapted to the world around him.

  • truthseeker

    If you are interested in a bit of background on the UN, research the Lucifer Trust, conveniently changed to the Lucis Trust and the name Alice Bailey.  This will explain the evil that is the UN.

  • Anonymous

    In a somewhat aside, the Smart Meter people just knocked on my door about an hour ago (in Texas), stating they were here to install my meter.  I stated I did not want it.  They told me that I would just receive a letter telling me I have to comply.Does anyone know the rules of Rights of Refusal for this in Texas yet?  Who to contact?  I’ve got to get on this quicker than I thought

  • Rachaelsuperstar Fickfortney

    Thank GOD it failed!!!

  • Joyce S

    correct snowleopard  i have an autistic Grandson and Nephew they have the right to stay with parents or any loving relatives, the government does not have the right, wake  up and smell the coffee

  • Anonymous

    Germany 1939.  Who were first to be exterminated – mentally disabled and handicaped persons.  Germany had lists similar to this UN piece of garbarge.  EVERY ATTEMPT TO HAVE THE   UN   INTRUDE INTO OUR CULTURE NUST BE OPPOSED.  Those political persons who are STUPID enough to agree with any of the UN positions (Prop 21) should be inpeached.

    The  UN  should be removed from AMERICAN soil and this country should desolve our menbership in this terrible organization.

    Thank God sane heads prevailed and the vote on it was defeated.

    Proudly, a fully disabled AMERICAN who did not vote for OBAMA.

  • Bob Bowman

    If this did lead to  *a legacy of eugenics programs* it would be a great beginning.
    I’m tired of paying to support parasites.

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