How did the media handle Bloomberg’s soda ban being overturned?

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Not well.

First, Mike Brzezinski warned America that they were going to be killed by the poison known as sugary drinks. Then Bloomberg went on David Letterman, where the late night host blamed the corporate food industry over the individual. And, unsurprisingly, MSNBC dedicated non-stop coverage to Bloomberg’s progressive agenda, even though Starbucks, a huge sponsor for the network, was responsible for getting the ban overturned.

Glenn kicked off the segment on radio this morning discussing Bloomberg’s appearance on Letterman.

“For the first time in the history of the world, more people will die from over-eating than under-eating this year,” Bloomberg said. “I think it is incumbent on government to tell people what they’re doing to themselves and then let people make their own decisions. So our job is to educate people.”

Letterman chimed in, “I believe it’s the corporate food industry not the individual weight is at at fault here.”

The radio crew could not believe the comments.

“The minions in the audience applauded like a bunch of lemmings. That’s right. It’s the corporate food industry. Not individuals who’re actually grabbing the food and shoving it down their fat faces all day long,” Pat said.

Glenn was frustrated that media elites like Letterman are quick to blame thirty-second commercials for fast food for causing people to go out and drink soda, but those same Hollywood icons refuse to make the connection between violence in film and violence in real life.

Watch the Letterman segment below:

Of course, nothing could beat MSNBC’s non-stop coverage. But as Glenn pointed out, it was ironically MSNBC sponsor Starbucks that vocally opposed the ban and made no efforts to go along with it.

Businessweek reports:

The challenge was brought by the American Beverage Association (otherwise known as Big Soda) and others. The judge called the rule arbitrary and capricious. “The loopholes in this rule effectively defeat the stated purpose,” New York Supreme Court Justice Milton Tingling wrote.

Many smaller businesses, as well as McDonald’s (MCD) and Dunkin’ Donuts (DNKN), had been prepared to follow the new restrictions. Not Starbucks (SBUX), though.

The company, which was not part of the lawsuit, made it clear last week that amid confusion and uncertainty surrounding the new rule, it wasn’t making any immediate menu changes. A spokeswoman said that many of Starbucks’s milky and custom-made drinks might be exempt. The lawsuit was already underway. There would be a three-month grace period before the city would impose fines. Why rush?


  • landofaahs

    I hear there is a backlog order of guillotines in NYC and DC.

    • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      I will not be surprised in the least if they actually bring those back for purposes of political executions.

      • crazy betty

        the bible says those who won’t take the mark of the beast will be beheaded.

  • Sam Fisher

    Just when I think that Letterman can’t get any more irrelevant he something even more stupid than the last.

    • Draxx

      The only time I see Letterman is when someone else shows his face or show… and I could do without his Liberal BS!

  • Sam Fisher

    I am going to buy more soda in the name of liberalism. 

    • MarsBarsTru7

       I hadn’t had any soda in almost a week until yesterday. Hearing that “Bloomberg’s Soda Ban” had been overturned inspired me to buy *gasp* a single 20oz Pepsi just for my wife and I to celebrate.

  • Draxx

    I played the Bloomberg Recordings and all I heard was, “floop zip nah oop pa so zee ish loo…” when I played it in Reverse it said, “You Don’t Need Extra Calories You Fat Ass…”

    • Anonymous

      I never really wanted to be a fat ass till now. Thanks whole bunches!

  • Draxx

    Sometimes when I watch a commercial I feel that Corporation with the Product is Holding a Shotgun to My Head Forcing Me To Buy Their Products!  Does that happen to anyone else?  When I drink a 32oz soda I feel like I need to discharge a firearm…  Doesn’t that happen to Everyone That Is Not A Politician?  When I hear a commercial while driving down the road about Fast Food, It Makes Me Swerve Recklessly Into the Nearest FF Place… I am sure it happens to all of you too!

    Wow, talking about this makes me WANT a Mt Dew & Doritos Chips, because I just don’t think that I am Fat Enough for NY Standards…

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    The leftist MSM has acted as normal, when their plans are overturned by the courts, they go on a hyper-offensive propaganda-centered deominizing smear campaign to pressure people to conform despite the loss.

    This matter is not yet over, come what may, Bloomberg is far from finished.

  • MarsBarsTru7

    *Laughing ’til tears came to my eyes*
    Beck crew – I LOVED this segment. Excellent and poignant.

    Score one for sarcasm!!!

    You missed: Don’t you realize that it’s far better to die of starvation than obesity? I mean, when disseminating the facts, wasn’t it much better when we had a lot of people around the world dieing of starvation as opposed to now when more people die of obesity?

    *Just a thought… shouldn’t we be celebrating if we’ve done so well feeding the hungry people of the world that there are now fewer hungry people than people that are adequately fed? Shouldn’t Letterman and Bloomberg be calling for a World Festival of Food celebrating the success of charity feeding the hungry around the world?… Just a thought.*

    • Draxx

      ppsssst MarsBars, I heard that M. Obummer started Anorexia Nervosa & Bolemia to fight against American Obesity… She really wants to reach out and touch the Young Ladies of America for Their Own Good!  And SHOVE Her Fingers and Ideals Down Their Throats Till They Are Skinny!!!

      • MarsBarsTru7

        An all too accurate analogy. What ever happened to exercise anyway? When did it become all about the food choices? And for crying out loud, how did we ever get to the point of having the mayor of the most populous city in the country banning soda sizes?

        • ginger

          Bloomberg should visit North Korea and Africa and see how well they are eating…more people dying from overeating than starvation??? fact check.

          • MarsBarsTru7

             I assume he’s counting anyone that is overweight dying prematurely (under 65?) of heart disease, diabetes, or other diseases that sometimes are directly related to weight and other times are not related at all to weight.

            Understand, people like him will always take facts and skew them to meet their purpose. Whether they’re honest about their true motives or not, it’s obvious they aren’t interested in rational discussion. It’s their way or the highway. Preferably, in Bloomberg’s circle of population control advocates, they’d prefer we all go the way of the highway (or rather, take a dirt nap).

          • Draxx

            Good Point, many people with Thyroid Issues have weight issues that cannot be controlled by diet alone!

        • Draxx

          I have known a few NY Businessmen with a chubby waistline and don’t exercise, and I have known a few CA Beach Bums with a skinny waistline and don’t work (actually the get stoned and eat junk food and are still healthier than NY’ers because they exercise).  Funny thing is neither one of the two groups really seems to be helping the economy and/or politics.  It is mostly people in between those to states creating jobs, working, exercise regulary, and are involved in politics!

    • crazy betty

      I’d rather die a fat bastard than some poor skinny soul who has no food, flies crawling all over their face and their stomach is pooching out from nothing but gasses.

      man has proven he cannot rule himself.  this world is unbelievable and so cruel most of the time.  we’re lucky.

  • Anonymous

    Touch my Dr. Pepper and you die.  I don’t suffer fools very well when I have too much blood in my caffeine system.  Send Bloomberg over to my house in the early a.m. and have him try to take my Dr. Pepper away.  Problem solved.  Of course you nice people will have to send me care packages of Dr. Pepper, M & Ms, and Cheddar Jack Cheezits: but that would be a small price to pay for my services.

    • Draxx

      All I would have to say to the courts would be, “I Didn’t See A Damn Thing!!!  You Must Have Made A Mistake!”…

    • Anonymous

      Oh, and Little Debbie Cakes as well.  I also would not say no to white chocolate Reese cups, and Turtles.  So I would be locked in a cell with my new girlfriend LaVern, but it could be worth it.

  • ginger

    Question for all…how did Bloomberg acquire his wealth??? seriously, just want to know…seems those with all the money in the world have not enought to do with their time seem to need to CONTROL  people . Bloomberg should tend to the running the city and it’s real problems.

    • Draxx

      I have been wondering that too, how come many Politicians Become Millionaires let alone Billionaires when they were Not Nearly That Wealthy To Start With…

  • Anonymous

    “many of Starbucks’s milky and custom-made drinks might be exempt” … LMAO .. see the libs want everyone else to give up sugar but not them. I bet every lib in the country hits Starbucks once a day, afterall, look where Starbucks started.

  • Anonymous

    Bloomberg?  They should ban air for that bastard.

  • dennis reilly

    Coffee is essentially bad for your health yet you don’t see Bloomberg and Letterman wanting to ban it because they drink it like water

  • mspatdev

    The rag media couldn’t give a hoot what the dictators think as they are dictators to. When they can’t have their way, they act like a bunch of cry babies. Look at Obammy, when he doesn’t get his way he gets into Air-Force One and goes to his Union buddies. In that one ride he has spent millions of $$’s. Bloomberg is just as bad. The Far-Left terrorist pigs are ruining OUR country.

  • Rick LapLante

    The same right to ban softdrinks as light bulbs.

  • Anonymous

    Can’t even stand to look at that overbearing tyrant, but enough about Letterman!

  • hardboil

    His argument is that people drink themselves fat, get diabetes, cardiovascular disease, etc., then WE must pay for their health care.  The problem with his premise is that WE should not be paying for anyone’s health care.  People no longer have to lie in the beds that they make for themselves, the nanny state has assumed authority it does not have and overstepped its bounds.  Trillion dollar deficits, weak economy, and still they plod on down that tired “progressive” policy road; which, has proven to be a failed ideology since its inception in the 19th century.  They did’t call it “progressive” back then, but the tenents of socialism remain the same.

  • E. Browning Bosley

    This is the new fight for individual liberty that the left is going to create.  It isn’t the individual versus society or the govt but the individual versus big business.  I think people miss the point that when we talk about ‘individuals’ we don’t only mean individual persons but also separate individual associations such as a religions, business, family, and etc that happen to exist within the larger society as a whole.  Individual person have rights that society as a whole can’t trample on but so do individual associations such as religion, business, family and etc.  Starbucks as a whole also have rights due to them as an individual association within society just as single persons do.  There is no way you can say separate persons within society have individual rights without also saying that separate organization within society since both have the same level of individualness within the greater society that they are a part of.  A person has a right to act for their own good but so do whole organizations since they also have the same need to exist and make decisions about what is best for their own survival.  I can decide that living in a crime free zone is good but associations like starbucks as a whole are also capable of making the same decisions and for the exact same reason which is their own safety and security.

  • Kay

    Personally, I think it has less to do with the food (although if you eat like a pig you’ll probably look like one) and more with modern convenience. My parents used to eat three big meals a day back on the farm. Ate as much as they could stuff down. None of this “only eat this small of a portion” stuff. Heaping plates. Then they went out and worked it off. Ate good and always skinny. And I mean skinny. 

    You wanna solve obesity? Ban washing machines. Ban school buses. Ban the modern conveniences of life. New York City? Ban elevators. Ha.

    ‘Cause I work out 30 minutes every day and don’t eat much, but I’m still putting on a little extra poundage. I think I’m going to plant a garden or something this summer so I can work a little more.

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