Do you want to see TheBlaze on AT&T U-Verse?

When Glenn came back from his Christmas vacation this year, he laid out ambitious plans for the growth and expansion of TheBlaze into an international, cutting edge news network. Ever since his announcement, one of the biggest questions we have heard from our audience has been “What can we do to help?”. Up until now, we’ve asked for your help through your subscription and through your sharing of our online content.

But now we have a way for you to help us even more.

We’d like as many people as possible to be able to see TheBlaze on their cable networks including those of you using AT&T U-Verse – but they tell us they need to hear from you, their subscribers, before they’ll consider adding us to the lineup.

We’re asking all of you AT&T U-Verse subscribers or anybody whose thinking about adding the service to go to their Channel Survey HERE.

Once you get there you’ll see a box called “Other Channel Request” and that’s where you’ll write in TheBlaze. Let AT&T know loud and clear you want TheBlaze on AT&T U-Verse.

We need your help to make it happen!

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    God’s blessings be on you and all of us to get the truth to the world and make the final difference to change this mess around.

  • 912ProjectBuffalo

    I have Verizon anything yet?

  • Anonymous

    Mission accomplished! I would love to see TheBlaze as one of my U- Verse channels. My wife and I currently watch you via our Roku device.

  • Kari Phillips Prouty

    Done.   Thank goodness I have Dish Network, I’ve been watching TheBlaze since you launched it!

  • Anonymous

    How do we get The Blaze on DirecTV?

    • Concerned

       I have Dish and love this channel. My brother drives an 18-wheeler and has Direct-TV. He would like to get the Blaze as well…..

    • Anonymous

      Call DirecTV and for them to add TheBlaze to their programing. They will add it do to consumer demand.

      • Anonymous

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  • shellymic

    Have you on Dish, Glenn.  (And, have been an Insider since it was an option).  I’ve gotten others to switch over to Dish from DirectTV & I’m working on getting others switched from DirectTV to Dish.

    It’s especially fun when the DirectTV people switch to Dish and realize how subpar the DirectTV service/DVR service is.  It’s like they just discovered a DVR for the 1st time (even though they’ve had one from DirectTV for MONTHS or YEARS – there’s NO COMPARISON between the two products.)  Go with Dish!  You’ll be very glad you did…you’ll also save money on your monthly plan and have MORE channels at a lesser price. Of course, if you TELL this to DirectTV, they’ll give you a better price just to keep you as a customer…….but, you STILL won’t have TheBlaze…..unless you ask/tell them to include it in their line-up.  😉

  • Howard S. Rothman

    I need TheBlaze on Directv. NOW!!!!

    • Jeff

      Switch to Dish

  • Howard S. Rothman

    Get me TheBlaze on Directv. 

  • jen

    Why don’t you do the same marketing for Directv? 

  • Christine Smith

    Done!  I just changed our subscription from U300 to U200 because the only shows we watch on Uverse anymore are Cspan and Fox Business.  We recently got Roku so we can get TheBlaze and found out we can get pretty much everything else we need anyway between Roku, internet and our blueray dvd player.  Uverse might want to consider adding The Blaze so they don’t lose more people.  I had called to cancel Uverse but they reduced our price so we would still get Fox and Cspan at a reduced rate.

  • Mathew Alger

    Done Did!!!

  • Sam Fisher

    Come on what about us who get Directv who want to watch you. 

  • Anonymous

    Don’t leave out Time-Warner!

  • Boshaw

    Submitted my request to have The Blaze on my ATT Uverse cannel line-up.

  • Anonymous

    Done. Great!!

  • Anonymous

    Help me get the word out about getting The Blaze TV on Comcast…I’ve been to all the places they provide; but it’s an arduous task. If you could make it easier, I’d be able to get more folks to request it!

    • Sherry Hilderbrand

      I have also tried to get The Blaze TV on Comcast!

  • Anonymous

    Some ideas for the Blaze to reach more people and inform them what going on and the coming darkness I hope they can be of some use to you Glenn and your Great Staff  and your wizards to work out the bugs and make them work if possible !! First I try to capture the political hungry audience who wants to collect all the news,pundits views of all the different angles at looking at today events !! ( From CNN,ABC,NBC,CBS,FOX,talk radio etc)  The vehicle I would use is paid TV or info commercial time slot late at night on Fox entertainment network something like double header showing  of  your( The Project special ) etc or show one hour each night !  Now I would use 30 sec time bit’s before and during and ending of Chris Wallace show on Fox entertainment network on Sun morning  believe 9 or 10 am eastern time ,maybe if allow  on other network during meet the press and other key political  programs too !!! The sound bit be a little on the subject matter and tell the people to T-BO the program for a better viewing time !!  Maybe on fox entertainment channel you can buy a little time to ask viewer to call their networks ( AT &T) etc  to have the blaze channel added to their network viewing channels ???

  • Anonymous

    ahhh thank you Glen,cuz i was so disappointed to see The Blaze on Dish,but not on U verse,and have definitely considered going back to DIsh,just to get your channel. I hope it doesnt take too long to get your channel on U verse.

  • Glenn Robin

    link  not working for me

    • Glenn Robin

      i am hoping that we shut it down with all the request

  • Anonymous


  • Mark

    I will quit Uverse if Glenn Beck soils it with his show.

  • Arizona Shooter

    how do we let COX know we want the Blaze

  • Anonymous

    You can count me. I’ve already submitted a request.

  • Phillip McConnell

    Survey submitted for AT&T UVerse, now how about a TheBlaze app for those of us that have Droid devices?

  • Anonymous

    I have already filled out the form numerous times.  I will continue to do so.  Do you have any idea of the number of forms being sent?  I would be very interested to know if AT&T will listen to the wants of their customers.  I have considered switching to the Dish so that I can get the Blaze and if the demand from Uverse customers is large and goes ignored, it may be enough to push me over to the Dish.

  • Maralee Hill

    Can we get a web TV source that works on a Vizio Smart TV?   Would LOVE to watch it on the larger screen vs my subscription online.

  • joseph

    this is good but glenn is ahead of the power curve. cable will be desintegrated in the fairly near future. the only people tethered to cable are the olds. everyone else has many other outlets, and really only need an internet connection. if the blaze can figure out what the successor of cable will be, THAT’s where he should pioneer. good to get out there through cable, but the next wave is already forming.

  • Barry DaKama’aina InKali

    What about directv?… My contract has been up for over two years and considering att uverse but they dont have tvo as directv dose..

  • Barry DaKama’aina InKali

    i have the old tivo not the 400 hour recording time tivo… (32 hours)

  • David Weissman

    I’d LOVE to see The Blaze on U-Verse!!  In contrast to the beret-wearing, earring-sporting coward in the comments who said he’d drop U-Verse if Glenn Beck made it over there, I’d actually pay MORE to see The Blaze in my channel lineup!  And, I told that to AT&T in my comments.  I don’t think they’re too concerned about the former supporters of Current TV dropping U-Verse.  How much damage could 11 or 12 viewers do?

    Spread the message, Glenn!!  Those liberals who would suppress our free speech need to be drowned out by us!  The more they whine, the louder we must become!

  • Kimberly Lee

    Just made my request..

  • Lori Alexa-Lakota

    Just spoke with Michael AT&T u-verse and they told me that they don’t carry the blaze because The Blaze wants too much money, and they don’t have enough followers to warrant the money. Seriously?!!!! I don’t believe that at all. Glenn, what do you think?

  • David W. Carr

    Just requested it.

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