What do people want in your state? The answers may surprise you

If you have ever used Google, you are probably familiar with the ‘autocomplete’ options the search engine provides. Sometimes the feature is useful and sometimes it’s not, but the results can be downright hilarious. Mashable put Google’s autocomplete to the test to find out what people around the country want.

In “What Your State Wants, According to Google Autocomplete,” Mashable’s Max Knoblauch conducted his own experiment and created a map of what each state wants (according to Autocomplete). The resulting map “reads like a list of New Year’s resolutions made by Civil War veterans.” From secession to aircraft carriers to independence, the results are pretty interesting.

Check out the map below:

Image source: Mashable Composite via Wikimedia Commons

One of the more interesting trends on the map is that a dozen states want to succeed, split, or join Canada. Glenn questioned if that would have been the case just a decade ago.

“That is really fascinating,” Glenn said. “Who would have thought that states wanted to succeed 15 years ago? You never thought that. We were never going down the secession road.”

So why would so many states be interested in leaving the union?

“Now, why would we want to secede? What makes a state say, ‘I don’t want to be a part of this union anymore’? Jamming down in Washington. People feeling like they don’t understand, they’re not like me, and they are going to force me to live the way they want,” Glenn explained. “I think there is another thing going on: Get out. They are going to drag the entire union down. We’ve got to get and away from them or this is a suicide mission. I think that’s happening.”

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  • The Blue Tail Gadfly

    Seceding isn’t the answer, State Nullification of unconstitutional federal laws is the rightful remedy. Seceding will not solve any problems and will only make matters worse. Let the States who do not want to follow the Constitution secede, they will soon come crawling back.

    Funny how David Bartlett denies the State’s natural right of nullification but calls for a Constitutional Conventional with Glenn Beck and other talking heads in the media. What powerful arguments they must have to convince the likes of George Soros to join their call…


  • landofaahs

    Frankly Glenn, I believe in self determination of each state. I like our constitution but the government is not abiding by the original intent of it. I love freedom and liberty more than the parchment. If I must choose between liberty or being tied to a group of communists who distort and crap not only on the constitution but on me as an individual, then give me liberty. I fear Glenn that your religious beliefs considering the constitution to hold the same truth as scripture are clouding your judgment.

    • The Blue Tail Gadfly

      The reason the federal government doesn’t obey the law is: because no one holds them responsible, and that includes the States themselves. Fortunately that is changing and some States are beginning to nullify unconstitutional laws. That is a positive sign that the system is working, albeit a little late but better late than never.

      As Declaration of Independence rightfully points out:

      “That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends [Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness], it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government…”

      When considering secession, it seems the question is whether it is
      the Form of Government which is destructive or if it is the unprincipled
      politicians who ‘We the People’ elected. I submit there is nothing wrong with the Constitution, it is the latter.

      “Power being almost always the rival of power, the general government
      will at all times stand ready to check the usurpations of the state
      governments, and these will have the same disposition towards the
      general government. The people, by throwing themselves into either
      scale, will infallibly make it preponderate. If their rights are invaded
      by either, they can make use of the other as the instrument of redress.
      How wise will it be in them by cherishing the union to preserve to
      themselves an advantage which can never be too highly prized!”
      ~Alexander Hamilton, The Federalist No. 28

      If a State secedes, the people of such State will lose that check and
      balance over their State government, who would have to rewrite their Constitution to fill the void of no longer having a federal government.

      Do you trust your State legislatures with that task? They will be the same people who refused to stand up to the federal government in the first place. If Americans won’t fight now for the Constitution, I am extremely
      doubtful secession will solve any of their problems. It will only serve to divide us forever. “United We Stand, Divided We Fall”.


      “If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without blood
      shed; if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too
      costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all
      the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may
      even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of
      victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.” ~Winston Churchill

      • Max International

        Secede, not succeed. Editors?

        • The Blue Tail Gadfly

          Who are you talking to?

          • Dad

            I believe he is commenting on the spelling from Glenn Becks article above and that no editors were used.

          • The Blue Tail Gadfly

            Okay, was looking everywhere for where I misspelled the word. lol



          • TUM

            can’t believe you could think of survival without all of the fed paychecks You would be finished with in 2 years Get real Texas

        • landofaahs

          Perhaps the one will lead to the other. In that light they could be seen as interchangeable.

        • Woody Dicot

          This is Glenn Beck. You didn’t come here expecting accurate reporting and intelligence, did you?

      • Butch Davis

        most States all ready have their own Constitution. example: http://www.scstatehouse.gov/scconstitution/scconst.php

        • Guest

          All states have constitution.

        • Frederum

          All states have a constitution.

        • The Blue Tail Gadfly

          Yes, but do those constitutions authorize the State to declare war, sign international/national treaties and all the other powers that were granted to the federal government?

          That will require some fundamental changes.

          • Anonymous

            Rescind Federal powers and change states constitution to read as they want. Do as you want; the federals break the law everyday.

      • elizabeth cohen

        This is so wonderful and wonderfully said. I am going to borrow it and put it on my face book page I will credit you with writing it. More people need to see this. Maybe, just maybe your words can help.

        • The Blue Tail Gadfly

          Thank you for your kind words, they are much appreciated. You are more than welcome to use anything I write.

          If that doesn’t help, you can always try scaring them with this tale:

          “It’s a story they tell in the border country, where Massachusetts joins Vermont and New Hampshire.

          Yes, Dan’l Webster’s dead — or, at least, they buried him. But every time there’s a thunderstorm around Marshfield, they say you can hear his rolling voice in the hollows of the sky. And they say that if you go to his grave and speak loud and clear, “Dan’l Webster — Dan’l Webster!” the ground’ll begin to shiver and the trees begin to shake.

          And after a while you’ll hear a deep voice saying, “Neighbor, how stands the Union?” Then you better answer the Union stands as she stood, rock-bottomed and copper-sheathed, one and indivisible, or he’s liable to rear right out of the ground. At least, that’s what I was told when I was a youngster.” ~The Devil and Daniel Webster


      • James Godson

        Tea Parties? Marches? Revolution?

        Patrick Henry’s “Give me liberty or give me death” turned from willing to die for liberty to willing to kill for liberty! That line is no longer able to be crossed. Armed revolution is not an option. The British and the Colonists had equally matched muskets. Now the citizen’s best weapon is maybe an M-16 rifle –t he government has an F-16 fighter …plus!

        The same bitter pill the America’s Founding Fathers finally swallowed to escape government persecution by separating themselves must be made today.

        Biblically & prophetically there are to be ‘cities of refuge’ and what if
        those sites were actual sovereign nations inside the USA like the Indian Nations? Hopefully the government would recognize these safe zones as alternatives to FEMA camps. Will prudent Christians foresee the coming evil and hide while the simple/foolish ones continue blindly on and are punished (Pr 22:3)? I believe that God’s favor would be poured out on His people who have come out from among the evil (2 Cor 6:17-18; Is 52). Read more
        at http://www.jcbooks.org

  • landofaahs

    I think it is misleading. Just becomes people are searching the name or subject it does not mean they support it. Maybe they are curious about the subject and want more info.

  • landofaahs

    Glenn, you put down 15 years ago no state would want to “Succeed” I think they all wanted to. I don’t believe any wanted to “secede” but that was before their states rights have been shredded.

    • Beth Lowe

      There was a LOT that wanted to leave the union right after. The last election…I no I signed the petition

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8FvmesaxXg Sam Fisher

    I type in my State and it say we want warrants. I think this will be all over the place with no direction.

  • landofaahs

    My state wants it’s own nuclear weapons.

    • Fat Lip

      That’s the Bama thing right, your welcome to come across state line Mo. would love to have you come on over.

      • landofaahs

        I have no intention of moving to the state of “Misery” thank you. When I retire or if I retire, I intend to retire to my home state of the landofaahs for the spring and summer and then on the tropical islands in the late fall and winter. But that plan could change if we continue on the road to national destruction.

        • Fat Lip

          Sure hope I didn’t up set you , the bomb thing caught my eye that’s all ,didn’t mean to offend ,but please keep this in mind I never thought I would live in the state of “Misery” as you call it which hurts me not because I to could care less either. But just as a warning to you my friend being a native Californian surfing all my life skiing riding motorcycles in the desert you get my gest ,do you think for one moment I ever thought I would live here or near you state of Ks. that’s right the answer is absolutely not. I was just trying to be a good guy that’s all ! And as far as Kansas goes you have NO idea how close your state is just like Cali. and you folks don’t see what I didn’t see when my home state got rape by some rich folks and no one caught them and then they gave it to Mexico (sound familiar) God bless you sorry if you felt I was out of line

          • landofaahs

            Oh you didn’t upset me. It’s my second nature to be a sarcastic smart-ss but it beats the alternative. I was born and raised in Kansas and claim EMAW. But there are a lot of regions of the world to live in if you have the resources. The Salta region in Argentina is like the old west with wineries and the people their tend to ignore the federal edicts and do as they please. Since they are far away, they tend to be left alone and you are close to the mountains where you have Chile and Bolivia to escape to if things change. Kansas is much different than California. I don’t believe Kansas ever voted for a democrat president. We have had some governors that were democrats but I don’t believe even a U.S. senator was a democrat. I could be wrong but I don’t remember it if it was. But we probably despise jayhawks as much as you Tigers do. If it ever flips I will keep property there though even if I don’t live there. Rural Kansans are the salt of the Earth but they don’t take crap well and tend to never forget.

          • Fat Lip

            Well I understand where your coming from I only wish that I had the resources to get away but I guess that’s not his plan for me right now ,I do totally respect your views on how you see Kansas I think that your completely correct on it and your people being the salt of the earth my grandfather was born in Neodesha he was pissed off when I told him I was leaving Ca. because he left this part of the country as a young man during the Dust bowl days he couldn’t see what was going on in Ca. and te good days out there had also passed. I still tend to not care much for any Kansas college or Missouri college for that matter i’m more of a UCLA fan but all in all none of them matter much to me as I mean little to them either . Anyhow I worked in some of the most high end areas in Kansas Olathe,Overland Park ,Lenexa Shawnee mission ,Desoto you get my drift any way all of those areas are so poisoned with Ca. thinking and the me,me ,me attitude it is disgusting my car is better my house is bigger I make more money than you. Now please no that this is not directed at you my friend please , but i’m a 25 yr carpenter I have seen ladies come in to there new homes balling there eyes out because they couldn’t afford the bamboo blinds that they wanted but yet they just were blessed to have there own new home ,and that also goes for the men who wouldn’t be able to have there so called wussy man cave . You see my friend I don’t know right where you are and that none of my business but these areas are destroying the state you live in and the big problem is the trans-plant Californians that live in those areas they just bring in there jacked up views and shove them right in where ever it works best for them ,trust me i’m not a big fan of this state shall we say a little lost in the civil war . I was naïve to these things back home but I guess my point is for a conservative X Californian (yes we do exist)for us watching what is happening to your once great state is just like watching a re-run of Gilligan’s Island I have no pride in writing this to you it’s just something that we watched happen to our home state . I hope you understand that I mean no harm it just really suck’s to see the future before my eyes because I have already lived what is going on in the so called strong part of the state of Kansas . As far as Democrats or Republican Ca.always was a red state but not anymore and Mo. just the opposite ,I read a lot of your posts and respect your views Please just keep your eye’s wide open and don’t be like the fool I was .May you have a very blessed day and thank you again for the response .

          • landofaahs

            My great grand mother lived in southern Missouri during the civil war I must admit I love the Branson area but wish it were like it was in 1900. You may not have to have an alternative place to live, but I can tell you that there is no place you cannot leave if you are…industrious. I could pass through the Iron Curtain if I needed to. There is always a way, especially if you have big enough…stones.
            PS: I still know people in the Shawnee Mission area. You may even be one of them. LOL

          • Fat Lip

            Yea I feel that way about southern CA. sure would of loved to be back in the late 1800 or early 1900 oh i’m sure if it comes down to me getting out I’ve got the stones for sure like you said earlier and Kansans don’t forget I fall deeply into that category I fear no one i’m not bobby bad ass but if one chooses to give it a go that’s exactly what they will get a ticket to go . Hey you make me laugh Shawnee Mission that’s a good one if I lived there I may as well go back to CA. at least they have Surf but it is to laugh my friend good one.I live about 85 miles east of that yuppie prison they can have it : )

          • landofaahs

            My same great grand mother from Missouri married my great grand father and they lived in Kansas for a time and moved somewhere in California for one year due to health reasons. My grandfather who was born in 1880 rode with the cattle in a railroad cattle car all the way to Ca from Kansas around 1900. They then sold out and moved back to Kansas to buy a beautiful farm there. Never feel imprisoned to a place. You can always go back home. I will always see Kansas as Home. It’s the only place I can go where they know your faults and ignore them and call you friend because they all have the same background. Darnit, you’re making me homesick. I hope the weather breaks soon so I can get back t the palce pf Home-brew, homemade pie, homemade wine and home spun tales. I think I will write a book before I die about Kansas. Although I doubt that today anyone would care to hear about a time that really was “Leave it to Beaver”. Well, it was for me anyway.

          • Fat Lip

            Yea I can understand that isn’t it amazing the things our grand parent had to go through and we think we have it tough well maybe not us I think we dream about the same simple times .A beautiful farm that’s an awesome life to me you have your friends and neighbors right there when you need them .And visa-versa good ol’ days : ) Well I ‘ll tell ya this -3 here tonight your not missing anything

          • Fat Lip

            Oh ya I apologize you right those books nobody is stopping you, we are the type to pick um’up for a good read just do it you can, go for it.

