Patrick Poole, Diana West weigh in on the latest uprisings in Egypt

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Right now in the streets of Cairo, people are rising up against the dictatorial actions taken by President Morsi. Glenn has been critical on the lack of response from President Obama and the mainstream media, as the people are clearly standing up against the Muslim Brotherhood, Shariah Law, and above all tyranny. What’s the latest on this new wave of protests? Author Diana West and PJMedia National Security and Terrorism Correspondant Patrick Poole joined Pat and Stu on the Glenn Beck Program Wednesday night to discuss events in Egypt and what could happen next.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Its more than Egypt now Glenn – Assad has armed warheads with Sarin Gas, the war is about to reach a whole new level now when Obama strikes out at Syria in support of his terrorist allies.

    Obama cares nothing for the democratic movement in Egypt, given his silence and that of the left-MSM, he may even hit hard if Morsi is overthrown.

    • Stefanie Carter
    • Anonymous

      Where Is The Media? HUSSEIN-Obama Has Seven Wars Going On Over There! He Is The One Who Started These Wars To Put In The Islamist Caliphate! Democratically Elected? what A laugh,Democrat Elections Are A Farse! In A Democratical Election The People Have No Say! The Media Has The Say..Look AT Chavez! HUSSEIN-Obama Proves To US That HE IS The Muslim Brotherhood Leader! his Quote,                 “Mitt is his middle name,I wish I could use My Middle Name!”  There Is No Difference Between Moresi Or Obama! Everything Glenn Predicted six years Ago Is Coming True!  they call US crazy or conspiracy theorists for pointing out the truth! this is where america is going if congress doesn’t get a spine and Impeach BHO and All He Hired!

  • Lisa

    I remember a couple years ago when Glenn was on fox, and he talked about a Muslim Caliphate (most people had never heard of it before) and how the uprising in Egypt was possibly a bad thing. Everybody went nuts, all the lefties, and even some at fox (Sheppard Smith-azzhole) Now look at it, maybe Glenn knew what the heck he was talking about, maybe he wasn’t so nuts. It’s funny how when you question those in power (or the ones who think they are) how fast they will turn on you, and start a smear campaign, and if they turned out to be wrong–they don’t know what you’re talking about.

  • Anonymous

    The ‘organizer-in-chief’ is a secret muslum and muslum brotherhood lover.  He has no intention of doing anything to jeopardize his relationship with them.  His lack of patriotism for the USA is obvious to those of us that are TRUE AMERICANS.  He needs to be removed ASAP by any means necessary.

  • Zooropa Fly

    You Hypocrits !!
    Morsi was democratically elected. These powers he’s assumed, however unfortunate, are designed to deal with hangers-on from the previous DICTATOR – remember him ? The guy whose pockets you were lining for decades to suit the US at the expense of the Egyptian people and millions more in the Region. You didn’t care about their rights then did you ? That’s what the core of the ‘revolution’ was about in the first place – the brutality and injustice dished out by the regime the US was lavishing wealth on. It was a Revolution against the US !

    The Egyptian people had the chance to speak their mind, and they did. If the majority turn out to be unhappy with that choice they’ll deal with it themselves. The fact that they can protest at all now is testament to coming a long way.
    It’s got nothing to do with the US now, so aside from propper reporting of what’s going on all your opinions are irrelevant.

    We’ll soon find out if Morsi keeps his word, if he is indeed good for the Country. If in fact he chooses the path of tolerance or a more extreme one ? But give it a chance for God’s sake.
    S**t, I said “God” again.

    GB NEVER features protests in Bahrain, Yemen, Saudi etc. Funny that.

    • Sam Fisher

      People like you are the only hypocrites in all of this. We saw this coming that is why we didn’t support it from the beginning. Yes the last dictator was evil but this guy makes the other look like an idiot child and here you are defending him. What a spineless troll.

