Glenn thrashes Sen. Lindsey Graham’s idiotic comments on Egypt

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Glenn’s blood hit the boiling point on radio this morning in reaction to some pretty remarkable audio from Senators John McCain (R-AZ) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) about the crisis in Egypt. During a visit to Cairo earlier this week, the Senators sat down with CBS News and admitted that the country is “just days or weeks” away from “all out bloodshed.”

“Well, I was at the doctor early this morning because I thought I had a brain aneurysm last night,” Glenn said. “It was in the 5 o’clock hour, happened about 5:20, when Buck Sexton actually played the audio of Lindsey Graham on CBS News reporting on what their fact‑finding mission in Egypt found. Here it is:”

REPORTER: Are you alarmed by what you see happening in Egypt?

GRAHAM: Oh, my God. I didn’t know it was this bad. These folks are just days or weeks from all‑out bloodshed.

Yes, that was a senior United States Senator admitting he had absolutely no idea what was going on in Egypt.

“I can’t take it,” Glenn said disgusted.

“You had no idea, Lindsey,” Pat asked. “Have a television set, do you? “

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On last night’s Glenn Beck Program, Glenn laid out three things no one is talking about in regards to the Middle East. “And wait until it really slides off,” he said. “There are three things that you need to know about the Middle East today.”

  1. Egypt could collapse soon
  2. Libya is on the brink
  3. Turkey just gutted its military

“One, Egypt is – many people, including Lindsey Graham say now that – it is days from flying out of complete control,” Glenn explained. “What we’re talking about now is not Civil War. We are talking about massive bloodshed. We’re talking about Syria happening in Egypt.”

This type of conflict would have worldwide implications. Chiefly, Israel would be in immediate danger and the global economy could spiral out of control.

“If Egypt spirals out of control, that means the Gaza Strip is no longer monitored at all,” Glenn said. “Israel would now have massive fighters going in. There’s nobody standing guard against Israel.”

Furthermore, there is the issue of oil. In 2008, oil prices hit $140/barrel and the U.S. economy collapsed. Today, speculation is that oil could hit $300/barrel. “So you know, 80% of the world’s oil goes through Egypt and the Suez Canal… If you shut down the Suez Canal, they are now saying that the price of a barrel of oil could skyrocket,” he explained. “It was 140 where we collapsed. 140. They are saying now that if they close the Suez Canal, if there is massive strife in the Middle East, you are looking at $300 a barrel of oil. It’s not like you’re looking at $10 a gallon gasoline. You’ll be lucky to have gasoline.”

When someone like Sen. Graham, who is often touted for his foreign policy expertise, claims to not “know it was that bad” in Egypt, it’s safe to assume the government is in no way prepared for the worst case scenario.

“That’s what’s just happening in Egypt,” Glenn said. “But if you go west of Egypt, just over the border, you’re smack dab into Libya. Now, Libya, the leader of Libya… [is] saying that they are within a week of collapse themselves because the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda are fighting, and Islamists are about to take over.”

Both Egypt and Libya on the verge of collapse, but there is another situation of instability, this time in Turkey, that threatens the balance of power in the Mid East region. Turkey was admitted into NATO under the guise that it could never devolve into an Islamic state because of the military’s protection of the Constitution, but now it appears the military has lost that control.

“Do you know what [the prime minister of Turkey] did,” Glenn asked. “He’s arrested and put in prison for life the generals of the military in Turkey. Turkey is about to come undone.”

So what is the solution?

“Here’s the good news. There’s a solution in the Middle East. Because people in the Muslim Brotherhood, and people with Al Qaeda, and the people on the street are all talking about the same solution,” Glenn said. “There’s a way to put the genie back in the bottle. There’s a way to make it all work. And guess what that is: The magic Caliphate.”

Glenn has been mocked and ridiculed for talking about the inevitability of the Caliphate for quite some time, but he had a bold message this morning.

“I haven’t been this angry in quite some time,” Glenn said. “The one thing I don’t ever get right is time… I am wrong on timing, but I am telling you we are about to have an economic impact, the likes of which the globe has never seen. When – not if – when all these chickens come home to roost, you have mass chaos, not just in the Middle East, but it will slide the entire globe into chaos. And that means an economic impact… And then comes the giant reset… If you don’t know history, you’re about to repeat it… We have not progressed. If anything, we have regressed.”