    • Bill Tilghman

      Colorado and Washington already have them – oh wait, I thought you said unclear weapons… my bad.

  • Fat Lip

    My state we are one of the want out’s

    • landofaahs

      My state, at least where I live in it, tend to ignore stupid people and there edicts and just do what the heck we want.

      • Fat Lip

        Understood ! but I have always live like that NO state holds power over me way past that A LONG TIME AGO thanx for the responses friend. God Bless

        • landofaahs

          I agree.

  • NetStoopid

    I say good for Louisiana! Close them damn libraries!

    • Anonymous

      I think maybe many states have already done that if you grade their children!

  • Angel Ferrer

    Are you kidding New jersey is full of commies. This is surprising
    if it’s true

    • Cathy Robinson Meigs

      It’s crapola,

  • joe

    are we going to treat this like it’s a serious survey of the wants of the states and pretend that it doesn’t say Mississippi wants to ban interracial marriage?

    • Jeff Spence


    • Anonymous

      A ban on interracial marriage used to be the law of the land in many states but most states have taken it off their books–guess Miss. hasn’t gotten there yet but maybe would if it was brought to their attention. There are some very strange laws on many state books and they all need to be reviewed and purged when necessary.

  • MNEric

    truth, Minnesota wants to WORK i need MORE work as well

  • markymarvin

    “Who would have thought that states wanted to succeed 15 years ago”

    I think all states still want to succeed.. Unless you meant secede.

  • Anonymous

    You are welcome to join Canada especially if you are Texas!

    • Jeff Lorenz

      In a million years would any state want to join Canada. This picture is full of shit because no state would leave the union.

      • Neville Franks

        hell Alabama would leave the UNION in a heartbeat, so would bout 20 more states… But no one in their right minds would Join CANADA lol

        • Anonymous

          Dunno about that. I listened to the Canadian PM’s speech to Israel’s Knessett today and was very impressed in comparison to the Canada I lived in when I was young. Seems they have learned their lesson about socialism and have turned their economy and country around.

          • DeAnna Gibson Baker

            I agree 1AuntLinda1

          • Kit

            ~ Yes they have… And how did they achieve that as a Country, I wonder??!!! I bet very, very few people are disrespecting the Queen….? Especially the way Our Country has disrespected Our Commander In Chief..!! All 44 of them have been blamed for this or that, slandered, accused, and lets not forget past killings of Our Presidents?! “It takes a village to raise a child…” It takes The People of and for the Nation to achieve the goals and dreams of the people…! If people are not willing to be a part of the solution? They willingly become part of the problem… 😉

          • Carol Arendt

            Old forgotten proverb, It takes many hands to make a load lite. Today people want to take and less want to work, so it’s become so easy to buy their votes.

          • Anonymous

            The Queen has nothing to do with it, except to sit on her big butt and make pretty.
            They sure disrespect the prime ministers and parliament etc.
            Any person who becomes president here should be able to earn the respect, not just expect it because of his stature.

          • Jason Alexander

            Kit, THE QUEEN IS A MONARCH NOT AN ELECTED OFFICIAL!! And YES people disrespect her too! My God haven’t you ever heard of THE SEX PISTOLS!! first off it takes parents to raise a child NOT a village! There’s a HUGE difference between respecting the OFFICE of the President and the person holding the office. No president has EVER been abused like Bush 43. Hell there was an even an award winning movie about ASSASSINATING him. Go online and there was a cottage industry of assassination chic towards W. There’s a difference between valid criticism and the stuff Bush endured. I have a feeling that any criticism of this president from the right is unwarranted in your eyes. BTW there were only 43 Presidents.

          • Anonymous

            Obaba is NOT a king! He isa an illegal racist Marxist America hating president.

          • Shawn O’Brian

            Did you just compare the President to a Queen? No points awarded, and furthermore, everybody in the room is now less intelligent for having even listen to it. Thanks.

          • Mary

            “The dreams of the people” IS NOT what the people are getting thanks to faux president we have. Admittedly, he’s got more help than he needs…from BOTH parties.

          • Anonymous

            I’m from Canada, ya’ll come and join us but leave Jerry Jones. His Dallas Cowboys are welcome but not him.

          • Robert W Rogers

            Hey However you cut it, Jerry Jones is a big time business success and was quite a footballer player himself. If liking the person you work with is likeabilty is the acid test, one will not succeed. LOL

          • dave

            There is a socialist standing in the wings whom the media will help elect and he will lead us in the path of OBAMA unfortunetaly..he knows how to tickle the ears of the electorate

        • FartBucket

          No one wants Alabama ya dingus.

          • DeAnna Gibson Baker

            With a name like FartBucket I would not be commenting. I am from Alabama and I am proud to be a Alabamian, at least we still have our morals and manners.

          • Stephen Colbert

            And some of your teeth!

          • William L

            Actually we want to get rid of your type!

          • Soozal

            Well, apparently Oregon and Nebraska do. :)

          • Samuel Knerl

            Kansas…that’s Kansas. I’m from Nebraska..the state is fighting about the pipeline so it’s all over the news. I have no idea why “bama” would be in the Kansas press for any other reason than they’re pissed. Oregon…loves bama. They can keep ’em. Just remember Nebraska is in the perfect center of the U.S.A. with the craziest borders next to a bunch of square states.

          • Jesse Young

            I live in kansas and I love being in kansas. Isn’t kansas the perfect center of the country?

          • John Fowler

            That’s Kansas. Nebraska’s on their northern border.

          • GamerChick

            Nebraska wants the pipeline. The state to the south of Nebraska is Kansas.

          • kevin

            Kansas and Oregon do. Roll Tide

          • John Fowler

            Both Kansas and Oregon does, apparently.

          • Ironman

            Here ya go sport.

        • LadybugJ

          When our liberal media denies and hides the truth, or outright lies about it, (which is quite frequently) I can find unbiased information from Canadian new sources. I read about what happened in Benghazi from Canadian sources, while our “secretary of state”, and “others”, were blaming a little-known youtube video!

          • Stephen Colbert

            Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi…

          • Ironman

            Yeah, Obama voters are like that.

          • KAWA

            Getting the truth in the USA media is getting to be as difficult as it is for people living in Iraq, Iran, and other censored Countries! One has to search elsewhere to get the facts instead of lies/opinions!

        • Young American

          Alabama would dry up and blow away if it weren’t for the support from blue states

      • Deena Rae

        Jeff do you have anything other to say than ‘This picture is full of shit?” if Not then zip it because we have seen ALL of your comments.

      • death

        Thats FALSE. Texas for one not only wants to, but would do so much better if it did. Texas carries a big load of tax contribution to the Government. If it were on its own it could afford its own Military.

        • elizabeth cohen

          Texas, ah, the Lone Star State. They have done it alone for many years, and can do it again. I would move to Texas in a heartbeat if I can get my kids, grand kids, and hubby to follow me.

          • Spike Bement

            Amen, sister.

          • TheBeerGuy01

            I’m Texan and all still have to point out that none of that is true. Texas WAS a republic, but joined by annexation and has no special privileges as far as being able to secede, it has nothing to do with being a republic, joining the union voluntarily, or the war of northern aggression, it simply never had any special right to secede. Texas does have an excellent economy and large military presence, but it would be a big mistake for any state to attempt secession, which can only be initiated by mutually agreeing on that with the federal government, it will never happen, that said, Texas is the best state ever. Just not special in that way.

          • Robert

            I disagree, on the grounds that not only would Texas desire to leave the Union, but the Union would desire Texas to leave. When viewing politics on a national scale, it is Texas that thwarts the more liberal leanings of the remaining population. I offer no judgment on who is correct, only that without the Texas political weight, the New Yorks and California’s would hold a much higher political power position. By logical deduction, it seems that would be a win win to both Texas and the liberals.

            What stops this from happening is the momentum and precedence it would create. How the Liberals would be able to curtail Ok, Ks, Ne, SD, ND, Wy, Az, Ut, Id, Mt, Mo, Ar, Al, Ga, Fl, Ky, SC, NC, In, WV, Va, Nv, and Ak from splitting off and either joining Texas or forming their own independent union, is the challenge. This does not even get into the issues that would arise in splitting up states like Ia, La, NM, Wi, Pa, Oh, Co, Or, Wa.

            Would it be more feasible to give NM, IA, LA and Co to the conservatives in trade for PA, OR and WA?

            As you get into looking at the issues of Texas leaving, it’s not Texas that is at issue, but holding or remolding what a Union looks like after the domino of states decide their own fate. It is hard not to see that a more realistic view of the Union is in the conservative leaning as far as state count, but would they wish to accept the debt of the Union based on their total representation of the US prior to such a break up? Doubtful. But just as doubtful is seeing a US that would fight to keep Texas in the Union. The other states just would not accept an armed conflict of this as they contemplate their own fate in relation to the Union.

          • JBrown

            Most people from Oklahoma would be happy to join Texas. I say we just do it and secede. I’m tired of federal government taking and taking and only giving to the lazy who do not want to help themselves.

          • Jeff

            Being from Oklahoma and lived in Texas for years and now back to Oklahoma, I believe that Oklahoma is joined at the hip with Texas on just about everything too include oil, water and blood.

          • David Pass

            Could we create a new confederate gov’t.? The states that choose to leave the union probably would be willing to co-operate with those that remain for purposes of defense and possibly some other functions, highways, air travel, etc. But no more dictating from Washington, DC about health care, environment, schools, etc, etc. ad nauseum!

          • Angela Greiser

            your stupid its a proven fact we can secede… i grew up in texas and i was taught that in school and by my father who is a texan too and who has read numerous amount of books on this subject

          • Andy

            Citation, please.

            Also, “your stupid” is just incredibly ironic.

          • Anonymous

            what would the Dallas Cowboys be called than?????

          • Andy

            This. Exactly this. Some people just believe everything they hear. Sigh.

          • David Pass

            As a Texan, I believe if we don’t get the federal government under control within the next 3 or 4 years, there WILL be a serious movement in Texas to secede. And I feel that quite a few states would also want to leave the union with Texas. We would prefer that it be peaceful and agreeable to both sides, but whatever it takes. We don’t want to live under socialism.

          • Anonymous

            As long as you are conservative and have manners say yes ma’am, no ma’am, you are more than welcome, we don’t want any liberals. I wasn’t born in Texas but I got here as soon as I could.

        • Anonymous

          If Texas secedes, you will finally see the US feds get serious about protecting the borders! (To keep Americans from fleeing to Texas!)

          • Royce Jones

            They are already moving to Texas, by the thousands.

          • Anonymous

            Beating the rush!

          • KAWA

            I lived in Texas for 20 yrs. Loved it! Before that I was in Illinois…..it is all screwed up!

          • craig

            ya texas..I saw texas chain saw massacre

          • Andy

            It’s not going to happen. There isn’t enough support for it, and the US wouldn’t let it happen.

          • David Taylor

            I’ve read that Texas is actually the only state that could secede. When they joined the Union, they (wisely) included a clause that would allow them to leave. I have friends there who have agreed to sponsor me when they restrict their borders to illegal U.S. aliens. You can bet the Mexican border would finally be closed to illegals.

          • Anonymous

            That’s because Texas is a Republic, not actually a state.

          • Anonymous

            Actually that was nullified when Texas was re-admitted after the War of Northern Aggression…..

          • Vicki Brooks

            LOL. The war of northern aggression! nice. :)

          • Angela Greiser

            you are right ppl just dont read the texas history any more and they dont really teach upon it in high school here

          • Andy

            There is no clause allowing Texas to leave the Union. Do your research.


          • Scot D. Baker

            That isn’t true. Texas can divide into 5 states. However, if you want to get technical, there is a group that states because the US isn’t living up to its constitution it is violation of the contract used to annexed us. A defacto violation of the terms and conditions.

          • Vicki Brooks

            Dude. If you are talking about Texas secession, we don’t need US approval. We are getting really close to telling DC and the rest of the idiots to get the HELL out of our state! We don’t need nor want DC, liberals, et al.

          • Andy

            And you think the US would just sit back and let Texas secede? Don’t hold your breath.

          • Anonymous

            Believe me we don’t want to leave. We’re just afraid all the idiots from other states will try to flee to Texas. Especially all those mindless libtards that want to turn our state red. Well that will happen over our cold dead bodies, we will fight and we will win, remember the Alamo? We got more people now, we won’t make the same mistake! Don’t mess with Texas!!!!

          • Gary Bryant

            IT was 260 Texans against 2400 Mexicans and the Texans held out for 13 days! Damn tough bunch of TEXANS! If I were from Mexico I would never boast about the victory! about 10 to 1 NOTHING for them to brag about by any means!

          • Scot D. Baker

            The great thing about it was they were ragtag zealots that crippled the best military in the west. BTW, it was a bunch of Mexicans and Europeans! Idea over race. Great concept, hated by the left.

          • driech

            Well said!

          • tgp

            I believe the libs are trying to turn us blue, other than that preach on, sister.

          • Angela Greiser

            lol omg ^ that was funny al… yeah to death we have our own oil and food source i mean we even how our own military technically… texas state guard… full of a bunch of great vets my dad was one of them… i wish it was that easy but we are the only state that can secedes cause of the thing we signed back in the day… lets just hope the person who actually runs this state will realize it sooner or later

          • Anonymous

            Best comment on here.

