Senator Mike Lee: “Heaven help us all” if President can use drones on US soil

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Joining in the filibuster effort were a handful of other supporters in the GOP, interestingly they were mostly the new guard. The new guard consists of those who actually value the founding principles of this country and it’s founding documents, namely the Constitution. Senator Mike Lee is part of that new guard and talked about the filibuster, Holder, and battle for the soul of the GOP on radio today.

Read the transcript of the interview below:

GLENN: Sitting right behind Ted Cruz was Senator Mike Lee who is on the phone with us now. Senator, how are you, sir?

LEE: Doing great. It’s good to be with you, Glenn.

GLENN: Is that the most incredible? You were ‑‑ I mean, I was watching your face sitting next to Ted Cruz. Your mouth was open, part of it just like, oh, my gosh. Is this the most incredible thing you’ve heard?

LEE: Yeah. But, you know, Ted’s always great. Ted always is able to get to the heart of the issue.

GLENN: No, no, no. I mean ‑‑

LEE: ‑‑ very, very quickly.

GLENN: I didn’t mean from Ted. I mean from the attorney general.

PAT: That he can’t pin down whether or not it’s constitutional.

LEE: I was ‑‑ I was shocked. When Ted gave him what I thought was a very clear hypothetical, a very clear opportunity for him to say, “Yeah, that would be unconstitutional, that would fall outside of all kinds of constitutional boundaries,” and he didn’t. You know, he eventually got there sort of, but only after a lot of prodding and even then it wasn’t entirely certain what he was saying or why he was being so difficult to get there.

GLENN: Senator, is this, the drone business, you know, having the president issue an order to kill somebody, you know, with a drone without a warrant and without a trial, is there any ‑‑ is there any use to the Constitution at all if the president has claimed this ability and executes it?

LEE: Well, certainly not on a U.S. citizen on U.S. soil. I mean, one can fathom circumstances in which an individual engaged in an act of war against the United States outside the United States might become the casualty of an act of war by the United States defending itself. But what Cruz was talking about here was an American citizen on U.S. soil sitting in a cafe with a friend and so, yeah, one cannot conceive of a scenario in which that would be appropriate or constitutional.

GLENN: But the question is, is there any use for the Con ‑‑ does this president, is there ‑‑ is the Constitution and the constitutional republic as we know it of no use if the president can claim this power? Which he seems to be doing.

LEE: Yeah. Look, if the president can claim this power, if the president in fact were to utilize this power and to utilize it in the manner that was discussed yesterday at the hearing, yeah, heaven help us all. I mean, one would wonder what would be left of any of us. If your question is, is there anything left that’s intact in the Constitution today? Certainly, yes, there is. But in order for that to remain the case, we’ve got to continue to stand up and we’ve got to continue to identify problems when we see them. And we’ve got to identify them early become ‑‑ before they become bigger problems.

GLENN: Right.

LEE: So that when we see something like this, when we see statements by this administration, reckless statements suggesting vast, vast power by the chief executive to snuff out human life without the due process of law, we’ve got to have people who are willing to stand up and say, no, that is not okay.

GLENN: So are you surprised? Because TheBlaze is putting together a slide show of the websites last night. We have ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, and the New York Times. None of them at 12:05 had anything at all on the front page about Rand Paul and the stand against the drones. None of them had that. Huffington Post did, TheBlaze did, the Drudge Report did. Even MSNBC had this as the lead. But the mainstream media had nothing. Are the ‑‑ A, is the mainstream media, are they so disconnected from anything at all anymore that they don’t recognize what’s happening with the drones; and B, are the American people even there anymore?

LEE: Yeah, Glenn, I can’t figure out whether they’re really smart or whether they’re really dumb for not airing this. I tend to lean, of course, toward the conclusion that they’re really dumb because the American people are concerned about this. This is an issue for many, many tens if not hundreds of millions of Americans and so they shouldn’t be ignoring it. To the extent they continue to ignore this issue, they do so at their own peril.

The only argument for saying maybe they’re really smart is if they really are that focused on protecting incumbent Democrats in congress or in the White House that they don’t want to report it.

GLENN: Well, let me go ‑‑

LEE: They know that this is an issue where Republicans are standing up for individual liberties and Democrats are standing on the sidelines and trying to ignore it.

GLENN: That’s another thing. That is truly remarkable to me. I mean, some of us, I mean, I have come to the party awfully darn late on some of the things like the PATRIOT Act. I asked for sunsets the whole time, but I actually believed that people in congress were more like me and more like you, that we were all decent and we were just trying to do the right thing and we would never ‑‑ you know, we’d never do things without warrants, et cetera, et cetera. What a fool. What a fool to give people in power that kind of power. However, the Democrats have been the ones the whole time that have been saying, “We stand up for the individual and this grotesque growth of power,” and one ‑‑ wasn’t it one yesterday? One stood up and joined your ranks on the floor of the Senate last night.

