Glenn reacts to SHOCKING story of baby snatched from parent’s arms

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Editor’s note: This story has been updated to reflect the fact that the five-month old baby was taken into protective custody on April 24th, 2013. This story originally indicated the baby had been with CPS for five months, which is incorrect.

It can’t get any worse, can it? Everyday it seems like there is a new story that shows people losing more and more control over their own lives and the lives of their children. One minute, it’s the ongoing gun grab happening in states across the country. The next, progressives like Melissa Harris-Perry is telling everyone that kids don’t belong to parents, they belong to the collective. And then there comes a story so shocking, anyone with an ounce of common sense is left screaming at their neighbors to wake up before it’s too late. It’s quite possibly the most shocking story Glenn has ever seen – armed officers and a child protection services worker storm into a home and literally take a baby from the mother’s arms and leave. It’s all caught on video, and the officer can be heard saying “I’m going to take your baby, don’t resist” before taking the child.

TheBlaze reports:

Anna and Alex Nikolayev are described as loving parents who took their baby, who has a heart murmur, to Sutter Memorial Hospital in Sacramento when he started exhibiting flu-like symptoms. The family has undergone plenty of doctor visits in the last five months for the their son’s heart, and were unsettled by the treatment he was receiving.

At one point, Anna says, a nurse came in and started giving the baby, named Sammy, medicine. When she asked what it was the nurse allegedly replied, “I don’t know.”

They later found out that medicine was antibiotics, which Anna claims the doctor told her Sammy shouldn’t have received.

After doctors started discussing heart surgery, the Nikolayevs decided they wanted a second opinion. They weren’t categorically opposed to the procedure, but they wanted a different doctor.

The doctors at Sutter Memorial allegedly argued against consulting other health experts, pressuring her to stay put. Anna remained firm. She took her baby from the hospital without a proper discharge, and went straight to Kaiser Permanente Hospital.

Doctors there said the baby was safe to go home with his parents, one writing in the paperwork: “I do not have concern for the safety of the child at home with his parents.”

The next day police showed up at the Nikolayev’s home with representatives from Child Protective Services (CPS). Alex went outside to meet them, where he says he was “pushed against the building.” When he asked if he was being placed under arrest, he said they “smacked me down onto the ground [and] yelled out, ‘I think I got the keys to the house.’”


“Yesterday a judge says the baby can go back to the parents and the parents have control,” Glenn explained. “Well, thank you very much.  The one word, the keyword here is the last one:  Control.  The parents have control.  The State is doing everything they can to convince you that they have control over absolutely everything in your life, even your children.”

Glenn explained that this story is just the latest example of progressives thinking they know what is best for children. He brought up Melissa Harris-Perry’s MSNBC promo where she said parents need to give up this idea of private ownership of children and start thinking of them as part of the collective. Progressives like Harris-Perry seem to think that once the elites are allowed to make decisions for the masses, everything will be better.

“No, that’s when we’ll start making the wrong decisions.  Who cares about my child more:  The State or me?  Get the hell off my land; get your hands off my child,” Glenn said.

“You also have Common Core doing the same thing,” Glenn said. ” Common Core is about control, control over the teachers, control over you, control over your children.”

“It’s all about control and that’s why we are releasing today a new book that we rushed in, and we tried to make this the quintessential book, the book that tells you everything that is true that no one else will tell you.  We set the record straight once and for all and we made it cheap.  We made it, what is it, $8 or $9 now?  We made it in paperback so you could put it in your back pocket and keep it with you.  You could throw it in your briefcase and keep it with you.  We’ve made it cheap enough so you could buy a couple of copies so you could give it to somebody else because I got news for ya, gang:  If we cannot defend our Constitution, if we cannot argue with facts, the Second Amendment, we lose.  We lose.  Because they are seizing control,” Glenn said.

“I think that if we all put our heads together and we start learning the truth about guns, we start learning the truth about what has really transpired in our country in the years past, what control and gun control really means all around the world, we’re it, gang.  This is it.  There is no other country on the face of the Earth that has the Second Amendment.  No other place on the face of the Earth recognizes the natural right for you to protect yourself and your children against intruders or an out‑of‑control government.  This is the only one.  If we lose the Second Amendment, we lose the First Amendment.  We lose the Third, the Fourth, the Fifth, the Fifteenth, the Seventeenth, we lose them all.”

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    I have e-mailed the sites webmaster, and the only part I can figure is there is a glitch in Disqus, or the site, or the interface between them.

    Its getting aggravating to have to re-post commentary over and over again.

    • Sam Fisher

      I know what you mean.

  • the sage

    The cops actually showed up at the second hospital and were told by the doctor that everything was alright.  Once the cops assessed the situation they told the parents of the child that there was no problem at all.

    It was the next day that CPS and the cops showed up at their home and took the kid.

    After their attorney fights to get their kid back they should then…

    Sue the hospital personnel.
    Sue the police.
    Sue CPS.


    • Brenda Cooper

      Yes they should and every other parent that gets man handled by these people

    • Anonymous

       BABY..not “kid”.

      • the sage

        You have to be kidding me with your “correction”?
        You are truly part of what is wrong with the world.
        Go kill yourself.

    • Donna Starling

       HA ! Find an attorney to take the case, Its harder than you think. No one wants to go up against them with their endless pocket book attorney’s ! We want to start a class action against them too. Apparently this has to be done in each state. but still cannot find an attorney when they hear CPS.

      • Genny White

        Joe Weinberger ESQ  Sacramento, CA  the family did receive a favorable ruling by the Judge but  IT WAS A MIRACLE !!!!!!

      • Anonymous

         Exactly.  I know someone who had their son taken by CPS and she called a lawyer and was told he couldn’t help her once she mentioned CPS…but then told her if she had $5,000 he could get her son back and charges dropped…what kind of shit is that?

        • Anonymous

          Nothing but ransom money! Easy bucks for the attorneys.

        • Wm Reed

          cost us a little more, just about $13,000 over 4 months. They saw a couple of suckers the moment me and my wife walked through their gold plated doors. Sad really.

          • Anonymous

             wow, that really sucks.  I’m sorry :(

      • Warren Huff

        Everyone of those police officers should have there baby or child taken! These bastard police who are willing to do these crimes against the American citizens should be ripped to peaces just like illbomba!!! Die traitors! 

        • Michelle Blender

            Problem with our world is that until something like this happens to
          them specifically they refuse to believe its happening. Well if we wait
          until. it has happened to enough people to stop it then it will be too

    • Anonymous

      You cannot sue the California – “Children’s Protective Services.” Believe me. They have the gestapo agency tied up tighter than a tick. Once one of their “social (ist) workers” gets into your life, you can’t get them out. They can exercise complete control over you. – Of course, they could never even find Jaycee Dugard in the backyard of that pathetic psychopath.- But, oh yeah, let someone with a couple of letters behind their name make a report on you and you will be stuck with CPS for a decade. People who work for CPS are not the brightest bulbs in the box and generally have huge personal issues that should require a decade or more of personal psychological therapy, but, hey, let’s give them Complete Control over our children.  Ask anyone who has been on the receiving end of CPS. And trust me, not ever, no-not ever, is anyone exonerated by CPS after they have made their huge mistakes. No attorney will ever take on CPS/State. It’s an unwritten rule of being an attorney in California. These parents are just some more CPS victims and will remain victims. I really feel sorry for them. I just pray for their baby to get the real medical care it needs and to get well. 

      • Terri Angerbauer

         They need to move.  I have heard horror stories about CPS in a lot of states but one agent visited my brother in Utah after his ex-wife’s sister and cousin convinced his daughter to lie about him.  The CPS agent took my niece aside and told her that if she ever lied again she would be arrested.  I guess this CPS agent had a brother go to jail because of a lying child. Of course I also know of a case where an abused child was returned to the parents and was killed a few weeks later.

        • Karen Davis

          The CPS in conjunction with a corrupt judicial system, including the Ad Lidum  in Provo, UT (and throughout UT) has committed criminal actions that need to be investigated…Oh yeah, the corruption of the Provo police department was so bad with masses of complaints that the city of Provo did an audit…Their findings? “No problem” Come to find out all they really did was review police procedures and policies without any investigation to the evil actions of these control-freaks.

          • BG

            It is a shame that the pigs are that corrupt in a LDS community. Perhaps the brethren should talk a little less about the prophesy about the Constitution Hanging by a Thread and actually do something to save it. If the world ever needed men of truth and the courage of ones convictions, we need them now.

      • Michelle Blender

         Problem with our world is that until something like this happens to them specifically they refuse to believe its happening. Well if we wait until. it has happened to enough people to stop it then it will be too late!

      • the sage

        I have to admit that I have no personal experience with CPS. But, for some reason, I am dying to ask if a majority of their child snatchers are over-weight dyke-types?

        • Marcos Hardy

           “over-weight dyke-types?” I guess it takes one to know one.

          • Don Rasher

            Well, it appears we hit a nerve with that description.

          • the sage

            You honestly don’t know what I am referring to…are you from the moon perhaps?

          • Nancy

            My guess is she or he works or DCF/CPS.

        • Wm Reed

          The CPS social worker that took our grandchild from his mom was black, single with 5 kids of her own, had terrible personal problems and had been divorced a few times. How do I know this you ask? The foster parent that was taking care of our grandson told us. Because they were long time friends, her and the social worker worked together to try and push through an adoption before the six months time had elapsed that they had to make a permanent judgement in the case. If we hadn’t stepped in with a Real attorney, our daughter would have lost custody forever. And when it was time for our last court case, our lawyer went over to the States table and whispered something in the ear of the lawyer and walked away. The other lawyer, with the social worker sitting right beside him, stood up and asked the judge to dismiss all charges and give control back to my daughter and her husband like nothing had ever happened. There wasn’t even a reaction by the social worker, like she knew what was going to happen that day. When I asked our lawyer what he had told the other, he only said, “I told him what he needed to hear to drop the case”. Do you Believe that! Who hires these people and what kind of background checks do THEY have to go through to qualify for their job? Made me sick. But thankfully in the end we got our precious grandson back. 

          • Connie Ross

             I need an attorney or that type-wow. My ex got legal now-couldn’t afford an attorney and now in one with my in-law’s, it’s nuts!!

          • imsailing

             It is impossible for a social worker to push through an adoption before the required time period. It is against the law period & cannot happen. No judge would risk his career doing it.

          • Anonymous

             Are you serious?  Like judges can’t be paid off…come on now.  Come, let me show you the real world.

          • imsailing

             @tmblackmore:disqus : Everyone can always find a case of a corrupt person here or there that tries to game the system. Sure there are corrupt judges here & there, but that is the exception not the rule. The story above sounds interesting, but with no background of why the child was taken out of the home in the first place. It might have been to the child’s detriment to be returned to the parents & they might have hurt their grandson instead of helped them. You can’t site some “very old movie” because the system & the laws have changed  A LOT over the past few decades. I suppose it depends a lot on where you are from. The case in this article is scary & despicable. But in my county, CPS is too busy dealing with hard core abuse & neglect cases to bother with something like that.

          • Nancy

            Its not “here and there” anymore. It is now common. 1 in 25 children are now abducted by DCF/ CPS. Its a business.

          • Anonymous

             did you ask exactly what it was he needed to hear?  I’m curious as to what he “said” to the lawyer.

        • long memory

           leave janet Napalitano out of this

        • Jefferyt Dumont

          In reply to over-weight dyke-types,  you should see the ones in Ga.  They are by majority, some of the most disgusting, pathetic, unmarried, bonbon eating heifers you’ve ever met, dealt with, or in my LE career, worked with.  They can’t even be considered predators because even a coyote knows when it’s time leave the prey alone.

      • the sage

        This sounds frightening. It is like a mafia.

        • Anonymous

          More like a child trafficking ring.

        • Anonymous


          • Sandie

            Or more like Obamascare

      • Anonymous

        I agree, and if I were them, I would take that baby at the first opportunity and leave the country forever.

        • BG

          Flee to Zion and request political asylum thus embarrassing the hell out of the great prostitute known as the United SL-T.

      • Anonymous

        Then I suggest they leave California and maybe even the USA . This is not a country anyone will want to come to anymore. We won’t have to worry about illegals because as more of this happens no one will want to live in the communist USA. Americans won’t even want to live here and I already feel that way.

      • Anonymous

        Then I suggest they leave California and maybe even the USA . This is not a country anyone will want to come to anymore. We won’t have to worry about illegals because as more of this happens no one will want to live in the communist USA. Americans won’t even want to live here and I already feel that way.

        • BG

          Love her or leave her. America is the best prostitute in the whole wide world. Would you rather be screwed by China.

      • imsailing

         I don’t think there is a “CA” child protective services. It is county by county. I believe each county is a different entity.

      • imsailing

         In a high profile case like this where the county has egg on their face & obviously the parents had no intent to harm their child, I would think it would be real easy for this couple to find an attorney that will take this pro-bono.

    • Michelle Blender

        Problem with our world is that until something like this happens to
      them specifically they refuse to believe its happening. Well if we wait
      until. it has happened to enough people to stop it then it will be too

      • the sage

        The father stated he was pushed into a wall and beaten down to the ground by officers as they made entry into the home. He did not indicate having done anything to provoke this behavior from the officers.

        I don’t think I would have been able to demonstrate compliance in this regard and well…I see dead police.

    • Anonymous

      Hope they have a few million bucks sitting around to proceed with those law suits, because that is about what it would take. And guess what, they won’t get a friggin’ dime. Keep your heads low, and stay under the radar. The less our police state knows about you, the better!

    • Barbara

      That’s untrue. Look up a recent case where an orange county mom sues cps and wins about 5 million

  • Julie Cornewell

    You are clearly behind the times Glenn. My state of Indiana takes away children from their homes more than any other state in the country. Stuff like this has been going on for years!

  • Ray Mikesell

    Um… I believe Glenn is a little off on the time frame here.  Not 5 months, more like 2 weeks, the child is only 5 months old.  Still all of this is just horrid, CPS and the Police will hide behind non-disclosure for all of the lawsuits and walk away scott free. The people that were involved with this seem to have lost any notion of wisdom.

  • Neal Jacob

    Funny how the progressives care so much for a child once it is out of the womb… but do not give a hoot when it is truly an “innocent” and needs all the protection the government can muster.  Why does a mom no longer have “choice” regarding the welfare of the child once it is safely in her loving arms?

  • Ken O’Bara

    There is no way on earth I would allow anyone to come into my home and steal my child!!!  Whoever made that call should not only lose their job, but should be tried with kidnapping.
    I would have went down in a hail of bullets if that was me…
    We have to stand together!  The next time it could be YOU!

  • Joseph A. Ceballos

     Actually, Glenn got this exactly right – except for one thing (not sure
    if this was addressed already): They didn’t hold the baby for 5 months,
    because they took the baby last Wednesday, as I have read and seen (even
    on TheBlaze), and all the other news. I’m not saying Glenn got the
    story wrong, just that one thing. 😛

  • Genny White

    Glen,  Child taken Wed night  Judge ruled Monday afternoon.  6 Days not 5 Months but still Not Acceptable !!!!  Punitive Actions b/c Mother and family questioned establishment.

  • Anonymous

    A Judge in Florida took my Sister’s three children just last week.

    She disciplined her daughter, who complained to her father (ex-husband) … and that very day, the father got an order giving him full custody … FOR NOTHING.
    We’re not talking about a case of abuse here.

    This is happening all over the place.

  • Janet Switzer Enbody

    YEP, Obamas stinking Obamacare…WTH!!  We need to fight to get our country back and get this sick man OUT of the WH!

  • Anonymous

    years ago when i was having problems with one of my kids the courts told me i dont have true authority over my children until it is issued to me in a court of law. they said just because they were born to you doesnt mean “they are yours”. the courts have control.  i thought wth. i guess this proves right. if someone makes a complaint, the authorities can come in, take your kids out of your home until the complaint is invistagated, weather you are guilty or not,  you have no say. thats how it works.

  • Lorraine Craig

    so very frightening — it is all of our rights to get a second oppinion — if they don’t want you to — THAT signifies a problem — on their part–  whats left for us to do ?? children do need med. attention — how do we get it without loosing them??

  • Dawn Franks Courtney-Reed


  • Anonymous

    You are not allowed to speak out against CPS. And your posts are disappearing? Go figure.

  • Kim West

    Unfortunately, this is not a shocking story.  It happens to 2.3 million families every year in this country.  The odds are stacked against the family when CPS steps in:

    1. charges are civil and not criminal so you do not have the same rights
    2. you are guilty until proven innocent in family court
    3. reasonable doubt does not apply
    4. they only need 50.1% evidence to convict and take your children away permanently – only a “preponderance of evidence” is needed
    5. family courts are sealed so there is no oversight or accountability
    6. CPS workers can and do lie, manipulate evidence, withhold vital information from court
    7. children taken from parents are sold to adoptive families.  They receive between $4000-$6000 per child until they meet their quota and then they are paid $12,000 per child
    8. a child in foster care reaps to the state about $150,000 per year from the federal government – this is big business or we could call it organized crime
    9. children can be taken from families for any and every reason and it can take many months to get your children back if at all
    10. parents have to “cooperate” as they have no Miranda rights and to not comply with “services” means that you lose your children forever
    11. parents that have children taken, even for a short while, are placed on a child abuser list.  This is similar to a sexual abuser list and follows the parent until the youngest child is 18 even if they have not been found guilty of a crime
    12. “the best interests of the child” are used to justify tearing families apart
    13. children in foster care suffer PTSD at a dramatically increased rate then returning veterans
    14. children are more likely to be abused in foster care then at home
    15. there are over 3 million child abuse reports each year and 70% are false yet many of these families will lose their children forever

    This list can go on and on but I will leave you with two quotes:

    “There is something bad happening to our children in family courts that is causing them more harm than drugs, more harm than crime and even more harm than child molestation.” Judge Watson L. White Superior Court Judge Cobb County, Georgia

    “There is no system ever devised by mankind that is guaranteed to rip husband and wife or father, mother and child apart so bitterly than our present Family Court System.” Judge Brian Lindsay Retired Supreme Court Judge New York, New York

  • Pamela Daniel

    hippa  is law , but as americans    , you do not have to allow cps into your home. and the police should of had a warrant.  hope they sue the heck out of each one that  went against these parents. 

    • Anonymous

      You are naive. CPS is more powerful than cops and courts. They don’t need warrants. They get to do whatever they want – “in the best interest of the child”. Complete Control.