          • Vicki Brooks

            We only want stupid liberals fleeing Texas.

        • Vicki Brooks

          We already have our own military. We have been carrying the load for the loser blue states for years. Take our taxes away from DC this nation will fall. God Bless Texas!

          • Jefferson Selvy

            How about we all seceed from Yankee Land?

        • Jason

          If Texas were to secede no doubt they could do well on their own however a large portion of texas is part of a larger ‘Southern’ culture. This connection is an important factor in deciding what to do. I suggest a union with the other southern states to form a cultural southern nation.

      • elizabeth cohen

        with this president I think almost every state in the union would want out. I want out!!! Canada is beautiful, I live in NY and I have a schmuck for a governor, a jerk for senator and a lying bitch that lives 25 minutes from me. Can you guess who they are????? It just goes to show that it is now the majority of Americans who are totally not happy with the prick in the white house. God how I love verbs, don’t you.

        • Anonymous

          Baruch HaShem Ms. Cohen …. Baruch HaShem.

        • Kit

          ~ Almost only works with horseshoes, birth control and hand grenades…! The only pricks are the finger pointing whiners that wanna blame everyone for their own life issues! Here’s a solution to your “narcissistic” verbs issues…!! MOVE! Canada is a hop skip and a jump? What’s the hold up?! Americans are not happy? Really… where? Perhaps North to the future in a new State might be a solution to this negative state you live in..?! (Just another hypothesis based on provided info……..)

          • Melanie Curtis

            I know AloT of Americans that aren’t happy. There was actually talk about South Carolina seceding before this ever came out. Who in their right mind wants all of their rights taken away? Sure as hell not me!!!! People like you are part of the problem.

        • Justin Tierney

          so please, leave. We don’t need you here

      • Storm

        Oh really, I guess the civil war was a fairy tale.

      • William L

        Yes they would!! In a heart beat!

      • Anonymous

        Texas would leave in a heartbeat! We are fully self-sustaining. We have our own power grid, water, agriculture, and a veritable army of Texas Rangers (not the baseball team) Texas Guard, along with all the regular law enforcement agencies, along with two major military bases where the majority of US military personnel would be more than happy to pledge allegiance to the Republic of Texas and stand with us rather than fight for that unfit multi-clueless Commander in Chief we have now.

        I’m sure Canada would love to claim Texas and have a nice sunny warm (well sort of) place to winter.

        • Woody Dicot


        • Kit

          ~ Why hasn’t Texas relocated then..? Self sustaining… Really? The military is Federally funded, The Rangers are supposedly volunteers? Yet they fall in the descriptions under the Federal Grant monies! More than half of The public safety budget is paid by the Federal Government and/or Grants… Shall we get into who’s fighting for who? They are fighting for Our Country and Our Freedom! And signed up to do so! So if folks don’t like the new principal at school? switch schools!! Don’t like the neighbors? Get a new neighbor! Don’t like your banker.? Don’t bank there! We have the “Freedom” to makes those choices! Yet it seems that most folks wanna pass blame and create negative illusions blaming and bashing, (cuz they didn’t get who They see fit and clueful..?!!) These words and energy are clearly based on hate, and the need for creating negative drama, due to bad choices, and with ALL sense of human compassion having been erased: *(Perhaps a check with Canada, before assuming they want people with this mind frame in their already “Self Sustained” Country?!) Now to clear up any dreams of “The Republic of Texas..” Let’s check that choice of wording..? Republic=Democracy If adopted by Canada..? You won’t need to worry about voting rights and can go back to being a “territory” …………… Problem solved?!

          • Yerd Burd

            Seriously? Most of you people are ignorant. Texas pays less into the fed and takes more in federal assistance than most states.


          • Kathleen Marion

            Texas is well protected nonetheless, and we are self sustaining although it addles your little brain. Why should we relocate the land belongs to us. We are one of the few states that can sustain ourselves even without Federal Government money, we would just stop paying the Feds what they demand and all that money stays in the state.

            Never assumed Canada wanted us however, I do believe a response was posted in that favor. In that case Canada is welcome to join the Republic of Texas anytime.

            Republic does not equal Democracy. A Republic is representative government ruled by law (the Constitution). A democracy is direct government ruled by the majority (mob rule). A Republic recognizes the inalienable rights of individuals while democracies are only concerned with group wants or needs (the public good).

          • Jefferson Selvy

            Finally somebody correctly defined the difference.

        • Anonymous

          Alberta, saskatchewan and Texas can join up and pool their oil reserves and over take those bomb lovin OPEC countries. Canada would definitely become a superpower. Our Oil reserves and Texan military. we’d be a superpower with a bigger attitude. Don’t have to kiss ass to those saudi dicks.

      • David Lindner

        What. A naive stupid comment

      • Anonymous

        wanna bet? LOL!!

      • David Henry

        You must be a liberal. Oklahoma and Texas want to leave the union.. You should read more. http://www.democraticunderground.com/discuss/duboard.php?az=view_all&address=389×3459227

      • Anonymous

        Right, because never in U.S. history has any state ever seceded.

      • Jason

        are you really that blind to the reality of the Americans that live not in giant metropolitan cities or depressing suburbs which drain men of their spirit. A large majority of Americans want and are ready to leave the union if that is the way that they can gain a government or lack thereof that represents them.

    • Jeff Spence

      I would love for you to expound upon this.

    • Shelby Montes

      I’m a born and raised Texan and I love this :)

    • Bruce A. Frank

      What, at leave my guns behind?

    • Terry Verstuyft

      No offense Canada, I live in the Great State of TEXAS and we have already been a Country, and with a little effort we can be again… Secession: The only answer!!! as long as the train wreck that is currently destroying our country remains in place!!!

    • Anonymous

      Native Texan here, go to New Brunswick often, love the people and for some unknown reason the love me… Often wished I could connect the two places.. LOL

      • Young American

        but, but, but Canadians pay more taxes than you could imagine… and they restrict guns… and they have public health care for everyone… is your tiny head about to explode?

    • David Pass

      From Texas and I love the idea, however we’ll keep our guns and don’t want your socialized health care!

    • driech

      No, you can join Texas..

    • m³shelly

      I just wish it were warmer in Canada, and then I would consider relocating. Before the increase in liberal/progressive policies being jammed down the throats of the majority who oppose them, I would have never considered leaving the US. I consider myself a patriot, but this is too depressing. Instead of moving to a cooler climate (though it’s pretty cold in WI right now), I will try and improve things here.

    • Robert Montoya

      Can we have Stephen Harper, please?

    • Vicki Brooks

      Texas depends on itself. We do not need anything from anyone. We got this and smart people will follow our lead. Thanks for the offer though! :)

    • Linda Smith

      I’m a Texan and I’ve always loved Canada. That would be AWESOME!!!

    • Scot D. Baker

      Hey clown we are 5th largest economy in the world. The USA would go down the tubes quickly without us. Give that some thought when you are in the food stamp line.

    • Bigb

      No thank you; but Canada can join Texas.

    • Candy Kriegel

      As it happens, I want to marry a half-Canadian, half-American. lol
      We live in Oregon, but don’t share the state’s sentiment as shown on this map. Neither one of us, or our families, voted to Obama for either election. I’d love to secede, but the Civil War changed the precedent on seceding from the Union.
      (On a different topic, while we’re definitely anti-slavery, etc., my father questions on Biblical principles if it was right for the U.S. go to war with the Brits [American Revolution], and questions whether the Civil War was right.)

    • Andrew Utecht

      Texas could secede by itself and be a larger ecnomy than Netherlands hehehe Texas is GDP about 1.12 trillion Canada is about 1.8 trillion

    • hubarlow

      I live in Texas, and spend a great bit of time in Canada as a kid. I do not think that Canada can HANDLE Texas. Things get a bit heated here. Hotter than hot cocoa with Fish and Chips.

  • Benjamin Smith


  • Johnny Vegas

    My state wants America to have a new president!

    • Dad

      I wish mine did. They are all to blind and stubborn to see and admit that the current piece of crap in office is almost single handedly destroying our country. God help us all.

      • alan

        You must live in Seattle, Washington.

        • Joe Mama

          I live in Washington, and I hate every person in King County for being stupid.

          • Anonymous

            me too ..

          • Anonymous

            Hey I live in King County, and I voted for the Mormon, not the Moron. lol.

          • JeffNW

            Lol, I love it. I live in King County and I voted for Mitt as well.

          • Kamrynne

            I am originally from Spokane and they are all just as in love with Obama as the knuckleheads in Salt Lake… I hate how lazy and ignorant this younger generation is. What is wrong with good, hard work??

          • Tim Lundy

            Hey I’m part of the lazy generation but I voted for the Mormon not the moron. I wanted our country to get better not worse.

          • concernedyoungcitizen

            Lazy generation? I was taught to be efficient. The least amount of work to create the most amount of change.

          • One for America

            You hit the nail on the head. You are the problem exactly. We don’t need you to produce change. We need you to produce a product. So go get a real job or invent something new that you can hire others to produce, but thinking your special because you sit on your but playing video games and feeling enlightened is not helping the Gross Domestic Product at all. I spelled that out because I figured you might not know what GDP stands for.

          • concernedyoungcitizen

            i have a real job. I’m a quality assurance engineer. good try. maybe you should get off your butt and stop playing video games and go get an education.

          • Young American

            In case you haven’t heard, things have gotten a lot better. Turn off fox news for five minutes and you might learn something.

          • Rick McLaughlin

            You are absolutely part of the problem! Explain to me why Fox News numbers keep growing and Mass Media trust and viewership is quickly sinking. I’d call you a mushroom but that would be insulting to all fungi.

          • Young American

            My statement made the implicit claim that fox news is irresponsibly biased. Your request for an explanation of increased viewership is beside the point. That has nothing to do with journalistic bias.

            Now, explain to me why there is a very strong positive correlation between watching fox news and holding false beliefs about the world. And I don’t just mean if you think President Obama is doing a good job or not, I mean factual knowledge like “cutting medicare” or “death panels”.


          • hiiddenslpendor

            You are an example why people should watch fox news.

          • Dot Mushinski

            There is hope!

          • Jack Buckley

            Funny thing is the current generation actually works harder, pays much more for college, and has less prospects for work out of university. How come? Reagan and Nixon.. but also Carter and Clinton.. Republicans and Democrats alike have been making it harder for all Americans who aren’t rich, that is a fact. They keep power by dividing the common people. There’s no reason to hate Obama supporters, and there’s no reason to hate Republican voters. We’re all more similar than you realise.

          • Faye Vance

            That’s why I turned Tea Party. They seem to be the only party that is for holding up the Constitution. I don’t know how long it will take to corrupt all of them. Especially if they make a career out of politics. I’m to the point I’d vote for a pig farmer if he had virtues. lol

          • Anonymous

            Tea-Party rocks. Smaller government is not usually a corrupt government. Oh, I am white, but against what Al Sharpton says, I am not racist, I just want a government for the people and by the people. If Texas secedss, let us be brave enough to support her. <

          • Young American

            Tea party? What you’re going to get is a gubmint for and by the koch brothers.

          • hubarlow

            I am a Democrat who follows the Tea Partly. Been to some of the meetings. NEVER saw the Koch brothers.

          • Young American

            Good one… they weren’t at the meetings you claimed to have attended so that means they don’t provide millions to it… you’re not very good at this, are you?

          • Dawn Kinsey-Jeffers

            You are well rehearsed. It’s obvious the liberal schooling has worked well on your mush of a brain. You should stop talking now. Your ignorance and your Kool Aid mustache is showing.

          • Young American

            Oh no, the great and wise genius has spoken, and doesn’t approve of my comment. I am about to have my constitutional right of free speech revoked by a true patriot.

            By the by dearie, I’ve seen your script dozens of times and its obvious you’re “on the team.” We all know it… paid trolls to disrupt discussion of issues… but you’re not even doing it very well.


          • Ferrari fan

            yes and you have a gubmint for and by George Soros, who isn’t even a US citizen.

          • Thomas Anthony

            I don’t need a party affiliation. I believe in The Constitution.

          • Jellybean

            Go out and start your own business instead of relying on others to employ you. That’s what many of us did…not sure where u get this generation works harder…I have started hiring older people. Not sure where the young hard workers are in my state cause we are not finding them. They are too busy texting and asking for a week off for their birthdays.

          • bmwsid

            Hate should not enter at all.

          • JG

            You been drinking the cool aid I see.

          • Cordirose

            I know 3 of the younger generation that did NOT vote for the current occupant of the White House.

          • Clifton Ralph Gray

            School is what is wrong with children, they told my children that pulling weeds in the garden was child abuse. Total idiots.

          • Anonymous

            When my son was in middle school he came home with a document called, “The Children’s Bill of Rights.” They had written it in one of his classes in school and told them to take it home and post it on the refrigerator. Some of the c-r-a-p on the list included, “The children must have an equal vote on ALL decisions that affect the family,” “The children must have an equal say in ALL financial decisions,” “The children must be given options on forms of punishment,” you get the idea. I was in that teachers face the very next day. Turns out the kids were required to report back to the teacher on how well the family was adapting to the new “rules.” I also discovered at the end of the school year that the teacher was requiring all the kids to keep a daily journal of what went on at home. The journal was to be kept a secret from the parents, but was handed in to the teacher every month.

