Based on the poll numbers, New York City is well on its way to electing a far left radical with a frightening past as its next mayor. And last night, Democratic candidate Bill de Blasio and Republican candidate Joe Lhota squared off in the first of three debates.

“Last night we had the initial debate for mayor in New York City,” Pat said on radio this morning. “And you have a socialist certainly, maybe even a Communist, in Bill de Blasio.”

“Wait a minute. Hang on. He raised money for the Sandinistas, a Soviet front group. So what would make you say that he was a Communist,” Glenn joked. “He went on his honeymoon to Cuba, against the law, but he had connections in Communist Cuba. What would make you say he was a Communist?”

A few weeks ago, Glenn put together a package highlighting the frighteningly radical past of de Blasio:

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But during last night’s mayoral debate, the only thing anyone seemed to care about was the fact that de Blasio’s opponent, Joe Lhota, once spoke at a TEA Party event.

“Well, but see, none of that matters because Joe Lhota, the candidate who’s opposing him, actually went to a TEA Party once,” Pat explained. “He’s that extreme. Listen to it in the debate last night.”

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DE BLASIO: …Go to Washington, fight to bring sanity to end this TEA Party madness, work with the financial community that knows how dangerous this crisis is. But let’s be clear: The same TEA Party that Joe Lhota reached out to for their support in Staten Island, these are the same folks who are causing this problem, the same TEA Party, the same extremist Republicans who say let’s delay Obamacare or let’s get rid of Obamacare. Well, Mr. Lhota agrees with them that we should get rid of Obamacare. He is enabling the same worldview that has put us in this crisis.

LHOTA: I didn’t go to the TEA Party for support at all. They invited me to come to speak, and I went to speak as I will in any community in any party. So the idea that I went there for their support is absolutely wrong. But what I will tell you is that regarding the situation, regarding Obamacare, I think it’s very important to talk about this. What I basically said is that we need to delay it for one year. And the reason why we need to delay it for one year is the government doesn’t have their act together.

“Who’s going to win,” Glenn asked.

Considering de Blasio currently holds a 50-point lead in the polls, it is safe to say New York City will soon experience life under a socialist government. Glenn had a message for all his staffers in New York:

“Yeah, the Communist will win,” Glenn said. “Attention all Blaze staffers in New York: We will always run shows and always have things to do here in New York, but your taxes are going to go through the roof. Your life is going to become a living hell in New York. I want you to know clearly: The company has 150,000 square feet of studio space in Texas where the taxes amount to zero, from freedom is running rampant in the streets. Instead of people that are crazy, wetting themselves and wanting to stab all people with any kind of a job. Attention, all Blaze staffers: There are planes departing New York daily.”

Pat then played the ad the de Blasio campaign is currently running:

“He just spews his Communist garbage cloaked in ‘We’re New Yorkers,’” Pat said. “And that’s how he’s winning this election.”

“It’s hope and change,” Glenn added. “What did he just say? All he said was: I’m going to raise taxes. I’m going to expect you to do more. Translation: What Mrs. President said: My husband knows. He knows. You’re not going to be able to go back to your old life… Well, that’s what he’s doing. And if you don’t want to do it his way, it’s the highway. You have a Communist takeover in New York. And New York, you’re going to get what you deserve. And I hate to say this, but look at what this city is already like compared to what it was five years ago.”

“I was in this city, where you were afraid to stop your car in the 1980s,” he continued. “You never wanted to stop at a stoplight because there was somebody who was homeless that was brutal, that because you had a car, you owed them. And it started in the 1970s. And they would come and they would squirt water on your car, take a piece of newspaper that was on the floor, wipe it once and then slam on your windshield, ‘Pay up.’ And you just prayed every step of the way, ‘Just don’t let me hit any red lights. Please, please, please don’t let me hit any red lights.’ And if you did, you wanted to be about five or six cars back from the front.”

“That’s exactly where this city is going again,” Glenn concluded. “This city is going to be an absolute nightmare because they are pitting people against each other. This is the Occupy Wall Street attitude.”