On radio this morning, TheBlaze’s Laurie Dhue joined Pat and Stu to discuss her struggles with alcoholism and her work to help others in their recovery efforts. Laurie, who, like Glenn, is a recovering alcoholic, had some sage advice for all those who will be attending holiday festivities in the coming weeks.

“And we also have important things to talk about as well. Laurie Dhue is joining us. Very excited,” Stu said. “Laurie Dhue, of course, from TheBlaze news as well as For The Record.”

Last night, was the New York Christmas part for Mercury and TheBlaze, and Stu joked about how far TheBlaze has come that people like Laurie are now coming to the Christmas parties.

“Yeah, TheBlaze has now grown into a big enough place in which we actually have cool people at our holiday parties. Like Laurie Dhue,” Stu said. “It was cool. You know, I’m just sitting there talking to people that I work with and all of a sudden I realize Laurie Dhue is there. I work with Laurie Dhue too. This is real. This is cool.”

Laurie is quite open about her 15-year struggle with alcoholism, and she has been sober since 2007. And Stu asked Laurie to explain what this time of year is like for her.

“So it’s interesting because you have gone through a lot of the stuff Glenn has gone through as far as alcohol is related,” Stu said. “So let’s put it out there. Parties, holiday parties: More fun or less fun now that you’re in recovery?”

“Yeah, I’m an alcoholic. You can say it. It’s okay. I’m a recovering alcoholic,” Laurie responded candidly. “Well, they are infinitely more fun, A, because I remember everything that happened the night before and, B, I get to watch other people make fools of themselves… But I didn’t see any bad behavior last night at the party.”

Before beginning her recovery, Laurie explained she used to think of the holiday season as “amateur night” because people who don’t typically consume large amounts of alcohol would overindulge.

“I mean, we’ve all seen that guy or that girl have one too many, who says the next day at work, you know, ‘I was a little over-served last night. I’m so sorry.’ Look, if you have to make an apology the next day, you know, just don’t do that again,” Laurie said. “But the bottom line is that people do overindulge during the holidays and at holiday parties… Because I used to drink an awful lot several nights a week, I used to think of, you know, Christmas parties, New Year’s Eve as amateur night. You know, this is when the people who never drink sort of save it all up and then blow it out at these parties and often make fools of themselves.”

Sadly, there is research that corroborates this disturbing trend. Laurie citied research from the Caron Foundation, of which is an advisory board member, about how many Americans are completely oblivious to what high-risk drinking actually looks like.

“The Caron Foundation, of which I’m a proud New York advisory board member, issued a study a few weeks ago which basically says that 60% of people who attend holiday parties witness dangerous behavior, meaning someone who becomes so intoxicated, they pass out or they throw up or they engage in silly behavior, reckless behavior and then they get in their car and they drive home,” Laurie explained. “And, you know, people don’t realize that alcohol is the most dangerous drug out there. But because it’s legal, people don’t think about it.”

“Not good,” Pat concluded. “And because, because you don’t think of any of that and you don’t think of that danger. You also don’t think of the danger it could be to your employment situation. You get too stupid at a party, you might not have a job the next day.”

Check out the entire interview below: