Young kids try to hold up women in church parking lot

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A strange and frightening story out of Portland where a young woman was the victim of an attempted robbery in a church parking lot. And while it’s sad enough that churches are no longer safe – the truly scary piece of the story was the age of the perpetrators: seven and eleven years old. Glenn played the audio on radio this morning and reacted to the latest sign that the Mayan apocalypse may not be that far off.

TheBlaze reported:

Apparently two young boys, ages 7 and 11, tried to rob a woman in a church parking lot in Oregon.

The 22-year-old woman was in her family’s truck waiting for her parents, Portland police said in a statement, when the young boys approached her with a gun.

Ami Garrett of southeast Portland told officers that when the boys approached her, the younger boy told the older boy to “show her your piece” before demanding her car.

When she refused to give them her vehicle, assuming the gun was fake, they reportedly demanded cash and her phone.

“They were children,” Garrett recalled on Sunday, according to Oregon Live. “I didn’t think they’d actually have a real gun.”

On the radio show, Glenn played audio of the news report of the incident. Shockingly, during the interview with Garrett one of the kids, an eleven year old, actually walked up to the reporter and confronted the victim and the reporter. Because of his age, the network could not show his face on air.

“This is how upside down the world is,” Glenn said. “I mean if he’s old to say I’m going to blow your brains out and I’ve got a gun, and it’s real, and it’s loaded and it’s cocked, I don’t think I really give a flying crap about the all-important TV rules.”

“And the kid is dropped off by police with his parents. Nothing happens to him. He’s not detained in juvie. They don’t do anything to him except drive him home and leave him with the parents. The next day as they’re interviewing the victim he brazenly walks up to them,” Pat said.

WATCH the report below:

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    First of all Glenn, the kid was not dropped off at juvenile hall, if I recall correctly, due to him being too young ‘in accordance to their laws’ to be confined there and had to be handed back to his parents by authorities.

    For the rest, this world is changing, and in ways none of us can fully understand or predict other than it will be worse in most ways, and the potential to make it better exists as well. It will all come down to the choices we make and those around us as well.

    Aside from the brazen way the kid tried to rob the lady and confronted the news crew over the matter, does the kid have any psychological problems that make this an isolated case? Or is it a sign of a growing trend in our nations culture as our society changes?

    • HELEN

      Put the stupid parents in jail instead.  Arrest them for contributing to the delinquency of a minor for letting a gun be found in the kid’s hands.

    • Anonymous

      Good summary- Choices start at home with the parents doing the right thing with their kids.  My dad would have whipped the living snot out of me if that was me.  But – as you can see- the kid was still haging out at the church the next day.  It is our culture that has changed and the fact is that most parents are just lazy in parenting of there children.

    • BentGhazi

      The kids should be removed from the home by Child Protective Services, and the parents should be prosecuted. The children should be kept as wards of the state until it has been determined that they are no longer a threat to themselves or the community.

      The system is in place to deal with this, if the authorities will use it. 

  • Sam Fisher

    That a liberal city for you. They most likely let the kid go and took the gun in for questioning because we all know guns can control people’s minds. I bet he will grow up to be an occupy wall streeter and throw his poo around like a monkey and rape any girl he sees.

  • Slayer88

    Kill them swiftly and without prejudice….

  • Slayer88

    She should have beat the balls off him when he walked up,little punkazz

  • Anonymous

    Point a firearm at me, you’re dead! Age doesn’t matter, 7 or 70!

  • Anonymous

    I have edited my post. I failed to explain the meaning of why I used that quote and it was taken the wrong way. I am sorry.

    • Mark Horst

       Dear walkintruth.  What in Hell does an 11 yr. old need with a Truck ?.  Have YOU offered Him Insurance to go with it ???

    • Tina Smathers

      Yes indeed…  Our government is stealing our wealth from us and now expects us to give them our liberty and freedom also.

      Many want the ‘hive’ to protect them and feed them and provide for their welfare.  A hive mind, much like the ‘Borg’ ( Resistance is futile ) .. you will be assimilated.

      I’m sure the parents of this child have done the best they can but, the public schools, the media and TV, the culture their peers are growing into where there are minor consequences for poor behavior or a slathering of apologetics for ‘being themselves’ are of course a fractal part of the problem.

      It is only a blog. The response … nill.  The solution will come after another unfortunate cultural war or even a civil war unfortunately brought on by the pain of the financial platforms and social planning of our ‘socialist new world order’.

      See (Cloward – Piven strategy) ….for those on twitter ( What’s Up?)


