11 year old told to beg for braces money now running a small business

Remember Madison Root? Just a few days ago, TheBlaze was reporting on how she was told not to sell her mistletoe at the Portland Saturday Market because it violated city ordinance. When Madison explained she was doing it to pay for her braces, she was told she could beg for the money. Well, when Glenn read the story he asked the team over at The Marketplace to set the budding entrepreneur up with a place to sell her merchandise, and within an hour it was sold out. It’s amazing what can happen when people are given the ability to actually work for something, isn’t it?

Well, Madison joined Glenn’s TV show Tuesday to give an update on how business was going – and it was booming.

“We’ve employed 28 great people that really do need the work,” she told him with a smile. “There’s two homeless people that just got laid off, and we’re helping them get back up on their feet.”

Not only has Madison covered the costs of her braces, she’s also using some of the money she earned to “paying for someone else’s braces.”

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  • landofaahs

    It never ceases to amaze me how low liberals will stoop with their hatred. You could call me almost anything and it would not equal the shame of being called a liberal democrat.

  • Anonymous

    The braces look awesome.

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Excellent news!

  • Lee Toth

    This story is ridiculous. Why don’t you send your “team” to go help the majority of the homeless then? Fact is…without YOUR HELP she would NOT have gotten a “leg up”. That’s exactly what people need. Someone to help them out of a cycle. Someone to provide education and guidance and perhaps some start up capital. (which you did for this girl, yet criticize and judge people for miraculously becoming “entrepreneurs”. Face it…without YOUR HELP that little girl would still not have braces.

  • Anonymous

    Why don’t you crawl back into your cave, you worthless, two-bit, progressive bastard! You suck in every possible way.

  • Rod Lupo

    Actually that leg up came from the will of giving people..not the gov,,,She was doin fine and the city shut her down. the public reacted to that

  • Anonymous

    What an amazing young lady!

  • Kris

    They helped her with her business, they didn’t giver her money to not work, There’s a big difference between this, which is what conservatives are all about (cutting taxes is another example of helping business) and the “help” that liberals give out which encourages people NOT to work.

    Conservatives are generous with their own time,money and resources, liberals are generous with OTHER PEOPLE’S time money and resources.

  • Brandy Melton

    bah humbug! And just what are you doing to help others. At least this girl is doing what she is able to.

  • John Noh

    Yes, the vast majority of the people get off entitlement and other government-funded programs just to “get off the cycle”. That’s why Social Security ended up being the temporary program it was intended to be. Yeah, that’s the ticket, you goof.

  • Anonymous

    She was trying on her own and would have succeeded if the government hadn’t gotten in the way and told her to beg for money. What the media, including Glenn Beck, has done for her is to expand what she already started on her own. This girl will be a success in all she does and she is an inspiration to millions. She wasn’t a leach, not even to her parents. She pulled her own weight. This is something someone like you just doesn’t understand.

  • Josh

    Lee do you need a hug? I mean seriously listen to yourself. You are so bitter, my question is what caused it and how is what you’re going through any more important that what this little girl is. Don’t get upset because she is doing exactly what pretty much all Conservatives predict, and when she got HIS HELP… she paid it forward and helped others with it. I don’t think it would’ve caught his attention quite as well, the part about her being an entrepreneur and all had it not been for someone telling her to beg for her money rather than work for it. She may have in fact been breaking an ordinance, but they should’ve told her she couldn’t do it there at that location, rather than you can’t do that but you can beg for it. So yes then Glenn decided to get involved. Rather than tell people what they should do with their money and time, why don’t you decide to go help those people you advocate for ‘the homeless’ with your money and your time.


  • Bulldog754

    The liberal would reply: “Well, it did take a liberal to stop her from selling on the street, now look how successful she is.” Liberals = misguided idiots. They would be so lost without conservatives.

  • Mike Perico

    This is completely wrong. She was doing fine, until GOVERNMENT shut her down. She wouldn’t have needed any “help” if the rules and regulations were a bit more sane.

