Another one bites the dust? Jeff Flake flip flops on gun control

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Glenn has always emphasized the importance of personal responsibility, but in light of what has been happening lately, he has also discussed the importance of listening to and trusting one’s inner voice as a source of guidance. What happens when we stop listening to the inner voice? And have our freshly elected leaders who started off strong in standing for their principles going to lose themselves to institutionalized corruption?

“Last night I went to our temple to pray. My wife and I spent the night just praying,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “And I have been looking for some answers on some things, and I think I got some last night. But one of them is, we have to start back at nursery school, just like we had to start back when I was on Fox, and we had to go back and learn all about the founders. We have to go back and learn about honor and integrity. We have to learn how to not be angry. We have to learn about our civil rights. We have to learn about how to make sure we never violate trust, how we can take responsibility.”

We have become so accustomed to hearing mantras like “Give me liberty, give me death” that seem to define the ethos of the American spirit, but Glenn asserts that it is not possible to have liberty without responsibility.

“It’s not ‘Give me liberty, give me death.’ It’s ‘Give me responsibility,’” Glenn said. “There is no liberty if I can’t have the responsibility. If I can’t choose for myself and I can’t live with either the benefits or the problems that I created, there is no liberty. Give me responsibility or give me death because death comes from not having responsibility.”

Following the discovery of the three missing women in Cleveland, Ohio, many people who lived in the neighborhood came forward to say they suspected something was amiss, but they either brushed off their intuitions as paranoia or their claims were not taken seriously by others.

“I spoke about the alarm system in each of us, and the alarm system is being shut down,” Glenn said in reference to his monologue on last night’s Glenn Beck Program. “We are dismissing it.”

Not only must we take personal responsibility, but we must demand responsibility from those who represent us in government too. Glenn has long been a fan of Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ), but his actions lately have been seriously questionable.

“Let me report on this,” Glenn said. “Jeff Flake is somebody that we’ve been for. Jeff Flake is one of the guys who’s the best on the economy. Jeff Flake is a friend. Jeff Flake is a guy I supported to be the senator. I fought for Jeff, and all of a sudden he is for comprehensive immigration reform. We have him on; he doesn’t make any sense. We’re like, ‘Jeff, you’re misguided. You’re misguided.’”

Now Sen. Flake is not just pro-immigration reform, but it seems as though he is now pro-gun control as well. “Now he has flip flopped on gun control. Now Jeff is suddenly for gun control, and he says he’s doing it because maybe he can get a better deal on the Internet tax, that maybe they won’t pass the Internet tax,” Glenn explained. “If he gives in on guns, then we won’t get the Internet tax. I’ll take the damn Internet tax over you taking my guns.”

Sen. Flake has only been in office some four months, and it looks like he has already compromised on some of his core values. Even Matt Kibbe of Freedom Works, a big of Sen. Flake, told Glenn in an email that he is afraid “we have lost Jeff Flake.”

More than anything else, this situation proves just how powerful the Washington machine has become. “Powerful, powerful, powerful people,” Glenn said of those in Washington D.C. “When you can turn a guy like Jeff Flake this quickly – four and a half months, they’re powerful.”

Glenn went on to provide another example of politicians losing their way. Utah Republicans have apparently decided it is too controversial for them to continue to attend LDS “firesides,” which Glenn explained as “a time that you bring an expert into the church, and they will talk about whatever it is. They will talk about faith in their job, whatever the topic is.”

“I’m calling my LDS friends from Utah that are in Washington D.C. and telling them, you better stand up against this or you’re going to lose your soul and here’s why,” Glenn said. “I give talks at the firesides… and every time I go into a church and I speak, whether it’s my church or another church, I always know whose time I’m on. I’m not on my time. I’m on God’s time. And every time I give a talk, that’s when I realize, am I off course… Because I’m saying this now in church on God’s time. It keeps you centered. They know that. I swear to you they know that and so that’s why they’re suddenly saying, ‘We shouldn’t talk in church.’ It is powerful evil that is going on. You can lose these guys in a heartbeat.”

In times like this, when the world seems to be turned upside down, a deep rooted faith is often the only way to help make sense of things. Glenn spoke of a passage from Corinthians that says God will take weak things to defeat the powerful, and He will take foolish things to defeat the wise.