      • Anonymous

        Isn’t it funny or ironic, or perhaps wildly pathetic, that instead of trying to address the merits of Zoopra’s argument, you go off on wild tangents about how the “left is loony”.   We get it, you think the left is out of touch and believers of conspiracy theories, etc.  
        But that does not take away from the fact that Zoopra brought up valid questions?  He didn’t do it in a disrespectful matter.  If you don’t agree with it, that’s fine.  You’re entitled to your opinion.  I could sit up here, and judge you too as someone who is ill-informed bc you eat up the very partisan points of view that you see on this website. 
         But, what good would that do, tell me?  It probablly wouldn’t make that much of a difference. It would be me just making ad homien attacks, for the sake of making them. So instead of me calling you a quack, and vice versa, let’s just listen to what the other says, and try to logically counter our arguments.  For crying out loud, Zoopra just asked QUESTIONS.  Instead of getting all riled up and expressing knee jerk disdainful remarks, just answer why it is you think he is right, or wrong.   

        • Sam Fisher

          Dude don’t tell me you’re dumb enough to believe that we and Israel are using chemical weapons in Iraq repeatedly on a Civilian population or that we supplied Saddam with most of his noxious arsenal to poison, maim, and genetically modify innocent Iranians Or that the US is by far the biggest manufacturer and distributer of such weapons. I am sorry for living in reality where none of this is actually happening. I feel sorry for you being dumb enough to think that questions are valid when they are not even based in reality. Thanks for proving my point about the left. I call bat shit crazy out when I see it and that is the craziest thing I have ever read since I have been doing this.

  • Draxx

    Being former Nuclear Biological Chemical (NBC-NCO) there is a much higher risk of muslim nations using things like Sarin Nerve Agent Bombs, because of their past track records of using Chemical Weapons.  There are places in between Iraq & Iran that no one can tread without being exposed to hazardous wasted from their wars in the 1980’s, and will not be safe for at least another 25-50 years (possibly more)…

    I also did not like hearing the number of Egyptians that support a Caliphate. Very Disturbing!

    • Zooropa Fly

      Being ex-military as I believe you are Draxx, do you deny that Chemical Weapons were used by the US in Iraq, and by Israel repeatedly on a Civilian population ? Would it be incorrect to say the US supplied Saddam with most of his noxious arsenal to poison, maim, and genetically modify innocent Iranians ? Or that the US is by far the biggest manufacturer and distributer of such weapons ? Would the US be the ONLY country not to conform to a relevant treaty on the subject ?

      Just asking 😉

      • Sam Fisher

        So you’re saying that you love propaganda from the far far far far left that you refuse to live in reality? Nut job I bet you can’t prove anything you just calmed here. Come on punk I dare you to prove it.

        • Anonymous

          “You Hypocrits !!
          Morsi was democratically elected. These powers he’s
          assumed, however unfortunate, are designed to deal with hangers-on from
          the previous DICTATOR – remember him… ?”

          You need to listen and respect others having a right to their opinion… for isn’t this the American way?

          “These powers he’s assumed, however unfortunate…”

          If you would have stopped the knee-jerk negative attacks, you might have read what he said- not what you were willing to hear…


          How do expect to get anything accomplished if all you do is ATTACK?

          How do you expect anything to be accomplished in the salvation of your Republic, if you are willing to be the shrill voice that rejects everything out of hand?

          Good God people, when have you lost your common sense and allowed yourself to be manipulated? When have you decided to join the liberals where they refuse to even listen?

          This does NOT mean you have to embrace, endorse or accept others views- all it means is you are willing to HEAR others speak. Therein lies the difference with the Progressives… You recognize that you do have a Right to your opinion.  Right, wrong, that isn’t the point- the point is you don’t reject out of hand one of your Rights.

          When/if you do? You have negated the ability to solve-as a UNITED people, the divisions in your country and solve what your President/others have sought- DIVISION.

