Why would Israel be pro-U.S. intervention in Syria?

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As President Obama and Congress continue to ponder U.S. military intervention in Syria, the Bashar al-Assad led regime and its allies around the world have vowed action against Israel in response to any U.S. action. Given the threat, one would assume Israel would be opposed to U.S. involvement in the region, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

“How is it that Israel could be for the United States bombing Syria,” Glenn asked on radio this morning. “I think because we’re in an endgame scenario in the Middle East.”

In an op-ed published today on TheBlaze and GlennBeck.com, Glenn explains what he believes to be the real situation in Syria:

China’s Foreign Minister said American should ‘think thrice’ before acting and exercise ‘extreme caution’ in what is a clear declaration of support for Assad’s regime. Russia has unabashedly come to the aid of Assad by sending a steady stream of weapons and recently they bolstered their naval presence near the Syrian coast with a missile cruiser and a destroyer among other ships. Iran, of course, has vowed to support Syria ‘to the end’ in the face of possibly military strikes from the United States.

Since the Arab Spring the Middle East has come unraveled – something that didn’t seem possible given its already volatile nature. Egypt is on the verge of civil war, Libya is suffering in lawless ruin, and Syria is mired in a deadly civil war that’s killed hundreds of thousands of people. The Assad regime, the radical terrorists fighting against Assad, and the Obama administration itself all admit a limited and measured strike from the United States will neither end the civil war nor change regimes.

So why bother doing it? What is this really all about? Here are a few of the keys:

  • Assad saw what happened in Egypt and Libya and he’s making sure he does not suffer the same fate. He’s a dictator desperately trying to hold onto his power through any means possible.
  • Iran doesn’t have many allies around the world, but Syria is one of them. Iran depends on Syria to funnel weapons to terrorist organization Hezbollah, whose main base of operation is in Lebanon. Hezbollah views any threat to the Assad regime as a threat to Palestinians and Lebanon.
  • Syria hosts a Russian naval base on the Mediterranean and Russia needs the access to warm water ports or else they are either land locked or ice locked.
  • Another major factor is oil & natural gas. Syria is one of the most strategic places for pipelines to flow into Europe. Qatar proposed a massive pipeline that would weave through Syria, but Assad turned that down in 2009 and instead partnered up with Russia and Iran to get the pipeline, which is due to open in 2016.

Read the entire op-ed HERE.

So what does this all mean for Israel?

“Now, Israel is looking at a civil war,” Glenn said. “Imagine if Canada was in a civil war and Canada was not friendly to us but Canada was better to us than the guys fighting the civil war? Because the guys fighting the civil war said, ‘We’re going to kill every single American.’ We’d be very concerned with what’s happening in Canada, very concerned.  And we wouldn’t want the guys that said, ‘We’re going to kill every American’ to come down and kill us.

“But if we thought the Canadian prime minister is going to be toppled, if Greenland all of a sudden, or Great Britain all of a sudden said, ‘We’re going to draw a line in the sand… and that red line is going to be use chemical weapons.’ If there was a third grader that happened to snort a bunch of Ajax in a kindergarten room, I would be for calling up Greenland or England and saying, ‘You know what? I think they’re using chemical weapons right up there. You should go get ’em. You should go get ’em.’ Because I would want all of those chemical weapons destroyed,” he continued. “And if somebody else will destroy them for me, great. That way I’m not involved. Let somebody else go in there and get rid of those chemical weapons.”

“If the prime minister survives, great. He can’t have chemical weapons, and I didn’t have to worry about him,” Glenn concluded. “But if he doesn’t, I know I’m going to have to worry about the people who say they’re going to kill every single American. But at least I don’t have to worry about do they have chemical weapons or not. That’s why Israel cares and that’s why Israel wants us to do that for them.”

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  • Separook_bin_Feinstein

    Israel can attack Syria if they like. We need to support the Christians.

  • landofaahs

    Finally after weeks of the original post, someone in Beck’s office found out the natural gas pipeline might have something to do with all of this.  A friend of mine called me and said he heard it on Beck’s radio program today.

  • Anonymous

    Why does Israel want Big Bro to attack Syria?

    The Zionists who run Israel want to destroy both Syria and Iran before the U.S. collapses. It’s really just that simple.

    When the U.S. finally collapses, it will have to greatly reduce its military spending; therefore, the crafty Zionists know they have a limited window of opportunity to attack and experience a high degree of success.

    John McCain and the other warmongers understand that America’s large-offensive-military machine is unsustainable. They want to strike before America fully enters the Greater Depression, so the warmongers in both America and Israel are getting desperate because they understand the petro-dollar is at stake. Without the petro-dollar funding the American Kleptocracy, it’s game over for Washington’s hegemonic ambitions. The American Imperium needs more blood for oil, blood for petro-dollar, blood for empire, blood for a distraction……. blood for Zionism.

    • ThorsteinVeblen2012

      Israel is in a crisis of it’s own. Worldwide the sanctions against Israel are taking their toll. The next generation of Americans don’t see Israel as the victim, but rather the victimizer.

      Israel needs to clear out it’s major opponents, Iran and it’s ally Syria and control the “facts on the ground,” having no one in the way while they ethnically cleanse Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza.

      The clock is ticking.