    • Kim West

      You are right, you don’t have to let them in without a warrant because you have 4th amendment rights but that doesn’t mean that they won’t come in or threaten to take the children if you don’t let them in.  Once in they will “find” some excuse to take the kids.  One mom let them in to show them that her son was fine.  He was sitting on the floor eating a snack in front of the tv after school.  CPS worker wrote in her report, “mother makes boy eat off the floor.”  And, then she had a reason to take him. This is pure evil and legalized kidnapping.

  • Anonymous

    You cannot sue the California – “Children’s Protective Services.” Believe me. They have the gestapo agency tied up tighter than a tick. Once one of their “social (ist) workers” gets into your life, you can’t get them out. They can exercise complete control over you. – Of course, they could never even find Jaycee Dugard in the backyard of that pathetic psychopath.- But, oh yeah, let someone with a couple of letters behind their name make a report on you and you will be stuck with CPS for a decade. People who work for CPS are not the brightest bulbs in the box and generally have huge personal issues that should require a decade or more of personal psychological therapy, but, hey, let’s give them Complete Control over our children. Ask anyone who has been on the receiving end of CPS. And trust me, not ever, no-not ever, is anyone exonerated by CPS after they have made their huge mistakes. No attorney will ever take on CPS/State. It’s an unwritten rule of being an attorney in California. These parents are just some more CPS victims and will remain victims. I really feel sorry for them. I just pray for their baby to get the real medical care it needs and to get well.

  • Lorraine Craig

    what in the name of goodness — really goodness– can we do? –the FBI are apparently reading all our comments and know where to go to get all of “US”  terrorists!! thats  what they  call us — thats what all the DHS has bullets for — us!!

  • Candy Slice

    Are there criminal charges this hospital can be taken up on?  I don’t think this should just be taken to civil court, this seemed like a criminal act.  It’s as if the hospital placed a false call to CPS to aid them in possibly committing insurance fraud. 

    Did the child ever have heart surgery?

  • Sai Marie Johnson

    Move out of California. The liberals have taken over that state completely. Just move, and go to a state where parents are protected from their insanity. I would recommend the deep south.

    • greywolfrs

      You couldn’t be more wrong. You obviously don’t know a thing about my state, so shut your pie hole. There are plenty of good Conservatives here. Look up CA prop 187 and what happened to it. Look up a guy named Pete Wilson. What state was Ronald Reagan the governor of, CA.
      How did all of that change? The Feds not doing their jobs, that’s how. Amnesty for illegals and securing the border, that’s how.

  • suz

    we are the supreme animal because we have the ability to reason.

  • Rudy Ruiz

    Stories like this make me sick.  It almost had it happen to me.  I was threatened by the hospital when my son Gauge was there. He was premature and wasn’t eating well.  He would eat but just not much.  They tried a few different methods and nipples and kept him there for 3 months because of that and his size.   They wanted to put in a G-Tube for a year and I declined and wanted another doctor/nurse to look over the situation. Not only that I wanted to be sure every possible other viable option was tried. The nurse told me “I don’t want to have to get child protective services involved, I just want to do what’s best for the child”.  I stood by ground even after she threatened to call security because I “raised my voice”.  I got a new nurse assigned and low and behold within a day or two he was eating better with yet another nipple. Just because someone is a Dr/Nurse does not mean they aren’t foul-able.  I am a fanatic about taking care of my kids, I don’t know if in this families position things would have turned out peaceful. 

  • Anonymous

    someday Americans will all wake up and realize all the rights America had are gone, taken away by the Government in “charge”. The dots just arent getting put together to see exactly how damaging our government is to every civilized society! Were ‘changing” not only our own lives but the whole countries way of thinking. We are being told how to live how much you should make how much you should distribute and as Glen says its all about control and since Democrats have taken over they are making sure they get the control….. guns or not we are becoming a lost society and becoming Socialist whether we want it or not, there will be no choice

    • Anonymous

      Blame Bush for that.

      • greywolfrs

        Really? What did GWB have to do with the NDAA? Oh, that’s right, not a damn thing. That just doesn’t fit into your left wing stupidity.

  • Ian Cochran

    @Oneofthemnor….And the Statist cheer and applaud when things like the Watertown, MA martial law incursion happened.

  • Anonymous

    It’s simple. If you are white, they want to take your kid. If you are a Christian, they want to take your kid. If you are a conservative, they want to take your kid. And heaven forbid if you homeschool, they really want to take your kid. If you are all of these, they accuse you of all kinds of child abuse. But, if you are a known drug abusing, welfare brood mare, you can do what ever you want and they will look the other way–until one of your kids dies. Then they try to blame society.

    • Anonymous

      lol. racist AND paranoid. what a lovely combination.

      • Anonymous

        Please point out what I wrote that is racist? I merely expressed what I have both seen and experienced. If you see racism that maybe, just maybe, you have a chip on your shoulder. No paranoia just real life.

  • Anonymous

    So, let me understand this, (as a former CA resident for 10 loooong years), my tax dollars went to supporting the reproductive obsessions of “Octomom” and she has never had any of her, what, 10 kids? taken from her.  But these two obviously loving and stable parents, with whom I would be honored to have living next door, are accosted by CPS?

    Yep.  There is no real justice here folks.  Only travesty and tyranny.  You’ve got CA who can’t wait to tear up good families and then you’ve got Flori-duh (the dump that we currently are stuck in) that can’t keep track of children placed in foster homes.

    It only makes sense to launch attacks on two parent households, doesn’t it?  How else do you dispell that crazy myth that a loving home with a MOM and a DAD for parents is a good and healthy thing for kids?  Well, you start by busting down their doors and accusing them of “neglect”.  

    This is a systematic decoding of all common sense in our culture.  Make no mistake.  

    • Anonymous


  • BlackBeaver

    Glenn erred: the child was not taken as a newborn, but as a five month child. He was not held five months, but a couple of days- still too long! Also, he did not mention that, when CPS and the police showed up, the husband went outside to greet them and was wrestled to the ground and his keys taken. Using these keys, the police entered the home- without warrant! Seeing what was happening to her husband, the mother quickly (and thankfully) set up their camera and caught the scene.

    Добро пожаловать в ‘Новую Америку’, Товарища

    (Welcome to the ‘New America’, Comrade)


  • Taka Dahle

    It doesn’t matter if a CPS agent is there or not, no cop is allowed to step inside a private residence without a search warrant.  What that is right there is 1) police brutality for beating up the husband to take his house keys, 2) unlawful entry because no search warrant was present, and 3) kidnapping because the infant was taken without consent of the parents.  The evidence is overwhelming in that it shows the mother doing the best she can to care for her baby making my third point clear.  This is illegal on all counts.

    • Anonymous

      You are mistaken and naive about this process. CPS overrides all the rights you describe. In most cases, they don’t even need a warrant. You can claim all the rights you want – reality = CPS is a gestapo agency that overrides all your rights as a parent. Your claim to illegality is exactly the problem. No matter what CPS does – it is NEVER illegal. It’s so good to be talking about this, because if it happens to you – you will not have any of those so-called rights you’re talking about – and there’s no lawyer or judge who will be able to defend you against them.  This has been going on for years.

      • Taka Dahle

        I’m not nearly as naive as you think I am.  I’m fully aware that CPS can get away with it because nobody is willing to stand up to the government.  I know that any government agency (including CPS) can get away with this crap because the idiots who voted for Obama want a big government and support the “welfare state” idea.

  • suz

    the author has a right to say “that the institution of marriage should not exist,” however, she flip-flops — “it’s a no-brainer that we (gays) should have a right to get married” but  “the institution of marriage should not exist.”  why do you care if you have the right to marry if you, personally, don’t care for it in the first place?  

    her belief system — the one that says we should make laws according to her belief system — is that it’s a no-brainer, we’re like everyone else so we should have those same rights but those rights should not exist in the first place — is simply a sad pathetic opinion.

    if i want to marry, i’ll marry, regardless of your opinion — THAT’S THE NO BRAINER HERE.

    the real issue (and glenn & co know this already) is that government is involved w/so many aspects of our lives (including marriage) and this is the big wrong.

  • LRWW

    The progressives have been trying for a lot of years to take away our liberties.  It sounds like they have been making big strides at that control since Obama took office (illegally). With all of the evidence that he presented a doctored birth certiicate, how in the world did he get into office again?  By offering freebies to people for votes. Who will vote against him when they can sit home and collect money from the government for not working? I don’t consider him the president. He may be in office, but the constitution says he must be a natural born citizen and until he proves this, I will not believe it.  Why else falsify a document if the real one would have proven he had a right to be president. I am not predjudiced, I would love to see someone in office like Allen West. It seems like the ones who I like most are indeed black. Mykal Massie is one smart dude.  I wish he would run for office. These progressives and their Agenda 21 will be the ruination of our country if they aren’t stopped. They don’t think we should have control over the raising of our own children. They have to be stoppd.

  • Irene Nerutsa

    You got it wrong… Sammy was held for 6 days by CPS not 5 month!  He is 5 month old!!!!
    get it straight!

