Sen. Chuck Schumer latest Democrat trying to panic the markets

President Obama and his Treasury Secretary Jack Lew have been trying to panic the markets since the government shutdown took effect two weeks ago. And after the Senate failed to achieve cloture for a “clean” increase of the debt ceiling on Saturday, Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) got in on the action, claiming the debt ceiling debate would worry the markets beginning today.

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“We are now at the place to where I said, ‘You better be prepared because ya never know when it’s going to happen,’” Glenn said on radio this morning. “Chuck Schumer was again trying to spook the markets, but Chuck Schumer isn’t the only one. The President is saying the same thing.”

SCHUMER: I worry on Monday that when the American markets open, maybe because of this vote, that they will start worrying and not only will the stock market go down but interest rates go up and the value with the dollar — the value of U.S. treasuries decline. It’s very serious.

“Unbelievably irresponsible,” Pat said of Sen. Schumer’s remarks.

“I want you to know Chuck Schumer is right. Chuck Schumer is right. And here’s why he’s right,” Glenn explained. “As soon as the Fed decides to raise interest rates, this game is over. It’s in a three-month death spiral.”

Columbia University Professor David Buckner joined Glenn on the Glenn Beck Program a couple of weeks ago to talk about the road that leads to hyperinflation. While the debt ceiling debate alone cannot achieve the “crisis” President Obama and his cronies speak of, it could serve as the trigger event David described:


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Get Glenn Live! On TheBlaze TV

“Just five or eight years ago, everyone said [this] could never happen. Well, all of them have happened. All of them have happened,” Glenn said of David’s analysis. “Now all you’re needing is an event, and if an event happens that causes the Fed to raise interest rates, the stock market will then plummet and people will start to panic and in three months, in three months you could have an American dollar that is worthless.”

“Understand this is exactly what Chuck Schumer is now talking about and what they are cheerleading for,” he continued. “I don’t even really have as much of a problem with Chuck Schumer doing it, but he’s only doing it for political reasons. And I know that because he has mocked people like me before and mocked people like you for buying gold. He’s never warned you before. But anybody who has been warning you, when the situation wasn’t this serious you can believe, but now they are doing it for political games and they will talk this market down.”

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  • Anonymous

    Of course this means you should buy gold tokens from Goldline. This half hour is brought to you by Goldline, the gold exchange scam that lets Glenn Beck suck on the cock of a golden calf in exchange for encouraging old folks to purchase gold trinkets at wildly overpriced prices

    • Anonymous

      Oh my goodness MoobManFan! That language is a bit much. But it is pretty gross how Beck will pretend to care about the common folk and then just spin out into one of those Goldline ads.

      • Anonymous

        I use vulgarity as a metaphor for how diseased the minds of Beck’s minions are. It hopefully shakes them from their stupors. And yes, Goldline is a con, through and through, a way to steal from the ignorant. Beck is more than happy to whore for them.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Remember what Van Jones declared – pressure, pressure, pressure; top down and bottom up, until the entire system crashes down upon itself.

    This is the current means of Obama to try and force the Republicans to cave in completely. He still refuses to negotiate beyond ‘everything is my way and no compromise will be accepted.’ 

    In the meantime, he continues to inflict pain upon the nation, step by step, and will allow the nation to go into economic collapse out of spite if he does not get his way.

    • Anonymous

      Van Jones, who is black. Obama, who is black.

      • Anonymous

         Yes, they are black and have done very well for themselves. Not sure what your point is.

        • Anonymous

          Snowleopard has a major panty wedge about having a black President. She also considers Van Jones as a communist, since he once made a comment about being a communist in the early 1990s. Oddly, she does not seem to still consider Beck to be a cocksucking cocaine addict, even thought that’s what he was doing at the same time Van Jones was “being a communist”

          • Anonymous

             Oh my goodness.

          • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

            Notice the constant sexual references he uses against Beck, and yet I am some form of racist and pervert.

            Sounds more and more as if Moonbat has the hots for Glenn.

          • Average Joe.

            Van Jones is a communist. Obama is a huge cocaine addict dope smoker and alcoholic.  You elected him as president.