  • Anonymous

    Lindsey, I had no idea either!  I thought the perpetual protests in Tahrir Square were for bailouts of failing Egyptian businesses!  Funny I didn’t see you there picketing, or throwing rocks at soldiers, or raping any women.  Crazy.  I didn’t know it was that bad!

    • Anonymous

       I thought it was just the OWS crowd mad that they are not paid a doctors salary to make french fries. Who would of thought……

      • Anonymous

        I think they were the ones supplying the rocks. Then the crowd turned on them because they realized that Egyptian doctors make less than American fast food employees.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Lindsey Graham shows the cluelessness and lack of connection to reality on part of the leftists, and now we are seeing the fruition of Obama’s support for the Arab Spring and his terrorist allies in the Middle East.

    1. Egypt collapses into chaos, Al Qaeda or the Muslim Brotherhood dominates any new government as a Sharia Theocracy

    2. Libya, Jordan, Algeria, Syria (probable), Mali and Morocco will fall to the forces of Al Qaeda as will Lebanon, Iraq, and in due time Turkey.

    The Caliphate will be fulfilled within ten years.

    Only Israel remains in their way, and now that Obama has shown to be an anti-Semite of the highest order, and a blatant supporter of terrorism and extremist ideology, they have their best chance to annihilate them once and for all, probably with US Forces helping out under the orders of Obama.

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      I had no idea either!  I thought the perpetual protests in Tahrir
      Square were for bailouts of failing Egyptian businesses!  Funny I didn’t
      see you there picketing, or throwing rocks at soldiers, or raping any
      women.  Crazy.  I didn’t know it was that bad!

    • Canadianlady

      Anyone who’s still relies on the main stream news media for accurate information–which, I suspect is the case with Lindsey Graham–is terribly uninformed on just about everything.  He’s asleep at the wheel.

    • docbenton

      Sounds like you just summed up Revelations.

      • jason hill

        that is exactly what it sounds like. 

      • Linda Murray

        These idiots need to watch John Hagee’s message on…

        The 4 blood moons…

        Whether one likes Hagee or not is irrelevant.  This message is biblical … about the middle east situation NOW… & ***IS*** being fulfilled scripturally.  We may only have ABOUT 2 years left!

    • jason hill

      You mean muslims are going to control arab lands? the hell you say? What right do muslims have to rule over arab lands? It’s not like they have been there for a thousand years or nothing. 

      • Anonymous

        What exactly are you trying to say here?  The most powerful Muslims in every single solitary nation in the Middle East have a goal more insidious than to simply rule over Arab lands.  They want complete 100% dominion of the entire Earth and consider themselves mutually exclusive to every single solitary non-Muslim.  It’s written all over the Koran, the Hadith, and any transcript of any program on Al-Jazeera.  It’s the religion of peace in a way that really means a religion of the tranquility of blind servitude to Allah.  Anyone who isn’t with the program is supposed to get their head cut off.  You can disagree with my post here all you want, but it will accomplish nothing but to expose you as a person who hasn’t studied and doesn’t understand Islam, AT ALL.

    • Anonymous

      Post-Arab Spring, neither Libya or Egypt have demonstrated they can sustain any type of government for even a brief period of time (more than 2 years.) It’s highly unlikely that Al-Qaeda/Muslim Brotherhood would have long-term success implementing any form of governmental entity, including a theocracy, in either country.

      Furthermore, there is little evidence to suggest the remaining countries in your hypothetical would fall like dominoes to Al-Qaeda/Muslim Brotherhood. If overthrowing a government and installing a system of Sharia law were so simple, why did this not happen 10 years ago? Why didn’t it happen immediately in Egypt and Libya following the Arab Spring? These extremist groups are powerful but they lack the cohesive organization and strategy to achieve another Caliphate. 

      This isn’t to discredit the potential danger a hostile takeover in Egypt or Libya represents to U.S. interests. But another Caliphate is inconceivable in the 21st century. 

    • Anonymous

      make that 4, the minute they put Hilary into the WH it is over!

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    People mock others who warn of the Caliphate, as they did those who warned of the coming of the Second World War. History is repeating itself again.

  • Sam Fisher

    It would be easy to make a joke about liberal Republicans and clinical blindness but it would make all blind people look bad even being mention in the same sentence with these to boobs.

  • Anonymous

    May I ask you Glenn t please ADD John McCain and Obama to your list of people who are constantly making IDIOTIC remarks?

