Ugh: GOP pushing ‘comprehensive’ immigration reform bill

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Earlier this week Glenn talked about how the GOP was dying, soon to be a distant and really bad memory. One of the reasons why can be revealed in such ‘compromises’ as the new immigration reform bill being touted in Congress. The pandering is out of control and leading the party out of existence.

“I don’t hate Hispanics, I don’t hate Mexicans, I don’t hate anybody. You want to come here, our greatest Americans, the ones who have really made a real difference, what would you say, at least half of them were immigrants? At least half of them were immigrants,” Glenn said this morning on radio.

“I want immigrants here, but I want you to be an American. Tesla said his greatest ‑‑ one of the greatest things he ever did, his greatest accomplishment was to become an American citizen. How sweet is that? That’s who I want here. You make the front door bigger. You seal the borders.”

Glenn joked that he would happily send the Republicans supporting comprehensive immigration reform down to the border for a camping trip. But instead of showing them fireworks they would see fires from illegals crossing over, and camp music would be replaced by “the sound of the bloodcurdling screams of people that are being kidnapped or tortured or killed by the drug lords.”

“This is not about fairness, this is not about families, this is not about poor little José and he’s away from his wife and his children. It’s not about that. It’s all about elections. It’s all about new voters. That’s all this is about, period,” Glenn said.

“Comprehensive immigration reform, which is amnesty, and you’ve got John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and now Marco Rubio joining them because Marco Rubio just has to win elections. I’m done. I’m done. Learn the Constitution. Somebody has to keep a remnant of the Constitution alive.”

  • landofaahs

    Free cheese and free beans.  Frijoles anyone?

    • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      At the least it explains why the White House is surrounded by the flatulence-induced cloud 24/7…just hope no one strikes the match…

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    The only way we will save and preserve the Constitution will begin with each of us and what we pass onto the children now being brought up in the world. For too long we have allowed our stewardship of our freedoms to deteriorate and be undermined by the Progressives, now we continue the fight of the last four years to turn things around and restore the nation.

    • Anonymous

      Sounds good, but is probably TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE.

      Should have been happening decades ago, while America still had a “fighting chance”… BEFORE the Commies/Libt*rds indoctrinated everybody with their poisonous ideologies and propaganda; and BEFORE the Unions ruined America and sent all our jobs off-shore; and BEFORE mass media/entertainment industry ruined all morality in our society; and BEFORE the WORK ETHIC DIED OUT and “ENTITLEMENTS” (a/k/a welfare/handouts) became the expectation of a majority of people; and BEFORE APA redefined homosexuality as “normal:”; and BEFORE Judeo-Christian ethics and the TRADITIONAL FAMILY became obsolete…

      On and on and on…
      A little late to try to pick up the fragments and “heal” America.

  • Sam Fisher

    It is stupid because it does not close the boarders afterward so this problem is just going to happen again and again and again. They even busted a sex slavery cult a crossed the border and yet we will not close it. I thought the left where for women’s rights I guess it was the right to kill babies in the womb instead of the right not to be kid napped in the middle of the night and raped by 20 different guys.

  • Elizabeth Bracy

    Rubio said that securing the borders would be a deal breaker, that the bill would have to secure the borders first. Now does he mean that, I don’t know and I don’t know the answer to the immigration problem. One thing that no one has answered is how will you get the 11 million people to step forward and identify themselves?

    • deb

      I agree, Elizabeth.  Rubio DID say that securing the borders first is a must and would be a deal breaker if not done.  We have a huge number of illegals here.  It wouldn’t be a simple task to just send them all back to wherever they came from – and I have sympathy for those who were brought here by parents as children.  They had no choice and they know only the US as their “home”.  I think the proposal – at least as I understand it – to allow those who have not broken the law remain here, pay back taxes and stand in line to gain citizenship behind those who have applied legally is as good a solution as I’ve heard.  I hope that Rubio does mean what he says and follows thru if the bill does not secure the border first.  I don’t believe that Rubio thinks the border is safe at all.  But you propose a great question… on earth are they going to get the 11 million to step forward and identify themselves?  The government would have to agressively go after them and people who are suspected of being here illegally need not have their feelings hurt when asked to check their papers/ID.  They may make some mistakes in the process of checking, but for goodness sake – proving who you are and that you belong here should NOT be offensive to anyone.  If you’re not here legally then why are we concerned about it?  We need to enforce our laws. 

  • Anonymous

    What is concerning me, on the immigration proposal, that the republicans are going to be still short of votes in the next elections, because if the negotiations suceed and bill is adopted, Obama will take the credit, as usual, and they will flock to him and the democrats.  Anymore, whatever republicans do, it’s a win-win situation for the dems, with the consequences we know.

