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Glenn’s new book “Control” comes out Tuesday and it’s all about the real reason behind the push to restrict or ban guns. What progressives are doing is not about guns, it is all about control. Any of your friends who are not progressive, whether they’re Democrats or liberals or conservatives and Republicans or libertarians, Glenn explains why they should read Control.

“Tomorrow in bookstores we are releasing the new book called Control: Exposing the Truth about Guns.”

“We talked about exposing the lies about guns but, no, there’s plenty of lies. What needs to be exposed is the truth, not the lies. The truth needs to be told. We decided not to take a negative approach to this. We decided instead of debunking all of these things we would tell you the truth about guns and thus debunk all of these things. Because no one is telling you the truth. No one. And we could not find an easy‑to‑read stick‑in‑your‑back‑pocket kind of argument.

When we first did Common Sense, I knew it had to be written and I said to Simon and Schuster at the time, it needs to be a paper back and as cheap as we can possibly make it. There’s no fancy graphics, nothing. Make it as cheap as you can possibly make it because we need to get this in the hands of as many people as possible. On this book not only are we doing that, we are also, at least for the NRA, I don’t know if we’re doing this anyplace else but for the NRA week, we are packaging them in cases of 10 because I know that there are people that will take this book and give it to nine friends.

As I said with Common Sense, please take this book, read it, and pass it to another. Now, I personally think when we did Common Sense, I said I don’t really care about the sales, and I still don’t. What was important about that was it got into the hands of a lot of Americans because they needed to see the truth.

This one I would not pass just to a friend. I would keep a copy of your ‑‑ for yourself because the lies that are undone in this book and by this book are so prevalent, you need to be able to go, ‘Wait a minute, wait a minute, I know that one. Hang on just a second,’ and look it up. You need to be able to make the case, and unfortunately too many of us can’t make the case and that’s why this has gotten so far. It’s available in bookstores and everything tomorrow. I urge you to get it. Have it overnighted, have it shipped to your house, go to a bookstore and get it. Read it. And if you find the value in it, would you please give it to a friend?

The Second Amendment is absolutely under attack. It is going to fall if we don’t educate ourself. I knew this was going to be a problem when we hit Sandy Hook. In fact, Pat was almost finished with a book we had been, what, almost a year working on? Common Sense 2 called The American Crisis, on how much worse it is now than it was for Common Sense. And we were two weeks away from finishing that?

I felt really bad when I wrote everybody and I said American Crisis is off; need to do a book about gun control. And everybody’s like, ‘umm… I don’t think so.’ And I said, ‘yeah’. And we started the day of Sandy Hook and we have, really on this one worked around the clock to get this one done, and we’ve had ‑‑ we’ve had the biggest gun rights people work on it with us, we’ve had researchers out the butt working on this one 24 hours a day and we’ve had some remarkable people, I don’t want to use their name because we didn’t ask them if we could use the quotes.”

“We’ve asked them to read it to see if we were missing anything, but we were getting back e‑mail saying things like ‘most comprehensive book on gun legislation or gun control and the truth about what guns really are and how they’re used’ and what the, what just the truth is that we’ve ever read, and that makes me very happy because we have to have that, and you have to have it in your back pocket.”

“You have to be a defender of the Second Amendment. If we lose the Second Amendment, we lose the first and the fifth and everything else.”