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It was only a few months ago that Glenn interviewed Cody Wilson about his efforts to 3-D print a fully functional gun. During that interview, the Wiki Weapons founder told Glenn it is now impossible to eradicate the gun from the Earth. Today, he is one step closer to making this prediction a reality with the first 3-D printed gun, named “The Liberator”.

“Took 24 hours to print all of the pieces.  The largest component taking 10 hours,” Glenn said.

While many might argue that the cost of a 3-D printer would still make it difficult for the average person to print a gun from home, Stu argued that the market would eventually bring the price down.

“This is going to come down in price and this is what capitalism does.  It’s going to solve some of these problems,” Stu said.

Glenn, however, thought this could just lead to the government regulating 3-D printers.

TheBlaze reports:

The Wiki-Weapons project by Defense Distributed, which has for months been striving toward its goal of creating a fully functional 3D-printed gun, has succeeded in the first tests of a firearm created using only a 3D printer.

Although much of the project up until now has been showing off plastic printed components for rifles and magazines, the gun tested last week was a .380 handgun, which Defense Distributed founder Cody Wilson told TheBlaze in a phone interview Monday was always the goal to develop.

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