      • Anonymous

        “The next generation of Americans don’t see Israel as the victim, but rather the victimizer.”

        You make a some good points; however, the distinction between Zionism and the Judaism of the common Israeli citizen needs to be made: The common Jew is being “victimized” by the Zionists leadership just as the average American is being “victimized” by Washington.

    • soybomb315

      Our foreign policy in the middle east is dependent on Israel – has been for many decades.  We do Israel’s bidding so they do not have to….Evangelicals are finally realizing this?  Well better late than never.

      • CarlyKing

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  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUrbEIqFl_Q Sam Fisher

    I say let’s stay out of this war between terrorist.

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    The end-game for the Middle East is at hand, and only the final winners remain to be seen.

    It’s a game of chess on a regional scale, and the local powers are vying for strategic position by encouraging the elimination or reduction of local adversaries; in the power vacuum generated, they hope to advance their own ends and thus gain leverage with the global players.

  • Anonymous

    This administration should be ashamed for supporting insurgents who rape and murder middle eastern Christians.

    The American people who vote for these monsters should be ashamed as well.

  • Anonymous

    Israel is for the strike because a fragmented middle east allows them to  achieve their plan of “Greater Israel”.   They are not our friends.

    • soybomb315

       America First

      “A passionate attachment of one nation for another produces a variety of evils”
      -George Washington (Farewell Address)

  • Anonymous

    Either Russia gets their pipeline, or the Saudis and Qatar get the pipeline.  I would much rather the Russians get it. I’ll take Orthodox Christianity over Islamists ANYDAY.

    • greywolfrs

      If the US drills and provides it’s own energy, neither would get the pipeline because it would NOT be needed. That is the BEST solution.

      • Anonymous

         Most of our oil comes from Canada and South America. We have no need for the middle east. 

        • greywolfrs

          But the Europeans do, which is the problem. If we drill our own resources and let the Europeans get their oil from Canada and South America….

          You point is very short-sighted.

      • http://drudgereport.com/ Myles Standish

        Like obama is EVER going to do what is best for the US! If it’s good, he’ll find a way to stop it from happening. He HAS to! His agenda is to castrate this country so that he and his partners in crime can completely take over

        I’m all for using our own oil rather than being gouged and manipulated by middle east thugs and having most of the money we spend for their oil being used against us by terrorists. But of course it makes perfect sense to obama for two reasons: 1. The death of the internal combustion engine. 2. Making us weaker and more vulnerable so that we’ll turn to government for aid and protection.

        Whatever makes us weaker, makes us easier to conquer — from within in this case – by obama and his lib/progressive/radical cronies whose lust for power and wealth knows no bounds, and the end always justifies the means!

        Evil, evil man.  Elected TWICE as potus thanks to a totally corrupt dem party and complicit media who truly stole the 2nd election — unlike gore vs Bush. That was a bunch of sour grapes, and a dem party whose evil machine wasn’t yet firing on all cylinders.

        obama’s 2nd win was a premeditated and carefully orchestrated crime of the highest order, involving thousands upon thousands of morally-bankrupt, spread-the-wealth, kill-the-Republic “soldiers for the cause” wokring together like a well-oiled cesspool.

    • http://www.facebook.com/george.vlk George Vlk

       It is all about who will get the PETRO DOLLARS! Look at China and the situation in the  South China Sea vs 5 countries over the PETRO DOLLARS!

      • http://www.facebook.com/aemoreira81 aemoreira81

         Try the natural gas dollars…that is the real fossil fuel at stake here.

  • Anonymous

    Huh?  IF the US attacks Syria and they make good their threat on Israel, what is the endgame

    on that?  Israel gets to bomb the H out of Syria and Iran (maybe) gets to come in (or their allies)

    and hit Israel?  All of this to try to draw the US into a larger war?   Am NOT for that!

  • Anonymous

    Because if U.S neutralize Syria/ Then during a Israel pre-emptive defensive strike against Iran nuclear sites and long range missiles launch pads and mobile launchers ,then Israel will have not to worry about a major push by Syria forces on it border or Syria air-force so much !!!! . Israel will not have to fight major conflict on two fronts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus they can count on no action by obama on Iran nuclear sites or his help anyway !!!  Good time to strike while Syria is occupy with a civil war and weaken by U.S air strikes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Israel’s Channel 10 reported over the weekend that President Obama personally called PM Netanyahu a few days last week and asked that he deploy AIPAC members to exert pressure on US congressional leaders to vote in favor of a Syrian attack, When asked why he did, the Israeli Prime Minister simply replied he “couldn’t refuse the President’s request”.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rigoberto.serrano.39 Pachy Serrano

    Cause Israel’s own interest is at stake as well. What? We are so stupid here in America that we don’t think Israel has its own agenda as well. C’mon folks!

  • Anonymous

    Speaking of the last election, could someone please tell me why precincts in Ohio, Penn, and W. Virginia did not have one single vote for Governor Romney?  Isn’t that a bit suspicious?  Why did not Congress investigate?  Why did the voting machines in Colorado show a vote for Obama when the voter actually voted for Romney?  Do anyone think this last election was stolen?  I do!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/aemoreira81 aemoreira81

    If you ask me…it would be to get back at Russia….since Syria is the final block to an alternative to Russian natural gas for Europe.

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