Joe Biden’s (horrible) advice on self-defense

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Noted firearms “expert” Joe Biden was taking questions from his constituents yesterday about the administrations proposal to reduce gun violence. One question, from Kate Ernest, asked the question:

“Do you believe that banning certain weapons and capacity magazines will mean that law-abiding citizens will become more of a target to criminals as we will have no way to sufficiently protect ourselves.”

Decent question. The answer however…sub optimal.

Here’s the VP’s response to Ms. Ernest:

“If you want to protect yourself, get a double‑barrel shotgun.  Have the shells, a 12‑gauge shotgun, and I promise you as I told my wife We live in an area that’s wooded and somewhat secluded.  Said, “Jill, if there’s ever a problem, just walk out on the balcony here or walk out, put that double‑barrel shotgun and fire two blasts outside the house.  I promise you who is ever coming in is not going to, you don’t need an AR‑15.  It’s harder to aim, it’s harder to use. And in fact, you don’t need 30 rounds to protect yourself.  Buy a shotgun.  Buy a shotgun.”

“If I was Joe Biden, I would not tell my wife to get a shotgun.  You know what I’m saying?” Glenn joked. “I just, I would be careful of telling her, “Hey, I could be back.  Get a shotgun.”  But I’m sure he’s a delight to live with.”

Glenn quickly noted that Joe probably shouldn’t have used the words “I promise you” in his response. He doesn’t have a clue what someone is going to do, but they do know — thanks to the VP’s specificity — that you just fired your double barrel shotgun, which means until you reload you’re practically unarmed.

Beyond that, why has he instructed his wife to go outside on the porch when someone is breaking in?

“How irresponsible is that?  Who tells their wife, ‘You know what, honey?  Just fire a couple of shots.’  I’ve never told my wife that, never,” Glenn said. “You don’t pick up a gun unless you’re prepared to kill something…Anybody who knows anything about gun safety, they will tell you:  You don’t fire warning shots.”

Glenn went on to explain exactly what he has told his wife to do in that situation…and not one bit of it involved a shotgun or going outside.

“Honey, you grab the gun” Not a shotgun, because a shotgun will put her on her butt.  I did get her a Walther, it’s a great little gun. She can shoot that and she can shoot that really well and she goes out to the range.  She’s a better shot than I am, and I’m a good shot,” he said.

He went on to explain he told her to tell the intruder that she is armed, feels threatened, and she will shoot them if they don’t identify themselves.

“And then if they ‑‑ if they still come forward, then it’s, “I’m about to throw up!  And I have combination skin!” Pat joked, referring to the story yesterday out of Colorado University.

When you look at the choices being given to American citizens for self-defense, it’s amazingly clear who has the best ones — the people.

Colorado Congressmen have offered rape whistles and ballpoint pens.

Joe Biden thinks shooting a double-barrel shotgun out into no man’s land will do the trick.

And the University of Coloradio offered their ingenious tips like “passive resistance” and kicking off your shoes…

What’s Glenn’s advice? Don’t take any of their advice… Legally buy a gun and learn how to use it responsibly.


  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Biden has demonstrated himself to have no understand of firearms and on self-defense. This is one more move by the administration to distract, distort and demonize proponents for the right to bear arms for self-defense.

    Biden is in the same class of insanity and bigotry as the Colorado Congressman whom declared women to be second-class citizens with the conclusions of them not being able to defend themselves.

    Deprive the citizenry of firearms and the right to bear them and the only ones who win in the end are a tyrannical government and the criminal. 

    • Draxx

      Biden is a total moron that was put into office by a PuppetMaster that can control him (except for his stupidity when he opens his mouth to speak)…

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Biden – mouthpiece for the administration, poster child for the insanity of the Democrats.

    • HC Derksen

      Not insanity, that’s a medical condition ….the right condition is stupid. After all “stupid is as stupid does”

      • sparducks

         A medical condition brought about by too much Muscattelle.

  • Sharmane

    Make no mistake, the end game is many in our current government do not want you to have any gun, period.  Shotgun, rifle, handgun – zero.  The really is the goal and they will attempt to do  it (as they already have) incrementally.   Other governments historically have disarmed the law-abiding citizens, and that didn’t end well.  Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot, Hitler and Lenin come readily to mind.  Aside from that, Biden reminds me of a laughing hyena and has zero credibility.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly right.  We didn’t go from total personal responsibility to Obamacare and food stamps in one legislative session, in fact it took decades.  Libs don’t care how long it takes to eliminate freedom, so long as it’s eliminated.

      • Anonymous


    • Mrs. A

      YOU are SPOT ON!  They don’t even want ya to have a Red Rider BB gun because you might shoot your eye out!  And I totally agree with you on Biden……the word “weiner/weinie” comes to mind when I see him.

      • Forthepie

         Well, you will shoot your eye out with the overpowered Red Rider BB Gun, with the compass in the stock.

  • landofaahs

    Empty your Gun? Then what?  Oh wait, his wife has secret service protection 24/7.  No need for the shotgun. Never mind.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly.  What he probably really says is “Honey, don’t worry, the guys with the machine guns will take good care of you”.  What a turd.

      • landofaahs

        Frankly, Biden is so dang dumb that I would not hire him to do even the minorest of tasks. Frankly I can not think of one job that I would not worry he was messing it up. To think this moron is a heart beat away from being President should keep every foreign leader awake day and night.
        I don’t know if obama chose this stupid dick head because it makes his lame ass look better or if he chose Biden to be his mouthpiece with the ability to just say,”Well, that’s just Joe” incase what he says draws the ire of the public.
        Obama is the biggest enemy of freedom since Hitler and Stalin, and that is not hyperbolic speak.
        Many people are seeing this for what it is and are recomending placing wealth overseas; Doug Casey, Peter Schiff not to mention Jimmy Rogers who went to Singapore years ago. Jimmy is correct, “This will not end well”.

      • Pete S

        If she fires both barrels off the balcony  she would probably hit a few of those secret service agents. now she’s out of ammo AND her security force is weaker. Great advice Joe.

  • Soulphoenix

    Biden was actually the first monkey sent into the space by the Iranians many years ago. He looks good, doesn’t he?

    • sparducks

       Love it.

  • Sam Fisher

    She can always whistle while she is murdered. 

    • Anonymous

      Or throw a bag of vomit on the intruder or urinate on them.

  • Sam Fisher

    Maybe Joe Biden hates his wife. 

  • Sam Fisher

    Oh Joe Biden will you ever learn to shut the hell up you are making your side look bad. On second thought keep talking.

  • Ramy Moudy Jisha

    And what, exactly, do you think the Secret Service agents are going to think about their charge firing a shotgun into the air?  Give me a break, would someone please put a muzzle on this fool?

  • Patricia Wagner Schurz

    Ya Jill blow the crap out of a couple secret service agents!  OMG 

  • Bull

    Where is Joe’s wedding ring?  The girl he’s with has his on!

  • Anonymous

    Leave it to the idiot Biden to come up with something like this.  Poor guy STILL does not realize WHY he was chosen to be VP.
    This beats the Dept. of Homeland Security telling victims to attack the shooter with a pair of scissors or that other epitome of academic brilliance suggesting attack with a ballpoint pen.
    It’s not a case of Low informed voters, it’s NO information voters.  All many see is color and more “free stuff.”   It’s all about to end..and soon !  Hang on folks, we are going for a ride .  Probably into the trash heap of history !

  • Anonymous

    The DemocRATs war on women continues. I for one am glad Joe Biden is vice-president. He is so completely idiotic that he helps paint this administration as the whack jobs they are.

  • Jim Cassata

    Joe Biden is what you get when you give everyone a trophy and tell them all “great job”

    • Ron Stokes

      “You’re all winners!”

    • Anonymous

      People that have a problem with encouraging children with incentive awards are obviously jealous that they didn’t get a similar award when they were growing up.  There is always the clear winner…their trophy says “First Place”  everyone elses just says “participant”.  There is still shame in taking home a “participant” trophy/ribbon, there is still pride of the, typically larger, “first place” ribbon/trophy, there is still competition, there is no confusion about the real winner.  Except for the jealous few who think that a participant award is the same as the grand prize, they seem confused and foolish.  Maybe on top of being jealous for not getting participant awards when they were young, the people who spread this junk also enjoy making children cry, is that it?  Jealous and mean?  …Absolutely sick of hearing ignorant statements like this.

      • Anonymous

        No jealousy here, just fully understand the human nature that recognized “if that’s all I have to do to for an award, prize, or pay check, that’s all I’m going to do.”

        What kid cares about the difference between a “First Place” and “Participant” ribbon? It’s the parents who were always picked last when they were kids who are now putting so much pressure on their own kids that they don’t have the time or freedom to be KIDS!

        Bullied by the kids who are more able to excelling AND their parents – who understand the difference between the two ribbons and the need for bragging rights at work – THAT is what makes them eventually snap and go on shooting sprees. 

        We’d still be living in caves and eating grass if our predecessors had that attitude, and you wouldn’t have a computer to show the whole world your lack of understanding of human nature. 

        • Anonymous

          So when was the last time you ever heard a parent “brag” about their child’s “participant” award? The bragging happens with the gloating “winners”. I have never once seen a look of appreciation on the face of a “participant” award receiver. In fact I’ve seen kids smash such awards out of disgust immediately after receiving them. I’ve also seen the “winners” mock the participant award receivers (getting the idea for such taunts from people like you). Do you really think that the “winners” don’t ridicule the “participant” award receivers, especially at young ages? Also, I’ve never seen a display filled with participant awards. In fact, when I was young I didn’t even display, and wasn’t proud of, anything below third place. YOU and others like you are the only ones who don’t understand the difference between first and participant, and are TOTALLY jealous of a child who gets recognized for TRYING.

          Trying is what brings progress! Those who are BRAVE enough to ATTEMPT in the face of adversity. Recognizing those attempts is a no brainer. Advances in Architecture (“out of caves”) Art (culinary art…”eating grass”) and Science (technology…”computers”) and even in warfare (Da Vinci is perhaps the most accomplished weapons designer) were made by ACADEMICS not athletes. Do you really think that Bill Gates, Gary Kildall (inventor of windows), Steve Jobs, Louis Pasteur, Galileo, Da Vinci, Aristotle etc., were great athletes? Do you think they were first in anything but academics? Everyone knows that most children who are “jocks/winners” end up on assembly lines and “nerds/losers” become commanders in adulthood. You also fail to realize that the “jocks” who get “first” in sports are typically the same ones that receive “participant” awards in math, art, spelling bees, or science fairs and vice versa.

          As for your unsupported claim of “THAT is what makes them eventually snap and go on shooting sprees”:
          First what an absolutely ridiculous statement, but you do have one thing correct, which is that parents who obsess about winning do pressure their children to succeed, and do steal their children’s youth. Although you are WRONG that it is the “parents who were always picked last” aka “losers” (participant award winners) that pressure their children. If anything, it is the “jock” parents who peaked in school as athletes that pressure their children. As they try desperately to relive their “glory days” again through their children. The type of parents that may have been the “best” in their team/school/league but never “went pro”, or the parents that were second or third but rarely first are the ones that try to live vicariously through their children to remedy their own MINOR failures (because they fail to see that second and third is still an accomplishment and only approximately 0.44% of all students go pro). These types of parents are the ones who scold and force their children to practice even harder after a loss, because it bothers them so much to lose. Parents who did not “peak” in school (“participants”) see the complete triviality of any youth awards (one major reason being that some children blossom faster than others) and do NOT pressure their children to win win win. In fact, participant or especially “less than third” awards could potentially alleviate some of the pressure that “jock” parents put upon children to win. That is until the child comes home to someone like you who will mock their award putting more pressure on them to satisfy close minded people like yourself.
          Keep in mind that for my part I don’t think it matters whether everyone gets participant awards or not. What bothers me is how upset it makes you. It bothers me that you go spreading ridiculous rhetoric that implies that there is something wrong with acknowledging a child’s effort and attempt.

  • sparducks

    Uhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What? Joe? First who’s androgynous idiot asking the questions? Second why the hell doesn’t Biden’s doctors up his dosage for his dementia medicine? Watching this guy deteriorate before our eyes isn’t funny anymore.

  • Anonymous

    Lord God almighty.  Where the hell did the ducking femocrats find THIS mentally retarded fart knocker.  All the ducking femocrats, if you collected all their brain power, wouldn’t have enough wattage to run a 7.5 watt light bulb for more than two seconds.  Obumhole?  Biden?  Is this the best the ducking femocrats can come up with? A steaming pile of dog sh(BLEEP)t is more intelligent than any of THESE (BLEEP)holes.

  • Blake Hodges

    Is this the best you can come up with Glen? Little nit-picky, no? I think the Veep is right. If everyone across the country needs nothing less than an assault rifle to protect themselves, then let’s save some money, get everyone an AK-47 and dispense of the police and military. 

    • Jeff Brodhead

       The Liberals don’t need weapons. The People need to be able to defend ourselves.   AK-47 would be ok :)

    • Anonymous

      The military is to protect us from people other countries (Iran, China, Mexico).  The police only do something AFTER a crime has been committed.

  • Anonymous

    Is that the weapon of choice for his own security detail? And why not?

    • sparducks

       Not enough ammo.

  • Pamela Jones

    Do these Democrats secretly WANT Women to be raped or robbed? Is that why they keep giving out such crappy advice? Or are they just this brain-dead?

  • Ron Crosby

    Just another example of elitist mentally. Doesn’t know what the real world is like.

  • Dan Sgroi

    lets see how he does with that shotgun against someone who doesnt care about gun laws. They will be having a nice memorial for him. Cuz hes going to be dead.  

  • Jeff Brodhead

    So go outside and empty the chambers… D’Oh!  they’re coming in anyway!  Now what?


  • Blake Hodges

    Just curious how many people here have had to shoot someone to defend their home? 

    • Anonymous

      Many have but the lame stream media will not tell about them.

    • Ben Moak

      Alright Blake, let me ask you this, would you rather be prepared and have the situation never happen? Or the situation happen and be unprepared.

  • lew

    HEY nut job bitone! My pet name for Joe Biden. An AR15 is very easy to handle,much easier than a 12 GA shotgun! Every time you open your mouth you show the world what a FOOL YOU ARE!

  • Anonymous

    Ya that’s right!! Mr WantabePres thinks a double barrel will save his wife..OK…! Let’s look at this:
    Someone is 50 yards away, he has a $99 .22 rifle (scope..who’s only 150 feet away)
    Mama B blows off the 2-barrels..the bad guy is safe behind a tree..the buckshot hits the ground 20 yards away from the kick from the shotgun knocks Mama B on her butt….the bad guy takes aim…he has one bullet….now he’s moving towards the house..hoping Mr WantaBe is watching a John Wayne movie (no Offense to the Duke)..he is..te bad guy just found one more
    bullet….guess what?…the bad guy cleans out the house!
    Sorry folks, but a “00” buck is not going to stop a bad guy 50 yards away, behind a tree. If he was coming up your stairs..and you at the top..different story (hope he didn’t have a bigger firearm and you get the first shot)
    Mr yourself a favor, buy a .22 rifle, take Mama and go to the range and practice and practice some more..and more..then move up to something with a little more kick. Oh by the way–go to a NRA approved range! Leave the John Wayne picture home!

  • Jeff Brodhead

    Just like a politician to kick the can down the road – TO THE NEIGHBOR’S house!

  • Barry Levy

    One warning to stand down and then they are a threat to life and limb.

    Too often we see in the movies the person saying don’t move, don’t come closer as they keep coming closer and then they are close enough to take a gun away.

    If I have a gun pulled on a person, they don’t move, they are spread eagled on the floor, or they will be in a pool of their own blood and I will probably not be able to find a phone to call for assistance until    probably too late for CPR or EMT to assist.  

    And the benefit of the above is no work for lawyers and no costs to incarcerate.

  • Anonymous

    iam not worried about the nonsens Biden is yapping out ,iam way more worried about people voting for iddiots like this over and over and over again

  • Tim

    You forgot to mention that shooting a gun outside your house is illegal, even in self defense.  Secondly, if you’re not in the house, you have to retreat if you can do so safely. And coming out of the house is not retreat.    Shooting someone on your front lawn will land you in court faster than you can blink.  Doesn’t matter how much land you own either.  Even in your garage is not in your house.  People who have not taken a CPL class and gotten their license shouldn’t be giving self defense advice.

    You don’t have a right to defend your property with deadly force. Only your and your loved ones lives.

  • jimster

    Hope Biden does not live in city limits or his wife will be sited for discharging a weapon within city limits.

  • Anonymous

    The idiot doesn’t realize it is not safe to discharge a gun in the air, even a shot gun. 

    • Anonymous

      tells you how much he knows about guns and gun safety

  • Ken Morningstar

    Ok Joe, I live in town, think the police will be ok with a warning shot?

  • Bud

    Biden is a blithering idiot.  The only reason Barry keeps him around is because he makes Barry look good……

    • Anonymous

      Makes him look “better”. Not a damn thing in the world could make him look “good”. But I sure get your point.

  • Mark Benninger

    This guy gives scranton folks a bad name.  

  • Ken Morningstar

    excuse me mr. intruder sir can i please get past you so I can go outside and fire this thing till its empty, at the ground or something, i wish to fighten you away. just stop trying to get in and I will open the door.

  • Anonymous

    The Pope resigned because he wasn’t up to the job, Uncle Joe proves that he isn’t up to the job. Next step, resignation.
    Telling the people you represent to break the law is illegal….isn’t it?

  • Will E Conder

    Has he ever fired a shotgun? I’m sure he has, a woman could break her collar bone from the recoil!! What if there is a gang of people invading your home? No infringing y rights, they are ore than 200 years old!! Long before people had some of the “choices” they proclaim today!

  • Anonymous

    Biden lives in an alternative universe, not because he believes he an elite special vice-president and previous senator with tenure, but because he is insane!

  • Blake Hodges

    If you want to be prepared to defend yourself from attacks, why shouldn’t we all just build automatic motion-detecting gun-turrets on of top each of our homes? Then I wouldn’t even have to worry about putting down my beer to take out intruders. Our maybe we should all mine our front and backyards with remote-controlled mines? Where do we draw the line of which type of weapon is needed to defend ourselves? 

    • Uber Nineteen11

      The gun turret land mine question requires very little thought! The line is drawn and has been drawn on USA paper as it says something like ” the right to Keep and Bear Arms Shall not be INFRINGED!” The real line was drawn when we were created by the Lord God Almighty! We are born with the inalienable/unalienable right to defend ourselves from evil! Why is it that people want to allow those who are evil to gain the upper hand in obtaining arms by any and all means necessary but limit those of us who wish to be at least equally armed in defense of our life and liberty and pursuit of these? Who is responsible for our protection? We are! The government or its agents are not responsible for our protection from criminlas or madmen, unless we are in custody! A law enforcement agent could stand and watch your wife,sister, mother, daughter, girlfriend being raped and he/she is not bound by the law to protect the person being raped in fact the law explicitly state he/she are NOT responsible for that protection according to and under the LAW,any LAW! Search for yourself and you will find this to be decided law in all levels of jurisdiction up to and including the SCOTUS! If you dont want the opputunity to protect yourself, great but don’t be a facist and require me and my loved ones to be lead to slaughter!

  • Mr. McGibblets

    I honestly think President Obama chose Joe Biden as his running mate because he knew that if something were to happen to him, there’s no way anyone would rather have Biden in charge. 

  • Mark Benninger

    They didn’t add his next sentence.. saw off that shotgun to make it easier to wield.  Then, when the police come to investigate the shooting, they will arrest you for owning an illegal firearm.  And they’ll confiscate your shotgun.   So now you’re convicted of a felony and can no longer buy a gun to defend yourself.

  • Will E Conder

    I’d rather die knowing I never “needed” any of them…If I am not hurting anyone, then its noones business what arms that I have! How about actually punishing criminals?…..

  • Movedon

    I will not comment on the Idiocy of Biden other than to say if this is the advice he gave his wife he must surely hate the woman.  No self defense “expert” would tell anyone to fire blindly to scare an intruder. What about to potential innocent person who would be hit by the stray round or rounds in the event a shotgun was used? I see lawyers salivating for the case.

  • onesoldiersmom

    I’d rather use my Glock and make the bad guy piss himself.

  • Anonymous

    He’d likely shoot one of the cadre of well-armed Secret Service agents populating their property.

  • christopher mahoney

    Ok, so an African-American grandmother is living alone in a boarded-up house in Detroit. Someone’s trying to break down the door. She’s supposed to go out on the porch and shoot her (illegal!) shotgun into the air? You know there is no 911 in Detroit. What an ass Joe is.

  • Anonymous

    He may not be entirely wrong about a shotgun, but certainly not a double barrel shotgun. Maybe something such as a Mossberg 930 SPX Semi- automatic shotgun. Or a Kel tec 15 round 12 gauge. His advice to empty out the gun, leaving her with no more rounds is assinine.

    It seems that Biden does not view a 12 gauge as an assault weapon. He seems to have a hard  for AR 15s, but when I was in The United STates Coast Gard, we had a weapons locker on the ship, and the 12 gauge shotguns were right next to the M16s. Certainly a 12 gauge shotgun ino less or no mor of an assault weapon than an M16. That said, He seems to be advocating one type of assault weapon, and vilifying another.

    Perhaps if Biden had ever spent time in the military, or a a gun range, he would have more knoeledge of the things that he tries to discuss. Perhaps he has no clue that the 12 gauge shotgun has been used in combat, in places such as Vietname, and in trenches, for close in fighting. Maybe it is just that he is afrof the Ar15, which by the way is not an assaulit weapon, or could it be that he could find the charging handle, if he read the manual 6 times? 

    Perhaps the president doesn’t know that his Vice president is advocating that American citizens go out and purchase these types of military weapons? 

  • Robert McInally

    Actually I’m all for it Joe! Tell everyone in America to go buy a 12-16. 16 rounds of pump action 12 gauge fun! Best gun in the world (other than the AA-12) for urban combat. Imagine 310,000,000 12 gauges floating around… kind of makes my heart warm…

  • Carl Atkins

    Mr. Biden, I don’t have a balcony. What would you recomend to someone who wants to waste their ammunition by shooting into the air if they live in a ranch style home? By the way, with the upcoming changes in gun laws are we now going to be allowed to indiscriminately fire our weapons into the woods if we hear a noise in the middle of the night?

  • Anonymous

    ask Joe if someone is holding his wife is he going to use his shotgun?

  • Aaron Gabrielsen

    it is much harder to control a shot gun than an ar-15. Joe forgot his crazy pills again.

  • J Stuart Harris

    Actually, Glenn has pretty good advice.


    1) Do not fire ‘warning shots.’ Not only is this bad practice, it is generally illegal.
    2) An AR-15 is easier to use than a shotgun, has almost no ‘kick’ and has large capacity magazines so that you can more easily make up for the shots you miss when you’re scared to death and have lots of adrenaline pumping through your system. By contrast, a 12 gauge shotgun can easily knock you off balance and may even leave bruises.
    3) IF you decide to use a shotgun, a double barreled shotgun is your worst choice. Go for a semi-automatic or a pump action at the very least and make sure it holds more than 2 rounds. The Remington model 870 is a good choice for the money unless you want to wait until they leave NY to send a message.
    4) There is NO SUCH THING as TOO MANY bullets in the magazine when someone is coming in your house with evil intent. The idea that you only need 2 rounds is propaganda not reality. If 2 rounds is enough, why isn’t that what the military uses? Why aren’t the police restricted to that? Complete nonsense.
    5) When someone enters your house and you feel threatened, shout “You are in my house. I have a loaded gun. I feel threatened. If you do not leave, I will shoot to kill.”
    6) Consider getting a laser sight. Often, simply having that red dot on them is enough to encourage them to leave. And, it can help you get and stay on target easier.
    7) Regardless of which gun you have, make sure you go to the range often enough that you are comfortable shooting it and can hit center of mass when you’re stressed.

    Oh, and when he says, “limits on the use of assault weapons and high-capacity magazines is compatible with that [2nd amendment] right.” he is lying and knows full well that this is just one step towards total confiscation.

  • Anonymous

    PLease take Curly Joe’s taxpaid security away from and let the hogs eat him…..

  • Anonymous

    Curly Joe Biden Is the result of cross breeding…..a jackass with a sheep.

    • sparducks

       Those dentures were had at an estate sale. He’s quite frugal…………….Uh , with his own money mind you.

  • Anonymous

    Glen please hire someone with major gun knowledge to be on the show when talking about gun isues, the Second Amendment is too important to sound stupid and uninformed about.

  • Kay Watson

    Joe Biden isn’t wrapped tight but he does seem to like entertaining himself.

  • Dan-and Brandy Burns

    dumb ass

  • Anonymous

    It is no wonder our country is in such bad shape, obama as president, biden as vice president, reid as head of the senate, mcconnell senate minority leader, boehner head of house, pelosi minority leader. They continue to act like they do not know what is going on in the country or the world.

  • Mary

     I think 

  • Jos. M. Kubicek, CMC

    Now, I know why Obama kept Biden on his ticket…..because when Biden speaks, it make the ridiculous crap Obama says sound almost rational!  Congratulations 50+% of Americans… you’ve voted (into the highest office in the world) for the dumbest people on the planet.   

    • sparducks

       Love it Jos. You are spot on.

  • Uber Nineteen11

    Joe Biden is so full of Crap, his ear wax fumunga is riddled with Ecoli, the whites of his eyes are deep brown and when he spews his commie gibberish we get a brisk wind that smells of Sh*t here in the Midwest!
    How can this person be the VPOTUS? This guy has the IQ of an Amoeba!
    A short barreled shotgun is an excellent home defense firearm! Sorry Mr. Beck I mean no disrespect,but there are many women who handle a 12 gauge very well, even very slight women! I have witnessed hundreds of thousands of 12ga rounds fired and have yet to see anyone knocked on their butt! Virtually anyone with a minimal amount of training  using a shotgun, will effectively eliminate a threat, at home defense distances! A cylinder bore gauge requires much less dexterity and control of fine motor skills in a high stress situation, dexterity and fine motor skills under high stress, do not function the same as they do during normal low stress target practice! A shotgun using buckshot, ( say 00 thru #4 buck), gives the user a  a highly effective and efficient pattern density of projectiles that is up to and even greater than 12 inches in diameter compared to a weapon firing a single projectile that is a fraction of an inch in dameter! I believe double barrel shotgun( sidexside or O&U) is a great defensive weapon and with training can be reloaded blindingly fast, it is also less prone to operator error than some other platforms! Does Joe Blow know what he is talking about? Abolutely not! He chose a fireamr that is the most antiquated and the least “assault” weapon like that came to his brain(cell)! Walking outside and into the intruder, Suicidal, Stupid & Foolish! Mindlessly firing your weapon into the air with no chosen target or knowing whom or what is in the path of the projectile(s), Dangerous,Foolish & Stupid! Emptying your weapon, leaving yourself unprotected and more easily attacked, subdued or killed, See Above! The error of his “self defense” methodology  requires a book length debunking which I am uninclined to write for free! If some one wishes to have this book, complete with references, statistics, facts and the truth about “Super Joe’s How Not to Defend Onself and Die Trying” put up or shut up! The more Joe talks, the better off we are! He is continually exposing himself and his party as the lying, inept, crap spewing, anti-good-pro-evil, socialist, despotic,  tyrants he and they aspire to be! This poor sap actually thinks he knows what is best for you, me and our Country! It may seem that I am disagreeing with GB and I am but this is not a disagreement pertaining to what I believe we both agree, completely, on! And that is what Joe Biden is, knows, represents, thinks of the USA and her citizens and the tyranical path he is attempting to lead us down! The above is my opinion based on the facts as they are discovered! Any enlghtenment or truth gained from the above opinion is coincidental and therefore not my responsibility!

    • sparducks

       Very astute. I concur totally. Especially the brain(cell) part.

    • Glenn Matthews

      Biden’s methodology is wrong, but you and I are in near agreement that his choice of weapon is good. Personally I would opt for a pump action 12 gauge. I don’t think there is much that puts the fear of God into the heart of an intruder like that sound of racking a shell.

  • Mary

    I think you should have what ever gun you want , but I agree a shotgun loaded with 00 buck shot is probable the best home defense gun. Not a double but either a pump or semi auto with a 18 1/4 inch open bore barrel. a pistol grip stock and an extended magazine. 

  • Ronald Christopher

    Hey Biden, remember the Vietnam War? Remember how you were too busy (with more important things) to serve your country? Remember how many deferments you got so you didn’t have to defend our Constitution in Southeast Asia (Vietnam). And now Biden, you want to tell me something about guns! Get a pair Biden and grow up. You are nothing but a child.
    US Army Ranger Ron (Vietnam Combat Veteran).

    • sparducks

       Thanks Ranger. You’re a good American.

  • Michael Pollard

    Joe, this is the stupidest thing you’ve said so far…I know you are not done yet so we’ll keep listening…

  • Mike Benton

    Mr. Biden is inexperienced and undereducated where he gives his advice. It’s like trying to give value to something no-one wants.

  • Genie Henschel

    Uncle Joe makes me want to throw up!  After that I will laugh my head off, which is what I am doing now.  GOD help us.

  • Russ Frame

    When he gives this advice to the secret service then I might listen….no I won’t I will still think he is an idiot.

  • Thomas G. Wilson

    Actually, buying a shotgun for home defense is an excellent idea. Advising someone to go out on the balcony and open fire without knowing or identifying a threat –not so much. 

  • Listentoit

    Why didn’t Joe say something even more pithy like “When we get finished with Gun Control, no criminals will have guns so there will never be a need to defend yourself.”  After all, all crazy people and criminals won’t ever have guns again, right?  But when unarmed criminals enter your home and Biden tells you to shoot both barrels of your double barrel shotgun as a warning shot, you have effectively evened out the playing field.  You are now both disarmed, although, you disarmed with style!  You Go Joe!

    And the President put Joe in charge of Gun Control?  Or is it a new presidential plan for criminal equalization?  Think about it.

  • Anonymous

    Take off your shoes?  Why?  Those Liberal ladies must have some really stinky feet!

  • Anonymous

     Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot, Hitler and Lenin …OBAMA

  • Larry McCain

    If that would have worked, then why didnt we do it at Benghazi….

  • J.D.

    Joe is another prime example of the DemonRats stupidity. Keep talking Joe.

  • Gary Cooper

    IMPEACH obama now !!

  • Bill Estes

    Carrying a firearm at any time is a great and honorable responsibility for honest citizens and i’m glad we in this country have a second amendment, Now with all of the problems the people are having with guns and law biding citizens in particular I personally wish to verify to those who have problems with those of us who have firearms for legal purposes the following, I if having a weapon with me at anytime legally will ask if they are aginst gun ownership of any kind and if they are democrats and if so do you wish that i should call a policeman and prefer me  not to use it to protect those in danger from anyone who is threatening them, I will use it to protect myself and family only. They  the democrats and any one who is aginst gun ownership should consult  with the special forces of gangs in their neiborhood for help for they are not effected by laws of law abiding citizens.
    Maybe we as citizens should just be quiet, Donot say a word about being aginst gun control of any kind, then all republican members join the democratic party and really screw their system up because they won’t be able to figure out who is for what when it comes to guns. Remember when they took guns away from the native americans they really learned what gun control was and is.

    • Anonymous

      Bill, I get your point.  You know, when I was in school, a professor once said that a politician’s sole purpose in life is to get elected, and reelected (at least in America). That they will devote all resources, and take every necessary action to this end. Based on that, if they know that their constituents will not vote for them again if they take a position that is in opposition to that of the constituents, they will not take that position. Therefore, they need to be told what we believe, and what we stand for.

      In some ways Obama is now at more of a disadvantage than he was before the election. How many Democratic senators, and representatives will support a guy who cannot be elected again, when they themselves have continuing political aspirations? Will they do what he wants, if they know that means they will be voted out? There are not that many positions in goverment for Obama to appoint them all to, if they should be voted out, and they know that when one is voted out of office, 9 times out of 10 their political career is over. They need to receive letters, and calls all the live long day.

  • Anonymous

    He’s a real clown. A shot gun will knock her off her feet if she never shot one.

  • Take 2

    Joseph is just another left wing nut or for under 18 a goober but his partner in crime Mr. O the one with a blocked criminal record is really really the real deal. A hired actor-con…!

  • Anonymous

    And from his comments on the AR, I’m positive he’s never had one in his hands, let alone shoot one. But then, I can see it being difficult for him, if not impossible. Can’t fix stupid however.

  • Anonymous

    Joey’s ass in on backwards as this Moron is telling Dr Gill, his wife to fire both barrels of their double barreled shotgun and you will scare them off, what Joe Biden does not understand is that since he and Obama have unleashed such a tirade on Gun Control these idiots have drive up the price of ammunition, even shotgun shell to the point that there are no more warning shots. It is shoot for effect! Got to have the guns to have their control.  

  • Unknown

    Joe, you are a Special Kind of stupid….Next time you Joe, have a thought…Just don’t open your mouth…….

  • Mary

    The man’s a clown-at best

  • Anonymous

    Freaking idiot!  When he spoke at my son’s graduation form the Air Force Academy he said he took a helicopter up to 90,000 feet to meet some of our brave fighting men in Afganistan!  Now he’s a spaceman and a gun expert!!

    • Anonymous

      He is a clueless eggspurt, no doubt about that!

    • Anonymous

      I wonder if hat was after he visited all 57 states?

  • Larry Viles

    What an idiot! How many women can handle the recoio of a twelve gauge? The reason a lot of women like the AR-15 is th ealmost total lack of recoil.

  • Anonymous

    All of the bitching comments that call for impeachment, or indicate what asshats these people are,  do not accomplish anything. What is called for is a cool, level headed response. The public, our friends and family; anyone we know must be educated. We will not be able to carry this out, if we act like blathering madmen. We need to educate as many people as we can about the Constitution, and the inter-related nature of firearms, and the formation, and duration of the United States of America.


    • Anonymous

      I can’t speak for everybody here, but bet the far greater share do. When ever approached or I see an oppritunity, I usually state my case why criminals and criminally intent will always have access to weapons on the street or black market. All these bans, and gun control in general will do is limit my choice of what to protect myself with. And left to be out gunned, when 911 call for help, averaging more than 30 minutes away for most metro area’s and still to slow in rural. Then I say, you can have your choice to put yourself at the mercy of the assailant, but please don’t limit mine. One in ten might listen but still disagree with common sense. Usually they try and talk over me, or go off on a tangent, because they have no arguement to counter wiI average maybe 1-20 that will actually here me out.

      • Anonymous

        That sounds like some good information that you are providing. You know, I have found myself talking to folks about the foundation of America, and the fact that without firearms, this would all be a moot point. The United States would not exist without firearms. that is how crucial there are to our nation. They permitted the founders to establish this country. The Second Amendment describes a militia as being being necessary to the security of a free State. This is very important, especially since the common usage of the word “militia,” at the time the United States was formed, was not synonymous with the “army” or our present “national guard,” both of which would have been seen by our founders as standing armies. In fact, based on the common usage of the time, the militia was an armed citizenry! It would be very illogical to assume that the founders intended for the citizenry to have weapons that were significantly inferior to the Continental army, in their ability to carry our the task of defending the emerging nation. They intended for citizens to have the same weapons as the professionals did, and the training in how to use them effectively, which is why they have written ” a well regulated Militia.”  This concept breaks the present debate that Americans have no business possessing AR 15 weapons.  

        The Constittion also states that the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. The most important aspect to this is that it definitively garantees this right to “the people,” not to the government, or an army, or national guard, or law enforcement entity,but rather to the people.

        I have a feeling that despite the appearance of power and purpose, Obama will fail to make any material/substantive changes to this document, or in its application. People are scared now, and that is good. However, he won’t win in this debate.

        I wish that somebody in a position to do so could better convey these concepts to the American people.

        Best regards,

        Mean Cortez

        • Anonymous

          I agree, with this,,,,,
          “I have a feeling that despite the appearance of power and purpose, Obama will fail to make any material/substantive changes to this document, or in its application. People are scared now, and that is good. However, he won’t win in this debate.” I can’t totally remember if I had put this in my post, I haven’t gone back to look. As I fininished that post, I was geting hit somehow with some bug. it took forever to me to finish the last 5-6 sentence’s. So I two spyware / av’s afterwards . Could it be some hacker messing with the site there? anyhow,,,
          I also believe at this point, a lot of it is theater to appease the Lefts base, but they would sure to take any freebies now. I expect much more after midterms. Depends then, on how much he/they wants to protect the Office for Hillary or whomever runs.  And then too, depends on how his narcissism lets his legacy play out. That and likely more so, I also believe hes the protege of Soros with Jarrett his controller. And if you know anything a Soros , his main MO’s  are to support the worst of Socialism /Stalinism and the like, to either create chaos within, if not out right destroy other governments and societies, in ways he profits from. I’ll bet he bought into every firearms and sporting goods stock he could, when BO first got elected. And now he has and is for the second time, making a killing on the market as result. And I’m sure there are other markets his he’s pulling strings on with all manipulations.

  • Anonymous

    Joe Biden is an idiot……..

  • Anonymous

    I can’t speak for everybody here, but bet the far greater share do.

    When ever approached or I see an oppritunity, I usually state my case why criminals and criminally intent will always have access to weapons on the street or black market. All these bans, and gun control in general will do is limit my choice of what to protect myself with. And left to be out gunned, when 911 call for help, averaging more than 30 minutes away for most metro area’s and still to slow in rural. Then I say, you can have your choice to put yourself at the mercy of the assailant, but please don’t limit mine. One in ten might listen but still disagree with common sense. Usually they try and talk over me, or go off on a tangent, because they have no arguement to counter wiI average maybe 1-20 that will actually here me out.

  • GoatExpress

    “Anybody who knows anything about gun safety, they will tell you:  You don’t fire warning shots.”

    —Ummmm, ok Glenn.  Shoot to kill and ask questions later.

    • GoatExpress

      Shoot to kill and ask questions later didn’t work too well for “blade runner” Oscar Pistorius and his girlfriend, did it.

      Wouldn’t that have ended better with a warning shot from a shotgun ??

      • Butch Blosc

        Assuming, that is, that Pistorius is telling the truth, which is highly unlikely.

  • Anonymous

    If we’re lucky, Maybe Mrs. Biden’s “warning shots” will hit him in the caboose, because that’s obviously where Joe’s brains are!  In what universe is a double-barrel shotgun easierto handle than an AR-15, Joe?  The recoil from that shotgun would knock your wife on her ass in a heartbeat, and then it’s game over for her.  What a loving, caring husband you are, you buttmunch!

  • Robert Varner

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE….this country needs more comic relief. Give that man (snicker) a microphone. Duct tape to his hand and turn it up. I still can’t figure out how we hear everything he says when he has both feet in his mouth. He is the biggest buffoon I think I’ve seen in the public eye…ever. And sorry to say he’s from my home state of Pa. His own hometown, I’m told, collectively wet themselves everytime he speaks. (Scranton) There biggest concern is living him down…daily. BO will probably write an order leaving office (like others pardon friends) that puts a permanent muzzle on old Bubba Joe. 
    Everyone thinks he’s from Delaware and that’s just fine, we didn’t want him back so he had to go some where.

  • Robert Valentine

    Joe Biden – The Poster child for clueless, spineless morons 

  • Detlev Willoughby

    I’m guessing some company makes shot guns in his home state and not AR-15s and he’s the biggest idiot in goverment

  • Anonymous

    Biden: Use a shotgun for self defence
    Cheney: Use a shotgun to shoot your friend in the face
    Beck: Take a load of semen in the face from a meth tweaked trucker in a rest stop bathroom

  • Thomas Berger

    Biden is dumber that a box of rocks.  I;m sure with some time he’s come up some other convincing story.

  • Susie Johnson

    Let’s face it, Joe.
    You  both have Secret Service protection 24/7
    If anyones in the woods, it would be them

  • David

    yes horrible advice because a wells fargo coach gun was useless when protecting the homestead or a convey in the old west. it doesn’t matter what kind of firearm you have so long as you know how to use it and know where to put the rounds in. 

  • mr_charlie

    the blundering buffoon biden didn’t consider the laws of gravity!
    consider that 00buck is comparable to about 9 small caliber pistol rounds, where does crazy uncle joe think these rounds will come back to earth? in a neighbors house maybe?

  • Cletus

    Hmmm, if it’s such (horrible) advice, why does every single cop on the street have a shotgun as his or her second line of defense?  As usual, Glenn’s just being an (idiot).

  • Wendy Cleere

    And during her shooting out back with the shotgun, her secret service agent is where?

  • Anonymous

    Not only is he an idiot – the advice of firing warning shots is asinine.  Warning shots outside your home will indeed land you in jail under Delaware, NJ and NY law…..and probably most if not all other states.

  • wildman

    The sad thing is that when this country collapses as is planned by BO, the liberals will be paying a terrible price for taking such stupid advice from this nitwit and the one from Colorado. It might be noted that Biden’s household is protected by secret service anyway, the advice is bs. But go ahead disarm, the ones wise enough to stay armed will not risk family or self to protect you from your friends. Such an idiot, but kind of entertaining in a dumb sort of way.

  • Keith Brockmiller

    Can’t fix stupid.

  • Sargonarhes

    I guess it’s official now, Biden is advising every one to stock up on canned foods and shotguns.

  • William

    Joe Biden has had brain surgery for cerebral aneurysms.  He has frontal injury which disinhibits him.  He does not have enough inhibition from saying nonsensical statements.  Not only is he not very bright but his brain is permanently injured.  I think it curious that we have brain injured vice president and everyone who elected him is too stupid to know it.  Liberalism really is a mental disorder.

  • Anonymous

    I just wonder if he would feel that way if it were his daughter or granddaughter?  Shoot off two rounds from a shot gun how stupid.  I would certainly think the intruder would know there would only be two rounds in the shotgun.  Then you are just standing there with a gun and no bullets, and I am sure the person in your home would know that.  You know when you have a young girl or older lady how in this world are they supposed to defend themselves?  Just plain stupid and they are not women who are making the decisions.  But, the muslims have no respect for women and they have to fend for themselves – that is just what Obama is pushing because he has no respect for women especially here in America.  I say get him out!!!

    • GoatExpress

       Why would the intruder know there would only be 2 rounds in a shotgun ??

      My shotgun holds 4.

      How many does yours hold?

      How many guns do you own ?

  • Walter Riley

    Does Biden ever say or do anything productive or noteworthy? He is an overpaid jester.

  • Nic Gibson

    you need to take Stu to the range. That he didn’t know what a double barrel shotgun was is embarrassing. He needs to know his gun stuff to properly make fun of silly tactical statements made by others. And WOW did Senator Biden set you guys up well for that one.

  • jordgo

    Its bigger then banning guns. This is not a gun control issue, its a people control issue. We The People of These United States are what stands in the way of this New World Order.

  • Ron

    This man is living proof that you can live without a BRAIN! I can’t believe that this guy is in line to be the President of the USA.. GOD HELP US IF OBAMA GETS taken out.

  • Dawn Brayton

    Fire warning shots? Um, no matter what sort of gun someone uses to defend themselves shooting it to warn people to stay away is a hopeless idea. The whole idea about shooting an intruder seems to be the element of suprise. Not to mention it lets the guy know where people live so they can steal the gun the next time they come around. And with warning shots it’s a pretty good chance there will be a next time. If the anti-gun crowd is so into people defending themselves how about mentioning boomerangs and pepper spray as defense weapons if someone wants to stay far away from their attacker and not kick or punch them.

    • GoatExpress

       “Not to mention it lets the guy know where people live so they can steal
      the gun the next time they come around. And with warning shots it’s a
      pretty good chance there will be a next time.”

      But Dawn, since the school shooting I’ve been hearing that the bad guys target people that are known to be unarmed and therefore defenseless.

      Are you saying that being armed (and having the bad guys KNOW you are armed) makes you more likely to be attacked? 

      Would you please explain this??

      • Dale Phye

        “Do to the high cost and nonavailability of ammo no warning shots will be fired.”

      • J Wright

        You see, and I’ll speak slowly, if they see you are stupid enough to fire 2 warning shots from a double ( that’s 2 ) barrel shotgun, thereby leaving yourself unarmed, then yes, they will be more than happy to return and relieve you of your trusty double barrel.

  • Jan

    How did we end up with this moron who unfortunately is representing our great nation??

  • Samuel Harsha

    This would be really good advise if every criminal mind were as scared and timid as every politician I’ve ever seen. (with a few exceptions)

  • Dale Phye

    There is no way Biden can not know that he is full of it. How can he not?…. he knows.

    I can remember it like it were yesterday, in basic training we were taught that the .223/5.56 was not designed to kill. nope it was designed to wound. In this way it would take other personnel out of the fight to attend the wounded. That is why i prefer the 7.62. It was made to take that guy out. I am just too old and too far out of shape to even think about if they are just wounded and still coming. On a side note i like the DHS am also using hollow point for “training”.  :)

  • Anonymous

    I can see the following news story of Bidens wife following his advice……
    “three teens wounded in mistaken shooting incident , three teens playing in the woods after dark near the Biden compound were mistaken for intruders by VP Biden’s wife, she said she was only following her husbands advice….. she heard noises outside the residence frightened she took the double barrel shotgun purchased at his suggestion took it out on the balcony and fired twice into the night to scare off any wood be burglars… sadly it was a group of three boys ages 13 and 14 playing hid and seek who were peppered by buck shot all are expected to make a full recovery…. When VP Biden was asked to comment on the nights events he stated that his wife acted in haste she should have called out a warning before shooting… happily all parties involved will be all right as they are fully covered under Obama care ….  

  • Anonymous

    Only a fool would listen to this fool.

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully, Joe Biden is losing his hearing as his wife grabs the shotgun and calls out, “Who’s there?!”, as she fires two shots. As if someone whose family and property are protected by armed secret service agents 24/7/365!! Apparently, him telling his wife this is as truthful as what he told Paul Ryan in the debate about being “in the room, at the bargaining table when Tip O’Neill sat down with Ronald Reagan”! What a complete moron. How in the world did Obama pick this guy for a vice-president? Was he feeling so bad about his lack of intellect that he hired a man who makes him look like a comparative genius? Every one of these gun grabbers mock women who feel that they need effective protection, instead, offering platitudes and psychobabble from the “knowledgeable”. In other words, they don’t think it’s a big deal to be raped or to suffer physical harm because the true danger to society is not in failing to definitively and effectively deal with deadly criminals, but rather, the increased harm such violence can have on society as a whole. According to these moronic jackasses, pleading with an armed criminal is nearly always effective and even if you’re raped, at least those murder statistics are low!  Who WOULDN’T agree with that reasoning?!  Every time I hear leftist fools and their “solutions”, it further confirms for me that their agenda (which requires the diminution of the constitution and the abolition of constitutional rights to accomplish), is far more important than facing the facts. In states where high numbers of concealed weapons permits are issued and more guns are legally owned, there are FEWER violent crimes. In those states where 2nd amendment rights are illegally removed, violent crimes are SKYROCKETING. Why? Because these laws are directed at taking away rights, thus enabling the leftist agenda, NOT effectively dealing with heinous crimes. What, the government will protect us? Not one single police force in the US has, as a legal requirement, the protection of the public and though many police officers are good and brave men and women, they simply cannot be everywhere all the time. Additionally, if you think that with these laws, the police will, after confiscation, easily reduce the number weapons in the hands of criminals, ask yourself if all of our “interdiction” efforts have resulted in fewer drugs on the streets. These laws are directed only at the law abiding. Gun control only results in MORE violence, not less. When criminals are aware that they are risking death every time that they commit a crime, there is a true deterrent factor, but even if society DIDN’T see an overall decrease in violent crime with gun ownership (and we DO), it still does not even remotely justify governmental efforts to remove guns from the law abiding public. My right to defend myself is mine. NOT Joe Biden’s and NOT the president and I will give up my guns just as soon as the president and Joe Biden give up their secret service protections. If they dismiss this idea as crazy, what, exactly makes their family’s right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness superior to that of me and my family?! Apparently, MY family doesn’t matter and our lives and rights only exist because the important people smile on us from above, pat us on our heads and give us “permission” to live and defend ourselves. Good luck with that one Joe!

  • americanathlete

    Good ole Joe! Gotta admit he does give good advice…just do the opposite of what he says.

  • John Wyatt

    My personal feeling about having guns at home are asking for a tragedy.  Having been an Army vet & National Guard vet I have fired most every sort of military weapons available at my time.  Many people feel home guns are necessary and if they feel they can  keep their family safe then different strokes for different folks. When it comes to the administration and other politicians I feel their efforts to pass new gun laws, confiscate guns like is suggested in Missouri (it will never pass the legislature) is a misguided efforts to break our 2nd admendment but Obama does not follow the constitution. How can he swear to protect this country from all enemies from without and within and to defend the Constitution.  This man should be impeached and thrown out of office for so many reasons starting with his citizenship.  The bad guys will always have guns.  

  • Paul Redman

    What kind of he/she was that asking the question? 

    Either a man with his genitals in a vice, or a he/she trying hard to be a man but failing…miserably. 

  • Anonymous

    Listen to that idiot at 2:29 say…’I used to buy ‘Parents’ magazine in convenience stores, but I dont have an Indian accent so I cant go in there!’ This show is apparently the prerequisite for Bigotry 101. Did any of you notice that or are your hearts so dark you’re blind to all such racial slurs? Furthermore, this whole notion of the VP (and President) having secret service protection being and issue…really? I suppose those in the halls of power should just strap on 6-shooters and fend for themselves? Do you morons seriously deny that there’s significantly more risk to such high-ranking public officials ergo the need for secret service protection!? Nobody needs an AR-15; they were built for war…not f-ing neighbourhoods!

    • Anonymous

      You have no clue what you are talking about. The second amendment does not afford the federal government the authority to cherry pick which guns we “need”. Guns at home are not “asking for a tragedy” when proper precautions are followed. Those who legally own weapons are, overall, very safe. Those with children are usually quite capable of caring for those children and are well aware of appropriate safety precautions without any advice from those who neither own nor use guns. I’m really beginning to tire of those who know nothing trying to tell me that the AR-15 is a military weapon. NO, IT’S NOT. The AR-15 comes in two calibers, with the most common caliber being .223. This weapon has very little knockdown power, especially in comparison to the M4, the weapon our military uses for light infantry. My .30-06 and 7mm hunting rifles have FAR more power. You and Dianne Feinstein seem to think that, because the weapon is styled to appear military, they are somehow much more dangerous than a simple hunting rifle. Her legislation bans many weapons simply because they “look” military. That is pure foolishness. I use the AR-15 for hunting coyotes, not deer and certainly not elk, sheep or other larger game. Please do a little research prior to attempting to argue these points. Looks actually do not kill, no matter how scary the appearance to the uneducated.

      • Anonymous

        To slkgej6:
        The Constitution certainly wasn’t written with the expectation that young and innocent school children would, one day, be slaughtered by a madman who had access to such guns either! You %$#@ morons, just go on waving the 2nd like it means anything in today’s world! No doubt one can save a house, filled to the rafters with highly unstable nitroglycerin, from exploding…taking ‘proper precautions’ and all…but I still would not want to live beside one! And your premise certainly doesn’t cover the cases where ‘proper precautions’ are NOT taken…which are legion. So, dont babble on about how you arsenal-holes should be allowed to have your own arsenal in your homes because of the 2nd…and being so responsible and all. Good for you…now vouch for all those who dont take the same precautions you confess to take. How do you propose to ensure/enforce that, genius? And there are plenty of ways around even ‘proper precautions’ as the Sandy Hook School killer did. Shame on you for putting your ridiculous all-abiding love for such horrible weapons ahead of children’s lives! No…instead you quibble about the ‘knockdown power’ of one versus the other…when it doesn’t take a gun expert to know that either would have killed those children just as effectively, fool.
        God forbid such a horror should ever befall you – one wonders what would your stance would be then…after burying your beautiful child? Pity sakes, why dont they just sell bazookas or flamethrowers to anyone who asks to own one…or maybe even a f-ing tank…you know, so long as they sign a form…promising to take the ‘proper precautions’. I’m tired of fools like you, so in love with guns that you have to own arsenals. Hunting weapons are no problem; most have no issue with that. But geez, you hunt coyotes with an AR-15! Do you hunt moose with an Abrams? If you’re a hunter, you could kill a f-ing coyote with a crossbow, a 410 or a .22…even a f-ing BB gun if you hit the right f-ing spot…so why do you use an AR-15? I’ll tell you why: it gives you a boner. All your comments prove is that you’re a self-proclaimed ‘educated’ moron with such a stupid and undying love for guns, you’d support the 2nd amendment right down to the last standing American…who, no doubt, would own the best dang arsenal. Someday when your brain matures and your heart actually factors into your reasoning, you’ll wonder why you had to kill anything at all when it wasn’t actually required to survive. Get your violent impulses out at shooting ranges, paint ball venues or perhaps playing football without a helmet…I’m guessing you do that already.

  • Anonymous

    I have never bought a firearm for self protection.  I hunt and fish.  No assault rifles in my arsenal.  One rifle for deer and pig.  The shotgun for ducks and pheasant.  The 22 for Varmus and 22 pistol loaded with
    birdshot for snakes in my fishing box.

    The government is buying weapons and ammunition faster
    than the civilian population.  Ammunition
    is more than just scares is almost nonexistent. 
    I went to a box of 22 and was told it be 3 to 4 months before any 22
    ammo was once again available.

    Watch the news in the fighting in Syria against their
    government and see what type a weapon they are using.  It’s that type of weapon the government once

    For every action there’s a reaction.  The people are scared of government and the
    government is scared of the people.

    • Anonymous

      Actually, if you own a rifle with the capability of taking down deer and pig, you DO own an assault rifle, according to Joe Biden. Shotguns and .22s are too because they can fire more than one shot without stopping to reload. We need to stop falling for the nomenclature of the left. They like to use the words “assault weapon” because it sounds frightening and military. At that point, they know that many people will begin a debate on what kinds of weapons we “need”. That is not within the purview of the federal government, no matter how much they assert that Obama is special and gets to rule through executive mandate.

  • Anonymous

    Glen Beck misses the point again.  The question is about whether “banning certain weapons and capacity magazines” would put law abiding citizens harm.  Biden chooses shot gun…Beck chooses a Walther, in Becks own words “it’s a great little gun”.  Little being the operative word.  So I guess that Glen Beck agrees with Vice President Joe Biden that “you don’t need an AR‑15 … you don’t need 30 rounds to protect yourself” Way to go Joe! Thanks Beck for highlighting the POINT of Joe’s answer, that a ban on high capacity assault weapons does not make “law abiding citizens” more vulnerable.  All Beck did was prove that there are several ways to protect yourself without the use of high capacity assault weapons.  I guess even if Beck agrees/doesn’t agree with how Joe Biden protects HIS home that he does agree that there is no need for assault weapons. Thanks for the help Beck!

    p.s. Car and home security systems scare intruders why wouldn’t a shotgun blast scare them? It would stop me in my tracks. Joe is also right that a shot gun is easier to maintain and accurately fire. But no guns needed in my home…I protect my home with stealth, brains, and my hands. Weaklings who need a gun as a security blanket do not frighten me, they are too busy sucking their thumbs with one hand, holding their guns(security blankets) with the other hand and using up their brain power avoiding rational thought and opposing logical gun control legitlation.

    • Anonymous

      It’s amazing to me how true morons like to fling that word around. No, this debate is NOT about whether a high capacity magazine or certain caliber weapons subject the public to harm. Tat is not an appropriate question for the government to make as the second amendment is unequivocal in specifically forbidding the federal government from denying the citizenry the right to keep and bear arms. Nowhere in the constitution is it mentioned that a gun can only be possessed if the government deems it necessary, no matter how much you and all liberals despise the constitution. The Supreme Court continues to rule against the government in such matters and there are now four critical cases with national implications before the court. Based on the previous record of the court in these matters, none of the current legislation, whether it passes and is codified into law, is likely to pass muster with the court. Not one scrap of this garbage will make the public safer. These laws will have no effect on criminals, nor on the number and types of guns in the hands of criminals. The intent of the left is to brand legal gun owners criminals simply because they own weapons. If you believe that this is the answer, you’re a fool. Dispassionate review of the effects of strict gun control demonstrates a direct relationship to INCREASED gun crimes in those states and cities with the most restrictive laws. BT that’s not what it’s about with the left. Unfettered and unopposed power is the goal and that is only possible through the removal of weapons from the hands of the law abiding citizenry, the criminalization of legal weapon owners and a diminution of the power of constitutional protections and limitations on governmental power. You may believe that your way works but leftist ideas have been put into practice many times, always to the detriment of freedom and rights. You are the proud product of a public school system that neither teaches nor trains on the basis of fact. It’s sad to see someone who knows nothing about freedom who is all too willing to legislate away the freedom of others. That doesn’t make you cool, eclectic or intelligent…it makes you common, dangerous and committed to the evil that socialism has wrought on this earth in every instance where it has been implemented.

      • Anonymous

        I like how you have absolutely nothing but rhetoric in your reply. What do you have to back your claims?

        First off, its called an AMENDment. I love the constitution most for the fact that it is NOT concrete. That our fore fathers had the presence of mind to know that with the passage of time all things change. Like the fact it was written at a time when it took 60+ seconds between single shots (i.e. prior to high capacity assault weapons), or that the presence of oppressive empirical monarchs has greatly decreased (e.g. King George III). At the time there was no trained standing army post revolution. the Continental Army was quickly given land certificates and disbanded in a reflection of the republican distrust of standing armies. State MILITIAS became the nation’s sole ground army, with the exception of a regiment to guard the Western Frontier and one battery of artillery guarding West Point’s arsenal. However, because of continuing conflict with Native Americans, it was soon realized that it was necessary to field a trained standing army. The first of these, the Legion of the United States, was established in 1791 and disbanded once again in 1796. Today with 5 excellently trained standing military branches the need for militias is no longer prudent. Where is your “well regulated militia”? As the first statement of the 2nd amendment, it is clear that its intention is meant more for “free states” to be able to protect themselves against oppression (whether foreign or domestic), and less about protecting personal property. Have you read the amendment, or do you regurgitate the “right to bear arms” line without consideration for its context within the document related to regulated militias? Not to mention its context within history. There is nothing more American than to question, examine and refine our government.

        As for your unsupported opinion that “Not one scrap of this garbage will make the public safer.” Every study, shows otherwise.
        According to the National Academy of Sciences Panel on the Understanding and control of Violent Behavior. “Greater gun availability increases the rates of murder and felony gun use.” “According to the latest available data, those who use guns in violent crimes rarely purchase them directly from licensed dealers; most guns used in crime have been stolen or transferred between individuals after the original purchase.” “In robberies and assaults, victims are far more likely to die when the perpetrator is armed with a gun than when he or she has another weapon or is unarmed.””Several strategies may succeed in reducing gun murders. Among these are reducing firearm lethality (e.g., by banning certain types of ammunition), reducing unauthorized use (e.g., through combination locks on triggers, or sentence enhancements for burglary and fencing violations that involve guns), and educating the public about safe use and storage.””Evaluation findings indicate that the following kinds of laws can reduce gun murder rates when they are enforced: prohibitions on carrying
        concealed weapons, extending sentences for robbery
        and assault when a gun is used, and restrictive
        licensing requirements for handgun ownership.””Where there is local support, priority should be given to three enforcement objectives: disrupting illegal gun markets; reducing juveniles’ access to guns; and close cooperation between the police and the community to set priorities and enforce laws, in order to reduce the fears that lead to gun ownership for self- defense.”

        According to the Federal Firearms licensing statistics theft and loss reports “FFLs filed more than 7,500 theft/loss reports with ATF in calendar years 2008, 2009, and 2010 reporting more than 74,000 firearms as lost or stolen.” Only 22.9% were recovered for that period. This does NOT include firearms stolen from homes and cars (which adds another 10-15% of total gun homicides). According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics on Firearms Stolen during Household Burglaries and Other Property Crimes, 2005–2010. “Overall, about 1.4 million guns, or an annual
        average of 232,400, were stolen during burglaries and other property crimes in the six-year period from 2005 through 2010. Of these stolen firearms, at least 80% (186,800) had not been recovered at the time of the
        National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) interview.”