          • Sam Fisher

            Look you seem like a smart woman so I will play nice with you. You can’t honestly believe that Morsi just did it to get rid of the old dictatorship’s followers. It is not in the Muslim brotherhood’s MO and you know it. You want to hear irony the reason why we find ourselves in our mess is the refusal to call something for what it is. How do you think Mitt even got as far as he did. Refusing to call things out for what they are is going to kill the Republic. Hell the majority of the people refuse to even look at reality of the mess that we are in. I am as guilty of this as everyone else. We can’t be soft spoken anymore for we tried that and it does not work it never did. I will of course apologize to the guy only because he got confused at things we been using in war but I will call things out for what they are and refuse to believe that Morsi did this for the good of his people. You and I both know that’s not true. By the way if you don’t like my comments why do you follow me?

          • Anonymous

            The Muslim Brotherhood problem is multifaceted.

            You have a President and a complicit congress paving the way for their rise to power. When Michelle Bachmann expressed her concerns of the influence in the White House, who vehemently condemned her?

            Senator John McCain (AZ)
            Senator Scott Brown (MA)
            Senator Marco Rubio (FL)
            Speaker John Boehner (OH)
            Rep. James Sensenbrenner (WI)
            Rep. Mike Simpson (ID)
            Rep. Richard Hanna (NY)
            Ed Rollins (Bachmann’s former campaign chief)

            Also, Lindsey Graham had much to say on this…Yet, it was Grover Nordquist who was the main culprit.

            The Republican Party platform and “the Arab Spring” in the foreign policy section of the Republican Party Platform states:
            “We recognize the historic nature of the events of the last two years–the Arab Spring–that have unleashed democratic movements leading to the overthrow of dictators who have been menaces to global security for decades.”

            Connecting the “Arab Spring” with menaces of “global security.” Ben Ali and Mubarak were oppressive and brutal authoritarian rulers, but “menaces” to global security are what they clearly were not.

            Gadaffi had seized being a threat years ago.

            On another disturbing front, you need to examine the influence of Saudi Arabia and the Royal family.”

            “Prince Alwaleed bin Talal is a member of that family. He acquired 5.46% of Fox News Channel’s parent Company – Newscorp. – in 2005. He is also its second largest shareholder.

            Alwaleed has purchased considerable influence at major U.S. Universities and has contributed to C.A.I.R.

            Explained by Al-Walid himself:
            “Arab countries can influence U.S. decision-making ‘if they unite through economic interests, not political,’ (Alwaleed) stressed. ‘We have to be logical and understand that the U.S. administration is subject to U.S. public opinion. We (Arabs) are not so active in this sphere (public opinion). And to bring the decision-maker on your side, you not only have to be active inside the U.S. Congress or the administration but also inside U.S. society.”

            “Even the very liberal, Soros-backed Think Progress, reported on bin Talal’s influence over the Fox News Channel. In 2005, during riots in France (and two months after bin Talal acquired 5.46% of Newscorp.), the banner being run on Fox said, “Muslim riots.” Think Progress quoted bin Talal as saying the following:

            “I picked up the phone and called Murdoch… (and told him) these are not Muslim riots, these are riots out of poverty. Within 30 minutes, the title was changed from Muslim riots to civil riots.”

            I believe it is the Tea Party that rejects these dangerous precedences. It’s time for the people to wake up as well.

          • Sam Fisher

            The only one I am shocked about in your list is Marco Rubio I thought he would be smarter than that but I guess that is why he is in his line of work. trust no one in government because they are in their for their own power and very little care about freedom. A lot of this stuff you talked about I must confess I did not know anything about. Their goal is to take over the world that much is clear and if your research is right then we are in one hell of a fight. A fight we may not win but we should fight like Spartans with nothing to lose or else we will be run over by them.

          • Anonymous

            My research is correct. Their goal is to convert or kill ones who do not meet their “qualifications.” They are there in rural areas training, amassing information on response times to crisis, mapping out critical infrastructure, such as water supplies, etc.
            They have a large presence in cities such as Dearborn, Michigan.

            Your FBI and CIA have been neutered by your administration in their efforts to identify the Islamic threat and teaching of their methods. How could they identify the treat if they are not allowed to even recognize there is a very real threat and presence in your country?