  • William Carson Baldwin

    what depresses me is that they told her she could not sell an item people want but then they told her to go beg like she was homeless. what the ^%@^#$&% is wrong with this world when a person is told not to sell an item and to go beg on the street

  • TLN

    That is exactly the point and hand up beats a hand out every time. The government basically will only help you if you have nothing but give you no help or incentive to get out of a desperate state. She wanted to work, the establishment told her to beg!!! You can’t be that ignorant??? Think about that….

  • TLN

    Social Security is a program working people are forced to pay into for their retirement…it is not an entitlement, it was worked for and earned but the government of course mismanaged the funds…wow right…So SS is not temp, SNAP, Medicaid, Welfare were all meant to be temporary. All these programs used to be under the title TANF..temporary assistance for needy families but they had to change that since generations make a living sucking off the system!

  • John Noh

    Well written and accurate. Thank you!

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8FvmesaxXg Sam Fisher

    Good for her.

  • Charlie Foxtrot

    Dude. Glenn. I like you, man. This is a solid thing to do.

  • JMI

    Actually, without a stupid ordinance preventing her from selling in the first place, she wouldnt have needed his help. Anyone can beg without a permit, but you have to “know someone” to be able to work? THat is NOT the American Dream.

    And a kid that would rather work than beg will ALWAYS find a way to succeed.

  • Arthur Longeno Pavis Jr

    Madison is an inspiration of the true American Spirit! She demonstrates how to achieve if you want or need something in life. What the heck is wrong with us as a society? We have complete lunatics running things that have no idea what “We the People . . ” is all about. Wake up and get these “Left-wing masterminds” out of our mayor’s offices, governorships and of course the White House and take this country back!

  • Arthur Longeno Pavis Jr

    Piss off you angry bastard.

  • Anonymous

    This little girl has the drive to set a goal and work for it. Yes, Glenn helped her, but the “spark” started in her before she ever spoke with Glenn Beck. She knows that hard work, knowing right from wrong, perseverance, and good fortune have brought her the success that she achieved. Not unlike Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Walt Disney etc. Instead of criticizing her how about applauding her and hoping for more young people like her !

  • Guest

    Can someone found out the name of her Orthodontist? Even with decent
    insurance my 2 kids braces have cost me almost $10,000 out of
    pocket…that’s a lot of mistletoe lol.

  • Anonymous

    Can someone find out the name of her Orthodontist? Even with decent
    insurance my 2 kids braces have cost me almost $10,000 out of
    pocket…that’s a lot of mistletoe lol.

  • Dave Hoing

    She said she wanted to “help pay for her braces”. Good for her.

  • CrackerCoast

    Hate to be a spoil sport but is she still violating the law ?
    Mistletoe Phoradendron serotinum (Viscaceae) is a parasite
    USDA requires permits for the importation and/or interstate
    movement of Federal noxious weeds (FNWs) – aquatic and wetland,
    parasitic and terrestrial- under the authority of 7 CFR 360. You will find a list of the regulated taxa in 7 CFR 360.200. If the species is a Federal noxious weed, and/or a parasitic plant, then fill out PPQ Form 526, Application for permit to move live plant pests or noxious weeds. If sending application by mail or fax, please include
    your phone number, fax number, and your email address. For faster
    services, apply on-line using ePermits. ePermits is a web-based system you can use to apply for a permit online, check the status of your application, view issued
    permits or other responses and more.

    Shipping Requirements
    Federal noxious weeds and parasitic plants must be shipped in sturdy,
    escape-proof containers. Shipments to be imported must contain a copy
    of the permit, and must have an original PPQ 599 shipping label, which
    corresponds to the permit, on the outside of the package. PPQ 599
    labels will be provided when your permit is issued and you are required
    to monitor their use. We require the PPQ 599 mailing labels for
    importations only. Additional labels can be obtained by sending an
    email to Redandwhitelabelrequest@aphis.usda.gov.

