Benghazi whistleblower: It’s possible they could have been saved

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Gregory Hicks, former deputy chief of mission in Libya, sat down with George Stephanopoulos on ABC’s This Week yesterday, to talk about what has transpired in the year since the terrorist attacks on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya that left four Americans dead. Hicks, who is now considered a whistleblower, explained how his life has changed since the attacks and why he believes more could have been done to save American lives.

“So we also have the Benghazi whistleblower,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “Now, here’s where the government actually is prosecuting people and coming after people.”

On Fox News Sunday, Chris Wallace was unable to get White House chief of staff Denis McDonough to explain why the U.S. has failed to apprehend the man charged in connection with the Benghazi attacks – Ahmed Abu Khattala – one year after the tragedy. But over on ABC, the Benghazi whistleblower Hicks explained how his life has been turned upside down since testifying about what really happened last September 11.

Watch the entire interview HERE.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Since then it appears there’s been something of career limbo inside the State Department.

HICKS: That’s correct, that’s true.

STEPHANOPOULOS: The State Department says this was an assignment you requested. You’re getting the same pay as before, but do you feel you’re being punished for speaking out?

HICKS: Yes, I feel that I have been punished. I don’t know why I was punished. I don’t know why I was shoved aside, put in a closet, if you will.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Does the State Department know you’re speaking out now?

HICKS: No, they don’t know I’m here with you.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Then why talk?

HICKS: Because the American people need to have the story, and Ambassador Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Ty Woods and Glen Doherty’s names are names that should be remembered by every American for the sacrifices that they made.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Could those four American heroes been saved?

HICKS: Sadly I think that Ambassador Stevens and Sean Smith, maybe not. Ty and Glen of course were killed in the mortar attacks that took place eight hours after the initial attack. It’s possible they could have been saved.

“Okay. So why were they killed,” Glenn asked. “Now, Chris Wallace is talking about, ‘You guys said it was this guy. I don’t know if you’ve seen this, but he’s wearing a target on his chest and apparently some sort of an ankle bracelet that will give you his GPS coordinates at all times, and you guys haven’t found him yet.’ ‘Well, government’s going to do what the government says it’s going to do. And, of course, we are looking for the truth behind everything.’ Well, here’s some new news: The Benghazi whistleblower – he says he’s in trouble.”

Given the sharp contrast between McDonough’s reasoning on Fox News and Hick’s testimony to Stephanopoulos, one has to question the administration’s priorities (or lack thereof) when it comes to Benghazi.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Its probable they could have been saved save for the twice-issued “Stand Down!” order which was given by Obama, or someone who was given the duty to make that call by him. 

    Obama and many others of the admin are guilty of murder, treason, sponsoring and supporting international terrorism, and international war crimes by supplying terrorists with chem arms.

    • Tindig

       Obama has committed treason against the USA over and over again and should be impeached and face the consequences as any other person that commits such crimes.  We have fought these terrorist organizations with American lives, sweat and taxes only to have obama switch sides for what he believes in and not what the people of this country believe in.  We are obama’s slaves – he does with us what he wants – America’s biggest traitor.  Let’s not forgot about Hillary – she is just as guilty.  There is something very dark underlying Bengazi – something we may never know.  Something so bad that if the American people or the world found out it would be unbelievable. Sadly, whatever this administration does is seen around the world as reflection upon us all.

  • Sam Fisher

    Remember questioning the Berry Obama White House is racist. You see left they could of been saved but where not because Obama let them die.

  • Anonymous

    He is not going to do anything to hurt his mudslime brotherhood brothers.  He is now trying to use our military to assist these same Al Qaeda terrorist, the ones that were responsible for the 911 attacks, in defeating the Assad government in Syria.  IF the terrorists win, then another country in the middle east will be ruled by the mudslime brotherhood and sharia law.  How many members of the mudslime brotherhood has he appointed to high level security positions in our government?  TREASON is rampant in our government and no one seems to care, or at least very few care.  May GOD have mercy on our country and souls if odumba succeeds with his plans to destroy our freedom, Christian faith, Constitution and country!

  • Anonymous

    Whatever happened in Benghazi, and I sure don’t know, it does smell like a cover-up.

    The families who rec’d the bodies were PROMISED by the Prez, who was there also, that those

    who were responsible for the attack would be captured (and prosecuted?)  Of course, he DID

    NOT SAY WHEN!   Coming up on the 1st anniversary of that attack and the families are still

    waiting for some form of justice on the behalf of those killed.

    But, then, how many of the promises made by B.O. have been fulfilled?

  • Anonymous

    They were killed because Obama said stand down and the two SEALS, Woods and Doherty went to help anyway … Obama killed them because they disobeyed …

  • Anonymous

    Just another conspiracy hack is what I thought when I first heard this. Now I’m not so sure. It was thrown out there that this was a planned attack by the president 
    as part of an elaborate hostage exchange gone terribly wrong. (It was just a couple of months before the elelction after all). Was supposed to kill 2 birds with one stone: Ambassador Stevens taken as a hostage with Obama coming to the rescue (eventually) by releasing certain Lybian terrorist/terrorists as an exchange for the life of the ambassador and a few CIA agents. When the terrorists didn’t get things their way, all hell broke loose.Why else did it take so freakin long for the FBI to show up but CNN was Johnny on the spot? This whole thing stinks like rotten fish. Obama has no intention of EVER “bringing these people to justice. I think Stevens got wind of it at the last minute and had to be sacrificed. “But what difference does it make at this point?” Makes a hell of a lot of difference to the families that O’billary lied to. And lie he did.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think Chris Stevens was “thrown to the wolves”, but I do think he was given a dangerous assignment without proper coverage. Intent versus incompetence.