          • Jellybean

            Can’t believe what I am reading here. Perhaps your kids should keep a secret journal on her. This is why I will never vote for more school funding…ever..until these kooks are out of the classrooms. That is called invasion of privacy.

          • Young American

            You should have stopped when you finished your first sentence. You’re probably more right than you know. No school anywhere has kids reporting back to the teachers about what the parents do, think, or say. You’re living in a paranoid dream world if you think that is happening anywhere but in North Korea.

          • Mark Green


          • Mildred C. Holcomb-Allen

            WOW! Next thing you know, the kids can report their parents to the police, and the parents can be taken away! That has happened in another country, already! Terrible!

          • Channa Tipton

            This is the brain washing that is going on in the school system now.

          • z289sec

            Wonder how many time she read “tell your teacher to cram that bill of rights up her azz.”

          • Ryan Stancil

            where on earth do you live?! That is scary beyond belief

          • Rockzilla57

            WTH… I hope you gave them a piece of your mind. The journal was so very out of line for them to require the kids to do. It brings to mind…. HITLER YOUTH. Oh Hell NO.

          • Dot Mushinski

            Well that sounds like ” big bro” to me. Spying

          • Ferrari fan

            I also read somewhere that kids were being told to take an inventory of the meds in their parent’s medicine cabinet. like, really, what business is it of the school’s to know that stuff?

          • Young American

            I’m sure they did… that sounds exactly like what brainwashing gubmint school teachers tell kids every day.

          • Stdy

            I don’t think it’s the younger generation that are ignorant. I think it’s the older people that are stubborn and set it in their ways. They don’t realize how corrupt their parties have become. The younger generations are following people like Rand Paul who is talking more about freedom. I don’t know a single young person, except maybe blacks, that like Obama and the blacks only like him because hes the same color. If you ask them for any other reason they have no idea what is going on. Sad but true.

          • bmwsid

            Takes effort!

          • Young American

            The son of the single mother is lazy and didn’t earn what he has, the son of the millionaire and state governor becomes a millionaire and a state governor but he worked for it… thanks for clearing that up genius.

          • jbpruitt

            There’s not that my people in spokane that agree with the “majority” of our state. Mostly elderly that are grossly miss informed or given Disinformation on obamacare. I think our state should say we want to split. All of the idiots can go live together.

          • Matt Woodard

            I am currently moving from Seattle to Phoenix because of the politics in Seattle (just voted a registered socialist for city council) and Washington state. A friend of mine wanted to harvest his own rain water to cut back on utilities and was told that it is illigel in the state of Wa to do so! What?? No way do I want my two children to grow up in such a liberal city/state.

          • Anonymous

            You haven’t been down to SE King County, have you? It vacillates between libertarian and conservative.

            When I moved to Maple Valley, I was told that shotguns didn’t truly count as gun ownership, since everyone had ’em, and that I should also buy a rifle and/or pistol.

            One of my kids was born in Enumclaw and, while in labor, my wife and I had a great chat with the attending nurse about getting concealed carry permits. People in SE King County are generally disgusted with our densely-populated neighbors to the north.

            Just two examples, but just remember that all generalizations are false. 😉

          • Lee Purintun

            It’s the same in every state. I grew up in rural western Wisconsin and Madison nut jobs got to regulate our lives, I now live in Minnesota and the Minneapolis Statists get to regulate our lives. There is no escape.

          • Mark Green

            Me to everywhere I go I feel like the smartest person in the room….

          • KCail

            You are in the wrong rooms then

          • Young American

            I love it when people make such obvious spelling errors when they are bragging about how smart they are… good for you markie mark!

          • Dawn Kinsey-Jeffers

            Just like not capitalizing a name. You’re right! I love it, too, you jackass!

          • Young American

            Where was my spelling error? Did it come after I claimed to be the smartest in the room? My use of lower cases is stylistic, not grammatical…
            by the by, you have far too many commons in your screed. Were you trying to be ironic or are you just stupid?

          • Dorothy Lavely Fokken

            Hate is what Islam is all about. “Don’t agree and am willing to do something about it” is what America is all about.

      • Young American

        This is what I don’t understand. If President Obama is so bad at what it is that he does, how can he also manage to almost single handedly destroy the country. Can you be both? How is it that he is so smart and powerful and cunning enough to get his evil agenda past all of the really smart and good and patriotic people?

        • hubarlow

          Because maybe someone’s HAND is up his posterior?

        • Dawn Kinsey-Jeffers

          And because you don’t understand, is why you should keep your fool mouth shut. Regurgitating what you’ve been brainwashed to believe does not equal intelligence. You’re just not getting it.

          • Young American

            You again? With your silly little insults and rambling accusations? You’re becoming quite the stalker aren’t you?

        • Brian Hart

          Who said he was bad at what he does? What’s bad is that what he does is break the law. He’s really good at that, and that’s how he is ruining the system, by breaking one big law at a time. It’s really simple, if you aren’t young and naive.

          • Young American

            Which big law or laws did the President break? What are these big laws? And, is there a difference between a big law and a small law?
            You list ONE big law the President has broken and I’ll join the tea party this afternoon. Please, just one big law.

      • Sharon K Miles

        I thought Johnny’s post was funny, but your is funnier. Not funny but you know what I mean.

    • Anonymous

      My state didn’t want the one we got in the first place.

    • hmmmmm

      Northern ca and southern oregon want to secede as in the state of Jefferson.

      • Silent Political Yeoman

        Most of California’s counties are red. It only swings “Democrat” because San Francisco and LA overpower the rest of the state, pretty much.

        • thomas belford

          when we get nuked I am praying that those will be first

          • Randy

            Im hoping we get it first and those A**holes suffer the miserable lingering, suffering death they deserve for their treasonous attacks on the fabric of America!

        • Andrew Utecht

          Yes the county I live in (Orange) is RED and at least 80% (conjecture) of California’s area i RED Even San Diego is not as bad as SF or LA as being socialist

      • Vlad

        If you ask alot of the people in Southern Oregon what state they are from, they will still say the State of Jefferson. If only we could make it a reality.

    • francesmacomber

      You’ll get a new Democrat every eight years for the foreseeable future! LOLOLOLOL


    • Melinda Roth

      My state put it in our Resolutions to alert our Congressmen/women to do their due diligence and start the impeachment process upon the fake President!

  • fetch

    Georgia wants Tennessee “water” not weather.

    • Cathy Robinson Meigs

      Doesn’t make a d@mn worth of sense does it?

      • Anonymous

        It sorta did a couple of years ago when we had a drought in GA. Supposedly the original state lines drawn hundreds of years ago put the GA/TN state line in the Tennessee River, but so what? How could we in GA have gotten the water to the rest of the state without it costing a fortune and in time to help the drought? A silly episode that ended up with the state of TN sending us a trailer-load of bottled water to “give us a drink”.

  • TRYTON77


    • fakekn8

      also telsa is a car company

  • 13citizen13

    That mistake – succeed vs secede – is embarrassing!

    • Douglas Williford

      It’s one of my constant complaints about the Blaze. It’s what happens when you use voice recognition to write and spell check to edit.
      Please hire some editors/proofreaders/etc.Quit sacrificing quality for speed and volume.

  • kind

    #1 auto complete “California wants to split” –

    • Anonymous

      Calif. wants to make beastiality legal

  • Anonymous

    I want my state to “succeed,” but I would not care if it seceded also.

  • Mike Kihntopf

    Be the mitten State?? Good lord, they can barely produce a football team!

  • Jeff Lorenz

    This is all full of shit, None of the states are gonna leave the union, they will just work out like the did in the great depression, shit happens. I don’t think this is accurate because they states don’t have the right to leave the union, look what happened in the Civil War, the south tried to leave the U.S. and the U.S. declared war and retook all of the states back. Also the fact that people have families in all of the states so it would be pointless to do such. Plus the Federal Government will never allow for this and they’ll send troops to retake those states who try to leave.

    • Anonymous

      You are correct in maintaining the Constitution does not grant the states power to secede. However, the justification for secession comes from the Declaration of Independence, not the Constitution. If you read that document, you’ll find that about half the justifications cited are being currently practiced on us by the federal government.

      • Roger T. Yokubaitis

        That justification never made it into the Constitution, forms no part of the Constitution, and gives no State any right to secede from the United States of America. The SCOTUS has held that even the Preamble to the Constitution forms no part of the Constitution even though it is on the same sheet of paper.

        • Anonymous

          Excuse me? The supreme Court cannot usurp natural law.
          You are denying the fed is our “Creature” and States right of natural self-preservation and Natural Law in favor of a democracy…or in other words – anarchy.

          What you are advocating for is mans law, where principles and Rule of Law are subject to the whims of whomever / whatever deems it expedient to their cause du jour.


  • Shelby Varchmin

    I think GA’s was supposed to say ‘water’ not weather.

  • Jeff Spence

    For the individual that wanted to berate Texas, I ask you this, how many other states could self-sustain? There are a couple other maybes and only one other for sure. Do you know the other for sure state or even the maybes?

    • Timothy Van Hagen

      Alaska Has a large enough self sustaining economy to survive on its own. 15 years ago the answer would have probably been the same, there’s been a large secession movement since they first became a state.

  • Clay Kirkland

    Glenn Beck and his followers are why I’d love to leave the US! You are the ones who are “dragging us down”…….

    • Jeff Spence

      Its really easy to leave the US. In fact, its only a little harder to sneak out than it is to sneak in. If you need help leaving, let me know.

    • Anonymous

      Clay just find an urban area you are comfortable with and STFU.

    • Anonymous

      By all means do it – just leave. No one is stopping you.

    • Fat Lip

      SEE YA !

  • Kathy Cuzick

    I live in Kentucky and I am pretty sure from the people I have talked to DON’T have Obamacare on their lists, FAR FROM IT. Kentuckians I am sure are hoping to keep our Coal miners working and their town they call home from be ghost town in the near future. Maybe work in their fields for our Graduating collage students this year. Might be nice for them to be able to pay back their student loans with jobs that they went to school for and maybe KEEP these well educated young people in Kentucky contributing to it economy. These are just to name a few, No I think Obamacare is a headache that won’t go away anytime soon, but waiting for the next election with the Hope that American see through all the lie and get out and VOTE SMART this coming election…..TIME FOR A CHANGE!!!

  • Maryclaire Mayes

    upstate Ny has always wanted to split from NYC

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8FvmesaxXg Sam Fisher

      Who at this point could blame them.

  • erin

    where is MA……….

  • Jeff Lorenz

    This is all full of shit, None of the states are gonna leave the union, they will just work out like the did in the great depression, shit happens. I don’t think this is accurate because the states don’t have the right to leave the union, look what happened in the Civil War, the south tried to leave the U.S. and the U.S. declared war and retook all of the states back. Also the fact that people have families in all of the states so it would be pointless to do such. Plus the Federal Government will never allow for this and they’ll send troops to retake those states who try to leave.

    • Jeff Spence

      Texas has the right to leave.

      • Roger T. Yokubaitis

        Now, Jeff, that is a crock of caca! I enjoy studying the history of Texas, whether as the Mexican State of Cohuilla-Texas, as the Republic of Texas, or as the State of Texas. I have hunted down, copied, studied and analyzed every document I could get my hands on or download regarding the ultimately successful efforts of the Republic of Texas and of the United States of America for the admittance of the Republic of Texas as the State of Texas to the United States of America. I can assure you with 100% certainty that none of those documents contains.anywhere even a hint that the State of Texas ever had anything even remotely resembling a right that gave it the ability under any circumstances whatsoever to simply secede from the United States of America. That never happened.

        Even to erroneously indulge you for a moment arguendo that the State of Texas ever did have or reserved the right to secede from the United States of America back when the Republic of Texas was admitted as the State of Texas on December 29, 1845, any such right was forever lost, sqwashed, stomped on and buried on April 9, 1865, at Appomattox Courthouse, Virginia, when Confederate Gnl Lee surrendered to Union Gnl Grant the Army of Northern Virginia, which army included the vaunted Hood’s Brigade that comprised the 1st Texas Infantry Regiment, the 4th Texas Infantry Regiment, and the 5th Texas Infantry Regiment, plus an Arkansas infantry regiment. If that didn’t completely put an end to any right of the State of Texas to secede from the United States of America, then it surely occurred after Confederate Gnl Kirbyville Smith surrendered the balance of all Confederate forces within the State of Texas and Yankee Gnl Gordon Granger entered Galveston, Texas, on June 19, 1865, the date thereafter and through today referred to by all slaves then located within the State of Texas and by all blacks today located within the State of Texas as Juneteenth, a State holiday in the State of Texas celebrating the emancipation of all slaves within the State of Texas by Gnl Granger’s General Order No. 4 that immediately put into effect the Emancipation Proclamation within the State of Texas.

        Moreover, in a decision of the SCOTUS just a few years later in the case of White v. Texas, the SCOTUS ruled that the State of Texas had never left the Union since it’s admittance, including during the War of Northern Aggression, and that it never could do so.

        In short, if the State of Texas ever had the right to secede from the United States of America, it certainly has no such right to secede now or in the future. Please save a copy of this comment and show it to anyone that ever makes the totally erroneous assertion that Texas has a right to secede, because it does not.

        • Jeff Spence

          Just because I make an erroneous, vodka-induced statement does not give you the right to get on here ans spew things like facts or truths or history. Just the simple fact that I made that statement on the internet makes it true, because its the internet, which has no room for reality or this so called “truth”.