  • Anonymous

    First of all, let’s set the record straight … Lindsey and McCain are NOT republicans … they are democrats … they just have an ‘r’ behind their names! Second of all, these two should have been drummed out of the senate a long, long time ago. Get rid of all RINO’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

    • jason hill

      Really?? I could have sworn McCain ran as the Republican candidate in the 2008 presidential campaign. I must have dreamed that. He’s not a Republican….BS. 

      • Anonymous

        He did run as the repub candidate. He’s a RINO.

        • Anonymous

          Not only is he a RINO, but recently has been acting as president! Especially, when he berates Russia, and demands they return him. He went to Syria, banging war drums. This nation is sick of war in the ME. Why is he so quick to intervene with troops, weapons, and no limit aid. Anytime Graham, John, Chuckey, and Durbin get togetherto write a bill, it isn’t in our best interest.

      • David

        He’s a republican in name only. His words and his actions say differently!

        • Gosha

          About 80% of Republican establishment are not conservative now.
          They HAVE TO BE vote out.
          And WHO  represent us, Constitutional Conservatives in congress?  Just a few. I am sick and tired to vote for a LESSER EVIL. No more. What ever happen, NOTHING could be worse than who we have in the White House now. WE DON`t need any partys. What we DESPERATELY neeg is the TERM LIMITS amendment. Or politics should be a PART TIME SERVISE.Without ider of this tools Wasington CAN NEVER be fixed, NEVER.

          • Anonymous

            Washington is broken because her people are broken. Washington is a mirror of the people who vote. Washington will not change until the people change, and sadly that may take some time. We may have to experience real domestic trouble to wake people up and then they just might listen to facts and reason.
            Today’s number of informed voters is better than yesterday’s. As Reagan said, “government IS the problem”. But are we not the government?
            Is it not our own govt that has made us reliant of foreign sources of oil? Where in their service to us have Graham & McCain been? Have they continually stumped for a repeal of restrictive laws on our own production? No, they have been too busy stumping for the NDAA indefinite detention of humans inside our country.
            Neither deserve their salaries or their robust retirements.
            But don’t hold your breath waiting on the GOP execs to make a critical stand against them. Too bad really! It would be the event that would go far to rebuild the Republican brand and bring back disaffected voters.

          • Anonymous

            James Garfield once stated, “Now, more than ever, the people are responsible for the character of their Congress.  If that body be ignorant, reckless, and corrupt, it is because the people tolerate those characteristics.  If that body be intelligent, brave and pure, it is because the people demand those characteristics from their national legislature.”

            Congress is a representation of our people.  The men and women who represent us come from among us.  When we elect people that are ignorant, reckless, or corrupt, it is because it is a reflection of who we are as a people.  McCain, Graham, Reid, Pelosi, Rangel, Boehner, McConnel are all perfect examples of ignorance, recklessness, and corruption.  These are the leaders in the House and the Senate.  Not too long ago, there was a guy named Weiner who was among this bunch, and his name was the perfect description for his character. These are the people that have been elected by us, over and over and over again.  And then we ask why is this country in the shape it’s in.  That shows our own ignorance, recklessness, and corruption being reflected by our leaders.  

            If we want to change Congress, we must first change ourselves.  We must embrace intelligence, honor, integrity, and dignity, as we pursue righteousness, truth, and justice.  Congress will not reflect those traits until you and I do.  You are right, this country is due for some real domestic trouble, also known as suffering unless we as a people begin to change, which in turn will force Congress to change.

          • Anonymous

            You are right on.  We desperately need term limits to rid ourselves of these career politicians.  Obamacare would have never been passed.  All these entitlements would not be paid now like they are.  Entitlements are for an emergency stop gap fix, not a cradle to grave plan to do nothing.  With out career politicians we wouldn’t be having this conversation about fixing our immigration.  We have laws that not being enforced.  This is all due to these career politicians who make back room deals just like Obamacare.

      • Anonymous

        Jason, Alzheimer’s first symtom, unable to see outside the box!

      • Tammy Thompson

        He is one of the worse RINO’s in the Repub party.  He votes against the Repubs most of the time, and with the Demoncrats .  He is liberal and Progressive.  He is working with Obama to ruin our economy

        • Michael Ryan

          A little extreme on that statement.  His voting record is tilted about 90% republican.  And as Ronald Reagan said: “If you agree with me most of the time, vote for me. If you disagree with me most of the time vote for my opponent.  If you agree with me 100% of the time… seek therapy!”

          • Anonymous

            McCain and Graham dropping dead would be a great thing or America!

