How does a hospital get away with holding a kid against the wishes of the parents?

A few days ago, TheBlaze reported 0n a 15 year old girl being held in the hospital despite the express wishes of the parents. How does that happen?  The hospital claims that the parents over-medicalized the girl, leading them to take custody, even though the family has provided proof that every time they’ve taken her to the hospital or to the doctor, they did exactly what the doctors told them to do. Now the family is in a bitter dispute to get their girl home. It’s been ten months since they lost custody, and another court date looms right in front of us.

Glenn invited three people close to the case onto the show to discuss the story: investigative reporter Beau Berman, layer and author Beth Maloney, and Christ Balcells, Executive Director of You can watch a portion of the interview below, and subscribers to TheBlaze TV can watch the full episode and interview on demand.

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  • landofaahs

    Mess with a man’s family and you are messing with fire. These people eventually pick the wrong family and bad things happen.

  • Bonnie Somer


    • Dyana Postelle

      With mitochondrial disorders a sinus infection could become an hospital worthy event quickly.

      • Anonymous

        This presumes that she actually HAS said disorder. That remains to be seen based on the other information in the story. You might want to refrain from defending the hospital or the family until you have all the facts as best you can.

        • Dyana Postelle

          Since a very reputable doctor in the Mitochondrial community diagnosed her as a young girl yes I do. And since 90% of treatment for mitochondrial disorders is less processed foods, exercise, and supplements such as CoQ10, Carnitine, B2, B6, B12, etc they are virtually safe. The over medicalization comes in when the patients have to deal with multiple specialists that rarely talk or agree..and after having a son die from Mitochondrial disease and dealing with 5 years of testing for my 4 other children and myself… the psych disorder is more rare then a mitochondrial disorder ironically enough

  • jrsp

    Please hire me as a proofreader!!

    • Jerry Fleming

      I don’t think she has enough money to hire a proofreader… or the common sense…

  • james coloma
  • james coloma

    Heres something much worse; Nonconformity and Freethinking Now Considered Mental Illnesses
    Is nonconformity and freethinking a mental illness? According to the newest addition of the DSM-IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders), it certainly is. The manual identifies a new mental illness called “oppositional defiant disorder” or ODD. Defined as an “ongoing pattern of disobedient, hostile and defiant behavior,” symptoms include questioning authority, negativity, defiance, argumentativeness, and being easily annoyed. Now via Obama care, all he has to do is sign and E.O. banning guns and any “non-conformist” will be criminalized!

    • Terry Gatewood

      ODD is a childhood disorder, and diagnosed as such. There is no diagnosis criteria for adults, and it doesn’t appear that one is in the works (despite what people from the planet Alex Jones would like you to believe). The problem with making statements such as yours is that it goes against what decent Americans are fighting for. Disinformation is a tool of the left, not of good men and women, and lets face it: These tools in Washington are giving us enough to work with without us having to invent things. Stick with the facts and stop listening to the conspiracy fools. If you are too lazy to do your own research don’t post opinions as facts.

    • Jennifer Campbell

      Your information on the DSM is inaccurate. The newest version is not version 4 but is version 5 which was published earlier this year and ODD was not a new diagnosis to the DSM-IV but was first included in the DSM-III which was published in 1980. In addition the ODD diagnosis does not have to do with pathologizing free thinking or being a non-comformist. May I suggest you read the research associated with this diagnosis instead of just the symptom list.

    • James Flint

      I thought the DSM-V was in effect which is even worse.

    • Adrienne Withers

      I was a foster parent in the 90’s we were placed with a fourth-grade boy who they diagnosed with ODD. He was on multiple medications, but his behavior was so erratic, we declined to foster him any more. If he were our own child, I would have fought for him, but as it was, he was too disruptive to our family.

  • Victor

    I would do no less than form a small militia and take my child back by force if need be. There are somethings in life you must fight for and family is on the top of that list.

    • Gregg Weber

      It would be hard to be in the jury and decide about jury nullification in this matter. God, Family, Country; what are the priorities such that you would support one over the other? The other side of the coin is someone threatening a greater priority with distruction to get their will. This has happened before.