        • Sam Fisher


      • Sam Fisher

        And these guys who also black conservatives your logic makes you an racist.
        Dr. Benjamin Carson
        Crystal Wright
        Mia Love
        Francesca Chambers
        Chelsi Henry
        Sonnie Johnson
        Artur Davis
        Tim Scott
        T.W. Shannon
        Allen West
        Wayne Dupree
        Alfonzo Rachel
        Why do you hate the black race so much MoobManFan?

        • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

          I imagine due to his own self-hatred and loathing at the government being shut down. Blame everyone for their problems, which is typical among the low-info leftist Quislings.

          Notice I mention one word of truth about black liberals, and thus I am deemed racist. One of my earliest heroes was Pele, a black soccer player in South America; and a model was George Washington Carver who is a famous black scientist.

          Of course to the left truth does not matter.

          • Anonymous

             Pele was great! Bicycle kick!

          • Sam Fisher

            It is a problem with my people as well tho many of us are getting sick of liberals pretending to care about us Native Americans. Tribes in the Mid West have been turned into third world countries because of our willingness to be the Dems slaves. You want to see what liberalism will lead to look no further than an Indian reservation going down the toilet. Gee I find it also funny that we are the party that only has the only black guy in the senate but yet we are the racist. It is Democratic mentality since the beginning of slavery enslave minorities and get them to do what they want. They only difference between those days and today is they got rid of the chains and no enslave threw the welfare state.

        • Draxx

          Sam, moobdude has spouted out more racist comments in the last two months than anybody else in this forum, and he is in second place to another leftist libtard for sexually derogatory comments (I don’t want to say the other name because they will take being noted as a compliment like an idiot)…

          They don’t realize that their Verbal Bullying is compensation for the fact that they are lacking in other places mentally!  I don’t think they will be cured until this Adminstration has them in a FEMA Camp waiting to die!

      • Anonymous

         Dreams of a black phallus Moob?

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Obama would love to have the nations markets, and economy, completely collapse. Remember he declared the ‘fundamental transformation of the United States is complete,’ not all of that long ago. 

    Now they are onto the next portion: the fundamental rebuilding of the United States into a communist state under Obama’s autocratic rulership.

  • Bonnie Somer

    the thing Schumer the pres and all the o/know is that Jack Lew the treas sec can use the tax money taken in to pay the int on the debt that is y no one is panicing.   The pres, and the Dems want total panic b/c then they will use it to just keep bankrupting the entire nation this is y over 60% of Americans would vote the whole lot of them out and yes Van Jones said that pressure them, AG Holder says brainwash them, and on and on to get Americans so used to raising the debt limit this is irresponsible to say the least but this is obama and what he wants.  Geo Will on FOX NEWS SUNDAY said it best: obama is a progressive he wants NO DEAL NONE he won’t negotiate and that is what he wants total cave in by the GOP Will is right this is him my way or no way ……………….he wants total economic collapse no wealth, jobs or anything else here WHY THE HELL ARE WE NOT DEMANDING THE IMPEACHMENT OF THIS MAN RIGHT NOW WHY THE HELL NOT

  • Anonymous

    What’s up with Beck’s silly uniform?

    • Anonymous

       He does wear some weird clothes! LOL

      • Anonymous

        He is a wacko and a kook. He was wearing a boy scout uniform recently. Beck is one guy who should not be allowed anywhere near boy scouts

        • Anonymous

           Diversion, and ad hominem attacks don’t prove your pointless point. We’re talking about Schumer’s logic (such as it is) and to what ends he will go to support the Democratic agenda, which is to own you. That’s right, YOU, the very person mocking Beck here. How does it feel to be a tool for the Democrat agenda? (Oh, that’s right, you won’t realize it until it’s too late, unless We The People intervene.)

          Carry on, Demminions.

  • Redhotchilli Pepper

    why aren’t the democrats scared enough to do anything about it .. if obama and vice president harry reid arent changing stance .. it must not be that bad

  • Sam Fisher

    Obama and the liberals are the true hostage takers and President temper tantrum is leading them.

  • dennis reilly

    Schumer, Soros, Obama all may be shorting the market along with the rest of the politicians who know what is going to happen because of their actions. Obama is number one culprit because he is the man-just ask him and he’ll tell you

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone really care what Schumer thinks?

