• Anonymous

    whats bama? whats to work?

  • Lynda Cobb Mixon

    Roll Tide!

  • Kristie Hill

    to ban tesla? The band? really?

  • Brad Sittloh

    My state wants ME! I would love to have known this after being single for so long!

  • David Avedisian

    My state is stuck with Obama’s boyfriend leading the Senate. I want Obama/Biden GONE! I want the moron Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid GONE! Why won’t Congress do it’s job and impeach the anti-American trash and charge them with treason?

  • Anonymous

    i wish one of the states said it wants “a TARDIS”…because Doctor Who is cool :-)

  • Suzanne Rolfs

    I live in NC and I don’t know where they got this crap. I promise you that is not what we want here in NC.

  • Anonymous

    I do believe that more and more senators are starting to secede from the 0′s camp. he still has his ardent supporters, Reid, Pelosi, Jackson, and Sharpton, as well as a handful of others. they, and his lame-stream media will protect his royalty with silence on key issues if impeachment and treason. the “big 0″ is nothing more than a puppet of George “spooky-dude” Soros. His fingers are into “media-matters”, who gets their feed directly from the WH… unchecked for accuracy, who then spoon fees that to the media, The low-to no information voters will believe NBC, (p)MSNBC, and the other so called news networks for their news feed. Even as far as believing Bill Maher. That is sad and sickening. Had the news media went after this “failed community leader” as they did Herman Cain or others they disagree with the same fever to get at the Truth (as they were supposed to), this country would be better off. So why did this pinhead get re-elected? Voting Fraud, news is out that there were illegal immigrants voting for their Santa-Bama as well as voting machine “malfunctions” which always selected the democratic party. (the person who ran that voting machine company has since got a cabinet post in the WH)…

  • Anonymous

    No the car….

  • Anonymous

    like the rest of us unemployed here we want to work for living.

  • Anonymous

    Here in Kansas,, we want to join up with Ok.Tx. and east Colo.. We will call our new nation,, Kotex.. ????????

  • Leslie Jackson Hogge

    What we Illinoisans really want is a governor that isn’t headed to jail after his term!!

  • jewels

    I cannot believe we have O’s name on our state. I am sure we would like to join the two states south of us in seceding from the nation of O’s ass kissing fools.