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Optimism has been in short supply lately on the Glenn Beck Radio Program. But in light of Senator Rand Paul’s epic filibuster yesterday, Glenn was cautiously optimistic this morning.

“Let me give you some really good news,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “Yesterday we had Rand Paul go in front of the Senate and do Jimmy Stewart. All of a sudden we saw a guy act out Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.”

While Senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain were chowing down with the President, Senator Paul and a few of his friends stood in front of the world and proved that, at least for now, the Constitution has a fighting chance.

Glenn likened the state of today’s Republican Party to the state of the Democratic Party 10 years ago, when the leftists and progressives, like Cass Sunstein and Jan Schakowsky, were able to infiltrate the party once and for all.

“The Republicans could have gone down that same road and still might, where they just are, they’ll just be adopted into this new progressive kind of Republican Party that’s not really new,” Glenn said. But “Rand Paul stood… A new alliance was born last night of honest people that know that it is about individual rights and individual responsibilities. You have a responsibility to stand.”

And perhaps the most gratifying part of yesterday’s events was watching the people we elected take a stand for the freedoms we believe in. “If you wouldn’t have had the TEA Party, you wouldn’t have had those men stand,” Glenn observed. “Those are the people the TEA Party put in.”

Glenn explained that the TEA Party is not about parties but about individual rights and the Constitution, and yesterday helped to reiterate that the Constitution is more than an old dusty document.

“And last night there was an awakening. Don’t let anybody tell you that you haven’t made a difference. You made a difference last night. The ones that stood were the ones that the freedom movement brought in, the ones that were heralded and championed by the TEA Party. And libertarians, you were there first,” Glenn said.

Libertarians and TEA Party may disagree on a lot of things, but yesterday they came together for the greater good. “It was a great day yesterday. And it wouldn’t have happened if you wouldn’t have stood and fought in the last two elections,” he said. “You made a difference. A huge difference.”

“I think the Constitution may have taken a gasp last night and it may not have been its last gasp,” Glenn concluded. “But last night you could see it. The Constitution went… (gasping) because somebody gave it air.”