‘We got it covered’: Illinois town turns down FEMA aid after devastating tornados

Following the devastating tornadoes that swept through the Midwest last weekend, Glenn shared that Mercury One had made its way to the areas most effected by the storms and were working with local churches and organizations to assist in any way possible. On radio this morning, Glenn was able to share some “really good news” about the rebuilding efforts.

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“By the way really good news on that. In Illinois, there are two things that I have to share with you from Mercury One,” Glenn said. “Mercury One has been on the ground, and they are in the worse devastation.”

The first thing Glenn wanted to share involved an incredible photograph that was taken outside a church:

The church has been so inundated with donations they actually no longer have space to store everything. Instead, the church is asking that donations be given to other churches and organizations in the area.

“Have you seen that in America,” Glenn asked. “That is because of people actually helping one another. This particular church was because Mercury One was there, and it is because of what you donated. One of the first stops was here, and they said, ‘We don’t need anything else. We are totally set. Please take it someplace else.’ So we are taking care of – I shouldn’t say we – you are taking care of people.”

Part of the mission of Mercury One is to allow the private sector, the individual to provide aide to those in need, so that we aren’t relying on the federal government and FEMA to bail us out when disasters strike.

“Mercury One’s goal was, at some point, to be able to create the America that we were in the 1920s before Herbert Hoover,” Glenn explained. “There was a huge flood [in 1927], and [then-Secreaty of Commerce] Hoover decided he needed to send trucks down to help the south with this really nasty flood. When the trucks came, the people actually met those trucks in the streets with guns and said, ‘Turn your federal trucks around. We don’t need you here. We don’t want you here. We are a community that takes care of ourselves.’ And they actually turned the trucks and sent them back home to Washington.”

Yesterday in Illinois, a very similar situation unfolded. The FEMA trucks arrived at a church that some Mercury One volunteers happened to be at, the townspeople told the FEMA workers their help was not needed.

“[FEMA] said well, ‘We’re here to help,’” Glenn explained. “[The community] said, ‘We got it covered. Our community has come together. We have it covered. Go find someplace else. Turn your trucks around. We don’t need you here. That’s our job.’ Success, America. Success.”

“That’s pretty amazing,” Pat said, “because the devastation there was almost total.”

“People couldn’t find their own streets. They didn’t know where anything was. It was all gone,” Glenn agreed. “That’s fantastic! I wanted to give you some good news here.”

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Excellent, and since they refused FEMA aid, they will be ‘punished’ by the admin in the near future.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8FvmesaxXg Sam Fisher

    We all should just ban together and make supplies of our own so when the government comes to “help” we can tell them to get lost.

    • mspatdev

      Amen to what you Sam has said and that town in Illinois. There is always a catch when the government AND FEMA comes around to help. It is THE TAX PAYERS MONEY AND NOT THE GREEDY GOVERNMENTS. It is a privilege for OUR MONEY TO GO TO PEOPLE IN NEED IN THE USA ONLY, and not to obammy’s mid-eastern countries. MAY GOD BLESS EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU IN THE TORNATO ALLEY IN ILLINOIS.

  • Melanie

    I’m curious as to what town turned FEMA away.

    • Ramblin’ Redneck

      I’m curious as well, as several towns were hit pretty hard. If I had to guess, I’d narrow it down to either Washington (in the more Conservative leaning Peoria area) or Brookport, which is just down the road from Harrisburg (which was itself hit by a tornado not too long ago on 2/29/12) who’s requests to FEMA for assistance had been rejected. FEMA told Southern Illinois to GFY, so it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if Southern Illinois returned the sentiment.

  • Anonymous

    There are pockets of resistance behind enemy lines in Illinois who refuse to be re-educated.

  • Anonymous

    Well, there you go, after hurricane Sandy, Obama showed up, hand-in-hand with Christie and made promises to help immediately. I’m still hearing that many people who lost everything are still waiting…..

    • mspatdev

      The only thing that obammy did was to go for a photo-op. This was about one week before the elections. Then obammy google over Christie and caused a stir in the elections. Congress sent the money to them, but there was so much pork that the senate put in, that the Sandy victims didn’t get very much money.