LEE: Well, no, we ‑‑ by the end of the evening, we had quite a few members of the Senate. But you’re exactly right: We had only one Democrat who joined us and that was Ron Wyden of Oregon. Ron is a man of principle. Ron stands by the principles of the Constitution and especially when it comes to matters of individual liberty. I was thrilled to have him join us and I hope his willingness to join us will be a signal to others that will cause others on the other side of the aisle to join us as well.

GLENN: For anybody who doesn’t believe that drones ‑‑ you know, I guess, I guess ‑‑ I was trying to drive in this morning and thinking what the hell is wrong with Americans? How can they not understand what this means? And I thought to myself, okay, let me put myself in the reverse shoes. That I have friends who are very, very big Barack Obama supporters and I know one of them is coming into ‑‑ one of them is coming into town today. He’s my photographer, George Lange. He’s darn near a Communist. I mean, he’s a ‑‑ but he’s a great guy. Oh, I’ve already ‑‑ nevermind. So he’s coming into town, and I know I’m going to have the conversation with him, and he’s most likely going to say, “I didn’t know about it.” But then when we talk about it, he’ll say ‑‑ I’m guessing here ‑‑ “He’ll never do that. The president will never do that. He wouldn’t do it.” How do you convince people that this does matter?

LEE: Well, first of all, to the extent they become aware of it, people will come to that conclusion on their own because when they hear about it, when they hear it discussed, when they discuss it with others, they will come to that conclusion on their own. But they have to hear about it first, which is exactly why it’s so troubling that so many of these mainstream news media outlets were just showing nothing but radio silence on this issue.

But this, Glenn, is why you’re seeing such a shift away from the mainstream news media. This is why you’re seeing the ratings of some of these outlets dipping on the broadcast media side while simultaneously you’ve got ratings of Fox News doing well, you’ve got TheBlaze doing really well because people are realizing that there are other sources of information and they’re coming to those sources because they realize they can get the truth from those sources and it won’t be filtered in such a way as to protect one party and hurt the other.

STU: Senator, I heard Rand Paul over and over again through this filibuster say things to the effect of, “I just hope the president comes here and says what I think is in his heart, that it is not constitutional to kill Americans that are noncombatants on American soil.” He said things like this over and over again in an effort to be cordial and keep the debate as civilized as possible. But if it were true that it was in his heart, wouldn’t this be a really easy process? I mean, this is not a high hurdle you’ve set for this guy to clear.

LEE: Yeah, that’s right. I really don’t know why he didn’t come forward because I think Rand Paul is right. I think the president probably does know that in his heart. I don’t know. It may be that some of his political advisors were telling him that this wouldn’t be a big deal, he didn’t need to bother himself with something so trivial, perhaps that the Republicans would look foolish if the filibuster continued at what happened, it wouldn’t surprise me.

GLENN: You are being a good, loyal, decent member of the Senate and also of your faith, Mike.

STU: (Laughing.)

GLENN: Stop it. In the heart of hearts, this president will absolutely use a drone on American citizens who he deems is a threat to not the Constitution but to what he believes America should be.

PAT: No comment on that.

GLENN: No comment. Okay.

STU: Very well advised.

PAT: Yeah.

GLENN: You’re very smart for not responding to that.

PAT: Doing the right thing there.

GLENN: Mike, I wish you the best of luck. And is Brennan going to be confirmed?

LEE: You know, I suspect he will be confirmed. But at the end of this process we will see that a lot more attention has been brought during this confirmation process.

GLENN: Are you going to go ‑‑

LEE: With an issue that a lot of Americans ought to be concerned about. And I’m very happy with that.

GLENN: Are you going to vote for Brennan?

LEE: No, I’m not.

GLENN: Do you understand ‑‑ because you are a very strong constitutionalist. Do you understand Rand Paul’s stance on this of, he says “I’m standing on the Constitution, I totally disagree with him but I have to do it because of constitutional reasons”? Do you believe that?

STU: His justification for voting for Hagel essentially.

GLENN: Yeah. Which, he’s going to vote for, he’s going to vote for ‑‑

STU: We don’t know this yet.

GLENN: He said it to us on the air. Do you understand his constitutional objection?

LEE: I don’t, to be perfectly honest. You mean that part with regard to not voting no?


LEE: I don’t share ‑‑

PAT: I don’t either.

LEE: I don’t share that view. I respect Rand a lot and we agree on most things on the Constitution but we don’t share that view in common. I don’t think there’s anything that requires me to vote yes for a nominee that I don’t want to support.

