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Earlier this week Glenn talked about how the GOP was dying, soon to be a distant and really bad memory. One of the reasons why can be revealed in such ‘compromises’ as the new immigration reform bill being touted in Congress. The pandering is out of control and leading the party out of existence.

“I don’t hate Hispanics, I don’t hate Mexicans, I don’t hate anybody. You want to come here, our greatest Americans, the ones who have really made a real difference, what would you say, at least half of them were immigrants? At least half of them were immigrants,” Glenn said this morning on radio.

“I want immigrants here, but I want you to be an American. Tesla said his greatest ‑‑ one of the greatest things he ever did, his greatest accomplishment was to become an American citizen. How sweet is that? That’s who I want here. You make the front door bigger. You seal the borders.”

Glenn joked that he would happily send the Republicans supporting comprehensive immigration reform down to the border for a camping trip. But instead of showing them fireworks they would see fires from illegals crossing over, and camp music would be replaced by “the sound of the bloodcurdling screams of people that are being kidnapped or tortured or killed by the drug lords.”

“This is not about fairness, this is not about families, this is not about poor little José and he’s away from his wife and his children. It’s not about that. It’s all about elections. It’s all about new voters. That’s all this is about, period,” Glenn said.

“Comprehensive immigration reform, which is amnesty, and you’ve got John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and now Marco Rubio joining them because Marco Rubio just has to win elections. I’m done. I’m done. Learn the Constitution. Somebody has to keep a remnant of the Constitution alive.”