  • Anonymous

    You know that feeling of anger that comes over you when your small child challenges your authority or directly disobeys you? Or when your dog continues to run down the street when you keep yelling for them to “come”. It is so frustrating it can easily turn to rage. You know that feeling? Well, that is the same reaction our nanny state “officials” have when we “the children” that are supposed to be under their every control, challenge their authority.  After all, they know what’s best for us in every situation and need to protect us from ourselves, right?  They get pissed because we don’t just shut up and get in line. They rage out because they are power hungry egomaniacs charged with making our decisions for us, and hell hath no fury like a government official that is challenged by the sheeple.

    But guess what?  We have given them that authority. We’ve traded our liberties for false security over and over again for close to a hundred years…as hundreds of government agencies and thousands (millions?) of regulations and controls have been devised and implemented that usurp our authority over the lives of ourselves and our families. And now we are doing it again with our 2nd amendment, our healthcare, our energy supply, our ability to travel freely, and on and on and on. The irs, epa tsa, doe, hhs, hs, dol, dot, doc, fda, fcc, fbi, and several hundred more.  Does this baby snatching situation suck? Absolutely. But we’ve made this bed people, and we are going to have to sleep in it. America as it was founded is dead, dead, dead. Time to embrace the new American police state. It’s only going to get worse, and we have thousands of “public servants” committed to cause. Ones that MANY of you have elected yourselves. So enjoy!

  • Anonymous

    The CPS person should be investigated and fired.
    The COPS should all be fired.
    The Sutter hospital people should be investigated and lose their licenses to practice medicine.

  • Angela Darlene Whitaker

    I feel for these people. I really do. I myself was a married woman with 5 children. My ex-husband molested these said children & I made sure he went straight to prison. I had to make threats to get help, I had to stay on top of officials to make sure the bastard was sent to prison. This was all in 2007. Since then I have had a heart attack and am in Heart Failure, CPS has been in my life since 2007 making bogus accusations against me on a weekly basis. I tried to get my children help, but no resources were offered. I took my kids to doctors and counselors to get them help. My oldest son starts to exibit behaviors at school like fighting & being oppositional, and I get the blame. CPS has since took my oldest son into their custody & tried their damndest to talk me out of my others right to my face. They shoved a paper under my nose saying I was a sick mother who needed a break & to let them just take all the kids temporarily. B.S. BECAUSE I’M NOT THE ONLY SICK MOTHER IN AMERICA. So they took me to court to try to prove me unfit. The judge said the kids were safe with me and I took my children home, all but my oldest son. To this day they are here 2 times a month, sometimes more, they try to take my kids off on their own and ask them if I beat them or if they are starving and if I molest them…..ect……they went to the school and took naked pictures of my children to prove they didn’t have marks on them, without my knowledge or consent, after a bogus claim that I beat my kids with pipes and boards. I have tried to seek help for the harassment I receive from them on a weekly basis…..and I have gotten no where. Now that they have found nothing against me, they now say that since I have health issues that they cannot close my case, & in the meantime they have not made any changes at all to my case plan and I get paperwork on a monthly basis that states nothing but all of these bogus unsubstantiated claims and THEIR WORKERS OPINIONS, NOT FACTS!!! I’M SO SICK OF CPS……THEY HAVE DONE NOTHING BUT DISRUPT OUR LIVES AND OPEN OLD WOUNDS FOR THESE KIDS AND I HAVE DONE EVERYTHING TO PROTECT THEM AND PROVIDE FOR THEM!!!

    • Anonymous

      How sad your story is.  CPS needs to back off but I guess they think they will wear you down, or the kids.  I will pray for you and your children.

  • Megan Priest

    I actually spoke with a woman from the CPS department Vikki dean- She would not give me any details on the specific case, but we spoke hypothetically- I was appalled- 

  • Cherie Desnoyers Fitzherbert

    I’m just very glad they have their baby back.  Granted, he should NEVER have been taken away, but I can only imagine the joy the parents are feeling.  Good luck to you all!!!

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, one thing about this story–the baby is 5 months old, he was just taken away about 2 weeks ago, not 5 months ago. 

    I cannot believe this story, it’s been heavy on my mind since hearing about it yesterday.  We need to make our voices heard, everyone.  This is an absolute outrage!  

  • Bill Thornhill

    Sacramento police are known bullies and have been unlawful for at least twenty years. People who live in the region are very careful with the police because they may go off at any time.  The dear family who have had to suffer with Sutter Medical need our prayers.  The sad part is the new Foster parents did not provide the medical care Sutter says the birth parents should have given.  What is up Sacramento? 

  • Anonymous

    I am utterly appalled
    and sickened by this despicable action by California CPS. How can we help these
    parents? Perhaps a million-parent march on Sacramento?

  • Anonymous

    This isn’t an isolated incident.  Read about the baby snatching on WND, article dated 3/27/12, “State Confiscates Newborn Over Vaccinations,” which happened at Hershey Medical Center, PA. The details are important, because there were several times (not just one crazy making one “mistake”) in this incident where the people in authority went off the rails.  The mother was kicked out of the hospital and had to sleep in a car nearby in order to be able to come back into the hospital to breast feed every 3 hrs as allowed by the hospital AFTER THEY SNATCHED HER BABY.

    I think attorneys have become our friends.  They can be wielded as weapons to enforce the law, even if unfortunately after the fact and injury has occured.

  • Anonymous

    The thing that I find ridiculous is that CPS and the police showed up after already visiting Kaiser-Permanente Hospital the day previous and receiving personal assurance from the physician and staff who had examined the child and determined that the baby was in no immediate danger and was safe to return home with the parents. Knowing this, my question is, what exactly, happened in the intervening 24 hour period?

    The only explanation is that the first doctor’s ego was so wounded by the fact that these parents no longer trusted him that he filed a false report alleging severe neglect. Sutter Hospital had already demonstrated that the child was more likely in far more danger due to medical negligence and malpractice than from the parents’ decision to leave the hospital.

    Additionally, as a physician, I’m getting a bit tired of hearing that CPS and the police had ANY justification in this case because the parents didn’t have a “proper” discharge. The physicians can RECOMMEND anything they wish, but the child’s care is NOT their decision. It is strictly the parents’ decision except in the case of a medical emergency or if the child were on life support. At that point, the hospital could have involved its own social services personnel and had a judge online to grant an injunction in short order. However, outside of those very, very narrow circumstances (and the hospital would be risking a great deal by taking that step) the only thing that would have been required was an AMA discharge form signed by the parents. The parents had already declared their intention to take the child for a second opinion once the baby had been given the wrong medication. In a court of law, this alone would have served as notice to the hospital of the parents’ intention to exercise their parental rights in choosing the care of their infant.

    None of the actions taken by the hospital subsequent to the parents’ exit from the hospital were either justifiable or based on truth. What could possibly have prompted CPS to retain the police for a second incursion into a private residence? What could possibly have justified the assault on the father after his wife called him and he arrived on the scene? He asked them if they had a warrant, at which point he was attacked, thrown to the ground, his pockets searched, and his keys removed and used to enter the home. They did not have a court order to remove the child, yet CPS claimed that there was an immediate danger to the child, necessitating an emergency removal. The ONLY way that this could have been justified is if the physician at the first hospital flat out lied about the danger to the child. Especially in light of the fact that the police had already filed a report in which the second physician not only disagreed with the first, but released the child to go home. Obviously, the child’s first physician’s desire to perform emergency cardiac surgery on a five-month-old infant was not the proper decision and, funny thing, the child is still alive.

    This case has to do with nothing more than the overinflated egos of out of control CPS workers, a physician who is going to end up humiliating himself when his actions are investigated, and police officers who seem to think that wearing a uniform means that they can break, bend or rewrite laws to allow them to do whatever they want, HOWever they want. None of these actions was remotely justifiable. Now, though, we hear that a judge has upheld the removal of the child from the home, although the parents are now allowed access to the child and are allowed some modicum of input into the child’s care.

    ALL of the participants in this farce need to be sued into the next millenium. The physician should have an official complaint lodged with the state licensing board and, if there is any justice, he should have it removed. Every decision he made in this case was either a mistake or a lie borne of revenge.

  • Irony Man

    I don’t know the specifics of this case other than what was reported but I work in this city for this police department. I do know what Beck is saying here is being grossly misrepresented. The child was taken into protective custody last week, not 5 months ago. The police had been called by Sutter Hospital the day the parents left with the child against the advice of the doctor. The police spoke to the family that evening. At that time they found the parents had gone to another hospital for a second opinion. The police left the child and the family alone that evening. As mandated by law the incident would have been cross reported to CPS by both the hospital and the police. I can only surmise that at this point CPS picked up the investigation. In Sacramento County CPS is required to get a warrant signed by a judge to take a child from their parents like this unless there is evidence of immediate danger to the child. If the judge signs the order the police would be mandated to assist CPS in the service of the order. The medical condition reported by Sutter Hospital was supposedly a life-threatening heart condition. You can see where this leads. In California privacy laws forbid the release of any information regarding juveniles by CPS. The child would be assigned an independent attorney to look after his/her best interests. It appears in this case it was Sutter Hospital that “pulled the big red handle” and set this in motion.

