Details on the Chris Kyle Memorial Service

According to his Facebook page, Chris Kyle’s Memorial Service will be held next Monday, February 11, at 1:00pm CT at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, TX. Kyle was shot and killed over the weekend by a fellow veteran that he was trying to help cope with the return to civilian life.

Glenn has dedicated several shows to Chris Kyle on radio and TV.

Mercury One is raising funds in support of the Chris Kyle Memorial and FITCO Cares Foundation. So far they have raised over $290,000. Find out how you can donate HERE.

  • Sam Fisher

    Everyone that can should go. 

  • Anonymous

    Kyle was a hell of a good MAN, which is a lot more then I can say for some punny whinny worthless damn liberal

  • smokehill

    Most of the SEAL community will turn out, but most are hoping that old fraud Jesse Ventura won’t show up.

    Kyle had no use for him, and once punched him out for badmouthing the troops at Mike Mansoor’s wake in Coronado.

    Unlike Ventura,  — who is a fake that never was a SEAL, was never in combat, never set foot in Vietnam — Chris Kyle actually was a SEAL and saw a hell of a lot of combat.

    RIP Chris — it’s a rotten way to go like that, but typical that it would happen while you were trying to help a buddy.

  • Anonymous

    May he rest in peace. May God grant courage to his wife so that she is able to carry on to raise their children. He was a Patriot.

  • 67-8 Nam Vet

    At 12:00 Noon on February 11, 2013 I’ll be outside, standing tall, in front of my US Flag and saluting a fellow Veteran, only because I live in Montana and can’t attend Chris Kyle’s funeral in person. He was/is a real hero of America and the World and did more good and saved more lives than most  people could ever imagine. R.I.P.

  • Anonymous

    Just think, you can call it the “Guy who hands out guns to crazy people memorial”

    • Jerrilyn York Thompson

       And you sir are a disgusting human being….Whether you agree or disagree show some respect for a man who gave his all so that you had the right to spout your hate.

      • David Mayton

         What a ridiculous comment.  “Whether you agree or disagree show some respect”….  Translation “You first amendment right is less important than mine”.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, your right, we already have a memorial to people who hand out guns to crazy people, the graveyard in Newton, Conn full of little kids, my bad.

        • George Washinton

          Liberalism is a mental disorder, its not crittens fault, he was raised by Godless parents, he was educated by left wing teachers, and is still not doing what he always wanted to do with his life. He is a loser in the real world and a big man on the key board.

  • Anonymous

    Chris Kyle was an arogant, self-centered assassin who enjoyed killing people.  His unfortunite death came as a result of his stupidity.  You don’t take a recovering alcoholic to a bar, you don’t take a recovering drug addict to a crack house, and you sure as hell don’t take a mentally ill (PTSD is a mental illness) person to a shooting range.  Kyle’s death was caused by his arogant stupidity.   Furthermore, Former Gov. Jessie Ventura is not a fraud, he is a true American hero who has bravely served his country, both in the military and in politics.  The real anti-american evil in our country is all the Democratics, who are actually socialists or communists who want to take away our constitutional rights.  Wise Up People!  Open Your Eyes!  Let’s give freedom back to the law-abiding citizens.  Remember the words of true wisdom….”The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is with a good guy with a gun”.  God Bless America

    • Bob Mike Klug

      And you are who? And you did what? You are the sear of the generation because of what God inspired vision? Let us honor the man for his deeds not for some perceived mistakes or some 20/20 hindsight crap… 

      • Anonymous

        My Dear Misguided Person,

        God does not honor, nor does he reward, people who murder others no matter what the reason.  Gos burns them in eternal hell.  I pray that you will open your eyes and begin to see that killing is wrong, no matter what the reason, and someone who braggs about killing over 150 people should not be considered a hero.

        • George Washinton

           My Dear Misguided GeneralIvanDragonov, Jesus forgives all who ask him for forgiveness. What Mr Kyle did in a war that his country sent him to fight in, is between Mr Kyle and the Lord Jesus Christ. And from what I know about the good Christian man known as Chris Kyle, I am sure he has been as faithful to the Lord as he was to the men he protected on the battlefield. And I know that the Lord Jesus Christ is going to be just as faithful to Mr Kyle.  Misguided as you are
          GeneralIvanDragonov with your comments here, Jesus Christ will too forgive you if you ask for that forgiveness.

        • Mike Anderson

          King David, a man after God’s heart, killed Goliath in battle and had a man murdered to cover up his adultery- yet God forgave him.  Not all killing is murder, and God forgives those who repent and turn from their sins.  You, sir, are the one who is misguided.

    • Karen and ReggieB

      You would not have made that comment to his face you coward!

    • Anonymous

       It would be great if we were also offered a “DISlike” option similar to the “Like” option to see what the real ratio may be for any given post.  Count me as “DISlike”.

  • David Mayton

    Oh joy!  Honor a man who killed women and children then wrote a book expressing no remorse and in fact delight in invading other countries.  The man urinated on his “kills” and was reported to have raped some.  What a bunch of brainwashed idiots.  Love your country, not your government!  This man didn’t “fight for me”, he murdered for a paycheck just like all others who kill in the name of government.  How many would “serve their country” for no pay, just food and shelter?  Answer:  Zero!  You kill for pay!!

    • Patsy Ann

      You sir are an idiot and sound like some left wing nut job.  Chris Kyle had a job to do to keep our soldiers safe and he did a damn good job of it too!  People like you don’t have the balls to do it, so that is why you run your mouth! 

    • Karen and ReggieB

      when the end comes and its not far you will be one of the many on your hands and knees begging for someone like Chris Kyle to come and save your sorry ass!!!

  • David Mayton

    Ahhh I see.  You simply delete the comments you don’t agree with.  Good thing I took screen shots so I can show who you REALLY are.  A mouthpiece for the neocons.

  • David Mayton

    Nice.  Just delete the comments you don’t agree with.  Glad I took a screen shot so I can share with my subscribers.

  • Anonymous
  • MB

    Chris Kyle…one of so few, who have done so much for so many….regardless of their support, appreciation or respect. He was a good man, a proud Father and Husband, a Patriot and a friend.  See you on the other side!
    Thank you to all who’ve shown support…even respect.  To all others, your life will be judged as well one day….I hope it measures up.

  • Anonymous

    Purses, backpacks and cameras will not be allowed at the memorial service. Anyone know if guns will be permitted? They should be in case any nuts try to cause trouble.

  • Anonymous

    There is no way we can measure what this Patriot achieved by killing 150 plus of our enemy.  The people that he killed were trying to kill our Marines.  Chris said, and I believe it, that every time he killed someone he saved many of his comrades with his efforts.  There should never be any doubt that he was a true hero that believed in his mission and his country.  I would like to recommend a movement to give him a Congressional Medal of Honor since he was trying to continue his efforts to help his comrades.

  • Bennie D’Agostino

    A MusicalMmemorial Tribute- We Owe these Great Men and Hero’s as well we owe GLENN BECK for the education-and dedication to Americans- who would listen- Glenn’s Words are True as was the Courage and Compassion of CHRIS KYLE-
     We dedicate this You Tube Video
    as a Musical memorial- CHRIS KYLE BAND- copy-paste link —

    aka- Rock Stars Anonymous
    Contact-Agent2013US Publishing- Face Book or – May your Family find comfort in our Contribution.

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