Set up? Tania sends Glenn out to inspect deadly poisonous tree

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Last week we reported how Glenn’s wife Tania ‘accidentally’ flushed her wedding ring down the toilet just hours before their anniversary weekend. The story took an even stranger twist during the weekend getaway ‘celebration’ when Glenn was sent out to closely inspect a giant hive surrounded by deadly poisonous tree. Glenn told the amazing story of how he survived on radio today.

Read the transcript of the conversation below:

GLENN: All right. So up on the website at, there’s a couple of pictures and then we’ll just get off this, pictures of my anniversary trip, and you decide. Now Pat and Stu said that, you know, what happened was

PAT: Symbolic.

GLENN: Yeah, was symbolic.

PAT: A serious message.

GLENN: Now, here’s what happened.

STU: I wouldn’t say we said it. I would say that your wife made a statement about it.

PAT: Right. And we just related the statement she was making.

GLENN: So we go to this we go to this remote Gilligan’s Island sort of place where you can just show up dead and no one will no one will miss you and you’ll be like, “What happened?” “I don’t know.”

So I go and we’re driving down we’re driving down the road and my wife says and we’re in this jungle. I mean, it’s like a jungle. And she’s like, whoa. Look at that. Look at those what are those hive things? We stop the car and it’s like, you’ve got to go take a picture of that. And I’m like, all right. I don’t know if that’s a good idea.

So I get out of the car. Now there’s a picture of the hive and they were everywhere in this jungle. And there’s like no one around. This is like really, it’s spooky. And so I go, I go up to it, and this is as close as I I won’t go into the jungle. Surprise, I know. But I won’t go into the jungle to take a picture of this because it’s so damn spooky. And if you look at it and you zoom in on this picture, you can see this big black spot in the jungle and it’s this hive that’s got to be at least five feet.

STU: Hive of what?

GLENN: I have no idea. It’s solid black. It’s a nasty hive. I don’t know if it’s butterflies or spiders or people. I don’t know what’s in there.

STU: (Laughing.)

GLENN: But I don’t want to find out, and it’s every it’s like out of a movie. Spooky.

See the black hives?

So my wife is like, go take a picture. Go you’ve got to get closer. Get a picture. And I’m like, no, I’m not going to get closer, honey. This is good enough for me. If you can’t see, you can’t see it in the picture. So you’re going to have to zoom in because I’m not going in.

So then I go, I turn around and right where we’ve parked the car, there’s a sign. Now, she’s telling me go take a picture, in under these trees. But right next to it you’ll see there’s right next to her window, there’s this giant and you can barely even notice it.

PAT: That’s huge but it’s not it’s not in English and that’s why she couldn’t read it, right?

GLENN: It’s just in English. It just says in read and white, warning.

PAT: Okay. And then it says the name of the three and it tells you it’s poison, right?

GLENN: I’ve never heard of this tree, the Manchineel tree. And that’s what the sign says: The leaves bark and fruits of these trees may contain a caustic sap which may be injurious if touched. Columbus described the small green fruits as death apples. The trees are common along the Caribbean shores. Avoid contact with any part of this tree.

Now, I’ve never heard of the Manchineel tree. Never heard of it. So we I’m like, wow. She’s like, you should go up and touch it.

PAT: Are you hungry? Have an apple.

GLENN: Are you hungry? Those apples look delicious, don’t they? And I’m like, eve, is that you? Here’s what I go and look it up. Now, this is where we park our car. The sign is right outside my wife’s window. She has just flushed our wedding ring help me. I think she’s trying to kill me. Here’s what it says: Danger: Manchineel trees. Don’t let I love this: Don’t let them spoil your vacation in Barbados. Now, this is from the country of Barbados where, which we were. This is where just what we happened to look at when I Googled Manchineel tree. The Manchineel trees grace Barbados’ beaches providing shade from the blazing sun for locals and tourists alike as they enjoy themselves on the beach. And I’m like, there’s a warning on this tree. This sounds nice. But the locals know something that most people don’t. Remember, this is from the Barbados, like, tourist department. Those magnificent shade trees with their little apples are probably the most dangerous thing they’ll encounter on their vacation in Barbados. The trees go up to 45 feet in height. They have dark gray bark with shiny green leaves and produce a small white green flowers. The apples are green when young and turn greenish yellow with a pleasant, sweet smelling fragrance when they ripen. Sounds good.

