Remember Madison Root? Just a few days ago, TheBlaze was reporting on how she was told not to sell her mistletoe at the Portland Saturday Market because it violated city ordinance. When Madison explained she was doing it to pay for her braces, she was told she could beg for the money. Well, when Glenn read the story he asked the team over at The Marketplace to set the budding entrepreneur up with a place to sell her merchandise, and within an hour it was sold out. It’s amazing what can happen when people are given the ability to actually work for something, isn’t it?

Well, Madison joined Glenn’s TV show Tuesday to give an update on how business was going – and it was booming.

“We’ve employed 28 great people that really do need the work,” she told him with a smile. “There’s two homeless people that just got laid off, and we’re helping them get back up on their feet.”

Not only has Madison covered the costs of her braces, she’s also using some of the money she earned to “paying for someone else’s braces.”

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