      • Anonymous

        Obviously, the parents of these children haven’t taught them how to behave. In cases like this the parents should be held responsible for the actions of the children. It is the only way to teach society as a whole what is right. The kids should be sent to juvenal hall and made to speak to other kids in schools about what they have done (using them as an example).

        I am not saying to protect them or overlook what they have done. I was just stating what Jesus stated in general. In some respects these people who have nothing have become entitled because they see others with so much. They have developed envy and believe they deserve what others have. When a government is handing out freebies then it becomes reinforced. But what these kids did is very wrong and dangerous.

    • Scott Todd

       He also allowed his disciples to buy a sword for self defense.

    • HELEN

      Use some brain power here — an 11 yr old can’t drive and you want to give him the truck at gunpoint?

      This is NOT what Jesus is talking about.  It really gripes me when people pull a Biblical quote completely out of its context, as if that’s cool.

      • Anonymous

        The quote from Jesus was simply a quote. I never said that the kids were correct in what they did. Of course, they should not have a car or steal. We are having an epidemic of poverty in this country which is going to cause people to do rash things. This is a sign that things are going very wrong in this country. When kids are doing this type of thing we are in trouble.
        I think what Jesus meant in that quote was that we should love one another and take care of each other. It wasn’t supposed to be taken literally. Those kids need to be punished and be held responsible for what they did.

        • HELEN

          Your phrasing implied other than as you just explained.  I have seen other posters try to use Jesus in similar ways.
          BTW, if you watched the lower video and saw the kid, he did not appear to be in “dire straights.”  He looked properly clothed and washed.Perhaps you might choose your quotes more carefully so that they reflect what you’d like to really say rather than just throwing out a quote at random.

          The children need discipline and the parents perhaps should receive the punishment for allowing it to take place.  I’m a retired Navy officer.  It does not matter if the Captain is on board or not, if the paid pilot runs the ship aground, the Skipper will get fired after the investigation.  His ship, his fault. This society has let “poor little Johnny” run amok and held none to account.  Look at the disorderly mess that has gotten us — “Occupy” comes to mind for mindless mayhem.

          • Anonymous

            How can you judge someone based on whether they are properly clothed or washed? You don’t know the hardships these kids have been through which might have led them to this act. I am just saying we should have compassion and try to understand. The parents should be charged and the family should be made to go to counseling.

            I have seen too many people in the streets who had bad lives. These people weren’t bad people. They had bad circumstances that happened to them. Let’s try to understand what others have been through before we judge. Then maybe we can help kids like this before they become adults that end up bitter and resentful because no one cared.

      • BentGhazi

        Helen, I don’t think this person thought the whole thing through, but it is a tactic used by non-believers to make those who have faith appear to be foolish. Maybe that’s not what walkintruth meant for it to look like, but I agree with you.

  • Anonymous

    this stuff isn’t particularly new, we just hear about it now thanks to the internet.
    that family would also be dumb not to file a civil suit.

    • Slayer88

      Really? 7 and 11yr old kids trying to carjack isn’t new??? Where the hell have I been then?

      • Anonymous

         You must be living a city that doesn’t have as much crime as other cities. I lived in Houston, Texas 30 years ago. I had some kids who were 6 and 7 years old. They were asking me questions that most kids don’t normal think about. What I discovered was; they were finding out what kind of property I had in my apartment, and they broke in and stole everything they asked me about that I had. Children are recruited by adults in Houston, because adult people are naive and think young children can not cause any harm.

        • BentGhazi

          Not only that, adults use children to commit crimes because they will not be treated like criminals if they get caught. 

        • Slayer88

          Actually, I live in Philly. We have lots of crime, just not many 7 and 11 yr olds trying to pull off carjackings.

  • CharlesS

    Aren’t there child labor laws that cover this?  These kids should not have to work like this for no pay or compensation!  This is an outrage!!  What next, will they be forced to buy the ammunition for their weapons?

    • BentGhazi

      Incredibly, the stupidity of your comment far exceeds any value it may have had.

  • Anonymous

    One of Obama’s supporters, it’s called taking the wealth!

  • Travis Bishop

    I’m afraid I would have had to take that pistol away from that little bastard and pistol whip him to within an inch of his life.Then break his arms for being such a dumbass

    • Scott Todd

       Trouble is, you’re the one who’d end up in the hoosegow if you did that.

    • HELEN

      Was gonna say snatch the pistol fm him and tan his little hide until he can’t sit down.  Give the police the gun after it was all over.

