Several full blown scandals have bombarded the Obama administration in the past few weeks alone, building on an already impressive list of past scandals. So much has happened recently that one might easily forget about Operation Fast & Furious, the dozens of spectacular green ‘investment’ failures like Solyndra, or even garden variety intimidation like Vice President Biden forcing a veteran ABC news reporter into a storage closet for more than an hour.

It’s basically a full-time job to keep track of all the corruption in this administration, and since we know you are far too busy to pick up a second job chronicling Obama’s lies & abuses, we will attempt to do it for you this week on Day 1 (The NSA), Day 2 (The IRS)

Day 3: Intimidating the Press

The Obama administration bragged about ‘controlling the press’ during the 2008 election and it appears they’ve never stopped trying to control them. When the Associated Press released a bombshell report about how the Obama administration was spying on them, it turned out to be only the beginning. Fox News and CBS would later be victims of an out-of-control administration using the Espionage Act to go after reporters who published articles damaging to the government.

Here’s a timeline with all the key dates and information you need to know (to date) on the press targeting scandal. Bookmark this page & share it because despite being the victim the MSM will still move on.