    Containment Facility Inspection

    In certain cases, a laboratory facility must be inspected in order
    for us to issue a PPQ 526 Permit. We inspect facilities to determine if
    they are adequate for containment of the organism(s). You will be
    informed if your facility must be inspected after review of the permit
    application. PPQ will conduct the inspection using a PPQ checklist.
    This is not the same as inspections by Centers for Disease Control
    (CDC), Safety Officers, or other entities. If your facility must be
    inspected, you will be notified in writing by our Containment Facility
    (CF) Staff and you can work with PPQ to set up a date and time for the
    inspection. Guidelines are available on the containment facility Web page.
    For Additional Information

    For technical information about Federal Noxious Weed permits, contact Osmond Baron

  • Fat Lip

    Let this be a lesson to the free phone losers get off your asses she is 11 and your excuse is ?

  • Anonymous

    You are supposed to control Canadian Thistle in the U.S., too, but you would think Colorado was cultivating it the way it grows along I-25! I asked the state about it since farmers can and are fined for having it in their fields, and they just blew me off!

  • ggp62


    Interesting interview. I get a kick out of the message. But hey good for this little girl she got what she wanted, to sell something.

  • Anonymous

    What’s wrong???? Your typical liberal or democratic idealism. Cal it political correctness, but only as the libs see it.

  • Frank Quinones

    What a wonderful young girl giving us hope for future generations. I would only caution her not to grow too fast or she’ll find herself being audited and fined by the irs for not providing obamacare to her employees.

  • nuartywayne

    kids like this can come to my office any day of the week for pro-bono dental work.

  • CrackerCoast

    But, that’s not the same as packaging it and distributing it all over the continental U.S..

  • FingerBlisters

    Mistletoe isn’t on the federal list. My guess is because the top part of the plant which is removed is no longer viable.

  • Jeff

    Just have to say, It takes a person to do something. In this case a couple of people. Glenn, how simply practical………no negative vibes….just positive action. Kudos to Madison and Glenn, Madison should get ready for the next holiday sale. Keep helping as long as you have the desire.

  • Davd Williams

    She has an amazing support system and role models. Mean while we have inner cities which bred people to vote democrat. We have people who have never even considered their own potential. That is the true sin of the Progressives.

    By the way has anyone told her about Mr Hill (not the hobbit)? I don’t know if that would help or hurt her, but it would be interesting to see if successful people are different today.

  • Davd Williams

    she sold 1,000 bags at 9.99… that was the first batch, she is up to 30,000 units sold.

  • Nicole Vasilopoulos

    I don’t understand why everyone is blaming the Liberals. It feels as though everyone in America is closed minded, and uneducated, and they become so overly emotional about one side or the other, that they don’t take the time to sit down and read about the good and the bad that all candidates have to offer to America and how the candidate may go about achieving those goals. I am not talking about reading bias articles, who slander one another or clearly favor one side, but to read articles which objectively tells you the pros and cons of both sides, or even provides a list of things that these candidates have in mind for this country. So the people can be educated on the facts when they go to vote, rather then becoming wrapped up in the publicity drama. That is how America needs to vote. Not to get all huffy puffy over this guy or that and then purposefully try to ruin them by voting in complete opposite houses. If America looked at the facts, rather then the people. This country would be much more prosperous. So if anyone is to blame, it is yourselves.

  • AlgeBrad

    “Liberal” used to mean something different – a defender of freedom and liberty. I prefer the term “progressive”, because “liberal” is a misnomer for socialists.

  • Sandy Pfaff

    The girl did it for herself…do you think she just somehow floated into the mind of Glen beck or anyone else…maybe she contacted him or something…but SHE did it….why make excuses or try to turn this into negative???Its all good…relax….or dont relax and make something happen for your self….are you still sitting there?????

  • Sandy Pfaff

    Only to people like you…real people LOVE him!!!!!!!!

  • Sandy Pfaff

    It is amazing what Social Security does pay for….anyone with mental disorders whether they have ever worked a day in their lives or not….foster children are paid under social security…yes alcholics and drug addicts are getting social security and the crazy thing is they become addicted through lawyer advice sometimes to get this…I know people who have to use certain drugs to get social security and they learn to love it…if it happens to some it must happen to more…social security is given to dependants until they reach the age of 18 years old…its a form of child support should a parent die and it doesnt matter if the other parent works or not…its crazy what the government is doing with all this money…its not what you think it is,,,,not for retirement only….its just crazy!!!!! and this makes it an entitlement to some of these groups!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Typical “You didn’t build that” response. Sheesh!!

