A few days ago, TheBlaze reported 0n a 15 year old girl being held in the hospital despite the express wishes of the parents. How does that happen?  The hospital claims that the parents over-medicalized the girl, leading them to take custody, even though the family has provided proof that every time they’ve taken her to the hospital or to the doctor, they did exactly what the doctors told them to do. Now the family is in a bitter dispute to get their girl home. It’s been ten months since they lost custody, and another court date looms right in front of us.

Glenn invited three people close to the case onto the show to discuss the story: investigative reporter Beau Berman, layer and author Beth Maloney, and Christ Balcells, Executive Director of Mitoaction.org. You can watch a portion of the interview below, and subscribers to TheBlaze TV can watch the full episode and interview on demand.

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