Contractors find missing wedding ring in sewage system!

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Glenn’s had a rough couple of days. Tania flushed her (really, really) nice wedding ring down the toilet. He’s had to dig up the bathroom to get to the pipes. He hasn’t had water for four days in his home. Tania is calling into the radio show to make fun of him. But yesterday he got some good news: after digging up most of his plumbing, the contractor was able to find the ring!

  • Anonymous

    That’s good news…expensive but good news.

    • Anonymous

      There are just some things that cannot be replaced!  I would assume that the ring was insured BUT it just wouldn’t be the same!!!  Kudos to Glenn for foregoing water for four days in order to help his wife!!  What a great guy, and NOW all is right with the world!!!!

  • jimster

    A shovel ready job for sure.

  • Lisa Swackhammer Berkompas

    And yet Tania can truthfully say to Glenn . . . “YOU didn’t find that . . . somebody else did!”

  • Richard Gobeli

    Glenn can say, “Who lost the ring?”

  • suz

    poor glenn–gettin’ razzed by stu.

  • Dawn Brayton

    How in heaven’s name does anyone flush their ring down the toilet let alone drop it in? Good job getting it found.

  • Anonymous

    The best thing about this piece is Pat doing Tania’s voice !  

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