          • Roger T. Yokubaitis

            Jeff Spence Forgive me for spewing things “like facts or truths or history.” I suppose you want me to tell lies, huh? I believe you might have made another “erroneous, vodka-induced statement.” It happens. Have one for me.

  • aznative

    I saw something today that says that Washington DC is its own country. If so they aren’t part of our nation and should not be getting one dime of our money. So this would mean they’ve stolen 17 trillion dollars and our freedom and passed all laws illegally. Can we sever all ties with federal and start over?

  • Deacon Steven Smith

    I don’t know, I think Michigan would want to work more than secede.

  • Ramona Nielson Beuk

    Ok…I give…what does Utah want to know???

  • Super Kami Guru

    Clearly the most important piece of information I can derive from that map is that North Carolina wants to ban Tesla and that Idaho wants to tax the cloud. Can’t decide which is worse…

    • Dustin Peterson

      Lol, I’m from Idaho and I’m not even sure what that’s supposed to mean.

  • http://AdventuresInAutism.com/ Ginger Taylor


  • Wendi Hanson

    Minnesota…. ohhhh Minnesota… please open your eyes and stop voting for anyone in the comic books

  • Alex Manchester

    For every state that wants to leave the union, probably about three countries/provinces elsewhere would kill to join.

  • Edward Mott

    Does nobody proofread their articles anymore? I seen “succeed” where “secede” should have been several times. I’m so dumb with ignorant media…

    • Linda Phillippi

      and “I seen” should have been “I’ve seen”. Glass houses. Stones.

      • Edward Mott

        That was the point, sweetie, but you missed it… I made the mistake to intentionally prove a point that was apparently lost on you. I can’t take a “professional” seriously, if they’re not going to proofread their shit. This is not something spell check can fix. Therefore, this is just plain laziness by the author.

  • Sandi Murray

    California split into 3 North, South and Central

  • Anonymous

    I support Alabama!

  • ucrobert

    We in Alabama have already Seceded. We just didn’t tell anyone!

  • Sandi Murray

    We need to vote these Judges in and out, No lifer. Look what the courts did to CA. twice the voters voted against Gay Marriage, so the Gays take it to the Courts, Our Governor and Secretary of state don’t stand by the Voters (which they are supposed to) and Prop 8 is overturned……Why, the voters voted on it twice. These Courts should not be the last say. The voters should. If Prop 187 in the 80s wouldn’t have been shot down by the courts (another Voter Approved Vote) the illegals would not be prancing around with rights, putting our hospitals in red and dumbing down our schools. English would and should be the Language. I am getting my survival bag ready….set…

    • John Smith

      That’s because it is no longer “we the people”, it is “them the government”.

      our freedom is gone, and we are no longer a country of the people.

      We are allowing ourselves to be ruled and we have been conquered from within, just as the founders said would happen.

      CA is one of the worst states in the union. I know, I was born there, and I defected to a free state.

  • Cindi K Nicholas Grisham

    I think my homee state of West Virginia would succeed, but I don’t think my present state of Virginia would. I live in the DC metro area. Too many politicians here. No matter which party, Too many government workers in my areas to talk of succession even if they would want it.

  • Tim Britton

    I’m from Michigan, and I don’t know anyone in this state who wants to secede.

    • Anonymous

      I have heard many suggest it!

  • Beau Jarrell

    Why would we secede and join Canada when AMERICA is ours, We need to put our big boy pants on and take back control of OUR COUNTRY, My father died for this country and I am not scared to follow in his tracks if I need too if thats what we have to do for our family, children or the Grand Kids.. Americans DON’T RUN.

    • Dom

      I’m actually pretty sure none of this country is technically ours…since we just kinda rolled through and stole it from Native Americans/Mexicans. But none the less if it wasn’t so hard to legally move to another country I’d be on my way to try new things since everyone here does a lot of talking about freedom and revolution but that’s as far as it goes.

      • Jeremy Ritter

        Um… you need to check your facts “Mexicans” were not native to these lands before white people came here Mexicans are the offspring of the Spanish and natives and since the Spanish at the time were using a social cast system at the time the offspring of the Spanish and native were not considered Spanish or even human by some … now about the freedom thing its an illusion were only as free as we’re willing to be the people of this once great nation have become sheep and are comfortable being controlled until this changes this country will be the next communist country with a dictatorship for it leader whether it is Obama or the next “elected” president and then our so called allies will be bombing us and trying to “free” us from a tyrannical leader

        • Woody Dicot

          Ever hear of the Mexican-American War?

      • Mango

        It really isn’t that hard to at least visit another country and stay for a long while. You can hop over to the UK with nothing but a passport and stay for about 6 months. You can just drive into Canada or Mexico. Most Americans have no trouble attaining at least a tourist visa to most countries so by all means go right on ahead and try new things. The “it’s too hard to leave so I’ll just ride around on my moral high horse whining about how we stole the country from the natives as if no other people in the history of the world has ever taken territory from another group before” excuse sounds pretty typical of those in your camp. Talk about doing a lot of talking and not going any farther, good grief.

      • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      It might come as a surprise to you but Canadians are Americans too since the continent we live on is America, we just happen to live in a country called the United States of America. Mexico is also in or I should say on America.

  • Chris Blood

    The only thing downstate Illinoisans want is for Chicago to become part of Michigan. Lake Michigan

    • Anonymous

      Gosh no, keep Chicago away from Michigan!!

      • Jeff Pringle

        Yeah we don’t want that shit hole in our state….

  • Denise Winters

    Glen Beck wants Duck Dynasty :)

  • Richard Hardesty

    I read a story here (http://www.wnd.com/2012/11/now-many-states-want-to-secede-from-u-s/) that says more than half the states want to secede. They give a We the People website that has been petitioned by those states according to the story but when I go the site either they have deleted the petitions as I couldn’t find any through the online search, and after looking through all 137 official responses found none related to states wanting to secede. Maybe some of you will have some luck there where I failed.

  • Anonymous

    I think the “secessionists” live out side of the urban areas. Sequester the cities and watch the natives go ballistic.

  • monkeychunks

    Oh, Wyoming. That’s so cute.

  • FartBucket

    Alabama wants to ban interracial marriage? Why is it that I’m not surprised? Can we vote Alabama out? lol

    • Josh829

      That’s Mississippi. Alabama wants to castrate sex offenders.

  • Mimi Shan

    So Iowa and South Dakota just sit back and behave, or what?

    • Brandi Nemer Mastain

      Iowa would like to get the rich lobbyists, from buying the laws.
      That will never happen.
      This country is run by the top1%. Nothing will be done to stop them from
      outsourcing jobs, and making the US go down the toilet.

      • Anonymous

        You base your opinion on …what?

  • Guest

    Connecticut wants returns:
    “connecticut mayor wants illegals to vote”

  • Anonymous

    I’m in IL and the bottom 3/4 of the state want to kick Chicago and the 3 surrounding counties out of IL.


    Where are the Sons of Liberty?
    The time has come where we can longer accept the way things are,
    because of the way in which we are effected everyday by the methodology
    of this government, this economic system, and this legal system we are
    no longer able to stay silent

    We are the people of this
    land, and we are honoring the founders of this land, because we are
    standing against the will of oppression,
    demanding that our government must remain accountable for every action,
    be held accountable by the people which it governs. We demand that you
    uphold to the principles that the The US Constitution was founded upon, just as if you were to uphold every letter in which it was written.

    It is no longer possible that we can keep our mouths shut, as the
    spirit of the authors of the constitution still remain in the people of
    this nation, very much does their spirit of rebellion and mistrust in
    government exist in our people.

    No matter how much Hollywood tries to disguise it, no matter how much Barack Obama and Mitt Romney try to deny it, no matter how much Fox News tries re-apply it, or CNN tries to buy it.

    THIS IS THE American Revolution AND YOU JUST TRY TO FIGHT IT!!!!!

    The White House and Monsanto are bound hand to hand, busy at work to control every aspect of our food industry..
    These are just a few of the names in the game..
    Look Here the FDA claims…
    “Protecting and Promoting Your Health”
    But just ask The Huffington Post or NaturalNews.com
    or any person who has educated themselves in human biology, diet, chemistry how good of a job the FDA is doing?



    It gets worse, just ask Minnesota Veteran and former governor Jesse Ventura how he feels about whats going on with the water in the @Great Lakes????

    Now if your inner patriot is firing up just wait…
    Poisoning our food for profit, draining our water supply and selling it back to us… is just the tip of the iceberg.

    !!!!!STAY TUNED!!!!!!! FEEL FREE TO SHARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    WE ARE THE REVOLUTION!!!!JUST STOP US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Wyoming wants an aircraft carrier??? I’d say that’s do-able…

  • American Revolution

    Where are the Sons of Liberty?
    The time has come where we can longer accept the way things are,
    because of the way in which we are effected everyday by the methodology
    of this government, this economic system, and this legal system we are
    no longer able to stay silent

    We are the people of this
    land, and we are honoring the founders of this land, because we are
    standing against the will of oppression,
    demanding that our government must remain accountable for every action,
    be held accountable by the people which it governs. We demand that you
    uphold to the principles that the The US Constitution was founded upon, just as if you were to uphold every letter in which it was written.

    It is no longer possible that we can keep our mouths shut, as the
    spirit of the authors of the constitution still remain in the people of
    this nation, very much does their spirit of rebellion and mistrust in
    government exist in our people.

    No matter how much Hollywood tries to disguise it, no matter how much Barack Obama and Mitt Romney try to deny it, no matter how much Fox News tries re-apply it, or CNN tries to buy it.

    THIS IS THE American Revolution AND YOU JUST TRY TO FIGHT IT!!!!!

    The White House and Monsanto are bound hand to hand, busy at work to control every aspect of our food industry..
    These are just a few of the names in the game..
    Look Here the FDA claims…
    “Protecting and Promoting Your Health”
    But just ask The Huffington Post or NaturalNews.com
    or any person who has educated themselves in human biology, diet, chemistry how good of a job the FDA is doing?



    It gets worse, just ask Minnesota Veteran and former governor Jesse Ventura how he feels about whats going on with the water in the @Great Lakes????

    Now if your inner patriot is firing up just wait…
    Poisoning our food for profit, draining our water supply and selling it back to us… is just the tip of the iceberg.

    !!!!!STAY TUNED!!!!!!! FEEL FREE TO SHARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    WE ARE THE REVOLUTION!!!!JUST STOP US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • That Guy

    My state wants to secede, and apparently South GA wants our weather. I’ve lived in western TN and southeastern GA, and they both have the same weather.

  • Larry Poindexter

    Actually when I did it, Illinois wants to get rid of Chicago

  • Hanna

    Every single person can want all they desire. Nothing is going to change because nobody is motivated like the Americans of the past. There was so much change for the better 100 years ago. Americans are all lazy and just complain on social media and don’t do a dang thing to put their words into actions. Thus Texas will never secede (even though every true Texan would love nothing more), Obama will remain president and not be impeached and America will continue to go downhill. America, according to history, only has another 200ish years before it falls anyway.

  • Marlena

    How many wanted to secede Before Obama?

  • Brandi Nemer Mastain

    Hanna, you are so uneducated.

    BLAME THE 1%

    Do you have ANY IDEA how many jobs they have outsourced.??????

    Do you have ANY IDEA how much money the 1% BANKED DOING THIS???


    This really picked up speed in 2000….before OBAMA was ever in office!!

    They ship jobs overseas, for slave wages.

    So da*m sick of uneducated people talking out of their b*tts, before they actually look as to why the USA is going down the toilet.

    WATCH THIS and Ross Perot will explain what he sees happening, in 1992!!!

    He was dead on.


    • Fat Lip

      Remember this well Mr. I never had sexual relations seemed to copy everything Mr. Perot said hum? looks like pretty boy does count in America and here we are wasn’t it funny (not) how Mr. Perot just dropped out ? Wonder who it was that threatened to take his family out if he didn’t drop out ?
      Remember Perot offered to do the job for free !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! most don’t remember this .
      Great Post and here we are .

  • Judy Wireman Salyer

    Obamacare in Ky. No that wrong. Insurance plan, is Medical., thats what the Governor said everbody got. Had to take that, since Obama destroyed all the jobsBesides Obama didn’t win Ky., far from it.

  • Admiral America

    The folks in Illinois must have been beaten into good little slaves if they want to register their gold with the government!

  • Anonymous

    Wyoming wants an aircraft carrier? Haha, that’s pretty funny.

  • Dan

    Did anybody else count 17 secede/split/join Canada states, instead of a dozen like he said? Well, 18 if you count Hawaii wanting independence.

  • William L

    To Secede same as my GG Grandfather fought for.

  • Dan Hopper

    Ummm… New Hampshire… Yeah no we just want all of New England become it’s own country… way easier.

  • Johnny Fila

    For the love of God, does anyone proof read this stuff or just use spell check? It’s secede, not succeed. Geez. Hire the right people. This is an embarrassment…….

  • Janet Welsch

    To bad now one in D.C. has the guts to freeze all hiring, begin to shut down Freddie and Fannie, the department of Education, and the BIA. Give the Tribes the ownership of the reservations with mineral rights, allow each family ownership rights. Any departments not being closed can only hire from those that are closing, lateral moves only. Cut Foreign Aid by twenty-five percent for at least two years; pay of China and anyone else we owe. Education belongs in the local districts and state no in D.C. The Feds should not be in the loan or health biz. There’s more to be done but it’s a start.