      • Mike Stokes

        Neither is he a conservative. Maybe that is the reason he lost the election.

      • Anonymous

         In Name only.

      • Shane

         Yes, it is foolish to say that McCain and Graham are not Republicans. What Veteran should have stated is that those Senators are not conservatives. That is certainly true about McCain and Graham sides with the Democrats on a number of issues. That whole RINO thing is just plain stupid.

      • americanathlete

        McCain is paid to put an r behind his name; he’s a progressive through and through!

      • Anonymous

         I really seriously think that there is seriously something wrong physically with McCain. I saw his latest picture, and he looks like he just had a Lobotomy. Maybe he’s getting dementia, or Alzheimer’s, or maybe the VC implanted some kind of time delayed brain bomb in him (not joking). I don’t know, but he’s not the same John McCain that was the great POW survivor, or person that he use to be. I’m seriously concerned.

      • Douglas W. Rodrigues

        The Establishment RNC does not represent true Conservatives.  There isn’t much difference between the RNC and the DNC.  They’re both self-serving and manipulative of the voters.  Unfortunately, the average voter doesn’t have a clue about the complicity of the RINOs in the RNC running non-Conservative candidates to either lose to the DNC, or if elected, function like a Democrat.. 

    • flyovercindy

      Agreed!  The RINO’s must go, but more importantly, ALL politicians need their feet held to the fire! 
      This is OUR problem people – not enough CITIZENS are even paying attention to what is going on in the world, so why would they have a problem with their elected official not having a clue? 
      Many of us preach to the choir here in the “comment” sections, but nothing is going to change unless we start educating the rest of the country.  I don’t care whose side you are on, I’m not sure anybody is happy with the way things are going right now – except maybe those on full rides who purposely stay ignorant so as not to rock their cash-cow boat.
      Enlighten one person today, and keep going tomorrow…  If we make it until November 2014, maybe we can have enough awake and informed voters to make a difference…

    • Anonymous

       No, the problem is that all those types ARE Republicans ,they ARE in the majority, and they DID vote their own into all the power positions.

      It’s about time everyone woke up and ended the charade.

    • SuperSparky

      They are Republicans, just not conservatives by any stretch of the imagination.  Please remember there is a difference.

    • Anonymous

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      didn’t even know that a mom able to earn $4706 in a few weeks on the
      internet. did you read this website w­w­w.K­E­P­2.c­o­m 

    • Anonymous

      They suck cock like Republicans. Maybe not like Glenn Beck, who can deep throat a cock and balls and drain them dry, but certainly Lindsey and John can suck a cock under the traditional definition of republican

  • Anonymous

    Who keeps electing these morons?

  • Tony Baker

    Here we go.

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t this just great? Here are two of our supposed congressional leaders without a clue as to what is going on in the middle east. We have a President that closes down our own ability to provide our energy needs, and we have a public that for the most part is so damn dumb, that they re-elected Obama. We are so screwed!

  • Anonymous

    mccain and graham: useful tools

  • Sharon LBrightman

    Pathetic disaster is upon us. Glenn, you warned us long ago about a caliphate but the fools never listen. Meanwhile, our ‘govt has stockpiled most of the ammo, tied the hands of our citizens to protect themselves, refused to help us become energy-free——-we know whose side they are on.  Guess our  forefathers are spinning in their graves because our so-called leaders are so stupid, corrupt, arrogant and self-serving. May God help us and Israel.

    • mspatdev

      I agree with you. When the 2nd War in the USA begins, all of those people that has brought other destruction to the USA will go first. They will burn and maybe drown.