            There is one hope though: “In God We Trust” is not just a motto, it’s a way of life, an anchor in turbulent seas? This is where you gather your strength to meet the challenges yet to come.

          • Sam Fisher

            Not saying you are wrong I just want to see for myself. I trust very little people after getting stab in the back one to many times. I fear that in God we trust doesn’t apply to this country anymore. You keep saying your country where are you from?

          • Anonymous

            Only He will know when that day comes whereas there are no Christians who seek Him. He always listens and responds. I believe it’s a grave mistake to abandon Him when he hasn’t abandoned you.

            Your Founders admonished future generations to never forget where their Rights came from and not to place their trust in man and his fallen nature.

          • Sam Fisher

            I have not but this country has. This country ripped itself apart because of a stupid election. Friend turned on friend but yet no one wanted to admit we were on the same side wanted the same things. Sorry but this country turned its back on God this year and no one is turning back. This country is going to hell.

          • Anonymous

            “Sorry but this country turned its back on God this year and no one is turning back.”

            Sam, that’s a blanket statement. As Christians, to witness God is your job as a Christian… but you need to know what is written and what is a twisting of His word.

            There has been a concerted effort for many decades to separate all peoples from what history, logic, reason cannot refute. It did NOT start this year and if you want the truth, this is an age old battle from when Eve choose to supply her own interpretation of His directive to eat all they want from the whole orchard- just not the one.

            Wouldn’t you agree that a defeatist attitude is also of the tools that evil ones wish for Christians to adopt to thwart their efforts at maintaining that covenant with God?

            You have to understand that the ‘evil one’ knows all the ‘tricks of the trade,’ he’s been at it a long time and was given his time to accomplish it, yet, in the end he won’t and can’t win- for judgement has been passed from on High.

            Knowing such is an incentive to know Him, His true Doctrines/ principals, never ‘giving an inch’ to all evil- whether it be man’s fallen nature or the one who directs it.

          • Sam Fisher

            First of all our jobs as Christians is bringing the word of God to unbelievers. Second the end is going to happen if not now someday into the future. I can’t ignore what I see around me. You can’t tell me you don’t see things getting worse just look at the past 8 years and compare it to where people are today. Pointing this out is not denying what happen in the beginning or giving up. Do you even know why I mention the Spartans before? They are not known for being quiters.

        • Zooropa Fly

          Sam, look up Fallujah and Gaza.
          Depleted Uranium, White Phosphorous and more nasty stuff. It won’t take you long. You even made your own troops sick.
          I am a Punk, you got one thing right.

          • Sam Fisher

            Ok you miss understood a few things first Depleted Uranium is called that because it has no radioactivity to speak of but is strong as hell and that is why they use them in tank shells but they are used for two jobs one take out other tanks two go through harden buildings. Second Phosphorous is used in flares and sometime grenades. None are chemical it can’t kill you unless you’re in the blast radius. Not many people understand this so I will give you a pass on this one.

          • Zooropa Fly

            DU isn’t an issue until you blow it up. To suggest that it’s not radioactive is preposterous, having a half life of over 4 billion years.

            An short ‘alleged’ US Military training video on the subject.

            Look at all the other stuff on YT and stats anywhere else on Iraqi birth defects.
            If it doesn’t move you you’ve no humanity.

            WP…. from wiki :
            “Ukraine white phosphorus train disasterOn 16 July 2007, a train transporting 15 tanks containing white phosphorus derailed in the lviv oblast. As a result 90[21][22] square kilometers were contaminated with a cloud of white phosphorus. In the first days 152[23][24] people were hospitalized.[25] The disaster was described as an equivalent to the Chernobyl disaster.[24][26] 16000 people were checked for symptoms of chemical poisoning within a week,[27] and Lviv residents were advised to stay inside and not to use water from wells, nor eat vegetables from their gardens or drink milk from their cows (later this advice was revoked). On 18 July 2007, it was reported that NATO was watching the toxic cloud movement.”And IS has repeatedly used this on a civilian population.Not sure how that can be defended, not by anyone with humanity.

