Sen. Ted Cruz: ‘This is our last and best chance’ to stop Obamacare

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On radio this morning, Glenn spoke to Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) about his fight to defund the Affordable Care Act in the Senate. Sen. Cruz is joined by at least 11 other GOP Senators, including Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT), in an effort to block a continuing resolution that would fund Obamacare. Such action could result in a government shutdown.

Glenn explained he last saw Sen. Cruz at the Christians United for Israel event in Washington D.C. last week, where both were speakers. “When he walked in, he looked a little haggard, a little tired,” Glenn said. “And he had been spending the day fighting with the Republicans; fighting with the people who are supposed to be on our side. But apparently, they are not on our side.”

“You know, I’ve been astonished and how many Republicans in Washington want a vote they can say, ‘Look, see I did the right thing but they don’t want to actually succeed.’ And you know, we’ve got a moment of redemption…Where we actually can successfully defund Obamacare,” Sen. Cruz said. “We’ve got 63 days to do it. And the reason is, the continuing resolution, which funds the federal government, expires on September 30th.”

Sen. Cruz explained that “under no circumstances” would he vote for a continuing resolution that funds “even one single penny of Obamacare.” Despite the support of senators like Marco Rubio (R-FL), James Inhofe (R-OK), and John Thune (R-SD), the Republicans need 41 senators or 218 members of the House to stand up and refuse to fund the healthcare legislation. “We can shut it down in 63 days,” Sen. Cruz said.

“I want you to call your senator,” Glenn said. “The switchboard at the Capitol is 202-224-3121. Call the Capitol now and tell them, enough is enough. You do not fund universal healthcare. Do not fund it through the continuing resolution.”

Obamacare has become politically toxic, with approval ratings down and politicians on both sides of the aisle distancing themselves from the legislation, but Sen. Cruz believes members of Congress are still “scared” to support the defunding of Obamacare. “What I can tell you is there are a lot of Republicans in Washington who are scared,” he said. “They are scared of being beaten up politically.”

Sen. Cruz did provide a seemingly logical alternative for Republicans that would avoid a government shutdown. He suggested the House of Representatives start by passing a continuing resolution that funds the entire federal government, except Obamacare. The resolution would explicitly prohibit the funding of Obmamcare.

“The next step, we’ve seen this play before, is that Harry Reed and President Obama will scream at the top of their lungs, ‘The evil mean, nasty Republicans are trying to shut down the federal government,’” Sen. Cruz explained. “And that’s when we need to respond and say, ‘No, we need to stand together and say no. We have voted to fund the federal government. We want to keep the federal government open. Why is president Obama threatening and trying to shut down the federal government, in order to force Obamacare down the people’s throats, particularly when it isn’t working?’ If we stand together, that’s how we win this fight. But right now, at this instant, we don’t have enough Republicans standing together. We got 63 days to do that.”

Lately, it feels like the will and voice of the people goes unanswered in Washington, but Sen. Cruz insisted it will take an overwhelming response from constituents for other GOP senators to get onboard.

“What are the odds of this, what are the chances of this actually happening, Ted,” Glenn asked. “If I’m in my car or my truck I’m thinking to myself, ‘Why am I going to call? It’s not going do make a dam bit of difference anyway. They are all weasels.’ So what are the chances of this?”

“Well, it depends. If we use the traditional ‘please call’ model, the chances are zero. Listen, I can’t win this fight. Mike Lee can’t win this fight. Marco Rubio can’t win this fight. No politician in Washington can win this fight… The votes are against us,” Sen. Cruz said candidly. “This is our last and best chance, I’m convinced, to stop it, which is why it all depends not on any politician, but on the American people rising up in a way we never seen before. That’s what’s got to happen.”

You can contact your senator by calling at Capitol switchboard at 202-224-3121 and you can visit to sign the petition and tell Congress: Don’t Fund Obamcare.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    As right now we cannot force the repeal of Obama-care, then do the second best and slash all funding for it 100%.

    No compromise on part of the Republicans is acceptable on this matter.

    Unfortunately as I heard Rush talking about today, the leadership of the Republican party is waffling and beating a hasty retreat from even touching the defunding proposal; the question of all is why? why? why?

    The people want this abomination defunded, and thus the Republicans have the people behind them if they would get together and make it happen. So why are we being back-stabbed by many of those in the House? Where are the true conservatives?

    • greywolfrs

      What true Conservatives would those be? Lindsey Graham? John McCain? Boner? McConnell? Which ones?

