Counting down the top Glenn moments of 2013: Two must-see monologues

With Glenn on vacation for the holidays, we’re counting down the top Glenn moments of 2013. What were this year’s highlights? Stay tuned to the Glenn Beck Newsletter to find out! Sign up for Glenn’s free daily newsletter HERE.

Glenn has been known to give some pretty eye-opening and entertaining monologues over the years, and 2013 was no different. Looking back at the year that was, Glenn delivered two particularly epic monologues that could not have been more different.

In June, when a bout with vocal paralysis left him unable to speak, Glenn used cue cards to present a powerful silent monologue that grappled with the question: If today was the last day I had a voice, what would I say? Watch Glenn’s emotional ‘final words’ below:

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Exactly one year after the re-election of President Obama, Glenn was in rare form delivering an off-the-wall Wizard of Oz-themed monologue involving ruby slippers, flying monkeys, and melting witches. Oh my! As Glenn explained, we are living in an upside down world in which the America we know and love no longer exists. “It’s almost like we’re in a movie, and I just want to go home,” Glenn said. Do you ever wish we had our own ruby slippers and could simply click our heels and say, There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home? Check out Glenn’s trip to Oz:

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  • BlueMN

    Two very funny moments! Psychosomatic vocal cord paralysis and a remake of a Bob Dylan (or maybe U2) video, then 10 solid minutes of a grown man playing with dolls! Now that’s entertainment!

  • Defend The Constitution

    Here we find a lighthouse in the fog conjured up by the quacks, progressives, and clowns who pollute today’s mass media:

  • The Beech Bums

    You are a lamp of liberty, a shining beacon for all to see. Glow brighter, shine bigger:

  • Anonymous

    Beck is finished. Good bye. You could have polarized the nation into doing something, but you actually kept it from doing something. I’m moving on, the masses won’t be kind to you.

  • Defend The Constitution

    Since we do not fully understand the sources of our customs and traditions, we should realize that we are not free to change them without risking the civilization that depends upon them.

  • Howdy Boyz

    Reject the tyrant’s designs for absolute despotism:

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