  • Stephen Colbert

    South Dakota wants more stores that sell shovels.

  • judith stushek

    We want our states to listen, we must speak LOUDER and that will happen at the voting booth this year. We need to get RID of these left wingers and start finding people who want to truly restore our states and country in a positive and UNITED manner. We need to adhere to and respectively abide by our constitution and anyone holding and elected position must once again bid by the law as written, or suffer corporal punishment. Vote, keep proof of your vote,ie; photo copy, photograph and keep it safe, you will probably need it. Vote.

  • James Stuart

    Ban Tesla?!? He was the smartest man alive who was not from America, but was more patriotic than those in Office now. Wanted to make free energy not as a socialist, but to take some burden off of the people so they can put their efforts into other things like work, creation of new ideas, and new businesses! Shame on you NC

  • Leigh Rich

    My State – Iowa wants global warming!!!

  • Jeffrey Grimes

    I would love for Michigan to secede.

  • Anonymous

    Please spell ‘secede’ (not succeed) correctly… The article is right on- ppl like myself are wondering where we can go live to retain some of the freedoms we used to have in our country. The governorship in our state (VA) was just taken over by the liar Terry Mcauliffe, after the dems created and threw money at an ‘independent’ candidate to take votes from & defeat Ken Cuccinelli. The governor’s first actions were issuing edicts (just like the president’s executive orders) without consulting his bosses- we the people.

  • armyman13

    Succeed vs secede, know the difference. America was never intended to be a single country. The intent was to have a union of self governing states, that promoted free travel and trade between one another, not a sole governing entity that would overreach it’s power on so many levels.

  • Sue Hobart

    haha.. MA NY and RI didn’t even get a tag…I guess they like the tyrrany. Personally I don’t.

  • George Caleb

    i dont get what cali wants

  • Robert Laurel

    Great NJ wants to secede. Can we leave Camden, Newark and Trenton behind?

  • karen krishak

    Wait! Wouldn’t it be easier to just impeach the president then to destroy the union? A Kingdom divided against itself will fall. that’s Bible! And… isn’t Canada socialist? I mean they have what we don’t want, Obamacare!!! Right? No we need to impeach the whole administration that have failed to honor the oath of office they took! The Constitution haters must go!!! America it’s time to leave the red and blue!!! Vote for the guys that are fighting for you, and America’s Constitution!

    • Texan4Freedom

      Heck, have all of congress arrested for corruption. Those assholes are as much a part of the problem as Obama. Also, Obamacare is shit. At least Canadian socialism sort-of works for them. Obamacare works for no one.

  • Tom Hoffelder

    you say succeed a couple times, instead of secede.

  • William Harper

    The only people that want to secede are on the message boards. Reasonable people understand that there isn’t a single state that could survive on their own – yes, that includes Texas.

    • nolcon

      I think we in Texas would do just fine on our own. God Bless Texas!

      • William Harper

        Then you should probably press on with it. Just remember, Uncle Sam could be like a jilted loved one – when you have to come back there will be new rules to abide by.

      • Texan4Freedom

        Actually, while Texas could survive long term as a independent nation, it would HURT short term. The state budget relies heavily on Fed money to stay above bar and there would have to be LOTS of budget cuts to everything along with MASSIVE tax increases.Also we would have to start funding our own defence and that would cost a ton of money because we share a border with drug cartel Mexico.

  • Bonnie Somer


  • TUM

    are you people crazy don’t you know that you are living in a socialized country and in many ways comunisit cause there is someone telling you almost every move you must make

  • Glen Saunders

    Surely Beck has more intelligent things to do with his time? Look at me wasting mine reading this drivel…..

  • Dana L Moore

    “Succeed”- Doesn’t the author know the difference between “succeed” and “secede”! It makes a huge difference in this story!

    • nolcon

      The proof reader, not to mention the author, should have caught that!

  • Lonnie Acord

    Glenn Beck is an idiot..always wanting to scare the tree huggers! People may not like our President..but this is still “The United States of America” and what are we supose to do? Say “the hell with our President and Country cause we don’t like him?” Geez people…I served my country, no matter who the President was, cause it’s our country! I’m not pro-Obama, but there are more people running this country besides him!

    • Julius

      Yeah, he’s not the only one running the country, but the problem isn’t just Obama. It’s the rest of Washington too. The system that is currently in operation is broken on a fundamental level, and it needs to be fixed. However, nobody in government is going to fix it because they’re still reaping the benefits of the broken system, at everyone else’s expense.

      • Texan4Freedom

        Everyone blames Obama,who is part of the problem, but ignores congress who are the biggest issue. Congress is the heart of the issue. Vote all the bastards out. Mainstream Democrats and Republicans alike! They are all corrupt assholes who are bringing us down.

  • Anonymous

    We here in the NoVA exurbs want to give NoVA to DC & call it good. Split!

  • mr.duece

    I want Texas to take over California

  • Robbie

    Ok, I’m offended. From Mississippi here..and I can guarantee you that the majority of people in this state do NOT want to ban interracial marriage. It runs rampant in this state. There are more interracial marriages in Mississippi than in many states combined. If you had asked the RIGHT people instead of some complete NUT jobs, perhaps those of us who are bit more educated and more up to date on today’s society and standards…you would have found out that Mississippians just want the rest of the United States to BACK off and stop treating people from here like complete morons and uneducated backroad hillbillies. If that could happen, I might consider opening my mouth to speak when prompted to…otherwise, people think I’m a complete idiot before I ever speak.

  • Paul Kemp

    I recommend all of you to reread the “Declaration of Independence” . Particularly the second paragraph. It clearly states that when a government becomes destructive of the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness it is the “RIGHT” of the people to alter or abolish it and to establish a new government that governs according to the will of the people. This is not exactly what is stated but that is the idea. I believe that if the South had taken this route to the Supreme Court in 1861 instead of firing on Ft. Sumter, they might very well gained their independence.

  • Jeff Gordon

    Well, I wouldn’t mind joining Texas but I would not want to leave the Crimson Tide behind. So my vote would be just for Alabama to join Texas in succession. The good news is Alabama only has a very small handfull of libtards so we could just ship them out to New York or California or somewhere.

  • Woody Dicot

    Don’t let the door hit you, Texas.

  • Kayla d’Escoto

    “Illinois wants Chicago to become the 51st state,” to separate its corruption from the rest of us. That was the second answer. Can’t say I disagree…

    • Kayla d’Escoto

      Sorry, that should have said, “Illinois wants to get rid of Chicago.” Same thing.

  • tree worm

    if everyone would get with the group WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATED, they are working to changed states laws and have a states covention, but sure wished all groups would get together and work all out all the legis, is mixed up about it and they are in session in april

  • Ed

    As for the states who want to leave being able to, you need to look at the breakup of the Soviet union, it was caused basically by an economic implosion. It was not that long ago and is the best example we have of an unhappy over regulated population reacting to a tyrannical government. We are not far from that right now. If it happens we will splinter just like the Soviet union did. Then the states that want to leave will be gone, and the liberals who think the government is their daddy and should take care of them can fend for themselves.

  • Terry Headley

    Simple answer — split everything west of the Rockies and North of Mason-Dixon Line across to the Mississippi River off and vote them off the island. The rest of us can then be happy. Put up a border fence along the rivers and the new border. NO ONE infected with “insipidus liberalismus stupidus” is permitted across the border.
    We don’t secede, we just vote the libnuts off the island. I seriously doubt there would be any issues — after all, they are all afraid of “like OMG guns.”

  • Theophilus

    What’s with all the “bama?”

  • Freddie Ann Burnett

    I can’t imagine why KY is labeled with ObamaCare…are here really that many people in KY that want it!?! I don’t know ANYONE that is for it or him here. Everyone wants to see them both gone sooner than later! I would think we would rather secede than go with that “crap”! Anyone I know who has had to change to “ObamaCare” has had their rates go UP and their prescription cost more than double and/or have to get new meds because the new plan doesn’t cover the meds they’ve been on for years! It’s been nothing but a huge headache for anyone it’s effected! So far, I haven’t seen anything good come from it!

  • totheright

    United Central States of Canada America. Or if you are from Colorado it would be the United Cannabis States of Who Cares.

  • Mark Catena

    It is as simple as this. We all knew Obama was going to try to destroy the nation. We all saw it coming in 08. We all tried to sway people from voting for him, but the voters voted for him anyway. Now they voted for him again. People that voted for him are seeing him in action, and yes there are still those that believe ” He is doing a good job” it is as simple as this. God id in control people, No matter how much we bitch about Obama, he is here to stay. Get closer to God, and trust me, he will go away, the blind will finally open their eyes, the deaf will hear once again. But as long as this nation continues to shove God out of this country, we will be judged just like we are right now. My answer to this mess. Trust in God, and pray very hard, cause if we don’t, you can say good-bye to a once very strong America.

    • texas supporter

      Amen brother well said!!!!!

  • shadowfox54

    What continues to amaze me is that the Feds keep running towards a completely socialist country and EVERY country that has tried it, has stopped or is trying to. Even the extreme of ‘socialism’….communism, is declining. Russia found it didn’t work, China is even using a ‘hybrid’ communist/capitalist design. Our ignorant ‘leadership’ is completely misguided. They WANT to destroy America. That happens when the leadership isn’t American or even raised here.

  • texas supporter

    Texas is the best. We got guns, we already have our own army(Texas Republic)we have ever means of supporting ourselves, the gulf is ours and yes we can secede when ever we won’t, we have that option republicans know how to handle money, you don’t see Texans complaining about anything but you retarded liberalists, only cause your so damn stupid. Well I can’t forget about the dumbass in office he’s not for the people’ he is for Muslims you know Muslims are except from obahmacare, can you guess why?

    • Texan4Freedom

      As a fellow Texan can I say that you sound like an idiot? I mean, if you are going to post something, at least have the decency to use proper English. Otherwise you make all Texans look like idiots. Also, do you actually even live here? Do you understand our state’s situation? We have problems here in Texas just like any other state. Also, read the Texas constitution. We cannot leave the union. Its in the state Constitution. Unless we change that we can’t leave. Finally, did you just insinuate that Muslims aren’t people? My brother is married to a wonderful Arab-Muslim woman, and if you are insulting my family then we are going to have some problems friend.

  • Chad Brandenburg

    Glenn, Washington needs to be done by Washington State wants

  • texas supporter

    Well I’ll say this the Roman Empire lasted just about 200 years the longest lasting civilization. The U.S.of A is coming up on 200 years. I don’t think it will last much longer so for all of you who want to move to Canada better get moving, I’m headed that way shortly, my bro lives there and loves it. But for now I’m here in my ole faithful state of Texas. As soon as The Lord Almighty tells me to move I’m gone.

    • Danny Boy

      The Roman Empire lasted about 450 years man and if you count the Republic(which you should) its more like 1,000 years. Throw in the Eastern half and you have another 1,100 years, Oh and the longest running “civilization” would probably be Ethiopia seeing how its monarchy went in an unbroken line for over 2,000 years.

      • texas supporter

        OK idk where you get your info from but in 1776 the us became its own nation and started a war of independence so more like 250 years I was off a little but its nowhere near 2000 years and really china is the longest lasting empire started in 1600bc till now get your facts right bud anyway the U.S.A won’t last much longer Smith all the problems it is having it might last another hundred years.

        • texas supporter

          All I know is the U.S.A needs to be more like Canada and Australia. They seems to have there stuff together I’d be willing to bet none of the states will be willing dto do anything at this point regardless what anyone says it all lies in the hands of our superiors and ultimately in the hands of God better get used to it. Better go to school start a business and hope it turns into a corporation that way your the one being helped by the gov cause they don’t care about us poor folk.

          • Danny Boy

            Ok first, I got my facts on Rome both east and west from years of study man. Second i wasn’t arguing about how long the U.S. has been around, you got close enough. Third yes China has been around longer than Ethiopia, but China has changed so many times and been conquered by foreign powers before that i didnt count it. Ethiopia had been ruled by the Solomonic Dynasty founded by Menelik(supposedly) until Haile Selassie in 1974, So if you take that to be fact its the longest lasting unbroken dynasty. Oh and if you dispute the whole Ethiopian thing, you’ll be partially disagreeing with the Old Testament. Following that line of thought, it would seem that you would then need to disagree with the Bible as a whole.

        • Texan4Freedom

          The city of Rome was founded sometime around 700bc as a monarchy. The monarchy was deposed and a republic created in 500bc. The Republic was turned into the Empire in 27bc. The Western half of the Empire collapsed in 450ad after being invaded by the Germanic tribes. The Eastern Roman Empire survived until 1453ad when Constantinople was captured by the Ottoman Turks. The Roman State lasted for around 2150 years.

  • Anonymous

    Why does it say succeed??? Doesn’t every state want to succeed?

  • Chris Queen

    Georgia wants Tennessee weather? No way!

  • Danny Boy

    Some if not most Alaskans have wanted to secede since we got statehood, its not anything new on our end.

  • zyggy

    Solution is to uphold the original state of the union constitution, and guet rid of iluminati and socialists, demagogues!

  • zyggy

    A dram ?. Perhaps Texans to become Mexican. Hohoho!

  • Anonymous

    It’s intentional.

  • Anonymous

    “Me”? What the heck is that supposed to mean?