    “We leave no man behind”. The military has lost many men fulfilling that motto – perhaps more in the rescues than were ever saved. That doesn’t negate the practice – it is not a matter of numbers, it is a matter of commitment to a principle. The excuses by Secty. Panetta, “we didn’t know what was on the ground” are a denial of a military creed. 

    I don’t believe that there was a “stand down” order, I believe that there was a lack of a “go” order. The President, as CinC, has to give a “go” order if the circumstances aren’t already covered by standing orders. This President was not available, for whatever reason. His informal delegation to Panetta “do what you need to do” was not a valid order in military terms.

    I will fault the local commander to some extent, I believe in mutiny. I had a problem with the XO of my ship many years ago, I’d changed a standing order. Finally, in exasperation, I told him “If Naval Regulations covered every circumstance we wouldn’t need officers, only enlisted men who can read. An officer’s job is to use his judgement and take a risk – and if he is wrong accept the responsibility and punishment”. I got two weeks “in hack” (confined to quarters except for watches and ship’s work). Another time I illegally took command of the ship from the OD – he and the CO were in deep argument and we were steaming into trouble. I took the conn and ordered the helmsman to “get us the hell out of here”. Better result that time, I was given my full qualifications as OD underway the next morning.

    Our current President has no concept of command responsibility, Even if I agreed with his politics (which I don’t) I’d not trust him in any executive position, and particularly not CinC of our military. When Saddam massed his troops on the Kuwait border, about midnight DC time, the White House Chief of Staff awakened Bush ’41 at about 2:00 am. By 8:30am he held a news conference – he had called about 20 world leaders by then, and had set up contingency plans with his advisors. And Saddam hadn’t moved into Kuwait yet. Bush 41, he of the “wimp factor”.

    The President shouldn’t be running all the details, LBJ did that in Vietnam by choosing bombing targets and Carter did a lot of micro-managing. But he should be involved in the process at every step, even if it is just to delegate. This President is divorced from reality. The most incredible thing, to me, is that he is uninvolved. He goes to bed (I assume) and then off to Vegas for a fund raiser when our embassy is under attack. I’d give him some slack if he were involved and couldn’t make a decision – if he were so academic as to be a Hamlet. But he is not  even involved enough to stay up and monitor the situation.

    Presidents, and other executives, will always make mistakes. Sometimes we forget that not all decisions are black and white. Sometimes one must weigh a 51/49 percent chance – and sometimes the 49% comes out a winner. Not all mistakes are policy mistakes, they can be anomalies. But the executive must make decision, or be there to modify it, else he is not an executive.

    I repeat, an officer’s job is to make decisions and take responsibility for them. This President does neither, and, I regret to say, the military structure at CENTCOM was unwilling to mutiny and take action in Benghazi,

  • Tindig

    Obama, Biden and all the other patsies should be thrown in prison for

    – treason,
    – murder,
    – subversion of our country,
    – subordination of our constitution,
    the deliberate impending destruction of our country via Obamacare, immigration reform that    opens the flood gates, quantitative easing,
    – inciting violence through sexual discrimination (war on women), and racial, political, income, religious division
    – and so much more that will lead to the economic and social collapse of the USA.

    Half the population is either unable to grasp the severity of these problems or is unwilling to drop their political loyalty long enough to see where Obama and his regime is taking the USA – into the despair and hopelessness of slavery and poverty.  Never say never – the USA can be destroyed. 

    So many American’s died in 911 and the subsequent wars fighting radical muslim terrorist, and now “President” Obama gives them weapons and military support paid for by the sweat and blood of American tax payers.  If these terrorist organizations are now our friend, then why do we need a surveillance state where American’s are spied on.  ARE WE, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE THE ENEMY?  According to Obama’s actions we are the enemy.

    Our next president should be home-grown, without any doubts as to birthplace and most of all a person who places his loyalty and trust in the highest power of all creation.  I see this person as Dr. Ben Carson.  A common sense man with wisdom, compassion, honesty and allegiance to his country, THE USA!

  • Anonymous

    If a liar can ignore, or downplay, his lie long enough, people will get tired of asking for the truth and just go on about their business. We have watched as the horror of 9/11 has all but been forgotten in the whole scheme of things. It has been a year since Benghazi, and nothing has been done to bring those Islamist to justice as Mr. Obama promised on September 12, 2012. He simply lied about it for weeks after it happened by claiming it was because of some anonymous video that no one had ever heard of, and has done nothing but lie since. We have bowed down in the present administration to the TERRORIST that perpetrated these unprecedented attack on America.

    Our President has done all that is in his power to prop up the various takeover schemes of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Middle East. He did it in Egypt, in Libya, and now he is trying it again in Syria. He refuses to support Israel or to condemn Iran’s growing nuclear power but he can go after the little pipsqueak Assad in an attempt to soften him up for the takeover of the Muslim Brotherhood. He cannot bring himself to call them terrorists which is what they are. They can only gain control by violence, fear and the suppression of truth wo what else can we call them. We must bring his attempts to a grinding halt, or we will be living under Sharia Law in America. 

    President Obama should bear the total blame for what happened in Benghazi and what is happening in Syria because he did nothing years ago when we at least had allies in the rebels at that time. Now they are being funded by the Muslim Brotherhood, Russia, and China.

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