    • americanathlete


  • Anonymous

     Graham and McCain are not only Traitors to humanity but also to the USA. No wonder now I know why Obama wants the Muslim Brotherhood to take over Egypt, so they can control the Suez C annal and  who the oil goes too and it wont be to us. It’s not about Egyptians being free from a Dictator, it’s about controlling the oil that is shipped around the World. Clinton Chief of staff Huma Weinner parents started the Muslim Brotherhood and she is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and now we also have a clue to why Obama, Clinton, and the CIA Murdered Ambassador Stevens when help was in Tripoli for them, 30minmutes by air? The personal money payoff for Obama and Clinton must be in the Trillions of dollars for these Traitors.
    Thus helping Obama to destroy our Country and oil prices go so high that the United States will come to a stand still and collapse. I wonder which one of Obama Gang came up with that one for our Traitor President. He picked the right two guys to go to Egypt and promise the Muslim Brotherhood money and guns to kill their fellow Egyptians and destroy Egypt forever. Then the Muslims can attack Israel. Graham and McCain are the right people to go to Egypt. They are Traitors, and Global Elitists who are super rich from stealing money from the Big Government, insider raiding and any other criminal act they can get away with. As Global Elitists they think they were chosen by God to rule the World. They are much smarter then anyone on this earth and they are the ones who should tell everyone what they can do and what they cannot do. Although these three Traitors are fools, they are dangerous because they have the power that our Congress and Senate will not stop them from doing what they want.
    We the people need to buy more guns and ammo, to protect our selves from the Obama Government. I doubt if Obama will ever give up being President. In 2016 Obama will still be President. That’s why he is campaigning he has no fear that he will not be President for life. Because he is supported by the Global Elitists. Rockefeller Quadrilateral Commission and the Bilderbergers. If you look and see the names that in just these two organization run by the richest man in the world David Rockefeller, these people are the richest in the world. God’s chosen people. Read the article: The Character Traits of the Truly Evil People, From personal liberty digest. Be ready freedom loving people to rise up and destroy these Power hungry Traitors.   And the NSA can kiss me where the sun don’t shine.

    • Bunky Boyett

      Beck…Read this and do a show on the Rothchilds and what Douglas said here….if the Suez canal gets littered with old ships…they will take over the world worse than they already have…!!

    • Anonymous

      Quadrilateral Commission? Rockefeller the richest man on the planet? Obama picked them on his own to go? Your golf ball just went in the water!
      Its the Trilateral Commission(TC). David Rockefeller is not the richest man on the planet. And Obama, if he had anything with these two losers being picked, he was told to send them by his handlers.
      There is a most powerful collectivist conspiracy that either brings about international termoil or works to take full advantage of chaotic events. Google Carroll Quigley and discover his findings. Read David Reckefeller’s memoirs where he admits to have been working with others to advance their interests. Google Richard N Gardner’s 1974 statement regarding the “hard road to world order” or Admiral Chester Ward’s statements summarizing the CFR’s general membership attitude in favor of globalism and against our sovereignty. Many more proofs are available. Heads up!!! Janet Yellen is being highly toughted as Bernanke’s replacement. She too is a member of the CFR!

  • Anonymous

    I used to enjoy watching you but you are becoming like those you dislike. Your jesting and sick humor does not serve the purpose to educate us, we have the elected officials that represent the repulsive behavior you seem to be emulating. The American, true God fearing Flag honoring Americans want facts not flatulent comedy which you are not good at. So please be the better person I used to enjoy listening to because I learned allot from you, then. Now, well I pray you start to read how you should act and treat people (called the Bible) as to be an ambassador for Christ, since you include Him in much of your discussion of our nation. He died in our place, and He loves all those you and your group make fun of so now lets try to live like Him while we have been chosen to live at a time as this. Don’t worry Glen, you are too intelligent to be an moron, not calling you names but we all need a little help standing up once in a while. I am no different or better.
    Hoping and praying for you,
    Ben Morales 

    • Bunky Boyett

      Yeh..please don’t act like Rush…he drones on and on..just tell us in your old FOX voice what you think and the facts ok??

      • Anonymous

        I won’t fox voice you all, time to change channels, xau!

    • Jason Wade Prater

      put down the rock, you are going to break a window in that glass houseand ps thanks for the sermon

    • americanathlete

      I think he’s hilarious!

  • Anonymous

    Graham has lived off tax payer money for so long he forgot what his job was until it was exposed how far removed from his duties as a congressman he really is on real life issues. Why is he still in office and representing Republicans

  • farm kid

    I pray that girl kicks graham’s rear end from orangeburg to Columbia and hits all the pot holes along the way.

  • Take 2

    IT is obvious…the crime that is going on. 

    The solution is obvious that each House member must personally investigate 99% of both Global and Domestic issues or debacles.

    They all have an individual mandate now not trusting the Administrative branch and or News Media information.       


  • Richard Stroker

    Oil is about the same now as in 2008 at least it is at the gas pump.

  • Anonymous

    While I’d agree that Lindsey ( isn’t that a girls name? ) Graham ( isn’t that a cracker? ) has fewer brains than the ancient Sphinx, you should still be careful Glenn about comments like slashing
    their throats or whatever you said to that effect. I’m sure the NSA and the IRS are listening, which could also lead to a visit from the Secret Service. We need you on the air too much
    Glenn, to let angry or emotional slips of the tongue turn to you being force off the air or drone strikes.