  • ellievl

    I work with a Dr. whose has two siblings that live in this area. They were less than 2 miles from the area that was totally demolished. The initial report was zero fatalities! I think the report is now perhaps one. The reason being they were all in church when it struck! This is a middle class area with hard working Christians who practice what the Bibles teaches! They live by Biblical principles and when you live like this God is your provider, and not Government! Praise God Mercury One was on the scene! God hears the cries of his people, who are calling out to him for help! They get that the current Government is no longer under Biblical principles, is under the powers of darkness! To have accepted the aid from FEMA would have been to open a wide door for the devil to sneak in!
    They kept the door shut so God could show his glory through people helping and loving each other by sharing what they have,,yes they will rebuild on the solid Rock Foundation! “The Almighty Lord God of Heavens Armies!” This is a beautiful revelation to us all from God! ” God is our provider and not the Government! We win in the end as our Father is Supernatural and desires to be in relationship with his people and wills them to have “more than enough so that we have extra to help others! There is still goodness in America! I Love it!:)

    • mspatdev

      There is more goodness in America when they honor there God or Jesus. When they go on the side of satan, then they won’t be protected. Look at what obammy has done to the USA, he is muslim and he put his hands on the Koran when he was put into his 2nd term. This nation has been taken from our Christian beliefs. It is a Communist nation, not totally yet, but it will be soon. We all need to pray more often so we will be protected. If we get this single socialist payer system for one master to provide insurance for everyone, we will be a communist nation. We need to fight for our nation harder now then ever before.

  • http://suzeraining.wordpress.com/ suz

    good stuff born out of bad stuff.

  • Anonymous

    Trucks headed to New Jersey?

    • bull57

      And got lost using Barry’s directions!!!

  • Clearwater


  • Chuck Reynolds

    It is not entirely true. I’m going to give Glenn the benefit of the doubt that this is what his employees saw, but turning trucks out of a church parking lot does not get them out of town. They are in Washington.

  • Deion Magnafici

    FEMA is in Washington, no one with any official capacity turned them away. Beck cannot get a story right with both hands.

    • bull57

      If the people say it, that makes it official enough even if some politician says it or not!!!

    • travis bronson

      I was there working from the Sunday it happened until Friday. FEMA was and is there. They were never driven out of town. I never saw or heard of a “charity” called Mercury. Beck’s followers are delusional fools who are being coerced in an attempt to spark off a civil war. These people are NUTS.

  • Igor Shafarevich

    Constitution – Amendment 2: The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

  • Igor Shafarevich

    Constitution – Amendment 2: The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

  • Chuck

    Considering that a federal disaster hasn’t been declared for the area (only a state disaster) I doubt FEMA trucks were anywhere near any Illinois town. Local news reports that there are members of FEMA in the area doing damage assessments, but there is no big presence in the area just yet. There’s a misconception that FEMA comes in and just takes over. They don’t, the state has to ask for a federal disaster to be declared, at which time FEMA works essentially for the state.

  • Anonymous
  • Scott

    You guys have to be the biggest fucking losers in America! The above article is a blatant lie! I live in Washington. No one said those words. FEMA is here and is helping. What is wrong with America are the ignorant people like Glen Beck that lie to Americans under the guise of news. Please do the world a favor and never breed. Don’t continue to believe this garbage and do some research yourself before you take the filth from Glen Becks mouth as actual news. Scott

    • bull57

      If the people say it, that makes it official enough even if some politician says it or not!!!

    • Ramblin’ Redneck

      Washington, IL wasn’t the only town hit by tornados that day. The article never mentioned WHICH Illinois town this incident allegedly took place, so I’m rather amused by all of you jumping to conclusions and claiming the article is false simply because the 1 town you might live near accepted FEMA’s assistance. There were at least a half dozen other communities hit that day, and I’m still curious to find out where this occurred…

  • bull57

    When ever the federal government says were here to help, RUN or do what this fine people did.

  • travis bronson

    I worked in the worst of the tornado ravaged towns from the day it happened until Friday. FEMA is there. They were never run out of town at any time. As far as Beck’s charity “Mercury”, there was no such charity on the ground in any of the affected towns, churches, or staging areas. This man is lying to you.

  • Jen Willwerth

    They didn’t turn down FEMA. FEMA is “helping” them. I went to help, and the volunteers need to log in their hours to offset the bill they are going to receive from FEMA. So before you commend this town for “turning down FEMA’s help” consider that maybe they were initially turning down FEMA’s bill. They were not offered free help from the government. They were offered assistance at a cost. Which they eventually had to take. I thought FEMA was a government program to assist people in times of total destruction. I guess not.

  • Debra Lammers

    The city of Washington did not turn away FEMA. FEMA denied aid to Washington, Illinois despite damage to more than 1,000 homes and a 47-percent estimated loss to its property tax base. FEMA’s formula for aid fails when it applies to small communities. If you are in a state that has a huge city like Chicago you will always be left out by the formula.

    Senators Mark Kirk and Dick Durbin as well as Congressman Aaron Schock are working to improve this flaw in the FEMA formula. This is a wonderful and rare example of members of both parties [Democrat and Republican] working together to help the people.

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