    • Anonymous

      Your comment is the reason why we have these kids. Your use of profanity and the express wish to ‘break his arms.’

      I am NOT an advocate of allowing these youths to get away with their behavior- Scared Straight, would greatly benefit these wayward youths. Boot Camp even, but to demonstrate words and actions that only add to this dilemma using your choice of language  IS why we have the youth we do. The 8 ‘likes’ is an indication of how far you have fallen.

      • Anonymous

         Your right Mary, the reason there are youth problems is because adults exhibit so much ignorance. Kids have a lot of hateful judgmental adults to look up to. Even Glen said something ignorant, he would have done something even it it was against the law. Well Glen, you have a lot of money and can afford to buy the best attorneys if your sued, you have powerful contacts. The average citizen does not. Use your air ways to tell people how to deal with situations wisely. Look at what the man is going through in the Trevon issue in Florida, the court cost and the mother of the child who was running around at night wants to get the law passed so people don’t have the right to defend themselves. The average citizen will be broke and in jail if they do what you say you would do.

        • Anonymous


          I agree the values encouraged and taught to our children should be of the highest priority, for they are our future leaders. What I see is an abdication of their primary role- for selfishness and self- gratification.

          The parents weren’t taught there are consequences for ones actions, everything is relative, morality is subjective and secondary to their wants and desires.

          With this Administration encouraging
          lawlessness by not following rule of law- arbitrarily deciding what they will enforce, we set examples for our youth and citizens. Honestly, I think the problems arose from the 1960’s, this is the abject failure of that era visited upon an unsuspecting public that we see today.

          I absolutely agree that persons in positions of prominence should be very mindful of their words and opinions, for there are citizens who blindly embrace those words.

          “The average citizen will be broke and in jail if they do what you say you would do.”

          Please clarify this statement.


      • Pamela Dunn

         People are YOU are the  reason this little children of unmarried parents get away with this nonsense. She SHOULD SUE the parents for the trauma it caused her.

        • Anonymous

          What she should do (according to you) and what she will do, is entirely up to her.

          Not to be critical of your writing Pamela, but it was hard to understand your point as you have written it?

      • Shane Branning


        No, this is why we have concealed carry. A lawfull permit holder would have shot him dead…

        • Anonymous

           As a lawful CC  for many years, I don’t necessarily agree. I have been in situations where I have drawn my weapon. With that CC  is respect and using sound judgement on whether to use it. We weren’t there, the victim was. She was the one evaluating the situation, looking in their eyes, listening to their tone of voice.

          Though startled, scared, she took the initiative and drove away.  If it had been another, how do you know that they wouldn’t have reached the same conclusion- leaving everyone alive?

          • crazy betty

            you sound like a silly woman indeed.  no wonder there are children like this.  this kid needs an ass beating plain and simple.

          • Anonymous

            Miss Betty

            You might want to refrain from posting to me- you do have a history that does not support your postulations.


      • nokoose

        Since my Name doesn’t appear above, I am Kevin, and have successfully raised 3 children, who aren’t criminals.
        See the problem is, in my case, I would have simply shot the one with the gun.  And while you can go off on me on how horrible a person I am, and how I am the problem, lets look at the reality here.  I legally carry a firearm, went through the requirements to legally obtain a concealed weapons permit to protect myself from gun carrying criminals.  My responsibility is to live to be with my family, not keep alive a
        criminal who would take my life without a second thought, and whether or
        not you choose to admit it, that is what these children are, as further
        characterized by there aggressiveness towards the reporter and the
        victim after the crime.  These 2 children that you feel need “boot camp”  are not a product of society, but a product of their parents refusal to be parents.  They risked the life of an innocent woman whom they could have shot even if unintentionally.  They have no remorse for their actions, and will without a doubt repeat them until such time as they have killed someone and are incarcerated permanently.  You and your rush to exonerate these children are the reason we have these types of children.  Believing they are just young so we shouldn’t be too harsh is the excuse they will use to keep out of trouble until they are adults, then they will simply blame others for not helping them enough as children once they are adults.

        • Anonymous

          Hi Kevin

          I think most of us aspire to “not raising criminals.”

          Where in any of my posts did I give you the impression I would: “…you can go off on me on how horrible a person I am, and how I am the problem…” My only assertion was the use and choice of language as an example for youths/Disqus to emulate.

          Publicly asserting: “I’m afraid I would have had to take that pistol away from that little bastard and pistol whip him to within an inch of his life.Then break his arms for being such a dumbass,” sure sets a fine example, doesn’t it?