  • Jenny Rodriguez

    The problem is also state child services hiring young individuals right out of college with no experience and have them make life altering decisions on families they just met. The caseworker just writes a report and reviews with a supervisor and that could be all it takes to get a court removal order.

    • russellmuscle1

      Yes, young adults are simply not as mature as they were decades ago. My father, at age 24, had two children, a home and had started his own business. I, at 24, was running around partying with other 24 year olds who acted like teenagers. It took me till I was almost 30 to grow up. Age requirements really need to be moved up in many areas in our society, sadly. It’s sad because young people need to work and be productive too; but they just don’t have the maturity to make these huge decisions that affect everyone anymore. Take voting for instance……

      • Emily

        I don’t think we put enough responsibility on the young people. If they had more responsibility while they were still in the home, then they would learn and be mature. Our society doesn’t expect them to grow up, so they don’t. Upping the age requirements would only worsen the problem – and how many adults aren’t responsible either? young people shouldn’t get all the flack that they do

        • russellmuscle1

          I agree with you and understand about them needing more responsibilities, but not when it comes to things that really, really effect other people. Letting a child make decisions for adults is like letting me make decisions for farmers. I don’t know anything about farming.
          Like, letting your college green peace kids put towns of people out of work and destroy communities and lives because they don’t like mining.

  • jimbo

    IT IS IN THE ACA PEOPLE!! thats how wrong the ACA is for America.. its goes against all AMERICAN values!

  • James Flint

    Parents need to file a complaint with the physician/hospital licensing authority as well as private civil suits in the courts.

  • Anonymous

    We need to have this hospital and all the doctors involved audited for kickbacks and also audit DHS for their involvement. We need to do to every hospital that decides it is GOD and takes a child away from the parents.

  • Carla

    Somebody really needs to spell check before posting articles. I’m out of work, hire me.

  • Jeffery Ford

    Nowadays it seems that parents have been reduced to custodians on behalf of the state. The state actually “owns” our children. Anyone know the legal precedent that created this? Does it go back to when wives became legal entities?

  • Anonymous

    Oh look, Glenn going on about a meaningless story. Why doesn’t the Blaze cover something important, like the Philippines? Can’t take this guy and his network seriously when this is something considered newsworthy on a national media platform.

    • Nate

      It’s not meaningless. Any time the state takes children away from parents for a wrong reason. It is more important than anything. How would you feel if the government took your child and told you to sit down and shut up. Attitudes such as the one you wrote are the reasons we are losing the freedoms we have. We need to worry about that over the rest of the world.

    • russellmuscle1

      You are the only one here who seems to think this story is meaningless. Read the plights of some of the posters here and tell them that their stories mean nothing and are of no importance.

    • Emily

      The government does not have the legal right to be taking our children away. Yes, the Phillipines is important, but this is just as important. We are being told that we don’t even have the right to take care of our own families anymore, and mainstream media isn’t covering it – it’s a scandal

      • Anonymous

        This is a case unlike any other the professionals involved had ever seen. The government is not seizing control of your children. Boston Children’s hospital is not a government body. Yes, the parents lost custody rights but that was through the state of Massachusetts. I’m not saying these parents deserve to have their girl taken away or that they don’t have the right to determine her care.

        Glenn takes a story like this (essentially a one in a million story in the news mill) and blows it up to fit his narrative. Glenn could be looking at more impactful stories such as the damage in the Philippines and what aid money actually reaches devastated countries but that wouldn’t fit his narrative. Instead, he incites paranoia.

    • Sami Lloyd Miller

      This is not a meaningless story. Mitochondrial disease is a real disease and it is a very real issue. Innocent children who are sick should NOT have to worry about being taken from their parents! Speaking from the point of view of someone who is affected by this disease, it’s time to get people to realize that Mito is a very real disease that is devastating. Countless children and adults have lost their lives! You really have no idea how much it effects a person.

