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Editor’s Note: A section of this story has been re-posted as an additional article, Glenn: The government cannot stop the exponential growth of technology 

What are some of the questions and challenges the world faces due to the exponential growth of technology? Glenn brought on Cody Wilson, founder of Defense Distributed which created the Wiki Weapons project which would allow anyone to be able to get a gun by printing it on a 3D Printer. He has been called one of the most dangerous men on Earth. He’s already been able to print and fire guns he made on the 3D Printer.

Glenn called the new technology frightening because it gives everyone access to weapons, and it relies on the morals and ethics of the individual good.

Cody said that some of his weapons have already been downloaded thousands of times over just a few days.

“As long as these machines keep getting better this is no longer bannable in some traditional sense, in some progressive sense of controlling manufacturers,” Cody told Glenn.

“We’re doing this project and using this technology as a form of resistance. It’s just a critical use of the technology. Of course we have concerns at the end of the day. But we see liberty under threat, we see sovereignty under threat. We must respond,” he added.

Cody told Glenn that the technology could not be stopped as it was already out there and it was so simple and took away most required knowledge. Someone would just have to download the software files and hit print.

“This is a symbol of reversibility,” he added. “They can never eradicate the gun from the Earth.”

Cody said that he believes in real political action and radical equality, and said that just a few weeks ago the ability to print a gun off a 3D printer didn’t exist, but now it does and can’t be taken away.

While clearly fascinated with Cody and his attitude toward technology, Glenn was clearly wary of some of his beliefs. When Cody said he had some anarchist beliefs, Glenn pointed out that you cannot let things descend into chaos or everything is lost. Glenn told Cody to look at the history of the Articles of Confederation as an example of why you need some level of central control to hold things together.

Despite the differing political views and  concerns about what the new technology meant for the future, Glenn thanked Cody Wilson for coming on and having a real discussion and debate about the future of technology.

“I don’t know if we are friend or foe. I appreciate the debate and I appreciate the idea that man will be free. Man will be free. Because this is not going to stop. They could put you in jail but this is not going to stop.”