          I might remind the posters that a decision was made by the Victim- to drive away. In this case -it was the correct decision, based on HER knowledge of the situation and the perpetrators.

          No one knows the “facts” except what has been promoted by this and other sites- a one-sided view.

          Technically, you DON”T know the parents, their situation, or the level of investigation into this mess.
          All you are doing is ‘reacting’ outside the “Rule of Law.”

          Where in this whole diatribe do ANY OF YOU have the full facts? Not a one. You Don’t know what the local level is doing to investigate this matter.

          Almost all these post(s) “are a REACTION” not based in fact, for you are only a peripheral participant- and you passed judgement without all the elements involved to base those “OPINIONS” on.

          Where in this exchange, is the difference with ones who also advocate anarchy-outside the “Rule of Law”?


    • Laura

      I’d do the same as well

  • Scott Todd

    What I want to know is, where are the men in this church?  From now on they need to have a few of them patrolling the lot to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

  • Racindavid

    Kid needs a good asz kicking… 

  • Anonymous

    The young lady is NOT a teenager as stated by Glenn. Those kids should be sent to boot camp for a few months. It is a sign of parental failure in bringing their children up and it is the parents who should be sued for this incident. Because of their ages, neither kid is identified nor punished at all and is free to repeat the same offense after seeing how easily they got off. Don’t be surprised tohear from them again.


    Arrest the parents for contributing to the delinquency of a minor, for even letting a child access to a handgun and the ammo to go with it.  Life is full of consequences, even after you are forgiven.

    • Guest

      Helen, children of this age will be inventive- sneaky in how they acquire the tools to mimic behavior that they see. Generally, as a rule, all children test and stretch the limits of their boundaries. They do NOT have that adult context to understand the consequences of their actions.

      It’s the adults in this equation who are to meet that challenge with the necessary consequences of those youths choices. Though the parents may be lacking in this equation, it is the local level, where it is also to be addressed.

      By your statement: “Arrest the parents for contributing to the delinquency of a minor, for
      even letting a child access to a handgun and the ammo to go with it.”

      You are erroneously placing the burden onto  millions of responsible gun owners…  in essence aiding ones who seek to disarm you- using that self same sentiment as a tool. In today’s climate of marginalizing YOU as a parent, your Rights in how you teach your children- where are you willing to draw the line?

      On the side of your Rights (where in this statement you advocate punishment, by punishing millions) or a more balanced approach based in your Founders and Gods doctrines concerning defending your life when in clear and present danger?


      • HELEN

        Mary, my parents had guns in the house when I was a child growing up.  And we knew better than to touch them without permission.  Children today are not sneakier than children when I was a child.  People are the same as we always have been — bent toward wickedness.  The difference is that my parents were parents to us.

        I would also beg to differ with you on responsible gun owners.  A responsible owner knows 1) how to teach gun responsibility; 2) how to lock the weapon; 3) how to separate ammo fm the weapon when children are in the house.  By having a firearm in the house, they accept the responsibility and liability that go with possessing a firearm.

        I distinctly remember when my Dad took us to the range, had a professional do the instruction, and let us fire our first rounds on a .22.  And I equally remember my Mom not permitting certain TV shows to be watched because they had violence in them.  Later as we got older, she would watch the private eye shows and murder mysteries with us, and this gave her a teaching moment to talk abt violence and guns.

        The key word IS responsible.  These parents were irresponsible in one or more areas of parenting.  The 11 yr old got his hands on the pistol.  The 11 yr old was allowed to watch violent TV or play violent video games.  The parents did not properly supervise their child.

        Since the state deems the child is too young to be held accountable, then the parents should be.   This in no way inhibits other families from rightfully bearing arms.  Moreover, this is a misdemeanor not a felony “contributing to the delinquency of a minor” charge that will not forbid them fm their right to a firearm.  IT IS A WAKE-UP call to them and other parents who are equally lax.

        If you fail to hold accountable the one or two irresponsible ones, then we all suffer when the gun-ban nuts want to talk all the guns away.  Then where will we be?  Truly unable to defend ourselves and homes.

        • Anonymous

          Hi Helen

          I grew up much the same, learning the responsibilities that go hand-in-hand with handling weapons. I agree with your positions. I also know that unsupervised kids will find a way to do very stupid things no matter how much we take precautions to avoid such.

          Though the victim expressed charitable sentiments, the laws on the books and children not being held accountable, the parents should bear that responsibility, IMHO.

          I was concerned in today’s climate what with an anti- 2nd amendment President, etc., that officials would jump on this bandwagon and attack that Right.