  • Laura Merlo

    I have a story…look up Bring Acheron Home on Facebook. Doctors can lie and get what they want…even in court. And CPS can get money in the form of bonuses($4,000 to $8,000) for every child they can get adopted. Here in San Bernardino County, CA. they work together and someone is getting rich. There is a problem when one hospital (Loma Linda University Medical Center) has more children taken away from their parents in one night then all the hospital in the area put together. How can a doctor override a trained CPS investigator, get on the phone with a judge, and with no evidence at all have my 7 1/2 year-old grandson removed from my minor daughter’s custody. Doctor Clair Sheridan-Matney, then proceeded to lie in open court and manufactured a report that said my daughter was suicidal. There is some much going on here. I wish Glen Beck would come and hear our story. I watched my daughter go through one of the most heart wrenching times in her life. She was told by the state of California that she was an unfit mother, all because of an accident that occurred while co-sleeping (which is not illegal). My grandson is now going on 4 and is healthy and as a family we have stepped up to do what we can to make sure he knows who his mother is. What doesn’t break us makes us stronger, but we want justice, not just for us, but for those still fighting an unjust system to get their kids back.

    • lilbit

      We feared the same situation with the little girl I now have custody of. She was an abuse victim and CPS made it clear from the beginning that neither parent would ever see the child again and the father had nothing to do with her injuries. They didn’t get to adopt her out. I walked in the courtroom with no representation. They drug tested me, did two home studies, and looked at the bedroom that was fixed up for her. The house had every safety mechanism made and there were tons of toys and clothing for her. They had no reason to reject me. Unfortunately, the two individuals believed to be responsible for her injuries were not held accountable. For this reason, neither parent received custody nor has either parent seen their daughter. Unfortunately, the father isn’t trying and he has the therapist’s approval.

  • Anonymous

    Parents and others who are concerned about the sovringty of our families MUST get involved. Go to and then contact your representatives and ask them to pass a parental rights ammendment to the constitution AND to defeat the CRC and CRPD

  • txcncman

    As demonstrated, the individual is responsible for themselves. It is on the individual to educate themselves about their health and the care of their health.

    Obamacare does nothing to fix health care. Obamacare only adds to the overall cost of health care and forces individuals to give insurance companies more money.

  • Sam Fisher

    Remember that MSNBC add that said children belong to all of us that is what it would look like in practice .

  • Corri

    please sign a petition to audit the hospital for taking children’s custody with no reasonable cause. This will help Justina’s family and all familys at Boston Children’s.

  • vforba

    What I want to know is why is child so willing to stay, if this was my kid I’d tell them to walk out or sneak out whenever possible. This is just nuts

  • Dyana Postelle

    My son was dying from Mitochondrial disease (muscle biopsy confirmed) and I was suffering a sever reaction to a spider bite, I was swollen from my shin to my groin with an open wound the size of a coconut- I was about to under go IV antibiotics over a 5 day span after a month of no treatment working… I was the primary care for my son – administering medications every two hours (EVERY two hours), breathing treatments, feeding through a feeding tube, suctioning, and all the normal daily care of an infant… while caring for my two other children… When asked for my son to stay a little longer in the hospital (he was there because his feeding tube came out while in hospice – while I was trying to seek treatment ) and the social worker offered to place him with a foster family that would love to care for a medically needy child. They said he would be released after 2 days. He was held for 5 days because they doubted we wanted our child – I could have gotten treatment during that time but my appts were canceled because they refused to keep him when we asked. After the second social worker talked with us he realized that it was just a young social worker and she had misrepresented the situation. Granted this is not nearly as long as this situation but they were ok with taking my child for no reason and he would have died in someone else arms…they stole time from my son unnecessarily. The hospice doc reduced my sons feeds leaving him with a disease that was forced to progress because of it – he never talked with us, the genetics doc, or any other doc before doing so – even though my son was only to be in their care for 5 days. His feeding tube came out within 24 hours of me telling him I was taking my son – and we have evidence that he was not being given his seizure medicine. Doctors and social workers get these egos and act like they are the only ones even if they have never heard of something they will promote themselves as the only authority.