  • bill

    for you in King County, they all ready have OBAMA CARE

  • Aron

    I’ve never heard anyone in Michigan say they want to secede..

  • Jonathan Stull

    doesn’t surprise me that the three most redneck states wants the stupidest things, ban interracial marriage, close libraries, and castrate sex offenders because they still live in the 18th century

    • Axodeth

      Let me guess, sex offenders are the victim? Or are you afraid of being castrated? Lol

  • Rob

    Too bad. No state will ever secede. Why? Because the people have become lazy and gutless. @500 rounds of ammo would fix these problems for a very long time. Too bad the people can’t get together anymore and take care of business. We can have a million people March on DC. But we can’t get 10000 together to stop this madness. I guarantee if it ever does happen, it will forever serve as a reminder to all future politicians.

  • Myke

    I’ve been saying this for a long time and it bears worth repeating.

    It’s time for the country to separate into two separate Nations. One
    red, the other blue. We don’t think alike. It’s the very reason we have
    States. Ohio doesn’t think like New York, Texas doesn’t think like
    Virginia and so on. Neither side is going to concede to the other.

    Let the D’s have their own country with high taxes, huge debt,
    spending beyond comprehension, no military, no free choice for education
    with illiterate students, gay marriage, abortion on demand, sex-ed for 5
    year olds, no religious values, or a very distorted view of religious
    values, EPA regulations that choke everything, healthcare system that is
    expensive with very low quality. Oh yeah, almost forgot…people who
    can’t spell the word A-S-K (axe) and use it in a sentence correctly.

    The Conservative Nation will have the most hard working, wealthiest
    citizens, most educated, God fearing, most feared military, in the
    entire world.

    • Texan4Freedom

      The only problem with your idea is that many of the “red” states have many many “blue” citizens in them. Heck, here in my great state of Texas the most recent polls put the split at 48blue/58red. What makes Texas great is that we balance our conservative policies with just enough liberalism to make everything work as well as we can. If we just got rid of the blue in our state we would lose a lot of what makes us great. Don’t listen to the hardline propaganda or either of the mainstream parties! Every Republican isn’t a racist, woman-beating, gun-toting, bible thumping, redneck unlike many northern Dems would like people to think. But by the same note, not every Democrat is a atheist, communist, gun stealing, hippie, liberal. We need to find ways to come together as AMERICANS! Not as Democrats and Republicans, but all as citizens of a great nation who all want whats best for the country, even if we disagree on what that is. We should stop being so partisan and start working together. The bible says to love thy neighbor, not to hate him if he disagrees with you. United we stand, Divided we fall.

      • Mlsflt

        First step to your ideas would be to ban news on tv pertaining to politics, also ban it on the internet. Sounds like and is a violation of the first, but, news media has divided us with lies. All of them. Fox skews their views to the right, cnn to the left and the rest are waaaay left to varying degree’s. People parrot the crap they hear from these news sources like they know all the answers. They don’t. Division is what has our Country feeling on edge. It is what has us talking about secession. Its all due to our media losing its unbiased morality.

      • Myke

        Unfortunately, the idea of “coming together” and uniting as Americans means move further to the Left. Accept gay marriage, abortion on demand, redistribution of wealth, …etc. That’s not what I call coming together at all.

        The Bible also says…What fellowship has Light with Darkness?…. short answer..NONE! Again, unfortunately, if you don’t accept the Left’s ideology, THEY define as it “hate”…If you don’t accept gay marriage, it’s because you hate gays. If you don’t accept abortion, it’s because you hate women…etc. No…It’s because I believe what the Word of God says…It’s sin. Period.

        Love your neighbor means “you tell them the truth in a spirit of gentleness” not squeekishly hide from a discussion that is uncomfortable with people who disagree…”In the name of Love”. Understand?

        United we stand, divided we fall….okay, I’m sure this what the original forefathers thought when they were writing the Declaration of Independence…Gee! Lets’ stay united to King George! We just need to come together!

        I stand by my original comments. We can peacefully separate into 2 nations. I for 1 will not move to the Left’s ideology and they’re many who will take that position as well.

      • Anonymous

        48 Blue / 58 Red.. That’s 106. Your poll might be wrong.

  • albertalad

    To our American friends south of the border – welcome! Here in Alberta, Canada we already have 1/3 American population in our largest city, Calgary, and lots of US nationals here in oil sands country. They all love the place, the people, the education opportunities, the scenery, fishing, and the chance to make a great living. We have strong ties with Texas and the border states of course so we’re not strangers. Moreover, we have strong ties with US Gulf state – on account of our oil.

    • Anonymous

      Us Texans want nothing to do with Alberta ,Canada.We have enough oil here and do not need Canadian oil. Keep your cold temperatures and we will bask in the sun.

    • Mlsflt

      Your football is played on fields that are too big, hockey is way too boring, sweeping ice is not a sport. your beer is good, but damn its too cold out during winter. I’m staying put.

  • Anonymous

    I live in Texas. Many states have already moved so far from the Constitution they have, in effect, seceded. In Texas we want to establish a United States of America based on the US Constitution.

    • Anonymous

      Nooooooooo–we want to secede and become a nation again–The Republic of Texas.

  • Paul Mauricio Velasquez

    I’m sick of Nazis and Muslim controlling the government and trying to rule the whole country, is time for a Second American Revolution. We need to take back the land of Lincoln and JFK! Down with tyranny!!!!

  • Pamela Kramer

    The Kansas map has “bama” if that says we want Obama, “I sure as hell don’t. Didn’t vote for him the first time and was even speaking out against him but I was told he had GREAT IDEAS”. Some of those who thought he had GREAT ideas the first time changed their mind the second time.

  • Pamela Kramer

    Hmmm! I also heard about the government/EPA wanting to do a million acre land grab in Wyoming and change the State borders. Is that true?

  • Anonymous

    Wow! Don’t all you people realize that Canada is a Socialized country???

  • Beth

    I’m confused. The article states that a “dozen states want to succeed.” It seems every state would want to succeed, yet on the map none of them want to. Then later the article says some states want to secede. Which is it? Succeed (do well) or secede (remove themselves from the union)? I would think by seceding they would succeed!

  • El Capitan

    Patriots: Defend liberty from the ideological highwaymen in our midst: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0094KY878

  • Lynda Dietz

    Wow. What journalism major wrote this who doesn’t know the difference between “succeed” and “secede” when it’s clearly written on the map? And it’s not even consistently misused…

    As far as the results, though, I’m not surprised. Nobody trusts those in charge.

  • fly on the wall

    Some of those answers are moronic, how can that possibly mean anything about anything. Idaho’s “tax the cloud”. Oregon’s and Kansas’ “Bama”. Makes no sense whatsoever. How can you use that too say states want to secede? I still don’t think one state has the required votes to do so.

  • Tonia McBride

    That’s right. We’re mad content here in Iowa. :)

  • A-Train

    I’m ashamed to be in KY now.

  • Vern Hicks

    LOL… if you think that for ONE min that the HORDES of those Living off the public Dole will give that up…. you all are in for a RUDE awakening… Get your HEADS out your asses

  • Alex Ong


  • Tim Erwin

    Obviously this survey was done during college football season. Both Oregon and Kansas (State, I presume) want “BAMA” LOL

  • Mike
  • Anonymous

    Did you know that the very northern part of California wants to secede…and parts of So. Cal and central Cal. I say kick out Los Angeles and the Bay Area and we would be great again!

  • Guest

    If we focus more on what we ‘need’ as relates to Liberty being firmly reestablished, our individual ‘wants’ may be more easily fulfilled.

  • https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bubba-Gump/250906834927021?ref=hl Bubba Gump

    Mine wants to work, they obviously did not poll in Philadelphia

  • Anonymous

    Rhode Island wants revenge.

  • Anonymous

    New Jersey wants to seize your unused gift cards.

  • mslman71

    lulz @ Oregon (Bama) and Georgie (Tennessee weather).

  • Kimberly Librock Grant

    This upstate New Yorker wants nothing more than to secede from New York City.

  • Anonymous

    Mexico wants California back. Perfect.

  • G Lynne Smith

    NC “ban Tesla”? What’s with that?

  • Anonymous

    Joe Biden wants to strangle Republicans.

  • Tiffany Young

    Secede?? or Succeed?? Spell check anyone?

  • Anonymous

    Superman wants to be Batman.

  • SvV

    Hmm, IL wants gold registration. No suprise there

  • Alissa

    Way to go my state California. Unbelievable.

  • AsSeenOnTv

    Here is the thing with Google Autocomplete.. It is tailored to your established search patterns. When I google North Dakota wants.. I get ‘you’…


    The search queries that you see as part of Autocomplete are a
    reflection of the search activity of users and the content of web pages.
    You may also see predictions from:

    Relevant searches you’ve done in the past (if you’re signed in and have Search History turned on)

  • Anonymous

    Pelosi wants weiner probe?!

  • dave

    Sadly the bias liberal media in Canada will help elect our white Obama , Justin Trudeau..he too will have lax borders/turn his back on Israel/cozy up to the arabs/stop capitalism/raise taxes/make it easy to be lazy yet live off the state/legalize pot/…yep he will be elected because our country is asleep and believe what the media says..so sad that media no longer reports news but makes it

  • buckybone

    Wisconsin’s entry proves that this is complete horsecrap…

  • Chintana Ohl

    Sick of the Government in Washington. Can we go without them???

  • General Wrath

    Vermont does not want to join Canada.. Gwen Becky has nothing intelligent to say, ever. Okay its according to some auto-complete but that doesn’t mean people from the state spurred that

  • Sally Larson

    My state also didn’t vote for idiot in office. Just would like to know what it is we want to know.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn Beck wants to kill Michael Moore.

  • ross mcglockness

    first of all, everybody wants to “succeed”. (at least i would hope. with liberals, they want to succeed, they just don’t want you to.) however, i’m pretty sure you meant some states want to “secede”. big difference.

  • Keri Boteler

    What does Utah want to know?!?

    • Anonymous

      I dunno…what Florida wants to know?

  • http://xpectamiracle.blogspot.com/ Laura Gagnon

    Prayer is the answer to combat an ungodly agenda. Together we can pray in agreement for God to intervene and unravel the enemy’s plans. Angels are waiting to respond to the word of God returned to Him in prayer. God can do what is impossible to man. http://xpectamiracle.blogspot.com/2014/06/decree-to-overturn-new-world-order.html

    • Anonymous

      Get real, God is not going to intervent in this crap. He never has in the past. The people have to work it out and have faith in God and themselves. I have a problem with people who close their eyes to the world around them and leave it all up to God. To do so is a total cop out.

  • Kaerie

    “One of the more interesting trends on the map is that a dozen states want to succeed, split, or join Canada. ” I should hope that all states want to succeed. However, if you meant “secede”, that’s a totally different thing.

  • http://rightontheleftcoast.wordpress.com/ Anonymous

    GOLD REGISTRATION?!?!? People are actually talking about this? How deep does metal have to be buried for a detector to not pick it up?

  • Judah Haas

    If you think things will change with a new administration then you don’t k ow what the problem is

  • Jason Carter

    The hell are we going to do with an aircraft carrier?

  • Nomasidiotas

    …so people in Oregon and Kansas back football in Alabama? Roll Tide? What else could Bama mean? 😉

  • Matt Vaughn

    Tennessee weather….really, GA? Put me down for secede as well until all this statism is quelled.

  • Anonymous

    Before the polls are closed in my western state, they are already announcing who won the elections, on TV. Always makes me feel like my vote doesn’t count.

  • Richard French

    Mine says Obamacare, and I have run into quite a few folks who are excited about getting better healthcare, the Dr’s don’t seem to care for their patients here. Little they must know that the “obamcare” is riddled with loopholes, and regulations further stripping us of rights afforded us by the Constitution of the U.S.A. Not to mention lowering the standards of care for anyone covered by any kind of insurance. Unless it would be the insurance for our “leaders”.

  • Freedom Squandered

    Poll says Floridians “want to know”. I live in Florida. We want to be able “to remember”.

  • Joe Barry Richardson

    Who came up with this crap? Louisiana wants to close Libraries? That is the biggest load of crap. Sorry for the language but this is so stupid even a moron would find it unbelievable.

  • Chris White

    Thank God my state Tennessee wants to secede. At least there is still hope in most of our citizens here.

  • Anonymous

    Seriously, you don’t know the difference between secede and succeed? Thank a union teacher!

  • Wolftech

    Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee and Texas can all form the the Republic of New Texas.. Which is allied with the Independent Republic of Alaska.

  • Benjamin Smith

    Castrate sex offenders? I can get on board with that Alabama.

  • Wendy Bliss

    I’m from KY — I think I need to MOVE – this is NOT what I want.

  • Elizabeth Peterson

    I want the correct use of secede and succeed in this article.

  • Eric CM Wolford

    Alaska has been wanting to secede for years. They even have their own political party bent on doing it. Who could blame them: they are far away from the rest of the union and honestly they have enough goods to survive: Agriculture (I know, I live in Palmer – the agricultural hub of the state), Energy, and enough lovely landscape/fish to have a great tourist base. The only issue America would have in us seceding is that we are their first line of defense against Russia/China/North Korea if they want to wage a war against America – which is a good reason why we have lots of land owned by the DoD

    • Eric CM Wolford

      Even though I checked “alaska wants”, and google said “…to join Russia”. Man, I hope that ain’t true!