    • Anonymous

      While I understand your natural desire to protect the police officers you work with, their actions were not in accordance with any police department’s protocols in the country, including Sacramento. They were under obligation to immediately demonstrate the warrant if they had one, but the decision to proceed without one meant that they had to have evidence of immediate danger to the child, as you have correctly pointed out. I would challenge your department to produce the evidence of a child in immediate danger.
      They had already taken the report from Sutter Hospital the night previous and had visited the parents and their new physicians at Kaiser-Permanente Hospital, receiving written assurances directly addressing the safety of the child and the ability of the parents to care for their baby. Your posting only addressed the report they received from the physician at Sutter. Their decision to ignore the written evaluation of the second pediatric cardiology team in favor of assaulting the father and illegally entering the home does not speak to a police force well trained in situational evaluation. Just because a CPS officer picks up a phone and asks for backup does not grant them an automatic pass. The very first act should have been to assess the situation and ask why, if this was such an emergency, could they not obtain a warrant granting them legal access to the home.
      I believe you are correct in pointing out that the problem started with Sutter Hospital, but the decision of the police to act without legal authorization to do so, especially in their decision to escalate to violence is simply unjustifiable. The physician there obviously is too used to unquestioned power and these parents’ decision to obtain a second opinion at another hospital obviously prompted him to make a false report as revenge for his bruised ego. By the time that 24 hours had elapsed, the physician surely would have obtained the police report or a verbal report from the officers that contained the second teams evaluation of the infant. Rather than accept that he had made a mistake, he chose to up the ante by filing a false report based on nothing more than the parents’ decision to obtain a second opinion elsewhere.
      They actually are NOT under legal obligation to sign anything checking them out of the hospital. The hospital’s only legal obligation in such a case is to document the parents decision and refusal to sign the AMA paperwork. Because the hospital does not have legal jurisdiction over the child, without proof that the child is in immediate, life threatening physical danger, they cannot prevent the parents from leaving the hospital, even without following the hospital’s checkout procedures. In fact, it had been made clear to the parents that the hospital would have contested their right to do so based on this doctor’s penchant for malpractice and lying.
      These officers may have had good intentions, but they were obviously FAR outside of accepted procedure in their actions, especially in light of the police intervention the night previous. I’m sorry that it’s hard for you to accept this, but nothing that they heard from either CPS or the first physician could possibly have justified what happened and how it happened. I would think that, in the interest of simple self preservation, they would have questioned WHY CPS could not have utilized the intervening 24 hours to obtain the legal approval of a family court judge. Or is it common for the police in Sacramento to take 24 hours to respond to an “emergency” situation?
      Your reasoning falls far short of the excuses given and does not remotely justify the assault on the parents or the order to the mother to allow the officer to “grab” the baby with no warrant. No matter what, I believe your department is going to have a VERY difficult time explaining this one and the case will very likely result in a settlement. The facts are the facts. Everyone involved here knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that they didn’t have enough to obtain a warrant and for some reason, all parties decided to ignore the fact that the physicians did not agree and this case should have been taken to family court, where a judge could have decided which team was correct and decided the case based on fact, not wild eyed conjecture, hysteria and what is obviously a completely out of control government. Instead, at every checkpoint in this case, every party made a decision that was unjustifiable. Blame it all you want on the lies of the physician, but the police had a legal responsibility for their actions. Since they were aware of the police report of the night previous, they cannot claim that they did not know that they did not have legal justification to assault the father, break into the home and snatch the child.
      Remember, all of these actions were supposedly taken in the child’s best interest, but all along the way, every government agency that involved itself somehow or another decided that the parents were “negligent” or “unfit” to make decisions for their own child, in spite of all evidence to the contrary. The parents did NOT take their child home. They went directly to another hospital. They did NOT refuse treatment for their child, they simply did not have confidence in the drastic measures the first physician was going to take. The parents decision to choose what they felt was the best treatment for their child does not, in any way, indicate in the least that they were anything but loving, caring, involved parents who obviously care FAR more about the welfare of their child than the idiots at the hospital, the CPS workers OR the police do.
      This case is ludicrous and the fact that the court has decided to try to split the impact of the obvious string of foolish and misguided decisions made along the way by continuing to deny the parents the right to follow the medical recommendations of the doctor of their choosing just shows exactly how ridiculous and incursive are the vermin who comprise the government, from high to low in California. Where I come from, these police would have been lucky to survive the initial encounter and CPS certainly would not still have custody of the child. The fact that this perversion of justice is being continued simply illustrates to a “T” just how insane the government of California has become. Obviously, the populace has accepted as fact the government’s assertion that THEY, not the parents, should be the ones to make decisions in the best interest of this child. It is despicable and they should be exposed to the full embarrassment of the world and pay the price commensurate to this travesty.

      • Irony Man

        Were you reading my comments or someone else’s? We know very little about this case except what has been released by the parents. Both the police and CPS are restricted by California State statutes and case law from releasing information about the case. In short, all we know is what the parents have told us

        We don’t know if it was exigent circumstances or if a protective custody warrant was issued by the courts. We don’t know what follow-up CPS did during the intervening 24 hours that brought them to the conclusion this was necessary. In Sacramento County it is CPS that obtains the warrant, the police simply ensure the safety of the social worker

        The CPS social worker presents their case to a juvenile court judge for an emergency order. In a dire emergency when there is not time for CPS to contact a judge they can contact law enforcement directly to request an emergence protective hold. The CPS social worker may present other information the prior officers were not privy.

        The police are obviously not trained medical personnel and cannot second guess the information presented to them. CPS is also in that same position and we do not know what additional information was presented to them and by whom.

        If this was pursuant to a emergency order to take custody search warrants and arrest warrants are not necessary. If it was due to exigent circumstances creating a life or death emergency then a court order would not be necessary to take the child or to enter the home.

        I have no idea what reasoning was used to enter the residence as I am not privy to the information. I only know what has been reported as well as policy and procedure.

        If you think I like the idea of an omnipresent and overbearing government you are mistaken. In the case of child welfare there are competing interests at stake. The rights as a parent need to be protected while at the same time the health and safety of the child needs to be protected. If there is reason to believe there is imminent danger of death or serious injury the the safety of the child is the primary concern.

        Finally, I am not defending anyone in this instance. I am saying we don’t have the whole story, only what one half has been telling us. If the law was broken in the case then I agree this was wholly unnecessary and there should be repercussions. Having been involved in child welfare cases I can tell you these decisions are not made lightly.

        • Anonymous

          Actually, I HAVE read that the police and CPS did not have an emergency judicial order to remove the child. And, yes, I was reading your post, not someone else’s. I understand that you know these people and you feel that you have to defend what happened, but this is indefensible.
          The police do not have to have medical training. When a competent physician tells them that the child is in no danger and is willing to shoulder the legal responsibility for the child’s medical care, they do not have to make a medical decision. The legal responsibility for the child’s welfare rests ONLY with the parents and the selected, licensed physician once the initial care rendered by the first physician has been rejected by the parents and transferred to the second physician.
          But let’s assume that the police could not possibly understand the legalities of such a situation. I find that ridiculous, but let’s assume that. By their actions, they acted as if they DID have medical understanding. How? Because they took the word of the rejected physician when they were fully aware of the findings of the second pediatric cardiologist, the situation that led to the parents exit from Sutter Memorial Hospital.
          The extremity of their chosen methods for handling this situation shows that either they 1) believed the first physician that the child was so severely ill that they could comfortably ignore the legal status of the parents as the child’s guardian and parents’ chosen physician’s recommendations or 2) this is the usual modus operandi of the police department, indicating that they routinely use violence as a first choice for dealing with such situations. Of the two, if I were them, I’d choose the first as a defense, although it indicates a certain level of incompetence. Either way, none of what happened is going to play well in civil court.
          I’m sorry that you don’t like what I said. I understand. But I also understand the legalities AND the medical exigency as I’m a physician. This case shows an almost unbelievable number of lies, miscommunications, abuse of power and incompetence on the part of all involved governmental agencies. I have seen less hysteria for children living in filth with parents that couldn’t care less about the welfare of the child. But one thing I know for certain…anyone who tries to claim that this was an “emergency” is lying or deliberately obfuscating what actually happened. When I’ve pulled the “emergency” handle for social workers, I’m truly worried about the child’s welfare and it takes a lot less than 24 hours to put the wheels in motion for the removal of custody.
          And last, but not least, you claim that all we have is the parents’ word for what happened. No, actually what they said exactly mirrored what was on the video. I have also read the second physician’s statement and his written affidavit for the police, which exactly mirrors what the parents said as well. The Sacramento CPS and police might as well face the facts-they’re in serious trouble here. Literally, at every point where someone could have stopped this train wreck from occurring, they instead escalated. Those decisions carry significant liability and unfortunately, at those critical junctures, they only incurred further liability. It’s as if this were the first time that any of these parties had dealt with this kind of situation. At least I hope that it’s incompetence because if it’s not, the people of Sacramento should fear that their government has been overrun by jackbooted thugs who believe that the rule of law applies to everyone BUT them.

          • Irony Man

            I would be interested to see your “evidence” in this case.

            The child is currently still in the hospital and will be moved to Stanford Children’s Hospital where he will be undergoing heart surgery. This was ordered by the court.
            The court found it serious enough to order the parents not to remove the child again against the advice of the doctor yesterday.

            Again, WE HAVE NO IDEA IF THERE WAS A COURT ORDER ISSUED. The only people claiming wasn’t are the parents.

            We also don’t know what other follow up in this case was done the next day that may have changed the evaluation. You are assuming there was no further investigation done before the action was taken. I can tell you nothing is further from the truth. The procedure is also not being accurately portrayed. I suspect if CPS and the police and CPS will have something else to say about the parent’s behavior if they are ever allowed to tell their side. We are only seeing what the parents and their attorney wish us to see so far.