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Defund this blasted thing already, and now we see the Republicans backpedaling from this across the board. Why?

    • Pachy Serrano

      They are not backpedaling, they know they can’t beat this thing. Like the popular frase say, if you can’t beat them, unite them (something like that?) Its call survival, leopard. I thought you were an animal??

  • Nikki Rev

    North Carolina GOP Chairman is bringing this issue before the Republican National Committee at their next meeting, for them to vote & take a definitive stance – telling our republican house reps. to DEFUND already!

  • Debbie Lore

    Why is there even a need to push the Republicans into refunding Obamacare ? They should be taking every opportunity to do so!  And what is all this fearfulness they have, in doing so?

  • Sam Fisher

    Defund the bill that will put a hurt on the poor and middleclass that will chase 60% of our doctors away defend Nazicare or what other people call it Obamacare.

  • Anonymous

    The problem:
    “What I can tell you is there are a lot of Republicans in Washington
    who are scared,” he said. “They are scared of being beaten up

    That’s the problem.  Lifetime appointments to the house and senate should never friggin happen and it’s our faults as voters for allowing it to happen.  Work at the party level to force turnover, nobody should be in there more than a couple of terms, and fear of doing the right thing because they’ll get beat up politically is one of the reasons to limit their terms.

    • Jackie Galloway Lynch

      They could grow some balls to go against Obamacare.   But if terms are limited to two, the retirement perks need downsizing considerably. 

      • Anonymous

        Retirement perks need downsizing regardless! Retirement does not mean you get the same income level as you did while working. The republicans talk all the time how unions bankrupt corporations, but they are doing the same to America, without us even having a vote in the matter. Don’t get me wrong, I think unions have served their purpose and need to go, especially public sector unions, but all 3 branches of our government does the exact same thing. The American tax payer needs a break, and I think it is high time that break happens now. Not later NOW!

      • Pachy Serrano

        If we shut down the Govt, WE all are gonna be scared as hell. Take my word for it, brother!!

    • Anonymous

      If 80% of the American citizens do not want this monstrosity of a healthcare bill, then what are these idiot legislators afraid of?  I suspect the answer is that they or their votes have been purchased.  They are criminals which have been bought and paid for.

      • Bonnie Somer

        Even IRS agents don’t want it 

      • syradobomako

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        the imagination you have. Who exactly has turned up dead? What proof do
        you have that John Roberts was threatened in any way? You just make
        something up about some picture of a burning car and say your convinced
        of it? Im convinced you have some serious mental problems.

      • Pachy Serrano

        Sorry, only 54% in the last poll, so, are you making stuff up or you looking where I don’t. And some legislators are not afraid of Obamacare, they are afraid to later learn two things: 1) shutting down the Govt. and 2) citizens dying cause they have no health care (that’s the scary thing, bro)

  • Charlie Holtom

    The answer to your “Why, why, why” question, Snowleopard is simply that people that defy Obama keep turning up DEAD!  Why did John Roberts side with the leftists in his decision regarding Constitutionality…because they threatened his family!  I am convinced that Obama’s minions are showing pictures of a burning Mercedes-Benz with the engine TWO HUNDRED FEET behind the accident site and no skid-marks to Boehner and McConnell and saying, “See…we got this guy and we can get you too”!!!

    • Patrick Bittel

      Quite the imagination you have. Who exactly has turned up dead? What proof do you have that John Roberts was threatened in any way? You just make something up about some picture of a burning car and say your convinced of it? Im convinced you have some serious mental problems.

      • Jake Harris

        I agree. What evidence has shown up that proves such a wild accusation? People aren’t waffling because their families are being threatened. It is a simple matter of their careers. If I were a politician that was offered better pay and better healthcare than Obamacare, then why would I do what’s best for the country? Part of the problem with our politicians is that they get paid handsomely to become politicians. If we voted to give them all a set salary, and created an irrepealable law that prohibited the allowance of raises of any politician in the House, then I would guarantee that we would never have seen Obamacare. The Bill itself gives benefits to the politicians in addition to “benefitting the people”. Why should it do that? The purpose of them is to create an environment for the American people to have life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, not to better the positions of the HoR OR Congress. People have argued with me and said that politicians should have a higher salary because they protect the country. I argue that it would become easier to find leaders who really are committed to the cause and less purple pansies helping run the show.