  • Mark Barker

    Let Northern and eastern Virgina join Maryland, their politics are the same. Every election the entire map of the state is red until you get over there, and the Democrat wins anyway.

  • Jess RippedPants Morgan

    I have the unfortunate “pleasure” of living in New York. *Sigh*… Not only do they love and want Obama, they also want our guns. When I get the chance I’m moving to a state that wants to succeed. I have a feeling a revolution is coming here on U.S Soil. People aren’t happy.

  • Scott R. Hardie

    My state would like to get a rope.

  • william


    • GenEarly

      Pretty substantial “Progress” under the Hopey, Dopey, Changey Pogram the past 6 years, Comrade. I think you may need a re-education camp in the next 2 yrs to keep up. Just remember the Progressive slogans, like “Forward” (over the cliff) and you’ll be fine. Chanting USSA! USSA! USSA! at large events also helps you to “fit in”.

  • Jonathan Koch

    As a native WESTERN New Yorker, it is only Albany and NYC that want the guns the rest of the state knows to keep them

    • Jess RippedPants Morgan

      I’m also from Western. NY. I’m afraid some of that ant-gun hoopla is going to come our way. I can see Buffalo slipping before our eyes. It’s a shame.

  • keith

    Check out Obama wants lol
    the answer

    $500 Million For Syrian Rebels – Business …

  • Bruce Cory

    could not agree more, i’m for leaving the union because washington as Glenn said is on a suicide mission, and many states just don’t want to go down with DC

  • julie

    Wow very accurate MN we are workers!

  • TheThingThatShouldNotBe

    Washington State wants a say… well, you know what I want for my state? I want my state to be divided and Eastern Washington to be the 51st state. That way the Liberal King County can’t make decisions for the whole State of Washington.

  • Larry Sheldon

    Interesting ignorance error in the ‘graf under the map.

  • Christopher Jones

    The Oregon wants Bama thing is Oregon would like the chance to play Alabama in college football.

  • Bear

    Califonia want be a state w/out Dems or Libs! We can’t find single person who voted for these people! We didn’t vote for them ,so who did?

  • Bobbie Gustafson

    Nevada wants to secede yet citizens keep electing Reid!!

  • Anonymous

    I live Michigan and if we could secede I want us to be free, have capitalism so people work for their $ and strive to better themselves for earning more. I want us to allow Bibles and Prayer in School, No Abortion, or same sex marriage both are against God. Aloow Michigan to become it’s own christian country.

  • Dyna Packard

    I live in Washington. I seen so many we support Obama signs I was sick most of the time. I would like to slap them upside their heads.

    • Brandon Heller

      That can’t help the criminally insane!!!! They need MEDS! Lots and lots of very heavy medication. Antipsychotics, benzos and a big dose of truth serum. 😉

  • Jason

    I think the main reason that so many states want to secede is that there is a tsunami of nationalism rising across the world and many Americans see the appeal in it. The idea is that we feel ever more separate from other parts of the country, and the fact that washington seems to only be passing laws for one specific part of the country and not the country as a whole. SO many of us feel as though the government no longer represents the vast majority of the people and that really true change is no longer possible. If the various and uniquely wonderful and vastly different cultures of America are to survive then many see secession as really the only way to change the status quo and create a government or lack of that will suit and represent them and their political, social, economic, and cultural needs.

    • GenEarly

      Sadly, that is the concept of federalism, separation as found in the defunct US Constitution, of federal and state functions…but the Feral Federal rules everything today down to your toilet.

  • Tyler Durden

    No one in NC wants to ban Tesla except idiots. What we do want, however, is to give teachers a better salary.

  • cole leblanc

    republicans are thieves and murderers, but liberal democrats are criminally insane and have no basis in reality at all

  • Bill Steen

    Um… aircraft carrier? For a landlocked sate?

  • Clifton Ralph Gray

    Alabama has the right idea for perverts.

  • Anonymous

    My state wants a “say”….not gonna happen since all of the Californicator Progs moved up the I-5 corridor. King County, Pierce and Snohomish….pretty much run all of our elections.

  • http://alankhenderson.blogspot.com/ alanhenderson

    I’ve been wanting to sell VT to Canada for a long time.

    This is what Oregon and Kansas want?


  • Anonymous

    I from South Dakota…which is empty…so I would like to to say “Obama impeached”.

  • Kentucky red

    I live in Kentucky and we don’t want Obama care!

  • Erin Rose Lãtta

    I’m from Oregon, and I can say that 90% of Oregonians HATE Obama. Portland is the big Obama worshipper. Most of Oregon is red, but Portland overpowers the rest of the State.

    • HomeAgain

      Don’t think Bama means ‘Obama’. It means Alabama. Remember when Oregon football was having a good season and it looked like they were going to play for a national championship? The motto was ‘We want Bama!’ Did not turn out well.

  • http://www.spambotsecurity.com/ Zaphod

    Wyoming does not want an aircraft carrier… we just want Washington DC out of our lives and business. We already have Minuteman III missiles, why would we want, or how could we use a damn CVN?

  • Curt Pangracs

    Nothing for Iowa, because they know better than to have hopes and dreams. They live in Iowa…

  • Bob Richards

    Might want to proofread this article. “Succeed”?

  • Willie Watkins

    Mine wants all liberals gone in both parties and sick of Obama and they want him out

  • YoungMommy15

    What about the blank states?

  • Ashley

    Why do some states want nothing? lol

  • Anonymous

    How about we just kick New York and California out?

  • MCMorrise

    “One of the more interesting trends on the map is that a dozen states want to succeed, split, or join Canada.”

    Well, doesn’t EVERY state in the Union want to SUCCEED? Can we blame them for wanting to succeed at something … for once? Now, then … the number of states desiring to SECEDE may be different. (I’m currently hiring myself out for copyediting. PM me, folks.)

  • Andrew Utecht

    The state that I live in (California) is indistinguishable from many European countries. The state that I claim as home (Wisconsin) voted twice a governor that I am actually proud to say I am a Wisconsin native. At least the county that I live in (Orange) is slightly conservative.

  • Michael Watts

    I live in Kentucky and I could care less about Obadcare! I want the Government to do the job it’s suppose to do for us and get all the illegals out of my town.

  • Lisa McBride

    My state wants to be left alone! We’re doing just fine without the emperor.

  • Leon Kennedy Seymour

    hey alabama i like your thinking

  • TheAnthillGoddess

    Iowa and South Dakota don’t want anything? :-(

  • Callum Yocius-Van Meeteren

    Apparently my state dosnt want anything. I’ll take that as a good thing lol

  • Jeff Ameen

    I’m surprised my state wants its own currency. It can’t be the transplants, aside from me, in northern VA.

  • Tom

    LOL. No one wants to do anything in Iowa. LMAO!!!

  • James

    It says my state wants Obamacare, but I did a search and 3 things came up before Obamacare. Kentucky wants and warrants, Kentucky wants to purge, Kentucky wants to secede, Kentucky wants Obamacare, then Kentucky wants to secede from the Union.

  • Austin Schuck

    What is bama and why does my state want it?

  • Mick Grissom

    I live in Texas and of course we want to secede, and Oklahoma, Montana and Alaska don’t surprise me. But some of these other states wanting to kind of shocked me, it just shows how much of a disconnect there is between D.C. and fly over America. By the way I was born in Wisconsin and they ARE the mitten state so what’s with that?

  • ralphmabee

    So, an illegal alien and a marxist and a muslim walked into a bar…and the bartender said “what do you want mister presedent?”

  • Dale Mugsy

    My state, Illinois, wants to harbor the illegals and go further in debt to all the freeloading liberals, guess 180 billion in debt is not enough.

  • http://www.DaveEspino.com/ David Espino


  • Shemp

    My state wants “to know” when we’ll have a Constitutional Convention of States and Term Limits…

  • Libertarian_Mama

    SECEDE, not succeed. And you did it more than once… Glen you need a new editor. Pick me, pick me! Your articles always have a lot of typos.

  • AngryCountryBoy

    Q.O.T.D. “I live in King County WA (Seattle) and I voted for the Mormon NOT the Moron!”


  • Abigail Moore

    Wisconsin had me laughing. I read it in a sad voice :p

  • Brandi

    Well, now….MS come on!

  • Abigail Moore

    I typed in Google “Oregon wants to” and was met with Secede. If I stopped before to, then the answer would be bama.

  • Abigail Moore

    Kansas also has, when you enter “Kansas wants to”, “remove obama from the ballot” and “secede”

  • Kristen Adams

    I think they must have searched for “________ wants .., ” which could be people outside the state wanting to know something about another state, not necessarily what the state itself (citizens) wants.

  • Kelly

    California’s pretty screwed up and incoherent. Does sound like Nancy Pelosi though…

  • R.J. Hadden

    what about iowa and south dakota? i was mostly raised in south dakota, i live in iowa, so those are two of the three states i care about…why nothing?

  • goblue10

    According to the current Google Autocomplete, Michigan wants Harbaugh.

  • Wise Guy

    Um… I think you meant to write “secede” – not “succeed.”

    But, I think most people want their states to “succeed,” too!

  • Devin Cook

    Ban interracial marriages? lol that really is shocking in this day and age

  • Rework Oh Ryan

    Oh Mississippi, you ignorant racists.

  • RaymondBenne

    would we want to secede? To again be free as we once were, many believe that the USA we knew is gone never to return, a corrupt SCOTUS, a corrupt congress, a corrupt executive branch. Can it ever be saved? Many think so, so time to start again.

  • Austin

    I’m pretty sure every state wants to succeed. Only some of them want to secede as well…

  • Thumper Simpson

    MY state wants America to have a new president, too! And who writes for Blaze who doesn’t know the difference between succeed and secede?

  • Charity Ross

    Secede or succeed? That is the question.

  • Youngblood

    that What Mississippi wants is BS. I live here and have lived here all my life. There might be that many that disagree with it but that doesn’t translate into wanting to ban it. I also wish they would ask the Democrats in the state how they feel about it. I am afraid they wouldn’t want to report that.

  • Jennifer L Nedimyer

    What does my state want to know exactly? And seriously NC?!

  • Anthony Dew

    My state wants to sucede and it looks like were not the only ones. Lets get the ball rolling SC!

  • Becca Jones

    why does KS want Bama?

  • christopher goff

    Glenn I use to bra fan but I’m here to tell you that because of this picture I will no longer read watch or follow a thing you do or say. This post shows that you really are a lefty at heart with a Hollywood ideal of the world/country. Reason I say that is I am from Mississippi and I have traveled and lived in almost every part of the state and I have yet to find these lynch mobs of angry white supremacist that you people thing run or are all this state is about. Are there some bad apples sure but no more than New York or California. So you have lost a fan/follower I thought you were a level minded individual who made educated post. From this post you are not sir you are just like the rest thinking everyday is like movies Mississippi burning or the help. You sicken me with this nonsense and I hope you lose your show and credentials. Tired of silver spoon fed lefty liberals like your self continue to beat down our state. Not like we don’t get it enough from everyone and everything else.

  • Elizabeth Soltesz Hart

    Ohio wants to secede!.. let’s do it!!!!

  • David Dogman Harvey

    So where’s Mass, Conn and RI? The answer probably was “Your Money.”

  • Beaglescout

    I wonder what they are really measuring. Does this measure what people searched for in their own states, or does it measure what people from all over searched for related to any and all states?

  • NJWS

    I so understand south ga wanting TN weather, and so understand TN wanting to secede. However, those goofy lawmakers that cling to Race to the Top/CCSS money are making me SICK, and I just don’t get why they think it’s ok unless they are truly bought out :-(

  • Who3

    What does Bama mean?

  • Bruce Glore

    Mine wants out of all the political BS! We have had enough of the political corruption, scandals, lies, NSA, EPA, BLM, IRS, loss of rights, racism, and war on women. We just want to be patriots to the people, for the people. Not for the lobbyists, the greedy, and the control freaks (political correctness) with their ignorant rants and raves.

  • RB

    Succeed, secede? Which one are you talking about? I don’t even see any states that want to “succeed”.

  • Guest

    Haha and South Dakota just wants everyone else to quite whining, and a different president…..

  • Ryan Olson

    And, South Dakota wants everyone else to quit whining then get to work.

  • Thomas Eckrich

    Glenn – you need to tell your writers that the spell checker in Word is not as smart as their readers.

  • hihoze

    I think Secession will look like an American version of the massive Mexican migration out of the failed Socialists States in Central America and Mexico when you see Americans moving to Texas and getting Secession on the ballot like the Scot’s did in the UK.

  • Terrence Jackson

    My state wants TO BE RID OF OBAMA ! ! ! He is GIVING AMERICA AWAY, and we are doing NOTHING ! ! !

  • triggerman23

    If you make under a million a year and you vote republican you are retarded seriously obama is one of the best current presidents we have had better then bush sr better then bush jr better then reagan you people are stupid and here is no convincing other wise swallow a bullet ass fudge es

  • Happy Camper

    Aircraft carrier! I knew I wasn’t he only one!

  • Cherri W

    The word is secede not succeed. To secede is to leave, to succeed it to flourish or thrive. Common error when using words that sound alike but mean something different.

  • Garrett Lambert

    What about Massatwoshits,Connecticut,Rhode Island and Delaware?

  • Peter Stoddard

    Is “succeed” a typo for “secede”, or am I somehow missing the context?

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