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Today on radio, Glenn continued the discussion he began on TV last night looking at what will happen if the President ends up issuing an executive order in response to gun violence. Why is the second amendment coming under attack at the beginning of the President’s second term? To provoke a reaction. How do you stop it? Glenn explained on radio this morning.

“So what is going to happen? What is the future hold for the United States? Well, in the end it’s going to come down to the American people because they  (the anti-gun groups) will only poke and provoke. It is your action and reaction that makes the difference. Remember that. They are there to poke and provoke. Your action and reaction. Now is the time to take action and not get involved in reaction. Because reaction is only from their poking and their prodding and provoking. That’s all it is,” Glenn said on radio this morning.

“We have to get out of the reactive mode. That’s one of the reasons we started the American Dream Labs. We have to chart our own course again, and we have to teach our children it can be done. A different life can be had and man can chart his own course. The single individual can pursue his happiness and make life better for not only for him and his family but for the rest of the world. And show that independence lives.”

Glenn strongly disagreed with anyone who believed that a violent rebellion in response to anti-gun legislation is a good thing. He also came out strongly against the idea that a new revolution would reset America to the Constitution. Glenn pointed out that the American experiment took brilliant men and divine providence to build it in the first place, and a reset would not bring about true freedom.

He also brought up Occupy Wall Street, explaining that at the time many progressives were pushing them into action. Universities would encourage students to attend, celebrities lent the movement their support, and even the President came out in their favor. But the group always had violent undertones, and thankfully they never emerged into a formidable force despite their outside support. They never brought about the collapse that the Van Jones’s and the Frances Fox Piven’s of the world believe would bring about redistribution and a more progressive, socialist government.

Glenn said that since the second amendment is the one that inspires the most visible outrage among conservatives, then that is the amendment they are now attacking in order to provoke a reaction. Occupy Wall Street didn’t bring about violence in the streets, but Glenn said that the progressives will try and get the conservatives themselves through violent rebellion in response to the anti-gun laws.

Glenn said that instead of choosing violent rebellion, pro-gun owners have to nonviolently resist. Glenn said that gun owners will have to say “You’ll have to arrest me” and then their neighbors will all have the say the same thing. “They can’t arrest all of us,” he said.

“I believe that you can make your case in a court of law. I believe you can make your case in a court of public opinion if you’re good, decent and honorable.”

” I stand on the side of Gandhi, and Jesus and Martin Luther King. That is the only thing that will work,” Glenn added.