  • Steve Creech

    because, you ignorant little boy, it’s because most homeless people are homeless by choice and have no motivation to bring an idea to the marketplace. if one does, and the determination is there, then there are people… LOTS of people, (not just Glenn) that will help that idea grow. You are a bitter little man in need of… I’m not sure what. But i wish you the best.

  • Jim

    I expect the next steps will be the Feds shutting her down because she’s under age. It’s inevitable.

  • CrackerCoast
  • Socialism is Organized Evil

    As Elie Halevy pointed out, those who preach from collectivism’s altar claim that liberty is magically compatible with central planning.

  • Anonymous

    Lee, I think perhaps you MISSED the point of what this little girl is all about: she is not asking for money, or guidance or education. She was telling her story about what she wanted to do, how the fair state of Oregon is doing their damnest to stop budding entrepeneurs like Madison, and she was not about to give up. The only “help” she received is that Glenn gave her a place to market her product . . . PERIOD!!!! The bottom line is that she did the rest herself with the help of her father, and in doing so, she was able to hire 28 people who needed work, and help another person get braces as well. What is YOUR problem?????

    She is courageous, has ideas, and is willing to work hard . . . something that just about every American in the line for a handout has forgotten how to do! Good luck, sir . . . . apparently you need it, and BTW, Merry Christmas!!!

  • Watch it


  • Watch it

    Wow, so I guess you will be calling the feds to swarm in on her business and bust the illegal weed ring wide open, eh?

    I can see the headlines now….
    ” Fed’s Sting Nets Illegal Holiday Weed “

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t it GREAT to see that the American way is still the best way!! If Obozo could personally stop her from her success–he’d do it in a heartbeat!!

    What an inspiration to all true Americans and especially young people that—
    YES–WE DID BUILD THIS–and tell Obozo and all of his talking heads to jump in the river!!

  • Anonymous

    What in the hell are you talking about–NOBODY helped her (except her parents, maybe) it was her IDEA and SHE worked HARD to gather the mistletoe (ickey job) and bagged it so she could EARN HER OWN MONEY–MORON!! That’s the way people should be doing things INSTEAD OF BEGGING FOR MONEY AND/OR TAKING EVERY DIME THEY GET FROM THE GOV. WHO, BTW, IS BROKE!!! She would have made the money without ANY gov. help–but that apparently IS NOT how you do things!
    A PRIVATE enterprise–The Marketplace–gave her an opportunity to sell her wares!! According to you she should have BEGGED for the money but you LIBTARDS can’t stand the fact that she used CAPITALISM and it worked–like it almost always does!!! Merry Christmas to you too!!!

  • Anonymous

    remarkable young girl she’ll have her own business some day. what america all about. go girl.

  • Anonymous

    Sweetie, you need to take off your rose colored glasses and check out what reality is all about. There is no such thing anymore as unbiased. That is a thing of the past. And another thing to remember, every single person running for office tells you what they think you want to hear, and when they get elected, they turn on a dime. So there you have it. There is no objectivity and if you think you are reading it or hearing it, then you have blinded eyes and deaf ears. When you have lived a few more years, you will better understand what this country is up against. It would be nice if you never had to experience it, but the writing is on the wall at the rate this country is going over the cliff. Wake up and smell the coffee and leave your innocence behind you. It is a blinder.

  • Anonymous

    You might know there is some wet blanket out there looking to cause any trouble they can find to cause. I have to believe you are one of the problems, not one of the solutions in this country. It is people like you that makes America into a welfare, government-dependent state. So why don’t you take all your little rules and regulations and crawl back under a rock. We will tell you when to come out, and that will be after you get off your high horse. I hope people like you have a Come To Jesus meeting with Him and learn to be a human being again. Meanwhile, keep your mouth shut.