          • Sam Fisher

            Follow along and I will post my soured for you to see. In order to produce fuel for certain types of nuclear reactors and nuclear weapons, uranium has to be “enriched” in the U-235 isotope, which is responsible for nuclear fission. During the enrichment process the fraction of U-235 is increased from its natural level (0.72% by mass) to between 2% and 94% by mass. The by-product uranium mixture (after the enriched uranium is removed) has reduced concentrations of U-235 and U-234. This by-product of the enrichment process is known as depleted uranium (DU). The official definition of depleted uranium given by the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) is uranium in which the percentage fraction by weight of U-235 is less than 0.711%. Typically, the percentage concentration by weight of the uranium isotopes in DU used for military purposes is: U-238: 99.8%; U-235: 0.2%; and U-234: 0.001%. DU is considerably less radioactive than natural uranium because not only does it have less U-234 and U-235 per unit mass than doe’s natural uranium, but in addition, essentially all traces of decay products beyond U-234 and Th-231 have been removed during extraction and chemical processing of the uranium prior to enrichment. The specific activity of uranium alone in DU is 14.8 Bq per mg compared with 25.4 Bq per mg for natural uranium. It takes a long time for the uranium decay products to reach (radioactive) equilibrium with the uranium isotopes. For example it takes almost 1 million years for Th-230 to reach equilibrium with U-234.
            13. What are the possible radiation hazards from handling DU projectiles?
            The contact dose rate from a DU penetrator is about 2 mSv per hour, primarily from beta particle decay from DU progeny. At this dose rate it is unlikely that prolonged contact with a DU penetrator would lead to skin burns (erythema) or any other acute radiation effect. Nevertheless, the dose that could be delivered from handling of DU ammunitions is such that the exposure and handling time should be kept to a minimum and protective apparel (gloves should be worn A public information campaign may, therefore, be required to ensure that people avoid handling the projectiles. This should form part of any risk assessment and such precautions should depend on the scope and number of ammunitions used in an area.

            14. What is the likely impact of DU on the environment?
            The environmental impact of depleted uranium depends on the specific situation where DU ammunitions are used and the physical, chemical, and geological characteristics of the environment affected.

            However, some general conclusions can still be made. Studies carried out at test ranges show that most of the DU aerosols created by the impact of penetrators against an armored target settle within a short time (minutes) of the impact and in close proximity to the target site, although smaller particles may be carried to a distance of several hundred meters by the wind.

            Once the DU aerosols settle on the ground, the depleted uranium particles combine with other material and increase in size, becoming less of an inhalation hazard. The potential risk from inhalation will be associated with material that is re-suspended from the ground by the action of the wind or by human activities, such as ploughing. With time, the concentrations of depleted uranium on the ground surface will decrease due to wind and precipitation that will transport the depleted uranium away or wash it into the soil. Any risk associated with inhalation of re-suspended material will thus decrease with time.

            Depleted uranium present in the soil can migrate to surface and groundwater and flow into water streams. Plants will also uptake DU present in soil and in water. A very small fraction of DU in vegetation and water is the result of direct deposition onto water surfaces. The chemical and physical composition of the soil will determine the solubility and transportability of the DU particles. The DU in water and vegetation will be transferred to livestock through ingestion of grass, soil, and water. Studies have shown that bio-accumulation of uranium in plants and animals is not very high and, therefore, uranium is not effectively transported in the food chain.

            Depleted uranium in the soil will be in an oxidized, soluble chemical form and migrate to surface and groundwater and be incorporated into the food chain. It is difficult to predict how long it would take for this to occur. As a result of chemical weathering, DU projectiles lying on the ground or buried under the surface will corrode with time, slowly converting the metallic uranium of the DU penetrators into uranium oxides. The specific soil characteristics will determine the rate and chemical form of the oxidation and the rate of migration and solubility of the depleted uranium. This environmental pathway may result in the long term (in the order of several years) in enhanced levels of depleted uranium being dissolved in ground water and drinking water.