            After seeing the initial news report I am not surprised at the reaction to this case. Those news anchors know how the system works and they injected commentary into the news report they should not have. They know the police and CPS cannot release any information about a juvenile case without the permission of the courts and that CPS is the lead investigating agency on this. They instead tried to make it look like something was being hidden because of the gag laws placed upon the agencies. Since when did we all of a sudden taken what the MSM tells us as gospel truth? We spend so much time complaining how they slant stories and selectively report the facts. Why would you think that could be any different here?

            And, as I have said repeatedly: I AM NOT DEFENDING EITHER SIDE IN THIS. I said there is insufficient information to come to the conclusions you are spouting. You don’t help your case when you start with the jackbooted thugs remarks. I didn’t witnesses any thuggery in the videos I have seen.

          • Anonymous

            You make some good points, however, again, you seem to be missing the main point. I don’t have to take the parents word for what happened, I watched it. Or is it your opinion that the video is faked? That’s a pretty big assumption. Also, in the first report of this incident that I watched, the attorney for the couple stated that CPS did NOT have a court order. I understand your loyalty to Sacramento, but the only way that what you are arguing makes sense is this…
            1. Sutter Memorial Hospital is telling the truth
            2. Kaiser Permanente’s pediatric cardiac team is lying or incompetent 3. The Nikolayevs are lying
            4. The video produced by the Nikolayevs has been faked
            5. The attorney for the Nikolayevs is making a false report regarding the lack of a judge’s order.
            Of those five points, four of them involve an assumption that the government’s version of how things went down is correct and all of the other involved parties are lying, including the pediatric cardiology team at Kaiser Permanente. You say that there is no information available, but you’re just wrong. While the details of the CPS and police investigations are not public information, the existence of the court order in the Sacramento Superior Court docket IS. There has been no court order filed excepting the judge’s order to take the child to Stanford medical center. What happened that day when the child was removed from the parents occurred because the CPS worker determined that the situation was so emergent that the police needed to be involved. The first court proceeding that has taken place in this case occurred yesterday. No other record exists of this case prior to yesterday when the judge’s order to move the child to Stanford was fled with the court. Don’t believe me? Check it out here.
            This is a PDF explaining what is open to the public and what is not. If you go to the homepage for the website, you can look up the case from the Sacramento County Superior Court.
            You’re claiming that a judge’s order to remove custody from parents is not public information. You’re wrong. Especially in light of the couple’s attorney reporting that no such order was filed. He could be disbarred for making a patently false statement misrepresenting factual court proceedings as an officer of the court. If you can’t figure it out from there, then there’s no point talking to you about it.
            You obviously don’t understand how this type of legal proceeding occurs. I am NOT speculating when I say that I KNOW that CPS and the police did not have a warrant or a judge’s order to remove the child from the parent’s custody. The court records regarding those orders are not private, only the specifics of the ongoing investigations. Without that order, both the police and CPS are completely liable for assaulting the father and entering the home. Again, they had 24 hours to come to this decision and I don’t care whether you claim that we don’t know what came to light in the intervening time. The police had already heard from competent medical personnel and filed a report indicating such.
            The bottom line is, at no point in this fiasco did anyone attempt to prevent the train wreck. While I agree that the police and CPS should not comment on the specifics, they certainly CAN address their actions in relationship to judicial oversight. 24 hours had expired prior to them invading the home. There is simply NO explanation possible that there was no time to consult a judge, thus necessitating the actions taken.

          • Irony Man

            I know you have made up your mind about this case even though the entire story has not been presented. You are correct, this is a train wreck, but not in the way you think it is. The government’s “side” to this has not been presented because of privacy laws, and I’m not just referring to HIPPA. In all honesty the government has no “side” in this as their sole purpose was the protection of Sammy.

            I know what the online case index file is. I use it also. What you don’t know is that Juvenile Court orders for 300 W&I warrants are not in that file. They are not published online. Not even the names can be released without a court order. I don’t know if there was a 300 W&I warrant. There may not have been one. My point is that until it is confirmed through records that statement can’t be accurately made.

            This certainly is not finished. There has been a huge rush to judgement based upon the allegations made by the parents. The video they made shows very little other than the police coming in and taking the baby. No one is thrown down, no one is assaulted. There is nothing showing what happened to the father outside other than his statements. In fact other than the film all we have is the statements of the parents and the discharge orders from Kaiser Hospital.

            What is missing are the records from Sutter Memorial Hospital who happened have been treating Sammy for months and have a complete set of his records and his history. This is something Kaiser Hospital was missing so their diagnosis and treatment plan may be based upon incomplete information provided by the parents. Something to chew on.

          • Anonymous

            Good points, however, what you are describing cannot be found within the California code. and also
            I’ve searched California law, and nowhere does it say that the existence of these warrants can be confidential, excepting the actual address of the accused. If I’m wrong, then please…show me. I try not to base my opinions solely on reported news. What you seem to be describing is an internal policy that nowhere is reflected in any of the laws that govern these types of cases. I’m not an attorney, but I do work with my practices’ attorneys for all of our legal work. I’ve had to deal with cases like this in Washington, and, while I fully acknowledge that Washington is not California, I AM very good at finding and interpreting law. Again, please show me the appropriate California code that gives them the right to not even disclose a 300(a) W & I warrant’s existence to the involved parties. Or are you saying that the attorney for the couple has no right to review any relevant warrant, even after the fact? If you look up the law in both of the references to California law that I included here, you’ll see that part of any warrant is the listing of charges and the right of the involved parties to review, in writing, any allegations. What you are claiming is the opposite of what I found.
            The couple’s attorneys are demanding the notes from the investigations as well that will reveal why they felt warranted in seizing the child. The state cannot claim that these files are “confidential” since they are evidence of wrongdoing that directly involves the allegations leveraged against this couple. Again, I would refer you to the references to California’s code that I included that directly references CPS situations. Any warrant issued by the court cannot be adjudged secret even from the accused unless you are alleging that somehow, what occurred had something to do with the provisions of the Patriot Act dealing with terrorism. That would involve the FBI (since states don’t have jurisdiction over federal law), INS and a whole lot of furor. But that hasn’t occurred here.
            You seem to be saying that they don’t even have to show the order to remove the child from the home to the parents or serve them with written notice when they’re removing the child, even if they break through the door to do so. If that provision DOES exist in California law, then apparently, the legislature is so out of touch with reality that they are willing to put the lives of officers and officials at risk. I heard the attorney for the parents speak again today and he reiterated that the parents have NOT received any paperwork from the original removal and, on the video, when the mother asked for their paperwork, the officer simply said he was going to “grab” the child.
            Why would the police risk a denial of authority to enter the home? In this case, they are NOT following constitutionally determined procedures that are nearly universal throughout the US and thus, risking injury or death from those who are startled by the unwarranted entrance into the home. CPS’s word is not enough to justify probable cause for warrantless entrance.
            I also heard the couple’s attorney today state that they are demanding to know why the second pediatric cardiology team’s evaluation was discounted. You say that Sutter had a better understanding of the situation. As a physician, I can tell you that you have no idea what you are talking about. The physicians would not have simply accepted Sutter’s medical opinion as the parents were requesting a second opinion. The attorney said that CPS AND the police acknowledged that they HAD spoken to the doctors at Kaiser-Permanente.
            I would love to hear the refutation of the CPS workers and police. You say they can’t because of privacy, but they haven’t even allowed the subjects of these legal actions access to the full allegations against them nor the notes that would justify their reasoning and actions. The attorney also stated that these records were officially requested and, again, if you read the laws that I provided for you, it clearly states that the CPS and police MUST provide all records, accusations, and investigation details to involved parties. Or do you think that the attorney has received this information and is simply lying? If you truly are employed in the government, then you must know what a judge would do to an attorney that deliberately misrepresents the actions of his/her court by a licensed officer of that court.
            You say that I have my mind made up. I’m leaving a very small amount of room here for the government, but I know enough to see that what you’re claiming is neither plausible nor legal. If I find out that somehow, everyone in this case except the government is lying, I’ll write you and them an apology. But I would be willing to bet a significant portion of my savings that I’ll be proven correct in this case.

          • Irony Man

            A 300 W&I warrant is not a criminal warrant but a warrant to seize a child and bring them to the appropriate child welfare facility. I’m not saying the warrants are secret but they would have to be sought in person and the relevant request procedures followed. Not all of the disclosure rules are set through legislative law. All agencies in Sacramento County are also bound to the case law and court rules in the jurisdiction.

            This is the Sacramento County court’s policy for Juvenile Court records:

            I am having doubts a warrant was sought by CPS, however exigent circumstances still applied here. I realize the police responded to Kaiser Hospital the night before but they may not have realized the gravity of the situation and the Kaiser doctor did not have enough of the facts available to make an accurate decision.

            I don’t know if the full records of this case will be released. If they are I think a lot of people will find the parents have not been entirely up front about the whole situation. They are using the media and the media is using them. I also don’t think they are being up front with their attorney. I don’t think they were intentionally trying to harm their child but their lack of understanding may have contributed to their decisions. I also think they are omitting pertinent information in an attempt to improve how they look publicly.

