The B.S. of A.’s hilarious commercial for Glenn’s new book CONTROL

For details on how you can get your copy of CONTROL, click HERE

  • Sam Fisher

    Ha ha that was funny. 

  • Anonymous


  • Richard Vacman

    How many rubes are gonna but this book?  I love the way beck fleece’s the flock.  He convinces the “KOCH-SUCKERS”  (the folks who support the Koch brothers) to buy everything he sells.  He needs a good BATTA-BING-BITCH-SLAP!!  Watch how it’s done.

  • Gloria Huey

    This skit supposedly took place at the John Muir Medical Center in Brentwood, California.  The shots of the front of the building show that its address is located on 2400 Balfour Road.  That’s a mile from our home.  Thanks for filming this segment in our neck of the woods.  We love you, Brian Sack!

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