            Consumption of water and food is a potential long term route of intake of DU. Given this, monitoring of water sources may be a useful means to assess the potential for intake via ingestion. If the levels were considered unacceptable, some form of filtration/ion exchange system could be implemented to reduce levels of DU.
            You get about 2 mSv with Depleted Uranium here are examples of other things that have Radiation in them.
            CT Scan: 10 mSv
            Breathing radon gas found in the air: 2.28 mSv
            Consuming food: 0.4 mSv
            Living in a state that borders the Gulf or the Atlantic coast: 0.16 mSv
            Smoking half a pack of cigarettes a day: 0.18 mSv
            Living in stone/adobe/brick/concrete building: 0.07 mSv
            Chest X-ray: 0.02 mSv
            Flying in an airplane for one hour: 0.005 mSv
            Living within 50 miles of a nuclear power plant: 0.0001 mSv
            So I CT scan or a cat scan has more of a punch than Depleted Uranium. While I the birth defects you mention could have been the byproduct of Saddam using chemical weapons on his own people during the Iraq Iran war. I don’t think we should use Depleted Uranium because of the cost and small amount of radiation it does have. I would also have to see studies done by researchers in the field that study Depleted Uranium effects on people and land. Instead of a YouTube warrior and facts from Wikipedia before I can say what you say is true.

          • Sam Fisher

            Sorry for being like that to you but you got to be more detailed in your post when you make claims like that. Solves any misunderstanding.

          • Sam Fisher

            Yes we did use Agent Orange but you will notice we don’t now because of its effects on people and farm land. We have not used the stuff since and in our laws it is even illegal today.

        • Zooropa Fly

          From the Daily Mail online 12/12/07 :-

          “The CIA had already warned that Iraq was using chemical weapons almost daily. But Mr Rumsfeld, at the time a successful executive in the pharmaceutical industry, still made it possible for Saddam to buy supplies from American firms.They included viruses such as anthrax and bubonic plague, according to the Washington Post.”

          • Sam Fisher

            Made it possible but just because one idiot and I believe he is one does not mean we did it on purpose I could point out a few things in history that had good attentions that turned loopy like this. It really nothing new coming from Washington.

      • LVR

        Lying troll.

      • Draxx

        Actually, I have absolutely no idea if the U.S. has ever sold anything…

        But, I can tell you that in 1988 I had Dis-Assembled eight (8) single and multi-warheard Chemical Bombs (a part of the Treaty with the USSR signed by Ronald Reagon.  The U.S. has Incinerated at least 35% of the 80’s stockpile of chemical weapons.  The Iraqis had developed their own, starting with more basic version like Mustard Gas, but if you really want to know do research on the Iraqi-Kurd conflicts and see how many were wiped out by use of Chemical Warfare.  Also, look into the Iraq/Iran wars…

        • Draxx

          Oh, I forgot to mention that when the Soviet Union Collapsed it had it’s own stockpiles and nobody knows for sure what has happened to them since then…

  • Sam Fisher

    Typical left winged response. They rather ignore people getting killed and raped instead of admit they were wrong supporting something far more evil than the other dictator could ever be. They even go as far as Zooropa Fly to pull conspiracy theories out of thin air just to make us look like the great Satan that Iran wants to paint us as. They can never admit they were wrong in supporting this which got them even a more power hungry dictator than the last. We must stand for truth and only truth other stuff is just distractions from reality.

  • landofaahs

    Yet more proof obama is a Trojan Horse Muslim.  I know, people say he is a communist and there may be some of that but Actually as a Muslim  who hates America, he knows the best way to destroy it is through communism.

