#DuckDynastyOnTheBlaze? Fans on Twitter certainly seem to think that would be a good idea

A&E has placed Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson on indefinite hiatus because of candid comments he made about homosexuality in an interview with GQ magazine. Robertson offered honest – and crass – insight into his views on homosexuality in an interview that appears in the January issue of GQ.

On radio this morning, Glenn offered the Robertson family an alternative to A&E should their show need to find a new home:

And if you take a stand and they fire you, TheBlaze will… be on the phone… We’d like you at TheBlaze. We’re not ashamed. We won’t fold. We have people of diverse opinion here. There are people here that are godly and atheist. There are people here that are liberal and very conservative. There are straight people. There are gay people. There are white people. There are black people. They all have an opinion, and they’re all welcome at TheBlaze. Duck Dynasty, we would be proud to have you.

Based on the social media reaction to Glenn’s offer, it looks like many of you are excited about the idea of Duck Dynasty on TheBlaze. Check out some of the tweets below, and join in on the conversation using #DuckDynastyonTheBlaze.

  • Anonymous

    Ducks. Go over to the blaze, I would love to hear you quack there. Don’t let these
    people push you around and I don’t think you will.
    Merry XMAS.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8FvmesaxXg Sam Fisher

    At least they would not tell to tone the Jesus talk down like A&E did many times. I agree they would be treated far better on the Blaze.

  • bamagal

    It would be great for the Blaze, know the Ducks would be treated much better than A&E has done. However, that being said, our only carrier is Charter and have paid me no attention (wrote and called several times) on putting BlazeTV on our line up. My husband would go into withdrawals if he cannot see DDs. We do thank Phil for standing up for what he knows is right, we feel the same, the Bible says so.

  • bamagal

    Please, please just type in the entire word, its Christmas. only a few more keys to type. I was taught that you are xing out Christ by doing that.

  • Anonymous

    I would love to see Duck Dynasty on the Blaze!! And while you’re at it, Glenn…..Please invite Paula on with her cooking show, I miss her!!

  • WASP

    “According to the Hollywood Reporter,
    A&E issued a statement late Wednesday branding “Duck Dynasty” star
    Phil Robertson’s statements to GQ unacceptable and indicated beliefs
    that “in no way reflect those of A&E Networks, who [sic] have always
    been strong supporters and champions of the LGBT community.”

    DD should never have been on that network in the first place. Block the channel as I have done, along with OWN, MSNBC, and the other fagg0t commie channels :)

  • Anonymous

    A & E can stick it up there you know what!

  • Anonymous

    Geeeeeeeezus, would this not frost A&E’s butt and make them pay thru the nose for rash decisions…….great alternative.

  • John Scott

    I think it as alright for A&E to distance itself from Mr. Robertson and his comments. I don’t think it was right to suspend him from a show. After all he did nothing illegal, he spoke about what he believed in. Many people in America feel the same way. Why is this wrong? I have nothing against gay and lesbian relationships. But let’s put aside any religious beliefs about this. Where would the human race be if most of us were gay or lesbian? I would say just for the sake of reproducing,The Gay and Lesbian lifestyle is not exactly what would be required to make more humans. Just saying.

  • Amanda Duck

    WOW What a wonderfully, great, and perfect match! To have even more great and wonderful people on the very best network! Although slightly different from my family, I personally feel blessed to become a part of theirs when I watch their shows. Glenn and the rest are also a big family of mine I’ve never met, and to have the two together fills my heart. “A Big Thank You” goes out to each and everyone that supports truth, love and family!
    From my family to all of yours,
    Merry Christmas!
    Amanda Duck

  • Watch it
  • Anonymous

    Nothing wrong with saying “Xmas”


  • Robert

    I was saying thats what Duck Dynasty should do leave A&E and go on the Blaze

  • jalina susan stutte

    Glenn invite the Robertsons to join you in the summer event you are planning! It would be great.

  • old_man

    Man, I would love to see Phil & family doing some gigs on theBlaze. How kool would that be? Phil has a great story of God’s strength in turning one man, and then his whole family around and blessing them. While I enjoy the staged reality DD shows it is the end of each show that keeps me coming back. Seems like every show ends with one of the characters putting the silly insanity of the situations presented into proper perspective. Each little episode is a mini-redemption lesson. The shows mostly run the same theme. A whole bunch of craziness then wrapped up by putting what is really important in perspective. That’s the story bud. It is the story we never tire of hearing. Bring ‘em here! I want to hear more about changed lives. Side note: It is funny. The execs at A&E don’t have any idea why this show is so popular. We know. Pretty kool that Phil & company got it by ‘em. :)

  • old_man

    Only problem with DD coming to theBlaze is it is sort of singing to the choir. Better to keep ‘em out in the world sending the message to people still lost.

  • ChappellGirl5

    Actually the X stands for the Greek letter Chi which is the first letter in Christ & represents Christ in the ICTHI fish symbol.