  • Snorri

    Very sad to hear Senator Schumer do such a thing. The shut down and the pending debt ceiling are not “a smoke filled room” political game. Real people, especially in NYC will be economically hurt more so than they have been by Obama’s policies and hurricane Sandy. More and better are expected from a foremost politician like Senator Schumer.

  • ellievl

    My dad who passed away last year at the age of 80, told me this would happen in my life time when I was in my early twenties. I am now 58. I remember him holding up one of his investment statements and saying see these numbers? These are numbers that tell me the money is there! I believe today the money is there. The day will come when you will have a bank statement and the numbers will be there, but the money will not be there. ” I want you to remember that.” He went on to say that money is in part a spiritual commodity. If people believe it is there, then it will be O.K. even if it is not there. However, at some point when people see the truth, the money they thought was there, is really not there, then everything will collapse.From there he went on to discourage my getting into debt.  Don’t buy anything you can’t pay for! Work two jobs, save, go with out, live on less, do what it takes to get what you want through hard work but do not borrow! If you can’t pay for it then you can’t afford it! He actually said “it will be people who get into debt by borrowing money for things they want but cannot afford who will start the spiral of money loosing it’s value.” He reminded me that God will always be my provider! That God actually gives people power, strength and energy to work hard so they can pay for the things they need and for the things that they don’t need!
    It has been amazing to watch people get conned into loans on their homes that gave them a cash flow that was beyond the value of their home! The endless con job teaching Americans that they can have it all even if they cannot pay for it! Free food, free healthcare, free rides. Zero % interest on a loan for that new car that you cannot pay for with real money!
    My dad taught me some amazing lessons on money! I can’t help but think he is looking down at me from heaven  with a big grin, saying ” I told you this would happen!” But most importantly, dad is reminding me to not live in fear, because God is my provider and My God does provide for his people!
    If I can’t pay my bills with monopoly money then I say the Federal government should not be allowed to as well.
    In my job as a nurse, when my pt census goes down I am sent home, or get a call in the morning offering me a job on another floor or the option to stay home. I do not get paid if I am sent home or called off, I can use my personal time off.( Vacation) When I hear all the crying from the federal employee’s I realize how blessed I am. I am living in the real world. They, the government are basically living in a fantasy land! The fear is that we the people would see the truth and demand the government pay it’s bills with real money and lay off all non essential employee’s.That is what will be happening sooner rather than later!
    The debt we as a nation have incurred is destroying us! This has been a long time coming, but the current president/dictator has really pushed it! Amazing how no one can stop him from making money!
    I ask all believers to pray for our president and leaders, to get the truth to them as they all seem blind and for God to lead our nation into a pathway that with hard work, living on less and perhaps going with out some things we can really pay our bills! God  must be actively involved in the solution! God, please bless America and it’s people!

  • mspatdev

    Shummer, obammy, reid, pelosi and many others have been converted to obammy’s socialist of our nation. They will lie, lie to the American people that if they don’t get ways, the sky will fall. obammy doesn’t want to work with the GOP, because he wants his way. GOP is listening to the people, I am included with that group of petitions. To end obammycare and to not raise the limit of money for them to spend, spend. obammy wants more and more money to send to muslim friends and the brotherhood in the Mid-East countries. He wants to take more million dollars of vacations. He isn’t doing anything for the American People, all he wants to do is hurt each one of us. He and reid are like two beans in a pod. The GOP isn’t crumbling, that is what obammy is trying to brain wash all of us with. The sky isn’t going to fall on Oct. 17th, if it does it will be because of obammy. How many things has he done to change the Constitution since Oct. 1st? I would imagine quite lot since he spends his time changing our laws. Why wouldn’t he let out military go to see the Open Air Memorial of WW2A? Then a day or two, has pelosi bring in illegals to the same place and it was opened up to them. It is all about VOTES. I’m sure he has lost a lot of votes from the veterans and other people. He wouldn’t even let our military vote in the last elections. I wrote to him and paneta to get it fixed, well, they didn’t. ALL MILITARY DO NOT VOTE FOR ANYONE OBAMMY WANTS IN OFFICE IN 2014 AND 2020. If he has way, he will be on the ballot box for his job that he can’t do.

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