Father’s Day Gift Guide

Looking for a last minute gift for Father’s Day? We’ve teamed up with 1791 and the Marketplace to put together some great gifts that dad will love…

* NoteSome items may not arrive in time for Father’s Day this Sunday. Be sure to check shipping schedules on each item below and print out the description to make sure Dad has something to open on Sunday

1) The Eye of Moloch

Get a copy autographed by Glenn Beck HERE*

Looking for a great Father’s Day gift? Glenn’s new thriller, The Eye of Moloch, is available in bookstores everywhere! Sequel to the #1 bestselling novel The Overton Window, The Eye of Moloch is a thriller centered around the surveillance state and government targeting of a patriot group is no longer fiction, it’s faction. Give your dad something that will not only entertain, but will educate and inform.

2) The Overton Window/The Eye of Moloch Autographed Bundle*

Want to get your dad caught up on the full saga? is offering copies of both The Overton Window and the new sequel, The Eye of Moloch autographed by Glenn Beck. From The Overton Window: “There is a powerful technique called the Overton Window that can shape our lives, our laws and our future. It works by manipulating public perception so that ideas previously thought of as radical begin to seem acceptable over time. Move the Window and you change the debate. Change the debate and you change the country.” And then in The Eye of Moloch, the last battle for freedom is underway…

3)  Annual Subscription to TheBlaze TV Plus

Is your dad a Glenn Beck fan who would love to watch Glenn’s show every day? Are you already a subscriber to TheBlaze TV Plus and want to share the information and inspiration with family and friends? TheBlaze TV Plus is the perfect gift for Father’s Day! Purchase this today and he will receive an e-mail telling him that he’s already received the gift of TheBlaze TV Plus and have immediate unlimited access to all live and on-demand content for one full year including great shows like The Glenn Beck Program, Real News, Wilkow!, The Wonderful World of Stu, and more!

4) Freedom of Religion Since 1791 T-Shirt*

Get the shirt that says it all. Freedom of Religion Since 1791, the year that the bill of rights was signed.

5)  1791 Jeans*

100% Grown and sewn in the USA

Selvage refers to the self-finished edges on a piece of cloth coming from the root word self-edge. They prevent the fabric from fraying and are created as a result of how intricately the fabric woven. The selvage denim for our straight and classic leg come from Cone Denim Mills in Greensboro, North Carolina, one of the United States oldest mills and woven on hundred year-old shuttle looms. The looms are much more narrow then their modern, mass producing counterparts and they operate at a slower pace, but the result is the beautiful, artisanal, durable denim with a unique warp and weft surface that fades just like your dads old blue jeans over time.

6) Constitution Quest*

Pam and Dave Barret created Constitution Quest to educate Americans and reinforce the values and relevance of the Constitution. This is a product made in the USA, one dad and the whole family can enjoy together while learning the principles of our founding document.

7) RSS Feed from Nebraska Star Beef*

Nebraska Star Beef has been doing beef right for four generations. This RSS Feed package consists of 2 big 14oz Ribeyes, 2 12oz NE Strips, 2 10oz Sirloins, 2 4-packs of 1/3lb Fusion Ground Beef Patties and a 7oz bottle of Signature Seasoning.

8) Family Constitution*

The Family Constitution is meant to be used as an active tool to teach about the constant principles that apply to any strong family unit. Strengthen family bonds and encourage the importance of family with this rustic canvas artwork.

9) What if Glenn Beck is Right? T-Shirt*

This new t-shirt asks the question all of your friends must be asking themselves in the wake of the IRS, AP, Benghazi and NSA scandals…”What if Glenn Beck is right?”

10) Control by Glenn Beck

Has your dad not read the #1 Bestseller from Glenn Beck? In CONTROL, Glenn Beck presents a passionate, fact-based case for guns that reveals why gun control isn’t really about controlling guns at all; it’s about controlling us. In doing so, he takes on and debunks the common myths and outright lies that are often used to vilify guns and demean their owners.

*Some may not arrive in time for Father’s Day. Be sure to check shipping schedules and print out the description to make sure Dad has something to open on Sunday