  • M. Fazio

    Well, there you go, we have the worst Senators in Congress now (The old Boy Network), Senators Graham, McCain, Flake, Hatch, and others like them that have their heads in body Cavities (words which can’t be used on a Public Forum), but thank Goodness we do have some Senators that have their heads on straight.

    I don’t trust the RINOs and never will.  They should change their Party Alliance to “Progressive Independent”.

  • Anonymous

     The world has to rid itself of oil dependency. Then they can start murdering each other. No matter how precious each and every human life is, that part of the world needs reduction in its population. The European and Asian cultures have had many great civilizations while the rest are stuck without culture and science. They should not be reproducing at such rates. I mean African Muslim birth rates are staggering. They will be coming to cut our necks once they finish cutting their own. 

  • Kevin Fitzpatrick

    Good News! Lindsey Graham is being challenged in his upcoming
    primary, by  Nancy Mace one of the first Female Graduates of the Citadel and Businessman
    Richard Cash. If I were betting, my money would be on Nancy Mace.

    • Anonymous

       Either will do, but I’ll take Nancy Mace.  Heck, I’ll take a Dem over Grahmnesty.  What’s wrong with the twits in S. Carolina?

      • Anonymous

        What’s wrong is they reelected him in 2008. What you all need to know is that SC has an open primary system and the dems crossover and vote for the most liberal of Republican candidates. With their support again and Lindsey’s 6.3 million dollar campaign fund it will take a very smart conservative strategy and mobilization to beat him. He knows this and can call in the neo-con insiders for their support again.

        • americanathlete

          Progressives calling themselves Republicans are the ones that I will hold responsible for the downfall of America.

  • jalina susan stutte

    Lindsey and McCain are both communists and that’s what they have in common with Obam. Obama has shut all our Embassys down and why? I think it’s because his muslim brotherhood plans to attack Israel an the media won’t be there to cover it. He plans to let the gas go sky high here and that will weaken the American people to fight against his takeover of our country. That also explains why he fights all oil production in our country. We will see a bloody civil war again in this country I predict, it will be soon. If Obama was a real American, he would know that we don’t go down easy. We have the best weapon on earth on our side….GOD!

    • americanathlete

      Amen! Civil war is coming and unlike the first civil war it will be bloodshed of massive proportions!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t mean to make light of this, because it is serious, but as best I can tell, we now get around 12% of our oil from the Middle East. We get 44% of the oil we use right here in the U.S. We get 16% of it from Canada, 13% from Central and South America, and another 15% from other countries. If the situation gets as bad as closing the Suez, yeah, that will increase the price, but I don’t see how that’s going to dry up the gas supply such that we can’t get any. Our demand for gas was dropping last year, as I recall. I can only imagine that’s continued.

    • Anonymous

      And it does seem a pity, pi, that with the oil reserves the US does have both on land and
      off shore, that the environmentalist lobby has made drilling a dirty word in our nation.

    • Anonymous

      Everything you’ve said here is a moot point as long as Obama stops hiring Left wing scientist shills to combat fracking for shale oil and to open up the Keystone XL pipeline.  He could also stop promoting impractical and expensive green energies, stop exaggerating the negative effects of fossil fuels (the things that fuel all of civilization btw), quit it with the totally debunked global warming BS, and throw this carbon tax (a.k.a. redistribution of wealth scheme) out the window.  Just saying.

  • DE Navarro

     Senators John McCain (R-AZ) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC)

    R = RINO
    RINO = Liberal
    Liberal = Democrat

    Hence the Democrat Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham

  • Gosha

    O no, they are worse than Democrats. At least you know what to expect fron Dems. These two stuges stab us, Conservatives in the back time after time, after time.
    Mc Cain is a walking dummy. Only brain dead Republican establishment could make him a nomenee in 2008. These idiots always chose  wrong nomenees.. Although Romney was a succesful businesman  nomenee, that`s not enough to beat the left wing ugly lying machin and worthless Communist obama in 2012.Only Gingrich could wipe the floor with obama.

  • Anonymous

    Huh?  Graham likes acting like a doofus?  By his words/actions he seems as well informed in
    foreign affairs as was the senator from IL when he came into the WH.

  • Brian Murphy

    maybe we need a balanced  forecast of the Middle East future; it may not be great but we must make the most out of the positive; The report of the 2 men was eye opening in that we do not realise how serious the situation is.

