Last week, Al Gore made some controversial remarks that indicated that political ideology was a part of a person’s genes. He claimed that science has shown that people who are inclined to change the future and experiment (liberals) and those who want to maintain the status quo (conservatives). Glenn found this line of thinking wildly disturbing, as it can be extrapolated to radical progressive ideas including eugenics. Knowing that many on the left will call that reasoning “crazy” and a “conspiracy theory”, Glenn went through decades of history to show people who thought they were just a little bit better than others.

From Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood to Charles Darwin to Nietzsche to the KKK, history is riddled with groups who oppressed and tried to control people they deemed lesser than them. What started off as racism and slavery grew into eugenics as early 20th century progressives believed they could improve the human genetic make-up. Sterilization laws popped up in states around the country, including Indiana. Academics at Yale University advocated selective breeding and founded the “Race Betterment Society”. These eugenics groups advocated believed they were creating a more improved and productive society through carefully controlled breeding.

Watch Glenn detail the history of human hate and extermination below:

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Why the history lesson today? Gore declared that what we believe is in our DNA, and while it’s generally good that we all have different beliefs, he said it can get out of hand. That “we know better than you” attitude is typical of liberals like Gore, and many of the progressives today are showing common beliefs of the early 20th century progressives.

Glenn brought up a Salon article which argued for abortions because “all life is not equal”. Progressives like NYC Mayor Bloomberg believe they know what’s best for people, and they use regulations to impose their beliefs. And, of course, pretty much every liberal on television believes they are intellectually superior to conservatives.

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Glenn invited Edwin Black, author of the “War Against the Weak”, onto the show to discuss modern day progressives and the dangeroous thinking that leads to eugenics: