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MSNBC host Joe Scarborough once claimed his radio show was being taken off the air in NYC in order to ‘revamp’ and ‘expand’ to three hours. Translation: he got canned because no one listened to him. Since he has some free time to go along with a raging jealousy issue, he decided to write about Glenn in Politico yesterday. It’s as dumb as you’d expect.

Scarborough just can’t seem to understand why Glenn isn’t a big fan of Chris Christie. He cities Christie’s first term where he was “declaring war against the most extreme government union bosses, fighting for education reform across the Garden State, spending less in this year’s FY13 budget than Corzine spent in actual dollars in FY08, reforming and keeping afloat the state’s dying public pension and health benefit programs by eliminating COLAs, increasing employee contributions, raising the retirement age while saving the moribund system $120 billion over 30 years.”

You’re right Joe, Glenn used to love him. He even did “Conservative Porn with Chris Christie”.

But more recently, he’s praised President Obama and adopted progressive stances on climate change, gun control, energy, and more.

“I’m sorry I’ve got to get out of the bed with the gun control guy,” Glenn said.

“The reason he’s popular now is because one he keeps criticizing Republicans in New Jersey and he’s demanded tens of billions of dollars for Sandy relief,” Stu said.

In his blog on Politico, Scarborough wrote:

Glenn Beck must be infuriated. Why, this Chris Christie character has created a new kind of gender gap in this Democratic state that has him actually winning the female vote by 23 percent. Numbers like that have to enrage talkers like Glenn Beck, who have spent most of their adult lives working to make women voters run AWAY from the Republican Party faster than you can say “government-sanctioned vaginal probe.”

Wow, Scarborough really got Glenn there. He really, really hates women.

Well, unless you consider the fact that most of the top executives at Glenn’s company are women. He’s got Betsy Morgan as President & Chief Strategy Officer, Carolyn Polke as President & Chief Operating Officer, Liz Julis as SVP of Marketing, Tiffany Siegel as his Executive Producer and VP of Glenn Beck Programming, Sarah Carlson as the Director of his TV show, and many, many other women in senior positions throughout Mercury Radio Arts and TheBlaze.

Maybe Joe Scarborough is just out of touch because he’s still working on adding that third hour of radio.

While Glenn could have railed against Joe Scarborough himself (and he did), no one quite does it as well as Don Imus.

“His radio show is cancelled. They’re not revamping anything! He will never ever be on WABC in New York again, ever! Ever!…You know why they got blown out? Because they suck! And he’s a punk and a phony,” Imus said.

Below, you can hear Scarborough announce the “brief hiatus”/”indefinite cancellation” of his radio show as well as Imus’s response: