The Wonderful World of Stu decided to take a unique approach to their promotion of Glenn’s new book Control. Stu decided that putting Jeffy in a ridiculous outfit, suspenders, bronzer, and glasses and then have him waddle around the studios eating junk good was somehow a good idea. Look, as far as I know, Glenn hasn’t sent an e-mail yet demanding Jeffy’s resignation. And Jeffy has done a lot of horrible, creepy, things that he probably should have to resign for. But honestly, this may have been taking it too far.

Oh, Stu wanted me to mention some of the cool stuff coming up on his show this Saturday at 10pm ET on TheBlaze TV. Stuff like: “What to say when your friend claims 40 pct of guns aren’t background checked”, “Hungover Jay Carney gives a press conference”, and “Baby Feinstein”. It really is a fun show, and if you haven’t watched it yet you can check out some past episodes HERE.

Seriously, I’m worried I’m going to be fired for posting this.

Glenn – Stu MADE me do it!