GLENN: Thank you, Mike. I appreciate it.

PAT: I agree with him.

LEE: Thank you.

GLENN: God bless.

PAT: I’ve never seen anything in it that requires you to go ahead and approve every single person he nominates.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    The Constitution clearly gives all US Citizens the right to face their accusers and to due process in the courts of law. 

    Obama will use drones against Americans when and how he sees fit, it is only a matter of time before he comes up with some excuse to implement the systematic liquidation of those he deems to be ‘enemies of the state.’

    The kill list is in the hands of the CIA director, and Brennen becomes head of the CIA, there will be nothing to stop the elimination of anyone on the list of ‘radical elements’ as developed by the SPLC for Obama.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    In the Oval Office sat Holder, sweat beading on his brow as he spoke to the President…

    (Holder: “Mr President, I have given the letter about the Constitutionality of the armed drones being used on US soil, against US Citizens…’

    (Obama – singing and dancing… “Send in the drones, send in the drones, where are the drones, I have a domestic terrorist in here with me…who would not obey orders….”

    Remember, Obama is a pathological narcissist, sociopath, liar, traitor and murderer; he is truly dangerous and capable of anything.

  • Anonymous

    It’s amazing watching the MSM continue to vilify, not simply the Republican Party, but anyone who disagrees with them.  Pravda had its detractors.  What could they say that wouldn’t get them shot though?  Pravda didn’t have drones to back it up, those were different times.  We have the transparency in this country to have access to letters like Holder’s memo.  Leftists have a disease here.  It’s just sad that they’ve framed the argument and it’s being bought by the majority of the people in this country.  It doesn’t take a Ph. D. to spot a power hungry individual.  It’s so clear, the information is out there everywhere.  But some people just don’t feel like using their brains to overcome their preconceived notions of reality.  You can’t just tell a lonely housewife or a hapless garbage man or anyone like that that they don’t have a mind of their own.  There is no logical conclusion to defend the actions of Obama.  He lies over and over and over.  He’s never kept one promise, ever.  Not one.  So if a person aligns themselves wholeheartedly with this dictator they are defending the indefensible.  How do they expect themselves to stand and fight against those who decided they want to keep their guns?  Good luck, one side has indoctrination, the other has kept their powder dry.

  • Sam Fisher

    We will take these people down. They have been exposed for the evil people they are. They have no right to do any of this. Obama don’t care about are liberties. We need men and women of conviction and principles we need Constitutionalist to stand for the people and not progressives that want nothing more than to take freedom from law abiding Americans. Everything from gun rights to human rights to live without fear that their government will kill them if they don’t believe Obama is the lord and savior. Obama is not my god government is not my Church and socialism is not my religion.

    • americanathlete

       Amen brother

  • Anonymous

    I’m all for drone strikes on Americans on American soil, so long as it’s aimed at those moslem bastards in the white house.  But wait, the key words are Americans on American soil.  That negates that f(BLEEP)cking Kenyan moslem brotherhood traitor in chief that, for some weird reason, ended up running the country.  This bastard has gone FAR beyond impeachment.  He needs to be taken out behind a barn and photographed.

    • americanathlete

       Hung from a very high tree. The treason’s he’s committed should be a hangable offense. What he wants to do to us…he’s no better than Saddam Hussein…Obama

      • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    They need to expand the conversation to include ANY LETHAL WEAPON (not just DRONES); it is NOT LEGAL for any President (or anybody else) to use LETHAL FORCE/WEAPON on any American (or non-American, for that matter) on American soil who is not an imminent threat. PERIOD.

    What’s so hard to understand about that?

  • Mary Elizabeth Danuser

    Lee is another who is a real gem for these times.Keep it up ,please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Liz

  • Anonymous

    How sad.  Obama doesn’t care a bit for the Constitution of the United States or the people who live here.  He is carrying out his father’s dream, and that is to destroy America.  Doing a good job isn’t he.  I barely know our country anymore.  We do have some flags that wave proudly, but not like 30 years ago.  We need to get those flags out dust them off and proudly display them.  Pray for our military and this great COUNTRY!!

  • Miss Vickie

    In Holder’s letter confirming that the President would NOT use drones on non-combative American citizens on US soil, I would absolutely require a SPECIFIC meaning for the term “combative”. Is protecting my family or property considered “combative”? I don’t trust either BHO or Holder. They are very good at using and twisting language to their advantage.

  • Randy Hamilton

    I doubt Eric Holder has ever read the Constitution, and certainly does not want to admit it exists. The lack of ability to give a clear answer DISQUALIFIES him as U.S. Attorney General.

  • Anonymous

    their gona fly drones over us time for me to get some mortar shells ready. 

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