  • Anonymous

    The best solution is to allow these animals to kill each other to the best of their ability.  I agree with most here that McCain and Graham are nothing more than RINO’s and the sooner we get rid of them the better.

  • Vonnie Wilford

    What’s scary is our president doesn’t know as much about the situation as Graham does.

  • Snorri

    Senator Graham is a Southerner; Senator McCain a Westerner. Perhaps they have more on their minds that involves the United States’ internal politics as relates to their districts than the ceaseless international turmoil and mayhem of the sundry fuzzy foreigners who get their psychological jollies via religious nonsensical violence and the murder of innocents. After all “government by the people” threatens many special interests. Face it. We too are caught up in the situation of induced, deliberate world chaos albeit over somewhat different issues. Egypt and Syria are potentially dangerous situations that could result in war even nuclear war. The U.S., as Abraham Lincoln saw it, is being stripped of its Constitution by the current activities of some of the citizens and politicians. It would seem that the entire world is being set-up economically, socially, and physically to  need / call for / demand a stable world environment. The New World Order of bankers, corporations, politicians, like Graham and McCain, and the rapacious elite? The “Fair Share”, menial employment world of Obama’s and liberals lies, deceit, deceptions and regulations? Consider that the NSA’s spying on Americans and foreigners, as well as that similarly done by foreign governments is the prelude to, maybe even the start of, world fascism, commodity rationing and the option of a living standard akin to ant hill serfdom or debased poverty, imprisonment or “reduction”.

  • Shane

    McCain is a liberal Republican and Graham is liberal on some issues, but wea are stuck with them. We should put pressure on Obama to Declare the Muslim Brotherhood organization a terrorist group and require Obama’s administration to stop supporting them. Sign here –

  • Anonymous

    Prediction of $300.00 per barrel oil and the A-Hole in Chief and Hollywood tree hugging fanatics pushed him into refusing the Keystone Pipeline.  Ladies and Gentlemen you cannot make this stuff up.  This is what always happens when the self-centered, egotistical, abstract thinking theorist intelligencia gets power and actually believe their way of thinking is better than common ordinary sense. They are totally F’d up!!!

  • Lynn Brooks

    This is exactly what Obama is after! Open your eyes and realize they want global chaos! It is going to happen, no matter what. They made sure the leaders of these countries were taken out. Starting with Saddam Hussein. Those leaders that were killed or deposed kept their people in line. They should have left them alone! But no, they knew exactly what they were doing and what it would cause in the near future. There is someone behind the presidents that is pushing their world agenda. Collapse the world and they step in and take complete control. DUH!! A blind man could see this is happening.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with all your comments.  They are republican in name only.  I read these comments and I see how many people are infuriated with our politicians but they keep getting re-elected.  Where do you all live?  Why can’t we get our act together, unite, and throw these bums out of office.  It is time for a solidarity movement.  We need to act as one instead of all these splinter groups and take back our country.  The average person like me who is disgusted doesn’t know where to start or what to do to help the cause.  What are your suggestions??!!!

  • Katherine Trupo

    Their all talk ! when did we ever have a POTUS like Obama & when did we ever give into one the way this Republican Party has starting with the current SOH Boehner ! as I’ve been preaching this SOH is nothing more then another Nancy Pelosi in this regard. mark me they will merge with the Dem.Party ! vote these useless Rino’s out before they do it!

  • tony

    You would think after getting “surprised’ by how bad Egypt really is, Lindsey Graham would fire his staff whose job it is to search out real news and facts on issues important to him and the country.  But I suspect, his staff along with McCain’s, was loaned to them by their good friends on the Democrat side and  rely on the ole media outlets and  Soros funded Media Matters and Center for American Progress.   

  • Linda Harman Partain

    McCain and Lindsey get all ORGASMIC when Obama asks them to take charge or check into something … ANYTHING!!!

  • Anonymous

    The Middle East has to go through this turmoil. The region has not had an evolutionary change event like our revolutionary and civil wars.  The people of the regions have never had a chance to fight and bleed for a way of life of their choosing.  It has always been forced upon them by dictators or foreign influences.  Maybe they do end up under a Muslim caliphate and if they do at least we’ll have a consolidate enemy to face or in best case scenario a society that might evolve so that it can interact with the rest of the world.

    Unfortunately the timing is horrible, as we (USA) are going through our own evolution. We can’t sustain the progressive model of making less and less of our citizens productive through government give away programs.  I sometimes wonder if there are genetic triggers that cause humans to be stupid when the population gets to a certain point. Just look at most of our government, everything they seem to do is the opposite of finding a real solution.  House is on fire and they are passing laws to use gas to put it out. 

    The world is always in trouble, but it seems like we could be heading for one of those world wide events that will not be pleasant to attempt to live through.

  • Anonymous

    The people who are supposedly “leading” our country have no idea what the crap they are doing!  NONE of them!  Well, maybe obama does because this is what he wants.  But the Senators, etc. are all still thinking in terms of NORMAL foreign policy “problems”.  Massive chaos, slaughter of millions, etc…doesn’t even compute with them.  That is how Hitler got away with his halocast for years.  No one could fathom that kind of evil.  And it is that kind of thinking that explains why our republicans won’t fight obama on anything.  THEY SIMPLY DO NOT GRASP THE TRUTH OF WHAT IS GOING ON.  They think that obama is just your average, every day liberal president who can be “reasoned” with.  THAT is what will destroy this country…our “leaders” don’t get it!!”

  • Samuel Chet Bostic

    it’s funny, the first comments made about this article, is whether or not McCain and Lindsey are true republicans, people get so involved with the bs and completely ignore the big picture, which is the coming storm that is fast approaching. and why we will be destroyed as a result of the complete mismanagement of this country, and if you really believe that the problems facing us can be fixed with what has been called the big reset, then your completely ignaorant of what GOD has to say about it. the stage has been set, the roman empire  has been resurrected, and the antichrist has risen, and it’s just a matter of a few months before the shit hits the fan 

  • Armya M Boulos

    Egypt crumble soon!!!!!
    What is your vision for this barbaric racial perception
    I have no comment on the speech of others is incorrect logical
    But to say that the Egyptian army is the world’s armies Egyptian army is characterized by something else, but in a state of war do not fight with weapons just do not do not do not the Egyptian army fought with soldiers and their souls guess the anger of the Egyptian army

  • Anonymous

    Graham & McCain. Dumb & Dumber (The sequel).

  • americanathlete

    Glenn is definitely entertaining!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    500 control and how many are we WOW if we ever get it WOW ! Humans protect the ring in your noses.

  • Anonymous

    And the solution for the Raglands is what? Should we enter their wars? Should we destroy them all? Whose side should we take, our enemy or our enemy?

    In hindsight it seems we should have kept a very low profile in that hornet’s nest and gone after terrorists like they were a criminal organization.

  • bucketnutz

    Everything is OK at Martha’s Vineyard,,so who cares

  • SuperSparky

    “Stupid is as stupid does.”  Forrest (and his mother) was a genius compared to these two… combined.

  • Rob Conklin

    Progressivism has infested both parties and there are not many Regan Republicans left. This country has been fighting progressivism since the elections of 1892/1896. William Bryan and the populist party brought their progressive platform to the Democratic National Convention and they adopted progressive action.  

  • LarryCDickerson

    ♫ ✂♫ ✂To find a mountain path all by oneself gives a greater feeling ofstrength than to take a path that is shown

  • ItalianScallion

    Wake up white people, the end is near.

  • Anonymous

    Glen, you blame Graham for grand standing, then do the same for five minutes.  80% of the world’s oil does NOT go through Suez, 10% does and this is NOT ISRAEL.  You are being punked and used by Zionists. Egypt has been around for 4,500 years. What, are they all going to disappear overnight?  To hell with Israel and their propaganda.  This is the United States.  Send your own children to war, buddy.  You AND Graham are flat wrong on this one.

  • Anonymous

    What’s with those two? It’s like they have a title like “majority leader” but they don’t. Even Obama wanted to have lunch with McCain the day of… wasn’t it the day of the inauguration? McCain has some kind of weight he throws around behind closed doors or something. It’s like he and Lindsey Graham run the entire Republican Senate. If only Arizona could somehow get rid of him, it would really be a huge victory.

  • shuoxin

  • Vance Decker

    The worst kind of gay is the closeted self-hating gay like Lindsey Graham. He makes ZERO sense here.

    How ironic that the Republicans, supposedly the party which supports “freedom” does not support the will of the Egyptians to not have to live under a bunch of Islamic Terrorists.

  • Anonymous

    Nancy-boy Graham is clueless about everything.  He’s too busy being infatuated with Johnny McCain. 

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