  • Anonymous

    I haven’t read the bill and neither have millions of other people. I’m going by the fact that the president and politicians don’t want obamacare for themselves. If it’s good enough for me then it should be good enough for them. If they don’t want it, then I don’t want it. Simple as that!

    • Ron Davis

      Actually if you have health insurance or  have  VA healthcare,  Obamacare doesn’t affect you.

  • Anonymous

    The last best chance was last November and the people blew it big time.  Those who re-elected him and the apathetic non-voters Deserve what they get.

    • Anonymous

      Unfortunately, that also means we will have to suffer along with them! Pretty soon you will be working until November before you actually begin working for you. The government doesn’t know best, and they couldn’t manage a small ma/pa shop if their life depended on it.

      For those progressives out there. I want to say one thing. You don’t have to believe it, but it is a fact.

      There will never be utopia on earth. That is, until Jesus returns and rules with an iron fist. Every knee shall bow, and every tongue confess, that Jesus Christ is lord of lords and king of kings.

  • Dennis Montalvo

    Guys gotta do it. But the only way it will work if you come up with a plan. AHA was a plan nobody read and it got passed. Weird huh. Make a dam plan guys. People are waiting on some hope promised that hasn’t come. It’s out there like a carrot and until they finally see it in January, working people will want it because they voted for it. When they get it they will say they were wrong but it will be too late. The Unions, the insurance companies and anyone involved with collecting, directing and enforcing can already see the upheaval on the horizon and they are sounding off. You will need lobby help from those you never liked to work with before. The Dems did it and took over almost everything. It’s time to turn the tables. Do it not for hope but liberty, freedom and happiness that the other side doesn’t believe in. They think of the individual as nothing more than a construct with an ideal that is gloomy and indifferent to man’s ability to choose. 

  • Anonymous

    Its only going to get worse,..Now is the time for the Republicans to join together and give it all we got to try and Save America from Obama’s socialist/Marxist utopia

    • greywolfrs

      How exactly are you going to do that, with idiots like McCain, Graham and Boner? Please, most of the Republicans in Washington are no better than Democraps.

  • Isaac Shamoun


  • Patrick Bittel

    Ted Cruz will be out of politics in a few years. He’s a crackpot, Like Glenn Beck.

    • bull57

      I do know at least one crackpot that will be gone, THANK GOD is BathHouse Barry, less he does become a dictator as he is so trying to be!!!

    • greywolfrs

      Says the idiot who voted for Obamao, TWICE. Dunce.

  • Patrick Bittel

    Obama care will never be defunded. My guess is most of you don’t even know what it is. All you hear is people like Glenn Beck lie about it. There is no death panels in it, never was. It is a private business based plan with a lot of republican ideas in it. A lot came from Mitt Romney. We all be better off if we had a plan like Canada has or france but you people have been so brain washed Obama couldn’t get that passed. Right now we have the most expensive medical system in the world and its like the 37th best. Something needs to be done. So since we can’t have a single payer plan we get this. If the republicans would stop trying to sabotage it and try to make it work it could succeed.

    • greywolfrs

      B S, the problem morons like you fail to realize is this is UnConstitutional. The Feds do not have the power to force people to buy a product, simply because they breath. It’s time for morons like you to read the Constitution and comprehend it, you are gauranteed only three things: Life, Liberty and the PURSUIT of happiness. NOTHING MORE.

      Let’s examine why our medical system is one of the most expensive in the world. First, you never bother to mention the fact that places like Canada and France put a cap on what they will pay for drugs. Since a lot of new drugs are developed in the USA, at an average cost of over a BILLION dollars to bring to the market, that means Americans are being charges MORE than those other countries. The screwed us and you are all for it. Second, they do the same on medical equipment. Third, people like you believe that adding 30 million people, who could NOT afford insurance in the first place, to the system is going to make cost go down. The part you refuse to see is you are actually adding more people to the subsidies, which WILL cost more. The CBO has already said as much.

      You are a complete moron.

