Glenn’s interview with Adam Brandon of FreedomWorks

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The Vice President of FreedomWorks joined Glenn on radio today to explain the new movement Glenn is trying to put together – the new civil rights movement. Glenn said he believes this is what ‘my whole life has been leading to’ on radio today. Find out why it is so pressing in the interview above.

  • Anonymous

    The one thing that came out of this interview was the comment about the left being “trained”.
    So true, do any of you remember the rows and rows of “students” so called “supporting” Mao in the the 60’s and 70’s waving their mindless little red books (they could not even read for god’s sake!), And now look at the Iranians, the North Koreans etc. etc today.
    Well today’s American and European protesters are much the same, trained puppies for the left, They are mindless , they cannot have a conversation without screaming in your face (I will not mention any so called “journalists” on the MSM) and or bashing things. The minute you sit them down in a civilized conversation they disappear. To this day I wonder where they get the time and funding to spread all over the country to disrupt daily life for the regular average citizens?..
    Why don’t you get a job and if you do not like that one, well get another new one,  and then maybe you can and have deserved a right to protest ass.h l.s;  By god and jeess what the heck are they teaching in ANY and I mean ANY schools these days? Responsibilities?, and what is the other one? Do they ever teach Cause and Effect ? ( oh sorry there were three words in that sentence, probably too many for most graduates these days).

    Good night you all. :). sorry venting :)

  • Anonymous

    Civil rights with stipulations isn’t exactly freedom. Neither is being on the right or the left. Seems like the best civil rights are among people who stay neutral and are non-political. Which takes Freedomworks out of the equation altogether since they are pollitical. But if you’re going to be the next MLK, Glenn, could you have every color person behind you instead of just one? Even though it sounded like Dr. King was for everyone his main point was having poor and workig class black people be equal with wealthier whites. Which is something still being wanted these days only in a federal sort of way. 

  • suz

    now that the msm is back in the panties of the admin. the admin. is pushing back harder and harder against us — they’re relentlessly, ruthlessly bad.

  • sendy meyers

    So happy to find Glenn

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