“I have never understood foolish things. What does that mean exactly,” Glenn asked. “I’ll tell you what that means: Glenn, you can’t start your own network. You can’t leave Fox. You’ll never be able to afford it. You’ll never be able to do this. You’ll never be able to do that. What, are you crazy? You don’t want to do that. You’ll just cause more trouble. Don’t do that. Hey, don’t get involved.”

That is the mindset of so many of us who are afraid to speak up, speak out, do something new, do something different. But it is clear that we no longer have time to waste.

“Be foolish! Be foolish,” Glenn exclaimed. “Follow your heart! Follow what you know what is right on the inside! Follow your heart. Be foolish. It is the only way we win. Be foolish. Do the things everyone says, ‘Don’t do that. That’s foolish. That’s foolishness. They’ll destroy you. They’ll smear you. You’ll lose your reputation. You’ll have nothing left in the end.’”

“I got news for ya,” he concluded. “Be willing to lose your life and you will gain it in the end.”

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Guess I should not be surprised. 

    Hopefully he will see and understand the dangerous path he is upon and turn around while time remains. Otherwise he will be lost to the corruption of Washington DC.

    • Anonymous

      Flake was corrupted long before he went to Washington!

  • Anonymous

    i’m not sure specifically what gun control stuff he’s behind, but the vast majority of americans support extended background checks so its actually pretty surprising it hasn’t passed yet.

    • Doris Shipley

      If the majority supported it why do you think it didn’t pass? everyone that buys a gun from a legal store will have a background check run. and if the Goverenment really wants a person to have a background check I just bet most of us have one when we got a pass port and that has your picture ID. even if it is no longer good for use all the information is still there.

      • Anonymous

        b/c lobbies are more powerful than polls in non-election years. I think part of it is, and this is based on limited knowledge I must admit, that the background check program hasn’t exactly caught up with the technology and the goal is to close loopholes that bad people could use to easily get a gun.
        The goal is to increase marginal cost of getting a gun for bad people and deter more of them from doing so, you can’t deter everyone but you can cut down the number a bit. Unfortunately this does increase the marginal cost if you’re a law abiding citizen but not nearly as much since its just more hassle.

        • Anonymous

           Nothing deters bad people from getting a gun or doing bad things if that is what their mind set is. Leftest are focused on diminishing rights in increments. Give in to one part and they move on to the next part. With freedom comes risks. If you do not care about your freedom or value security more then your freedom Benjamin Franklin said you deserve neither and in the end will have neither.

          “If you want total security go to prison. There you are fed, clothed, given medical care, and so on. The only thing lacking…is freedom.”
          Dwight Eisenhower

      • William Vining

        You do know how a filibuster works? Oh, never mind, it’s obvious you are a total idiot who doesn’t have a clue that the majority of the Senate would have voted to pass this bill, somethng you would know if you could read a newspaper at a fifth grade level.

        • landofaahs

          Too bad you don’t understand the 2nd amendment, but you could if you could read past a 2nd grade level.

  • Lilly Boxer

    He’s right in that we don’t have much time! Any aware that gives a darn, see itbearing down on us. NDAA, will be used if any try to stop the agenda. They have decided it is time for one political leader, religious leader, etc. To see the video from Portland, with dancing around a golden calf was interesting! I noticed underneath their idol, there were emblems of corporations, like Fox News, and others. This is why the 10 northern tribes ere scattered. Wonder where we will be scattered to, since the golden calf has again become a symbol to worship, and dance around.

  • Anonymous

    He is just living up to his name…. FLAKE!

    • William Vining

      Glenn Beck, standing up for the rtights of terrorists, convicted felons  child molesters, and lunatics to buy a gun at a gun show without a background check.

      • Anonymous

        William, you seem to be completely devoid of intelligence and a mind.

        • landofaahs

          He forgot about Obama who sold guns through fast and furious to Mexican drug gangs.

      • landofaahs

        You mean muslims? Or democrats?

      • Marcia R. Whitney

        my rооmаt℮’s ℮x-wif℮ mаĸ℮s  $83/հоսr оո tհ℮ iոt℮rո℮t. Sհ℮ հаs  b℮℮ո оսt оf wоrĸ fоr t℮ո  mоոtհs bսt lаst mоոtհ հ℮r pаyсհ℮сĸ wаs  $19301 jսst wоrĸiոg оո tհ℮ iոt℮rո℮t fоr а f℮w հоսrs. հ℮r℮’s tհ℮  sit℮ tо r℮аd mоr℮,

      • 912er

        No he is standing up for your law abiding neighbour to have a gun so he might save your sorry ass someday

      • PitBoss711

         Harry Reid has nothing better to do than to post here under a pseudonym.

  • Anonymous

    Psalm 146:3

    Do not put your trust in princes,
        in human beings, who cannot save.

  • David Johnson

    He turned as soon as he entered the senate. He’s joined the mccain dark side by joining the gangsters 8. The one thing he never would discuss while he was in Congress was immigration!

  • Doris Shipley

    Glenn I am so sorry to hear that about Sen. Flake and I am so disappointed in Romney’s running mate, what a wash out he turned out to be. I am so tired of the lies that people offer to get a donation from you then turn on you.
    I can and will say that I think Sen.Ted Cruz is doing what he said he would do, I am so proud of him as well as Greg Abbott A.G. and Gov. Perry. Glenn I have been with you for a long time and can say I am proud of you too for the hard work you do in bringing us honest news.

    • Mike Nelson

      “Glenn I am so sorry to hear that about Sen. Flake and I am so disappointed in Romney’s running mate, what a wash out he turned out to be.”

      Romney’s running mate was a wash?  Wow!

      I don’t know you, but I know you don’t know what Romney stood for (because HE didn’t know, either)… and just like Palin in 2008, Ryan was shut down by the moderate, positionless failure that the RNC put forth.

      I am disappointed in Ryan only for throwing his career in harm’s way in an obviously futile run with a clearly faulty candidate.  While Romney’s career is over, Ryan’s didn’t have to suffer for the failure.

  • Kanak Attack

    So what are you saying Glenn?  All is lost?  Because if guys like Flake are just corrupted the second they get in what chance do we have of changing anything in this country?  Have we exhausted all our options except for a full-scale civil war?

  • SargintRock

    Facta non verba!!!

  • bucketnutz

    I knew he was on the fence when Glenn interviewed him a few weeks ago.If you can’t stay where you were before ,,then you have no core beliefs. Core Beliefs are unchangeable.

  • landofaahs

    It’s called Potomac fever.  The symptoms are flopping constantly and a constant obsession over re-election.  It can be cured if you get away from the Potomac long enough and receive the proper attitude adjustment upside the head.  It cannot always be cured though.

  • Anonymous

    God Bless you, Glenn!

  • Tory Quinton

     I would not worry about Flake. Demos would have to pick off 5 more in order to push gun control. And right now the Democrats are in full on defense mode from the Benghazi hearings. In a couple of months the polls for gun control will continue to drop and it will become a non issue until after the mid terms when the GOP will gain seats.

  • Destroy All Morons!

    this complete tripe.  this has nothing to do with the ‘powerful in DC’, it has everything to do with Jeff Flake being weak and a fraud.  In other words, another politician proved to be a total politician. 

    The fact that he even thought he could explain his flip-flop away on some tit-for-tat legislation negotiation tells me he was never the person y’all thought he was.  You are either someone who accepts bribes, or not.  Jeff Flake just wants to get paid and be called “Senator, sir.”

  • Anonymous

    I hate to tell you this Glenn, but Flake has been groomed by McCain for a long time. He was supported by McCain in the elections. Flake supported uranium mining at the Grand Canyon. I was born in AZ and have lived here most of my life. I have seen all the corrupt political nonsense that McCain and others have done here. Flake has faked you out and sold out long ago. He puts on a good show, but that’s all it is “a show”. As you now see for yourself, the real Jeff Flake. He is just another McCain. Do not trust him! Do not support him! Flake is a Fake!

  • Tr Hathcock

    Flake has been flip-flopping for years. Ask any Arizonan Tea Party person. Jeff turned years ago. I haven’t voted for him in years.

  • Elaine Lopez

    So, I’m wondering… why haven’t we heard more about this “Armed March” on our Capitol in the news media?  Why aren’t the news outlets reporting that no real Tea Partier, 9-12er, Constitutionalist, American Patriot is attending?  Our Capitol is hallowed ground.  It is to be treated with Honor…. thank you, Glenn Beck, for Restoring Honor.  You fed us well.  You gave us the everlasting Bread of Life because you gave us the Truth.

  • Anonymous

    Well they got Rubio now they have your friend.  Like you said Glenn, “you just can not trust anyone”, sad huh.

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