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If you’re were wondering how you and your family were going to celebrate this July 4th, Glenn Beck has the perfect idea, and today he’s going to tell you all about it! You know that when Glenn plans a live event, he’s always striving to tell a story to enrich your life and inspire you and your whole family. On Monday’s radio show, you’ll hear all about what Glenn has in store, but right now we can tell you this: It’s a new kind of July 4th event that will excite and engage all your senses. The visual spectacle will be beside you…in front of you…behind you. You won’t just be watching the show—you’ll be inside the show.

This show that will help you see our history from a completely different point of view, one that will give you hope. Glenn has created an experience that will lift up your family, bring you closer together, and forever change the way you think about the birth of mans’ liberty. We were always the people that believed a brighter future was just about to dawn, and on July 6th, Glenn Beck will make you believe that again. You’ll get all the details and information on how you can be a part of this experience today on radio. Don’t miss it!