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Emily Ekins, Director of Poland at, had some pretty interesting poll results on the NSA scandal. While it was reported earlier this week that many Americans were OK with the NSA invading their privacy, listening to their phone calls, and increasingly giving rise to “Big Brother” – it turns out that Americans really only want suspected terrorists to be snooped on.

Pew Research came out with a poll thats said 56% of Americans were OK with the NSA getting secret court orders to track the calls of millions of Americans to investigate terrorism:

But CBS did another poll, which found that the majority of Americans only approve of the government collecting the phone records of Americans suspected of terrorist activity, not ordinary citizens:

Ekins also detailed some Reason polling on the budget and helathcare.

Reason’s polls found that 54% favor decreasing the level of spending in the federal budget:

And Reason found that 45% of Americans disliked Obamacare when it passed and still dislike the legislation:

You can read more Reason-Rupe Public Opinion Survey results HERE.