STU: Sounds great so far.

GLENN: Sounds fantastic. The leaves, the bark, the sap and the apple like fruit in the Manchineel, however, are all poison.

STU: Wait. The fruit, the bark?

GLENN: Contact with any of these will cause severe blistering or burning of the skin.

PAT: Yeah, but that’s only from every part of the tree. So…

GLENN: You won’t you will not believe the rest of this warning. We have to take a break. We’ll come back with the rest of this warning. I’ve never heard of this tree. We continue to look it up. It’s endangered. In Florida they are actually protecting this tree. Wait until you hear the rest of this warning on this tree. I’ve never heard of anything like it ever before. My wife is trying to kill me.


  • Anonymous

    Glenn, have you considered reducing the amount of life insurance you have?  It might help.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Somehow Glenn I doubt she was trying to kill you. Soros and Obama would in a heartbeat if they felt they could get away with it.

    • 2nd9/11ThwartedClickProfile

       I believe it

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    For the record the ‘black hive’ that I see amidst the trees is probably a large anthill or decades of debris accumulated from the leaves and branches which have mulched.

  • Draxx

    I wonder if that is a wasp nest, when I was in Jamaica they had Black Wasps that sucked sap out of a poisonous tree/bush that would make their stings 50 times worse than an ordinary sting from the wasp without the sap/poison.  I don’t know if it is exactly true, but I do remember them burning the entire nest everytime they found one…

  • Sam Fisher

    Glenn don’t turn your back on her. LOL! 

  • Chuck Teal

    Glenn; has Tania upped the life insurance recently? Double indemnity? 😉

  • Anonymous

    What if you hadn’t had a camera, phone, IPad, GPS—and weren’t so paranoid? I doubt if we’d be having this conversation. Glad you made it back alive, for the record. 

  • Ken Smiley

    I was listening to them talk about having to dig up their lawn and under
    their house to search their plumbing for the ring that went down. I was
    watching an Ask This Ol’ House episode awhile back. The plumber dude
    was sending a camera to up and down the sewer pipes looking for in this
    case tree roots that had grown into the sewer pipe. I believe this could
    be adapted to look for a ring. Another kicker, the plumber was in
    Dallas, TX with a local plumber. Funny!

  • Anonymous

    Hey!! You can’t say…”JUST WAIT UNTIL YOU HEAR THE REST OF THIS WARNING AFTER WE COME BACK” and leave us hanging…..DOH!! Please post the the rest of the story.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Glenn,you and your wife take the strangest trips.I don’t think shes trying to kill you.Shes only
    trying to tell you I WANT A NEW RING!!!And you don’t the tree gets ya.

    • Kelley Eidem

      If she wants a new ring, she doesn’t want it from him.

  • Jerry Kountz

      We should send a basket full of the apples to white house!

  • Anonymous

    oops (hit the wrong button)

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if this tree is a descendent from one that was in another Garden that had bad apples on it??? DON’T TOUCH THAT TREE, GLENN!!!!!!! 

    Did anyone look this up on Wiki? Holy Smokes this is a nasty tree…it’s listed as an endangered species of tree in Florida…which might be a good thing! The Caribs (Caribbeans?) used the sap of this tree to poison their arrows and would tie captives to the trunk of the tree, ensuring a slow and painful death.

    Oh yummy……

  • crazy betty


  • Anonymous

    Did you go to NIPPERS? Did you enjoy GREAT GUANA CAY?   You weren’t in Barbados! 

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