          I wasn’t aware that it was a misdemeanor charge.
          Thank you for clarifying the issues.

      • BentGhazi

        If the parents had been responsible gun owners, those kids would not have been able to have access to the gun. This is why gun safes exist, and trigger locks, and guns and ammo should be under separate lock and key. 

        All of the people involved in the commission of this crime should be subject to prosecution. 

        • Anonymous

          Due to the seriousness of the crime, I would agree a lesson is in order here. If a different outcome (God forbid) had come about as a result from their actions, the conversation here would be of a different nature.

          Yet, this decision rests with the victim also. There are other methods that can and do work when laws don’t support our positions.

          I have utilized my discretion in this matter with a charge equally as disastrous, the person taught that lesson never forgot it either, despite an equally horrible family environment. He is a better person for my optional choices that fateful day, actually exceeding my expectations for him. He thanked me as he grew older too. To say I am pleased, is an understatement.

  • Anonymous

    Old enough to pull a gun on someone, then old enough to be put out of your misery by what ever means available. Billy the Kid was awfully young when he started.

  • John Jones

    How’s all that “Stand in the Corner for Punishment” working out for you parents?? When I did something wrong, my dad whipped it out of me….and when I went to do something bad again, I thought about how much my butt hurt last time and that prevented me from doing more stupid things.

  • JamesF

    The father is going to talk to his attorney? About what? That he can’t control his 11 year kid and that his kid should be taken away from him? The kid is out of control because he’s got a moron for a father.

  • Anonymous

     That kid is so lucky not to have run into me, I do know how to disarm a person if the setting is right, but it ain’t pretty, and I would have. That kid could have pulled the trigger by accident, or by dropping it with one in the chamber. After watching that, I want to wup their so called parents butts! That whole family needs help.

  • Lynda Bennett Cramer

    be very frightened Portland.

  • BentGhazi

    Lock up the parents, and the two perps. They all need to spend some time in jail.

    • Sandie

       The parents may be just as crazy. It’s on the TV now, that a person in camo and protection gear just open fired in a Mall in Oregan, killing people, sending others running for their lives. The shooter has been “neutralized”. No exact count of dead or injured. Another bit of ammunition for the gun grabbers to get their way.

      And then there are the worlds leaders  with bigger weapons-
      “South Korean and Japanese media are reporting that North Korea has just fired a long range rocket. Yonhap News Agency and Japan’s Kyodo News are reporting both governments have confirmed a missile has been launched. The launch follows concerns the communist state would test a long-range missile during a two-week window which opened on Monday.”


      • BentGhazi

        All of that coupled with the riotous mob in Lansing makes this Tuesday and Monday two really busy news days. Not exactly good news either day.

        It seems like there are a lot of bad actors doing bad things this week – let’s hope it settles down a bit.

        • Sandie

          I agree. It would be nice to not hear the news blasting out this craziness for a while. Oh for the days when the biggest news was “…. Farmer Browns prize rooster was eaten by a fox this morning…” LOL

          • BentGhazi

            It’s stuff like this that makes people want to get off the grid and move up in the mountains to get away from so-called civilization. Our cities are being transformed into free-range insane asylums.

  • Anonymous

    I am sorry this young woman had to encounter this, her positive attitude to reach out to these kids is Christian like. He wants them to return to the church and turn their lives around!!!! Way to go girl!!!

  • Anonymous

    It has ALL started with the break up of the family unit.  It’s so easy to get preggers without the benefit of marriage; the government will pay for each child – (entitlements).  It is part of the progeressive movement; break down the family, religion, education etc. Suing will accomplish nothing as these people have nothing to give financially.  Even if she did win some stipend what would that accomplish?? These kids should be spanked sondly and sent to bed without their dinner – oh, but wait – the government would then come into their home and arrest the parents for child abuse. What a mesed up world we live in!

  • Sebastian Kaine

    The kid needs his little butt spanked off and some time in juvenile.  What did this teach him except that he can be totally free to walk around and threaten to kill people with a loaded gun and nobody will do anything to him, not even a slap on the wrist or apparently even a grounding or any discipline by his parents?   He is going to be emboldened by this, and he will do it again and again as he has been given no reason not to.  He’ll even probably be famous and get “street cred” for it.  Mark my words, he will end up dead one day, and it will be the fault of parents and law enforcement for not doing a darn thing.

  • homespun

    talk to his aturney,my old man would have strung me up by my balls,i wouldnt have had a gun as im in united kingdom,You se thats what you get when the liberals run the world,namby pamby rules,they should have been taken to prison for a week.

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