  • Dave Auger

    Funny thing is rank and file American Hispanics you know the legal ones that are really no different than the rest of us – say they’re all for strengthening the immigration laws and that the ridiculous pervasive pandering that continues to define the ass kissers in DC does’nt affect how they vote –

  • Anonymous

    Congress is useless and the media worships at the feet of Obama!  Funny, no mention has been made of Obama’s ILLEGAL aunt and uncle, who are living in Massachusetts.  They were both ordered deported years ago – the aunt now lives off the taxpayer after a judge allowed her to stay (she feared for her life in Kenya-funny, but his other relatives in Kenya haven’t had a problem).  The uncle was charged with drunk driving last fall but a judge gave him a temporary license to drive to his job in a LIQUOR STORE…he also has a social security number despite being illegal

  • Anonymous

    Rubio the young punk was against SB1070, when his office was flooded with calls he came out, saying he now supports it because two words in the bill were changed, BS
    Syria with weapons of mass destruction, Israel bombing targets in Syria, N Korea threatening to nuke the US, Iran with their nukes, spreading their weapons over the Middle East, Taliban, Al Qaeda growing and spreading over the Middle East, Egypt taken over by Islamics and Obama takes a vacation on the tax payers dime and goes to Las Vegas to appease some stinking Hispanics, disgusting. He’s the worst president ever on foreign policy, just look at the problems in the world and he says Hillary is the best SOS
    Hillary Clinton the worst Secretary of state ever. Many emails and letters to Hillary’s office from Benghazi, Libya asking for more security, the the piece of garbage like Obama sends no help and four good Americans die.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry but Blacks, legal Hispanics are not very bright..Both voted for this piece of garbage knowing he would go for amnesty.
    Amnesty hurts Blacks and legal Hispanic, more then rest of us, when it comes to jobs. I know bar and restaurant owners and managers that will not hire Blacks when a Hispanic is available. I talked to a legal Mex guy, who said he owned property in Mex and will not move there because of the violence.
    With all these Hispanics in the US, it’s getting as bad as Mex. Almost 70% of all inmates in US Fed, State prisons and IRS Detention Centers are Hispanics ~ Less then 1% are Japanese, give me a Japanese neighbor any damn day. Mexican are the worst in school and kill other students, Asians are the best in school and help other students.

    • Renato Moreno

      Fucking idiot

    • Anonymous

      50% of inmates in federal prison are Hispanic, 33% of those are in for illegal immigration.  30% of inmates in state prison are Hispanics. Get your facts straight first.

  • Anonymous

    DC Exclusives
    The Rubio Con Sometimes a political con is just too transparent to fly: Remember the idea that Mitt Romney had defused the venerable Medicare issue in Florida because Obama had squeezed some money out of the program (money that Romney would inevitably have to squeeze himself)? Right. I suspect the con at the heart of what seems to be the immigration proposal from the Senate “Gang of 8“–seven veteran amnesty supporters plus Marco Rubio–will prove equally unworkable:According to a five-page document provided to POLITICO, the sweeping proposal — agreed to in principle by eight senators — would seek to overhaul the legal immigration system as well as create a pathway to citizenship for the nation’s roughly 11 million illegal immigrants. But establishing that pathway would depend on whether the U.S. first implements stricter border enforcement measures and new rules ensuring immigrants have left the country in compliance with their visas. [Emphasis added]If you read closely, you learn that illegal immigrants will actually be legalized immediately–given “probationary legal status,” allowing them to “live and work legally in thee United States” (according to Politico). The only thing that’s delayed, pending “stricter border enforcement,” is the opening of a “path to citizenship.” As if, once legalized, the 11 million are going to be unlegalized if  enforcement measures are implemented with less than 100% efficacy
    The penalty for failing to meet the enforcement “trigger,” in other words, is both insufficient and fake. Insufficient because the undocumented will already have gotten the most important thing–the ability to live and work here legally (permanently, if we’re being realistic about it). Fake because it’s silly to think these 11M will be held indefinitely in non-citizen limbo if the implementation of enforcement fails, as it did in the last big immigration reform in 1986.But don’t worry–it looks like there’s very little chance the “enforcement” effort will be found wanting– the “trigger” itself seems as phony as the penalty it avoids. It features that staple of Washington fakery, the hand-picked  blue-ribbon commission:Before a pathway to citizenship can happen, the group says that new border security measures first must take effect, including an increase in the number of unmanned aerial vehicles and agents at the border, new rules tracking people entering the country on temporary visas and the creation of a commission of southwestern political and community leaders to ensure the new enforcement mechanisms take effect. [Emphasis added]We await further details on this festival of legislative gimmickry, but on first glance it certainly looks like a cynical effort designed to allow Hispanicked Republicans to seem tough while voting for amnesty: Look at all those drones! Yes, the undocumented will be able to legally steal your job–but, hey, they won’t get to vote!Update: The text of the Gang of 8 “framework” is here. …
    Bonus Gimmick: The plan also includes a version of the traditional “back of the line” con–the claim that current undocumented immigrants would have to “get in the back of the line of prospective immigrants” where (in Rubio’s words)They will have to wait behind everyone who applied before them legally…The problem, as Lawrence Lindsey outlined in the Weekly Standard in 2006 when this same basic scheme cropped up, is that there are at least two lines–1) the line to get into the country legally and 2) the line to get a green card and citizenship once you are here. The Gang of 8/Rubio plan, by legalizing illegal immigrants immediately, lets them skip line #1 entirely, bypassing those who are patiently waiting in their countries, sometimes for 10-15 years, for permission to come here. It only requires them to go to the back of line #2.  When Rubio sayswe also can’t fix our broken immigration system if we provide incentives for people to come here illegallyhe’s being highly disingenuous. The Gang plan provides a giant incentive for people to come here legally–they skip the queue of people waiting back home in Line #1, people who’d love to be able to wait in Line #2 while legally living and working in the U.S. … ——– 
    Read more:


  • Eugene Surratt

    Indeed in the Land of the Giants the front door need be large with a light for the weary traveler.

    The backdoor need have a pit bull to ward of the inevitable thief.

  • Anonymous interesting video by Charlie Daniels. Charlie Daniels is what real men look like.

  • suz

    not the arrangatang, the quarterhorse. 

  • Anonymous

    Why do they keep claiming that there are ONLY “eleven million” ILLEGALS in the U.S.?

      One site estimates “41.8 million illegal aliens have entered the U.S. since the 1986 amnesty.”

    Sounds like the makings for the FINAL NAIL IN AMERICA’s COFFIN–“amnesty and all the perqs for an UNKNOWN QUANTITY OF ILLEGALS”…


  • landofaahs

    First, free healthcare.  Then free obama phones.  Now frijoles.

  • bel

    When people break the law to get here, they’ve already broken the law. Saying that they’ll be “good” citizens after they’re here just because they haven’t immediately broken OTHER laws, means absolutely nothing to me. The fact that they broke the law coming here in the first place only proves that they may eventually break other laws that become inconvenient to them as they try to reach whatever goals they have set. Just like they did in getting here in the first place. 

  • Pachy Serrano

    Dear Deb,
    Those so called “illegals”/”undocumented”/”wetbacks”/”mexicans”/”brown people” . . . whatever they are called these days, specially from the right-side of the idle, have a long history within this country/borders. The majority come here looking for work not because they want to, but because they have to. Our own corporations and business want them here, because they represent cheap labor with little to non workers rights. I believe that if Americans want real immigration reform lets begin with our employers and business leaders putting Americans to work instead of immigrants. 2nd lets work cooperatively with Mexico in order to find ways to better develop the economy in those northern mexican states and 3rd, let’s stop calling them names and trashing their humanity just because they look different than us or poorer than us.
    Then, we can enforce the laws we already have and work on other common sense reforms.

    • Anonymous

      Common sense?
      How about we enforce our borders?
      How about those ILLEGALS and LEGALS alike learn the LAWS and the LANGUAGE?
      How about they PAY TAXES?
      How about we stop automatically granting CITIZENSHIP TO ANCHOR BABIES?
      Ad nauseum.

  • Pachy Serrano

    Guys, tell Texas, Arizona, or New Mexico to raid all those “illegals” and kick them out and we will see how their economies go to tank in a heartbeat. The illegals are the ones in the agricultural fields, hotels, meat factories, and so on. If they go, we suffer. So, let’s not pretend that we will be better off without them. Plus, we don’t have the resources, finances, and man power to raid them out of country like we were some kind of Gestapo in old Germany. And even if we decide to do that, we are going to have chaos and problably lots of abuse and death, including with children . . . I dont think we want that in our souls and hearts. America is better than that!! Let’s enforce the laws we already have in place and create a path for citizenship for those who work hard, pay extra taxes, and live the American dream. Many of our ancestors did the same . . . they came here illegally or we allow them to come to fill the jobs we did not take.
    Don’t fool youselves, THINK!!!

  • Anonymous

    We don’t need any immigration at all.  So close the “front door,” too.

    As Sam Francis wrote, “If the only problem with illegal immigration is that it’s illegal, if you’re not willing to say mass immigration by itself is a problem, then why should we have any laws against it at all?”

    And secyring the border is NOT the most critical step in undoing illegal immigration.  Universal, enhanced E-Verify, to remove illegal aliens from jobs and prevent them from finding new ones, is the most important single item.

  • ken.

    rewarding criminals is not what a country of laws does. what is so bad about being sent back home? they split up their families when they left home and illegally crossed the border now they can be reunited. they moved here so why can’t they go back, what’s so bad about going home? why can’t the ones here as children move back home, people move away all the time, same with anchor babies, what’s so bad about it? if they want a better life then they should stand up like adults and fight for it at home. a person can be proud of something they worked for.  a person can only be ashamed of something they stole. you cannot just take or steal freedom or a better life you must work for it. i have many friends from foreign countries including hispanics and they all agree.

  • Anonymous

     Immigration reform? Fine, try this, permanent legal “residency status” commit a serious crime and you are deported. Caught working off of the books, you are deported. Oh and no right to vote unless you complete a 5 year hitch in the US military

  • Endgame


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