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Right now, we’re playing out the same patterns that have occurred throughout history: we will follow whoever will give us stability. Time and time again, people have ignored evil and jump through crazy hoops in order to “keep their stuff”.

During the radio show today, Glenn told the story of Charles Sumner, an abolitionist Senator who was attacked on the Senate floor by pro-slavery rival Congressman Preston Brooks. Glenn said that Sumner and his allies were the Tea Party of the day.

Brooks only received a fine for the attack and no jail time, and in the South was cheered for his actions. He ended up resigning his seat in the House of Representatives.

Glenn said that back during the Civil War and the end of slavery, the people in the South were willing to do anything in order to maintain their property. As Glenn put it, they would do anything to “keep their stuff”.

Today, Glenn said people are doing the same thing. They are being told by the government that if we don’t support the rebels in the Syria the region will be destabilized, so people go along with it so they “keep their stuff” and maintain stability.

Glenn said that it doesn’t make sense the United States would suddenly find itself at the “red line” with the Syrian government after 98,000 have already been killed in the war because a hundred people were attacked with a chemical weapon.

“Now, I want you to understand, 98,000 people have been killed by Assad. 98,000 people. Why did that happen? That happened because the Middle East went unstable. Why did that happen? Because somebody saw a guy set himself on fire in Tunisia, then they saw a little thing in Egypt happen, the Arab spring, then it went to Algeria and Libya. Then the people in Syria said well, we have a dictator too. Maybe we should stand up, because this is the way of the world,” Glenn said.

Glenn warned that the same intelligence people who said Benghazi was a spontaneous uprising resulting from a YouTube video are the same ones saying Syria used chemical weapons.

“They know that it was a YouTube video and we should listen to them and go give arms and send our troops to work with the people who are eating others on the battlefield. Why? Because we want our stuff,” Glenn said.

Why did people in the South cheer on Sumner? “Because they wanted their stuff,” Glenn said. “People were property. What the argument was in the south was, if you get rid of slaves, we’re wiped out economically. We’ve not nothing economically your life as you know it is over. And so people were willing to jump through any crazy hoops to be able to keep their stuff.”

“Man’s story always repeats itself. We are repeating it again. We are giving arms to cannibals. Why? Because were being told by our government, our leaders, who we should not trust, we are being told that if this falls apart, then all your stuff a gone.”