  • Anonymous

    I believe there is legitimacy to the U.S. providing chemical weapons. I believe it was to Afghanistan. Wasn’t it during the fight with Russia to provide arms and create a level playing field when they were so outmatched? Charley Wilson was at the forefront of this endeavor. Why they were provided the chemical weapons and from what department of the U.S. government, I can’t recall…

    • BentGhazi

      Please let us know where this information came from.
      The US is a primary signer of international chemical weapons bans, and I don’t believe they would put the US in the place of providing banned weapons to anyone under any circumstances.

      This might be a hoax, and you might be promoting it without anything in the way of evidence, mightn’t you?

      • Sandie

        The US didn’t supply them with any chemical weapons. The Russians used some on the Mujahideen and civilians.

      • Anonymous


        You are correct, you are the primary signer of International Chemical Weapons Ban.

        Thank God there is a Nation/peoples willing to stand up for what is right in His eyes. Think of the ramifications if the U.S. were not at the forefront of humanity, willing to thwart what you/we know is wrong?

        So many nations are willing to compromise their ethics…  as a Christian nation the United States sets the “tone” for the world, don’t you think?

        Isn’t this fortuitous, in that, though you obviously have garnered President Obama for a second term, it is your: “We The People” that actually possess the power to over-come his untoward efforts to destabilize the entire region over-seas?


        • BentGhazi

          Just curious, but what country do you live in?

    • Sandie

      There were  reports of chemical weapons being used by Soviet forces in Afghanistan (not the US), often indiscriminately against civilians, while they fought the Mujahideen.  The information came from Afghan defectors, who had been trained by the Soviet Union in chemical warfare and from Afghans who had taken refuge in Pakistan. The Defense Intelligence Agency and the State Department said they had no evidence of it, but a later document obtained through ” freedom of information” claims it did happened.  Unfortunately there is so much of that document that has been “sanitized”. The  Mujahideen was helped by the United States, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, Egypt,  China and others. You can see that document at this link:

  • RiggedElectionProofClickHere

    If only she could weigh in on the media blackout after this last mock election

  • Anonymous

    I’m familiar with the link, thank you. Though redacted it still supplies a wealth of information…

    After reviewing the articles and doing a little research on my own- to conclusively state that our involvement was incontrovertible would be a stretch.

    The Soviets possessing no sense of humanity used all means to ‘save face’ in a war they had no hope of winning for hope sprang eternal in the Afghans heart?

    It’s telling when a supposedly strong military force is reduced to soulless, inhuman methods to reach their goals… This is where Charlie rose above his baser nature to shine… I give credit where due, as an imperfect instrument of His will, Charlie got the job done- if only as the initial instigator in this humane endeavor to even the odds…

    On another note? To think that the Soviets have recovered their soulless state is a grave mistake on our parts for they are currently working with their traditional enemies- the Chinese. Once again, isn’t that ‘telling’? 


    • Sandie

      I found it a tad bit disconcerting that there was so much that was removed from the document at the FOI website.

      Russia: It certainly is troubling. To have seen Putin pass the scepter to Medvedev (while I believe he was secretly pulling most of the strings behind the scenes) and to see it passed back is suspicious. That has raised a few brows! My feeling is that all along, it was set up so that Putin would always be in power, regardless of their new Constitution. My feeling is that they were lulling the US to a passive peace, unsuspecting that the bear is only hibernating.

      • Anonymous

        I’ve always felt that way. Perhaps the wall came down to reinforce that deception. Regardless of the political differences within Russia, they are all radically different than American Constitutionalism. They are still almost as dangerous as our current administration. They may even be partners!

        • Sandie

          You know what Obama said to Medvedev – Putin would have to wait till Obama was re-elected for Obama to go along with something Putin wanted. We still don’t know what that something is!

          • Anonymous

            Whatever it was it can’t be in our best interest. The libtards are so stupid they voted for Obama anyway!

      • Anonymous


        I know in Dougway, Utah, they used A277 (BZ) that is still classified to this day- Project Dork.

        In 1984-’89, the CDC, Dept. of Commerce sold and transferred to Iraq $4 billion worth of chemical, biological ie: Anthrax, West Nile, and others.

        Desert Shield and Storm- 697,000 troops, 250,000+ are permanently classified as disabled.

