When President Barack Obama came out and said you can’t make it in America if you are different, Glenn could not believe his ears. Did the President really just say that? He of all people should know that anyone in America can make it today. Especially considering that he himself is the President of the United States and has one of the craziest backgrounds ever. Forget the funny sounding name — America elected Obama despite the fact he had a dad named Lolo, with a monkey named Tata, a small zoo with chickens, ducks, dogs, birds of paradise, and baby crocodiles. His stepdad also worshipped something called Hanuman the monkey god. There’s a ton more and Glenn laid it all out in one of the more incredible monologues you will ever see — not because of anything special Glenn did (although there was a small zoo on set with all the animals Barack Obama had growing up) but because of how incredibly implausible this story is. And despite all of the bizarre life circumstances, Obama still managed to get elected. How could he possibly not believe America is still a place where anyone can make it?
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