Last night, Glenn went on The O’Reilly Factor to talk about education. While Glenn believes the most serious problems begin in our elementary schools, Bill was more concerned with the recent incident at Florida Atlantic University, in which a student was threatened with suspension after refusing to write ‘Jesus’ on a piece of paper, throw it on the floor, and stomp on it. It was only after the incident gained national attention that the university – Florida Atlantic University (FAU) – issued an apology and expunged the student’s record.

Over the course of the last couple of weeks, Glenn has been highlighting some pretty frightening components of America’s education system – from Common Core to CSCOPE, progressive power grabs to attacks on Christianity at universities. Whether it be the video shown to fifth graders at a Corpus Christie elementary school advocating that America is to blame for the September 11 terrorist attacks or the larger issue of progressive indoctrination in schools, there are serious problems running rampant through the education system.

Glenn told Bill that TheBlaze team was in the process of uncovering some truly remarkable information about America’s schools, and tonight, The Glenn Beck Program will take a deeper look how the federal government is working to control your child’s curriculum. You won’t want to miss this show, tonight at 5PM ET, only on TheBlaze TV.

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