  • Anonymous

    They are scared..and that’s why they should stand tall and firm, as the American people have been rising up- never has there been so much outrage at an obvious gang-banging thug mentality such as the one in power now. so the question is why?? Why are they so scared?! They all act like they just found out their boss runs the mob! That is sad, because at the end of the day, your jobs were to represent the people of this country for her best interests as a nation- and now we find we have a bunch of cowards in office that will find honor in taking it up the @** on behalf of their cowardice! Do not pretend you’re saving your @** by allowing this — you, like the rest of us will wind up like Ambassador Stevenson one way or the other-you are not safe empowering that mentality- and if you
    senators have things to hide, so be it…some don’t
    even have the shame to hide their iniquity-be brave
    you statesmen and stand for something bigger,
    maybe watch Casablanca, and realize that your
    problems “don’t amount to a hill of beans” in light of
    what we face currently. Make history-history that
    will recanted correctly, albeit at a later date-jammers and screamers often get their way due to the embarrassment and chagrin they cause…but I beg of you senators to act responsibly-and not just give the screaming kids what they want to keep them quiet-you only enforce, endorse, and encourage their behaviors and tactics, causing your debilitating problems of the now to become uncontrollable- AND DANGEROUS snowballs of chaotic and divisive demands. these are calculated maneuvers that have been implemented, if Obama seems to lack knowledge in so many areas, consider that these calculated steps are the master plan, and the only field of study his mind dwel on.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, I have nothing but trouble toward the end of my posts- they disappear and I have no ability to scroll back down (shrug)

  • Anonymous

    Only a brain dead Democrat wants crap coming from the Obama Administration because they are to stupid to realize that Obamacare has no benefits to anyone. But  ignorant Democrats will believe the lies from Democratic politicians and dumb as hell Liberal media!

  • Shauna Barcklay Visser

    We definitely need to see more turn over in politicians. But I haven’t heard what the actual plan is to have the “American people rise up in a way they have never done before”. Merely calling our politicians doesn’t seem to get their attention, at least of the heads we need to get to turn.

    Glenn called for a March before, maybe there should be another the week of the funding on the steps of our Nations capitol. Calling for defunding of Obamacare. No average American truly has any idea of what this bill will mean for our country once it is fully in effect. Many comments have been made… Why would the American people want something that our elected officials have conveniently legalized themselves out of? No one should ever be above the law. Especially those we have asked to serve as leaders in our community and society.

  • Rick Larsen

    The Republican party is split into two pieces.  One houses the standard Republican, and the other piece houses the extremists.  The extremists are like a virus that is slowly spreading through the Republican party, which will ultimately cause Republicans to loose much of their political power.  Election 2012 is an example.

    The extremists will be the ones who go for government shutdown.  They will make the Republicans look bad, as usual.  Then more people will vote Democrat, which will propagate the horrendous governing tactics of our current federal government.  There are other ways to kill Obamacare.

    Stay moderate my friends.  Keep the Republican party votable.

    • greywolfrs

      No, the Republican party is no different than the Democraps. You can sit there and believe there is a difference, but people who do not walk around with horse blinders on know differently.

      The Republican Party is going down all on their own. You can call Libertarians extremeists all you want (I know who you are refering to, even if you don’t have the balls to say it outright), but that is a false point that Democraps and Republicans want people to believe. Unfortunately for you and them, people are waking up. They will no longer continue to take the shredding of the Constitution.

  • suz

    politicians leave their message box full so they don’t receive ‘overwhelming’ messages.  we don’t have access to them mr. cruz so be specific.  i don’t like his vagueness. 


    the question needs to be asked ‘how do we scare the sh__ out of them?’ and mr. cruz needs to answer in full.

  • Bonnie Somer


  • Pachy Serrano

    Can’t be stop, won’t be stop, and no one can stop it . . . . Its the new law of the land.
    What we can do is make changes for the better and deal with the future issues. We, as a Nation, have a history of not liking things in the begining, but we end up finding good stuff in it. At least, 20-25 million Americans will no longer be to the mercy of their faith saying, please God, I don’t want to get sick, cause if I do and end up at the hospital, I will probably be broke and living on the streets. Nothing is life is perfect . . . only one is and you all know who it is . . .

  • Ron Davis

    Ted Cruz never saw a Hispanic panhandler………why would he, Hispanics get entitlements from the government.

  • Carol Hansen-Hammond

    I just got a call from Glen Beck asking us to sign the petition against Obama-care, it was a phone petition asking I push 1 to sign the petition; it did not go through, I tried about 10 times.  Later in the phone message it gave an 800 610 2167 to speak to Glen Becks office..the number was not good.  I don’t suppose my commenting will get to anyone in his office so they can take down that campaign message…thought I would try.   We are already being affected by Obama-care both in the Medicare system and with my husbands medical…prices went up and coverage went down.  Obama is the worst thing (and his friends) that ever happened to America!

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