        Your unsupported opinion that “Dispassionate review of the effects of strict gun control demonstrates a direct relationship to INCREASED gun crimes in those states and cities with the most restrictive laws.” We have open state borders where firearms easily pass from states without restrictions to states with restrictions. In other words we need Nation Wide restrictions for it to work.

        As a conservative I bet that you don’t “trust” facts, statistics, and research. So lets use some real world examples.
        In Australia total robberies have been in steady decline since 2001. Most importantly, you need to look at homicide rates and gun violence. Austrailia has a rate of 1.0 (compared with the US of 4.8), and a mere 229 total homicides (not just guns), compared to 14,748 in the US (11,000+ from guns). Even more so are the statistics where the percentage of armed robberies using guns have decreased and robberies involving knifes or blunt objects have increased. Showing that they aren’t “finding guns anyway”, they are resorting to other means. Before you regurgitate the classic conservative line; “If they don’t have guns they will use something else”. First, homicides DO decrease when gun control is implemented. Look at the stats on Intentional homicides before and after gun control legislation was implemented. Second, I would much rather be up against a knife or blunt object than a gun, wouldn’t you? I can run from a knife. If youthink otherwise, then lets have a duel. I get a gun, and you get a knife.

        Here is a stagering statistic. China contains more than 1/5 of the worlds population. There guns are illegal. China’s murder rate (not just guns all forms) is 1.0, in the USA it is 4.8. Total intentional homicides (not just guns) in China 13,410, total in the USA 14,748 (11,000+ by gun). That means that not only is the murder rate lower in china, but they even have fewer total. Amazing when you consider how much greater China’s population is than ours. I guess it is harder to “just find a gun illeagally” than all you conservatives let on. If it were true that “control laws do not prevent criminals from aquiring guns” Then I guess we should make Nukes legal, since according to your logic nuclear proliferation does not stop terrorists from aquiring nuclear weapons…yet it does as shown in the lack of nuclear attacks. I guess heroin should be available over the counter since drug prevention doesn’t stop people from aquiring drugs. We don’t need to make guns easily available just because if we don’t they will aquire them illeagally. What kind of logic is it that when you see a problem, such as 30,000+ gun deaths a year, you don’t take any steps to minimize it.

        Gun control WORKS anywhere it has been implemented. It works in most of europe, most of Asia, Australia, Canada, China. America has a murder rate that puts 103 countries ahead of us. Examples of countries that have a lower murder rate than us: Yemen, Iran, Afghanistan, Vietnam, and 99 others. As proven above from several sources proper national gun controls do in fact DECREASE homicides AND crimes involving firearms.

        The rest of your winded reply is nothing more than a personal attack on myself, public schools, and socially minded reform. You show a gross misunderstanding of liberal (which no doubt you get from the right-wing media like Beck etc.) So I end with this. Don’t think…know! Do the research, before you state opinion as fact.

        Conservatives are putting MORE guns on the streets by lobbying for concealed carry bills, less regulation, allowing glocks in the glove boxes, underneath clothes, available without background check, munitions at wal-mart, and the rest of the idiotic methods to obtain a gun. All wrong. Why are you standing in the way of saving lives? Why can’t you see the writing on the wall? We have a problem here in America and there are dozens of countries that can be used as an example that when guns are regulated deaths go down. I hate that people are so stubborn about their guns that they refuse to admit, amongst all the evidence, that America does NOT have enough gun control.

        It is up to you to enlighten yourself with facts, and not right wing propaganic opinions. We have the ability to decrease gun violence in America by implementing stricter gun control legislation. You have the power to save lives. Do the research, learn the facts. Gun control limits gun violence. Decreased gun violence limits all violence.

  • Tom R Frye

    Biden’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer, is he? How’s a clod like him expect anyone to
    take him seriously?

  • Bill Infield

    Joe Biden is really Elmer Fudd, and his wife is Daffy Duck with this advice!

  • Scott Pam

    Wow. Most states do not allow warning shots as they may hit innocent civilians.

    SMH, how the hell did they get re-elected?

  • Snorri Sturluson

    There is a climate of fear and a vague realization that random violence can strike anywhere and at anytime.Just who can be trusted or helped without danger?  If someone is detected doing a home invasion, a 12 guage shotgun with double ought buck shot at close range is more lethal than an AR 15 round. But who wants such an incident as part of memory? Modifying one’s shopping, dining out, entertainment, commuting  behaviors and patterns is absolutely necessary to lessen the probability of being caught up in random violence. e.g.: siting close to exits in movies, restaurants, work meetings etc. Having restricted zoning, the shotgun, a small yappy dog(s), and a secure well lit home in a safe neighborhood is more than reasonable. The use of a knife or firearm should be the very last resort. Most unfortunately, the climate of fear will become intense as Obama drives the economy towards collapse.

  • tom

    The really scary thing about this whole comment by biden is the possibility he might have at one time owned a Shotgun, the way his idiot’s mind works he might shoot someone or maybe himself trying to clean the darn thing.

  • J Wright

    What Biden is telling his wife to do, is a felony. Not only in Vermont, but in almost all other states as well. You don’t fire warning shots blindly out into the dark of night! As any responsible gun owner knows, this is reckless endangerment, plain and simple. And this nut is the head of obummers “gun safety” comittee?! And, his son is the Attorney General???!!! Wow, talk about uneducated!

    • Anonymous

      Thank you for some common sense. How does the press not pick up stuff like this? If this were a conservative, they would be endlessly mocked for the next 500 years until their memory was well and truly destroyed. Joe Biden is a racist, sexist pig who uses liberal causes to further his power. He, like most liberals, couldn’t really care less about any of this stuff. They just looked at what would be the easiest route to winning and having the press on your side and voila’, they’re liberals. The way he talks about his wife, it’s obvious that he has no respect for women at all. Why would his wife need him to tell her how to protect herself with a gun? As if he’s some kind of expert on anything at all, but the way he speaks is extremely sexist and paternalistic, as if the woman had no brain whatsoever. I’ve never heard him refer to her as an equal, it’s always that he’s giving her advice about this or that…the man is a complete egomaniacal, self centered pig who thinks his wife is nothing more than an unthinking appendage…like his brain.

  • Anonymous

    That “Pesky Constitution” just keeps getting in the way, Right Joe??

  • Anonymous

    All the more reason to have a Bushmaster handy

  • Jill C.

    I’m clearly aware that Biden is not the brightest star in the universe…but I cringed when I heard his gun recommendation.  My “weapon of mass destruction” – or, the one I use to protect myself — happens to be a R/L 12g.  First time I tried it – it blew me backwards onto my ass about 1/4 of a mile (at least it FELT that way…).   I’ve since learned how to handle it appropriately.  It’s kept next to my bed, and it’s loaded (the pets won’t touch it).  I have enough confidence in my skills to know that if anyone came up the steps to my bedroom, their family members would be burying pieces.  If there was a  second intruder – his parents would be joining them.  It doesn’t have the benefits of an automatic, but it sure as hell is intimidating, I wouldn’t need a second shot, and makes me feel safe.

  • Anonymous

    The question is, why do Americans feel this need to protect themselves so muc?  I have lived for 64 years in 8 countries, including Northern Ireland and Fiji and the only place I ever felt I might need to be armed to protect myself was when I visited the USA. What is wrong with America?

  • Diana Schurman

    You guys are stupid. If you have an AR 15 the bad guy is going to have one too most likely and he is one up on you because he know he’s coming to dinner.  Even if you didn’t invite him.  So you will loose anyhow gun or no gun. If they steel your gun then your in trouble or maybe it’s your gun they already stole, because you were in the toilet ann didn’t have it with you?  Heck your own family member, boyfriend girlfriend, kid could shoot you with it.  This is fact google it.  It’s not even made up stuff like Glenn Beck reports.

  • Anonymous

     We were watching Judge Jeanine tonight and they also played the clip of the VP speaking about using a shotgun.  Doesn’t he know that shooting a shotgun off the balcony where he and his wife live would be very dangerous to the surrounding areas of population?  My gosh, and this is coming from the VP.

  • Anonymous

    You can’t fix stupid–don’t waste your time trying! Biden along with the rest of Obamaland and his loyal subjects have absolutely no idea what’s really happening to America and the sad thing is even if they did understand– they don’t care.They are too busy watching the Simpson’s or most of the other trash that is on TV. They are zombies–brain dead!

  • Amy Ritter

    Is Bidens security detail trained to fire off warning shots from their 12 gauge if assailants attack? Good ‘nuf.

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