            Unfortunately for CPS and the police department they are not allowed to publicly defend themselves in this case to the media. The police department is deferring to CPS because CPS is the lead investigating agency on this. I know it sounds crappy but when the police have no intention of filing criminal charges their involvement is simply to facilitate to protective custody hold of the child.

            The police department and CPS cannot release their records in this case without the approval of the Juvenile Court supervising judge. That process cannot begin until an authorized person submits a request to the court. It is up the court to decide what information will be released.

            I think it’s important to note that on Monday the court still ordered the hospitalization of the child. By this time the child had already been receiving medical treatment to stabilize him. Note that between Thursday and Monday the surgery had not been done. I think that should suggest to you that the surgery was not the most important treatment this child needed at that time. From what I have read the child had been originally been brought in with flu like symptoms, had not been eating well, and was dehydrated. I think Sutter Memorial Hospital, which happens to be a first-class pediatric facility, had historical records, since they had been treating him for a while, that suggested something was wrong that could not be handled correctly at home and that his condition was deteriorating. If the Kaiser doctor did not request these records he would not have been able to give proper weight to his condition.

          • Irony Man

            Earlier I typed a lengthy response to your comment. I don’t know if you had a chance to read it before I erased it.

            I did not mean that Juvenile dependency cases and 300 W&I warrants were secret, but that their access is heavily restricted. There is process that must be completed and reviewed by the Juvenile Court Presiding Judge before the records can be viewed. The Sacramento County court rules can be found here:

            The release of notes and records for Juvenile cases from both the police department and CPS must also be approved by the Presiding Judge. Access to juvenile records is not only controlled by legislative statute but also by case law and local court rules.

            The original television channel that “broke” this story deliberately made the police department and CPS look like they were trying to cover their butts by refusing to release the information on the case. Every news outlet in this county knows what the requirements are for release of information on juvenile cases. The agencies here are heavily restricted by the courts and not by choice or internal policies. When I saw the original news report about this (that was how I learned of it too) I was disgusted by the behavior of the news anchor. He was either deliberately sensationalizing or completely ignorant of the rules the agencies here must follow.

            Because the restrictions placed upon the agencies they have not been able to publicly defend themselves in the media. The parents in this case either do not understand or have deliberately omitted pertinent information it this case.

            There is more to this case than a second opinion about heart surgery.

          • Anonymous

            Thanks for your clarifications. Good points.

  • Richard Hudson
  • Dean L. Dyer

    Thank you for being a voice against Communist Core!  As a libertarian public school teacher, I see this as a total takeover of our educational system by progressive elites.  

  • Anonymous

    Never, ever give up your guns. I do know one thing. If they’d have come to my house with that attitude, they’d have had to shoot me because I’d have drawn on them as intruders and ordered them off my property.  And once that hit the front pages, and my wife sued them for wrongful death, my wife and kids would have been set for life. I will lay down my life for my family to protect them from any and all intruders, even if they do come in the guise of the cops and the government.

    This is the police state on steroids. We cannot sit back and allow this type of crud to continue. Everything is done for ‘the children’ and it masks a multitude of sins. Unfortunately, the state doesn’t recognize the fact that the parents have the best interests of the children at heart. Sure there are some turd parents, but you cannot throw out that most families are loving and will protect their kids with their lives.

    I’m glad I don’t live in the People’s Republic of Kalifornia….

    And always remember, cops, I have weapons and will use them to protect what is rightfully mine.

  • keepyourpower

    Sue! Sue! Sue! Start with the doctor whose feelings got hurt because the parents did not like how he was caring for their child. I bet you anything..he is a narcissist. This is how they act!

  • Anonymous

    Notice how the cops came into PRIVATE PROPERTY with no warrant and their hands on their weapons? Move from California and go someplace where you can exercise your rights. This is absolutely shameful. This is reminiscent of Elian (sp?) Gonzalez of Janet ‘Butch’ Reno fame, who had the child snatched from the relatives arms. Remember that picture? The kid screaming his guts out and the cops yelling with their hands on their weapons?

    Buy a gun, keep it loaded, and keep it handy. It is the only way you can protect yourself and your family. The Gestapo state has arrived…..

  • Anonymous

    This has been getting worse, someplace I read that our leader hired 70,000 cps workers sense in office. Google-deconstructing america-or “cps abuse of power” -or see the utube video of a congress women and her husband that was shot trying to fight this. Google also “Bill Bower” to see his u-tube. I have 8 cps reports (3indicated) against me for not sending my autistic daughter to school while having  seizures and no dr or hospital would say she is sick when so obvious. Ive spent every dime I have and lost my wife of 27 years over all the stress and now I will be labeled for life and not allowed to be around children or even drive a bus as they told me. The child is still with me but i fear for her life and cps.
    Tim (single father of 3 girls-age’s 27’16’15—2 with autism)

  • Dee Dee Christian Stanke

    Please contact chief of sacto pd (not sheriff ,sac city pd) Police Chief Sam Somers, Jr @ 916-808-0800 and ask him what he plans to do about this. Sutter’s administration no 916-733-1038 ext 31038.

  • Jo Ann Powell

    This is UNBELIEVABLE! These are good parents and this time away from his mother and father CANNOT BE REPLACED. This is important bonding time for them all. Parents have a RIGHT to a second opinion. The baby was happy and not in a  life or death situation. This country is going Power Crazy. Cops on power trips thinking they can just beat people who are clearly not resisting arrest, kicking pregnant women, beating them. Social services not doing their job. Loosing kids in the system who are later found dead, starved to death, tied to beds, railings, and these people were doing right by their child and just question a Dr.’s opinion and social services are called in and it’s HAND OVER YOUR BABY!  Glenn is absolutely right, even our school systems are a black and white system. This is how it’s taught. If your child doesn’t learn this way we’ll do everything we can to make him learn our way . If your blessed enough to get a good teacher who really cares about educating every child, you’ll also know how scared they are at how much they help you because they could loose their job if the educational system finds out. We have state troopers who don’t think that laws apply to them. I’m not saying all but their out there. I could go on and on. We’ll reach a point where people will get sick and tired and start to stand up for our rights in EACH AND EVERY SITUATION WHERE OUR CONSTITUTION RIGHT HAS BEEN TAKEN AWAY.

  • Anonymous

    Our heart goes out to the couple in the story regarding Sutter Memorial Hospital and our prayers are with the family.

    Please remember when reading reviews in reference to Hospitals and other Medical facilities that many of these sites do not include any information reported in the press about a business. News reports are not considered actual experiences. “Yelp’s” policy is the following:  ” Our Content Guidelines make clear that reviews
    should focus on an actual customer experience, and we think this is an important
    requirement for keeping Yelp a useful site for consumer reviews” the press release is not considered an “actual customer experience” therefore Sutter Memorial Hospital retains it’s 4 star rating with no mention of the abuse this couple received that was initiated by the Hospital.

    Once again it appears that someone was able to use a government agency to enforce their policies and intimidate a couple into doing as they were told; and once again there are those who will cover up the story.

  • nimblephantom

    Just unfuckinbelievable.  And as mad as I want to get, I have to say that all you sitting around whining about it are the ones preaching about peace and diplomacy, blah blah blah.  Telling everyone that they should vote them out, lol.  Yeah, that’s working out real nicely, huh? 

    Spare me.  You KNOW what to do, but yet, you don’t.  You have instructions from our founding fathers in the Declaration of Independence, and yet, you’re still being ran over by liberal thugs.  Why?  Do you think your comments on The Blaze are going to get you anywhere?  I hear stories like this all of the time, but the three things that keep jumping out at me are the fact that the government gets away with it, the liberals keep being voted back in and none of the devils who did it were ever found floating belly up in the nearest river. 

    So, you deserve it.  Keep trying to remain peaceful about it and see where that gets you.  They walk in with guns….are THEY being peaceful?  Nope.  When the government violates your Constitutional rights by having the cops show up at your door with guns, what would your founding fathers have done?  Maybe we should ask the government that they came over here to get away from what happened when they showed up with guns.  What do you think the redcoats would say about it?

    • Elaine Lopez

      You’re going back in history too far… we already have a Document in place, one that was sanctioned by God.  Try doing what our Founders told us to do.  Article V, a Second Constitutional Convention, by the States, not Congress.  But, instead of doing it, you think you have a better idea?  Please, tell us, because short of war, I know not what God would have us do.  So, what do you say we do what He inspired our Founders to write down so we’d know what to do.  Article V is also the number of Grace.  Perhaps that’s a coincidence, if you believe in such things. 

  • Babsan

    Commie tactics coming our way.Guess California is just a step ahead of the rest of the country.Obama care and Commie tactics seem to be detrimental to your health and safety

  • Treva Harper

    It’s all about money, the doctor is probably working for cps and got pissed off when these folks got tired of poor care. He turned them in.

  • Anonymous

    No cps in PA. going after the abortion DR or the parents for killing babies?

  • Wolfy Ghalkhani

    I’m speechless.

  • Anonymous

    We should all band together and phyically fight the cops and the Elitie.  They are on our soul and treated as war combatines.  There is no law in this country anymore.  Remember that.  It has all started at the top, Obama and the Elitie.  They can forget about making our country into a Socialist State.  That is why Americans left England in the first place.  The South shall rise again.  And it will.  If you see something like this happening to one of your neighbors pick up the phone and unite and stop it.  By force if you have to.  Obama and his administraion are not for the good of the people.  Obama and his people (szars) are all socialist and thier agenda is to turn our country into a Socialist State with no freedoms.  If you do not believe, then move to Russia and you will find out.

