If you have ever used Google, you are probably familiar with the ‘autocomplete’ options the search engine provides. Sometimes the feature is useful and sometimes it’s not, but the results can be downright hilarious. Mashable put Google’s autocomplete to the test to find out what people around the country want.

In “What Your State Wants, According to Google Autocomplete,” Mashable’s Max Knoblauch conducted his own experiment and created a map of what each state wants (according to Autocomplete). The resulting map “reads like a list of New Year’s resolutions made by Civil War veterans.” From secession to aircraft carriers to independence, the results are pretty interesting.

Check out the map below:

Image source: Mashable Composite via Wikimedia Commons

One of the more interesting trends on the map is that a dozen states want to succeed, split, or join Canada. Glenn questioned if that would have been the case just a decade ago.

“That is really fascinating,” Glenn said. “Who would have thought that states wanted to succeed 15 years ago? You never thought that. We were never going down the secession road.”

So why would so many states be interested in leaving the union?

“Now, why would we want to secede? What makes a state say, ‘I don’t want to be a part of this union anymore’? Jamming down in Washington. People feeling like they don’t understand, they’re not like me, and they are going to force me to live the way they want,” Glenn explained. “I think there is another thing going on: Get out. They are going to drag the entire union down. We’ve got to get and away from them or this is a suicide mission. I think that’s happening.”