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Glenn’s been in some trouble with Tania for a few weeks now. First, she told him they needed to talk about his waist line, which is currently expanding at an exponential rate. The next day, just a few hours before they were supposed to go away on  a romantic vacation, Tania “accidentally” flushed her wedding ring down the toilet. And then while on that romantic vacation, Tania “unknowingly” sent Glenn out to take pictures of the most poisonous trees on the planet, trees that could lead your skin burning and your eyes blinded by just touching them. Doesn’t that sound like someone who is trying to get away from her husband? Well, today on radio things got even worse when Glenn tried to blame Tania for not giving him money to pay his IOUs in the “That Guy” jar. After claiming it was her fault he couldn’t pay his debts, Tania called in and revealed that “Glenn has no access to money. Anywhere.” Probably a wise financial decision, considering all of the ridiculous things that Glenn might try and spend his money on. Like this. Or this.