        D.O.D.’s official position is: “There are no classified or unclassified documents that exist to prove this in the 1st. Gulf War.”

        In a 100 hour war, where less than 150 troops died, but the morbidity/ mortality rate is 450,000?

        Lt. Colonel Doug Rokke-U.S. Central Command 22nd Support Command (TAA) Medical Brigade, a U.S. Army Health Physicist, Nuclear Medicine Sciences Officer
        and Director of the U.S. Army D.U. Project, expert in Nuclear, biological, chemical warfare operations, microwave radiation, emergency response/decontamination battlefield cleanup, states there are 350 tons of depleted Uranium, etc. across Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Iraq.

        The Israelis did use chemical weapons against the Egyptians in 1973.

        I believe the Russians consider President Obama an ally and fellow komrad. Your enemies have various reasons for wanting your demise, they are capitalizing on your Presidents lack of fealty to your country and as a consequence it’s citizens- where your true strength lies.

        As I see it, you now have a consortium of Marxist/Communists in almost all positions of power with access to classified documents- think of that statement, that is beyond troubling, that is frightening.

        • Sandie

          Dr. James S. Ketchum helped the Army Chemical Center research psychedelics and deliriants on volunteers, for use as non-lethal weapons (Dork and others). I don’t believe it was ever used in war.

          Yes, the US has supplied chemical weapons of various types to other countries.

          I notice that you phrase things in the non-possessive as in “Your enemies”, “your demise”, “your Presidents lack”, “your country”, “your true strength” …. I must ask, what is your country as you indicate in your writing that it is not the US?

          • Anonymous

            Back in Colorado I tried to get a personalized license plate–“LSD-25″ Nope, they turned me down! Some people have no sense of humor?

          • Sandie

            Did you get lost? LOL

          • Anonymous

            “Wandering, wandering in hopeless night, out here on the perimeter there are no stars. Out here we is stoned, immaculate.” (James Douglas Morrison)

          • Sandie

            Poor Jim met an untimely end.

          • Anonymous

            “The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom” (William Blake)

            Just ask JIm, John, Jimi, Janis, Keith, Brian…………race car and motorcycle drivers, pilots, etc.,

            Alas, I am a Doors fan. I love the poetry and Morrison’s voice coupled with Manzarek’s organ…

            “Silvery stream, silvery scream, ooo, impossible concentration”

  • John Ewen

    If the caliphate is successful will that mean we the public will be hearing more quaint little verses like. Allah is our objective.    The prophet is our leader .   Qur’an is our law.     Jihad is our way.   Dying in the way of allah is our highest hope. Wont that be lovely?

    • Anonymous

      John Ewen
      I can state emphatically: “Over my dead body… baring teeth, and fully armed, as is our Right.”

  • Anonymous

    How can Obama do anything when he has brought those belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood into the White House to advise him. 
    Obama is going to learn these people do not play games.   He can’t mess with their heads like he has with American’s. 

  • Amber

    I distinctly remember Glenn talking about this on his show (when he was on Fox) and refrencing a Muslim Caliphate. Of course everybody was up in arms, the lefties were all going crazy, even Shepard Smith (azzhole, he needs to find another network) all said how crazy Glenn was. This Egypt was all a bunch of freedom lovers out in tahrir square (raping women, including journalists, but nobody was worried about that) this was all just a fight for freedom. Wrong, it was the Muslim Brotherhood (I only remember Glenn talking about it at the time, I might be wrong) and Glenn was exactly right, and it’s getting worse by the day. Assad has chemical weapons on the ready, Iran is getting closer to a nuclear bomb (very close) Egypt, Lybia, and Yemen are complete disasters. So what do we do now? There’s nothing we can do, it’s to late, we just have watch it all play out (and hope Israel is still around when the smoke clears.) That’s why leadership in the White House matters, and we don’t have it, and we have a long wait until we MIGHT have it again. Now staying on topic, here’s a super funny blonde joke> 

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