  • Denise Sanchez

    My mother has Munchhausen By Proxy and over dosed my daughter Feb 3, 2013. I went to the police and hospitals trying to save my daughter, they believed the abuser and not the victims.The hospital’s and Dr.’s new the signs my mother clearly showed of having MBP. Because of politics within the hospital, they never followed thru with my pleas for help. My mother has sued many (not victims) and wins. Her lies are heard and not the victims. Other victims have not been heard either. We have so much proof and can’t get help. I went to the police in 2010 and to detectives after my daughters death. We, like this family on Glenn’s show, need help from the public too. My daughters death went down as suicide and family secrets can prove other wise. Please help us too.

  • Marilyn

    Most people don’t even know what mitochondrial disease is. Unfortunately this video clip didn’t do anything to explain the disease. It is very real. Not a fake disease. I feel sorry for what this family is going through because ofa lack of knowledge about this disease.

  • Defend The Constitution

    I’ve found this to be a useful antidote against the ancient manifesto worshiped by today’s liberals and progressives:

  • Defend The Constitution

    While confused about reason’s origins, collectivists claim that society must be controlled by small groups of intellectuals & academics.

  • russellmuscle1

    It’s very common also for hospitals to call social services on parents of children with injuries, and also to take new born children from their parents if they are deemed unfit. Sometimes, the hospitals are correct in doing so. However this has become way too common to say that these nurses and doctors are always correct. Children should not be taken from merely “imperfect” parents. The effect this is having is to make parents terrified to take their children to the ER, go to doctors for help pertaining to pregnancy or childbirth, and seek out ways to avoid even giving birth in a hospital (where newly born children do have a much better survival rate). People are terrified a trip to the hospital will result in having thier child taken from them – even the best of parents aren’t crazy to have this fear. On the flip side, what if a child was being abused and the hospital missed the signs and sent the child back home to possibly be killed by their abusive parents? That would spark outrage as well.

  • russellmuscle1

    It’s very common also for hospitals to call social services on parents of children with injuries, and also to take new born children from their parents if they are deemed unfit. Sometimes, the hospitals are correct in doing so. However this has become way too common to say that these nurses and doctors are always correct. Children should not be taken from merely “imperfect” parents. The effect this is having is to make parents terrified to take their children to the ER, go to doctors for help pertaining to pregnancy or childbirth, and seek out ways to avoid even giving birth in a hospital (where newly born children do have a much better survival rate). People are terrified a trip to the hospital will result in having thier child taken from them – even the best of parents aren’t crazy to have this fear. On the flip side, what if a child was being abused and the hospital missed the signs and sent the child back home to possibly be killed by their abusive parents? That would spark outrage as well.

  • russellmuscle1

    This story is absolutely chilling.

  • Emily

    What really scares me about this story is that they decided to keep her through claiming she has a mental disorder. How easy will it be to take away rights from anybody who they can get away with labelling in this manner? Nearly a third of people are on antidepressants at any given point in thier life, and I’m worried they’re going to take advantage of that as an excuse to take away God given rights listed in the Constitution, i.e. gun ownership. If stories like this are already happening, where are they going to go next?

  • Mary McCartney

    As a woman who has been patronized by the overly paternalistic medical system I do not believe this is about right vs left, parents rights vs government rights, or any of the other hot button discussion issues It is about the patient’s right to not have everything the least bit baffling to doctors be labeled as a psychiatric disorder. The sheer arrogance of one set of practitioners to decide that other, equally competent practitioners have missed the diagnosis to the extent that they need to save the patient from herself and her parents is mind boggling. That the state felt the need to step into this dispute is unfortunate. Children are neither wards of the state nor property of their parents. While they may no be able to make every decision in the most informed manner, they differ little from everyone else in that matter. They certainly deserve the same rights against involuntary incarceration as are afforded all citizens. I am appalled that the matter has become politicized. I am about as far to the left of Glen Beck as is humanly possible and I find nothing political about this issue.

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