  • Angela Rich

    This is outragious! I am tired of the government thinking there know better then us. This has to stop. And I hate that anyone can make an accussation of abuse to CPS and they come into your home unwarrented and treat you like a criminal. A friend of mine was subjected to this very thing by an ex-wife. Although CPS and the police were kind and explained what was going on, they still proceeded with a strip down of the child to see if the child was being abused. All the while appologizing to the parents they had to do this. I watch this child a couple of days a week. I know he is loved beyond measure and is not subject to any type of physical disapline, he is only 2 yrs old for godness sake.  He is well rounded and a smart kids, he loves his mom and dad as well as his daycare teacher and Aunt Angie. CPS can turn you life upside down if someone really wants to get you….this is a good way to do it. I think our system needs reviewing.

  • Anonymous

    How’s those commie gubmint unions working for you now?
    You can’t even imagine the self-righteous attitude of these people… the same ones that “god bless” abortion companies like PP for killing children.

  • Greta Wagner

    I hear the parents really don’t have control, after the baby is home they MUST allow CPS workers in for a home visit.

  • Sharmane

    We have allowed our government to get completely out of control.  These kinds of incidences need to be have the light of day shed on them at every turn.  Unless we the people start stomping out this nonsense when we see it, it will only escalate.  Eradicate the evil when and where we see it.  

  • Don Roberts


  • Don Roberts

    Why have there not been congressional hearings on this matter. And if there has been, why is this crap still happening.  I think they should at least warrant or a judges ruling or something and not a rubber stamp either.

    • Anonymous

      Because Congress has no right to dictate the laws in the state of California. They can only legally carry out investigations that center on federal law. Constitutionally, they have no power to intervene. They CAN suspend Medicaid funding to the state, but they cannot dictate the specifics of state law.

  • D.Lindsey

    1942 all over again, this time in America and not Germany. Government taking children away from their parents. Read your history then compare it with the Obama  Administrastion  

  • Anonymous

    Next time I hear that sons a bitchin’ cops like this get their brains smashed out, I’ll cheer.  

  • A word

    How dare they do this. Who do they think they are. They traumatized the kid I am sure. Who the hell knows who is taking care of him. And they traumatized the parents. This is just SICK.

  • sara holy land

    Unbelievable – in America?

  • Anonymous

    Of the 70,000 new cps workers that have been hired in the last 5 years. cps has workers planted in every school and unemployment lines lurking for oportunities to take away another families innocence. (created jobs though)
    Once this is done to a family life is never the same for ANY family member, now or in the future generations.
    What a tool to destroy american values.

  • imsailing

    Sue, sue, sue. Sue the individual officers, CPS & the county. And do not take a settlement, take it all the way to the top & make them suffer. Ruin careers. I say that as someone who works with CPS. In my county, they are so busy with the truly horrible abuse cases, I would be surprised if something like this happened, but then on the other hand, a case like this would never make it to me, so who knows. Disgusting…..this is EVIL. I have daughters & chose not to give them hepatitis & HPV vaccinations….should I have worried about this?

  • imsailing

     I live in CA & have had insurance for years at Sutter & now have been at Kaiser for 3 years. Sutter SUCKS. We left them partly for insurance reasons, but I never liked how I was treated there. Kaiser is much much better & more respectful of people. Because Kaiser is not making money from an outside insurance, they do not  push unnecessary procedures. Sutter makes $$$$ the more procedures they do.

  • imsailing

     Once Obama care is fully implemented….good luck thinking you have any right whatsoever to ever question the quality of care you or your child are receiving, or to get a second opinion. You will take the word of the “experts” no matter how incompetent they are. BTW, Sutter makes money the more procedures & surgeries they do because they are paid by outside insurances. Kaiser does not make money on procedures & surgeries because they are the insurance & the provider…..gee I wonder why Sutter was to hot to trot to do an expensive procedure like this & Kaiser was not.

  • Anonymous

    If we decide to kill our babies at the local abortion clinic, no problem, but if the state decides its going to treat you like a common criminal, even though a Dr. at another hospital, says, the parents are great people and there is no evidence of wrong doing – those somehow, are legal  grounds for kidnapping by the state. There’s more proof here showing wrongdoing by the state than by the parents – you can bet, the lawyers are lining up for this case.

  • BG

    I wonder if Stand Your Ground laws apply here.

  • Anonymous

    you  know our pres. he  doesn’t like Russians. go to hell govt. leave these Russian family alone.
    we should deport all the illegal aliens in this country.

  • Anonymous

    Do something with this one, please! Advocating spanking 6 mo. olds! It’s the raising young children recording 3-26-2011

  • jst4fun

    This article is part of a media campaign that started in the 70’s with the passage of the Child Welfare act. A bunch of behavioral scientists got together to start the War on Parents. The Child Welfare act created a lucrative child re-distribution industry for the behavioral sciences fueled with federal dollars that funds all this “expert” research. They had wide spread support in the beginning by focusing on CRIMINAL child abuse and neglect. Americans felt compelled to help children of socially deviant parents who uncharacteristically meant to maliciously harm their own children. It was never meant to remove children from parents for making a medical decision, or for being poor, homeless, a spanking or even making a parenting mistake. However this group’s definition of child abuse was much more all-inclusive and It had a social agenda to change American values regarding privacy and liberty. While the public saw child abuse as an exception this group saw it as the norm, and set out to change it. This group see’s children as “creatures of the state” and parents as mere “Trustees” of children with no special significance to the child’s developmental needs or the liberty interest of free societies. They feel they could find “better parents” for just about any kid out there. They started a “new” science, a voodoo science if you will, that aimed to predict human behavior. Armed with this neo-science they aim to convince the masses that parental authority should be second to “expert” opinion. If you are poor, if you are a minority, if you are a single parent, if you are divorced, “scientifically” you are more prone to abuse your child. If you make a parenting mistake or “experts” disagree with your parenting decision, your child could be “removed” based on “neo-science”. Don’t argue with your boyfriend, Don’t let your kids play outside, don’t leave them alone in the house for even minute, and for goodness sake don’t spank them, or else the gov’t will take your kids! Recently this group was successful in getting “universal” home visits for new parents via Obamacare. The ramifications are scary. Their goal is to create a more peaceful world, so they feel social engineering is justified . I think they are misguided and as the supreme court expressed, “its repugnant to American tradition”.

    Today, the argument this article is really making is that spanking equals child abuse and since they “proved” it with “research”, anyone who spanks their child is a child abuser. Yes, they are saying that our parents were all child abusers. If you were spanked you were a victim of abuse which is 85% of us. They argue that just because behavior is traditional and widely accepted does not mean it is not abusive to children. That includes American traditions in the constitution. You see, the experts know best how to raise children, not parents. When you implement that through a gov’t agency, you have the makings of “big brother”. This group has had free rein under the Obama administration, since the current child protection laws are vague gov’t agencies have an open door to implement policy as they see fit. So, even if spanking is not CRIMINAL child abuse by law. A gov’t agency can consider it CIVIL child abuse, use a lower burden of proof, and remove a child. Be afraid, be very afraid.

    There has been growing instances of gov’t intervention for CIVIL child abuse in the poor and minority communities. You’ve probably seen a minute portion making the news these days. Father charged for spanking; mother charged for letting her child go to the park; these cases are now being charged criminally but the charges are always dropped because it’s still not criminal. The consequences for these parents are CIVIL, by the removal of their children. These disadvantaged groups can little afford to assert their rights. The message has been sent out across the land that parental authority is no more. The gov’t, via these “experts”, knows best.

    As a result of the social experiment this group has started, we are in uncharted waters and the ramifications to society are already profound. Child abuse has increase 10 fold since the passing of the child welfare act. No other crime has had this happen. No other gov’t agency has consistently failed in its mission all across the country as the one created by the Child Welfare act. School violence, mental illness, drug use, poverty, homelessness, better or worse? America, look around you is the world better off being raised by experts?

    I think this group has trouble understanding the difference between adverse child experience which is acute and can be used to learn and build character verses child abuse which is chronic, teaches nothing and is destructive. A professional football player recently thanked his mom for his success by describing how little they had, living in an apartment with no furniture and working 2 jobs. This situation would have undoubtedly resulted in removal if gov’t agencies investigated. Does anyone think this man would have been better off living in foster care?

    When the public supported Child welfare, nobody imagined children who were “A” students being removed from parents because of a spanking or parents being arrested for letting there kids play outside. We can still protect children from deviant parents without the social agenda that replaces parental authority. It requires focusing existing child welfare legislation so that it is respects privacy liberty and parental authority a cornerstone of American tradition.

  • Watch it

    Justina Pelletier and this one, how many more are there that do not get into the news? Hundreds? Thousands? There is a situation in one of my own relatives family where the adult child (sorry – can’t say retarded anymore) was removed from her home because of overzealous misinformed ignorant aids who were clueless about what was really going on. She has since suffered neglect by her “appointed family” who couldn’t seem to get that even though she is 20, she can’t be left alone on a changing table. She fell and was badly injured, but the govy didn’t remove her from THAT home. These people don’t know WTF they are doing.

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