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Glenn Beck issued the following statement at the end of the segment above:

“We’d like to just issue a statement here on the Glenn Beck Program that it’s come to our attention that Hillary Clinton tape may or may not have been edited.”

“We don’t have time to discuss it anymore.”

Original Story:

Hillary Clinton has a few days left at her post of secretary of state, but that didn’t stop her from opening up, rather candidly, on last night’s On the Record with Greta Van Susteren.

“I was shocked to see video last night, live, Hillary Clinton on television talking, you know, talking about how her and her husband feel about the president of the United States,” Glenn said on radio this morning.

Many people were surprised that Clinton would grant an exit interview to Fox News, and it looks as though people are even more surprised by her honesty and criticism of the Obama administration.

The love-fest on display during Clinton and President Obama’s sit down on 60 Minutes earlier this week was clearly short lived:

CLINTON: But you have to I think take a step back and look at the fact that the people now in power have never been in government, never had a chance to really learn how to run agencies. You do get the impression that he and the team around him are trying to deal with the economy that is in very bad shape. And some of what he’s done we have approved of and supported and some of what he’s done, like abrogating a lot of power unto himself, personally reinstating emergency law provisions, are troubling. And, you know…

“So she’s throwing the people under the bus saying, you know, some of the people in the administration around him that are running the government, they have never run government before,” Glenn said. “It’s true… But what I thought was shocking was she said some of the stuff they agree with but other things they don’t and one of them is taking so much power on and giving it to himself.”

As refreshing as it may be to hear Clinton call attention to some of the many flaws of the Obama administration, Glenn took issue with the fact she kept her mouth shut until she was on her way out the door.

“It would have been nice to hear her say that [before],” Glenn said.

“Well, you said this before, Glenn,” Stu responded. “Sometimes when you’re an official in the administration, it’s your job to kind of maintain the administration line and once you leave that office, you’re freer to speak your mind.”

Everything Clinton said was entirely truthful. In fact, she voiced concern over many of the things Glenn and others have been talking about for years now, but we are just not used to this kind of honesty from her. While it would be nice to think that Clinton is being sincere, it’s probably safe to say she had more self-serving interests in mind.

“She’s out of the administration,” Glenn concluded. “And she’s already starting to run for, you know, 2016.”