Last week, TheBlaze reported that David Barton had been approached by many TEA Party leaders in Texas about the possibility of running for Senator John Cornyn’s (R-TX) seat in 2014. While David has remained mum on the subject, on radio this morning, Glenn shared a conversation he had with his good friend in which he encouraged him to run.

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“Well, let’s address something we haven’t talked about here. Let’s talk about David Barton. Well, I will tell you this: About three weeks ago I called up the great senator from the State of Texas, David Barton, and I said, ‘David, you know, I’ve been talking about Louie Gohmert for a while, but I think I have even a better candidate.’ He said, ‘All right. Let’s hear it.’ I said, ‘What would you say about a guy who knows the Constitution inside and out… knows the system really well? And people, I think, would be passionate for him,’” Glenn explained. “He said, ‘That’s great. Who is it?’ And I said, ‘Senator David Barton.’ He didn’t laugh and there was dead silence on the phone… He said, ‘Glenn, if the Lord tells me to do it, I’ll do it. But so far I haven’t heard.’”

“There’s nowhere to go with that,” Pat conceded. “There’s nowhere to go with that.”

Glenn went on to explain that he has heard similar answers from the other people he has approached. Both Rep. Gohmert and Rafael Cruz, the father of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), have told Glenn that a Senate run is something they would pray on and think hard about, but without some sort of urging from God, they would not be interested.

“So what I’d like to do is I’d like you to ask that David Barton suddenly receives a miracle ear,” Glenn joked. “And maybe this is just not the time… I think it would be a big deal. The smears on David would be enormous. David has a problem of, you know, going against Goliath – big, huge money.”

The story has already gained national attention, with MSNBC Morning Joe talking about David’s possible run this morning. Perhaps surprisingly, however, Joe Scarborough actually came to David’s defense.

“They call him an ‘evangelical historian.’ That’s the first time I’ve ever heard of that. You can’t be a Christian and a historian? An evangelical historian,” Glenn asked. “Look, hang on just a second. I got it right here, okay? Here’s what it takes to be qualified for the U.S. Senate. Now see if David Barton lives up to this: You have to be 30 years old and an American citizen. David Barton, he’s an evangelical Christian historian!”