Trust us, you want to watch this

Most of the radio show today was dedicated to dissecting the State of the Union – well, that and making fun of Jeffy. You’re probably itching for something a little more heartwarming, a little more inspirational. Something that you can pass on to a couple of friends or to give you a break at the office.

Ladies and gentlemen, just check out the video below and prepare to feel really, really good about life for a few minutes:

The ad agency Anomaly produced the 60-second spot, the latest in a series of emotional advertisements from Budweiser.

  • Sam Fisher

    I do not get it.

    • Mom

      the puppy wants to be with the horse..someone comes and adopts the puppy…the horse won’t let the person adopt him because they want to be together, so in the end the farmer with the horse gets the puppy…

      • Anonymous

        And the guy who wants the dog is heartbroken. But they don’t show that part.

        • Lisa Christopher

          But the dog although wanted by the other man wanted to be with the horse We should all have a say in who we love and want to be with … See …

          • Mark Smith

            So of course, it’s upon the farmer to pay for the care of the horse AND the dog or be considered a heartless a.hole.

        • Anonymous

          No, it turns out the guy that was going to adopt the puppy was going to torture it. When he didn’t get the puppy to fulfill his sadistic needs, he went crazy and killed himself. See? Everybody wins.

          • Jay Palmquist

            I am laughing so hard… 😀

          • Beth Bollig

            you’re great!!

          • Anonymous

            Quite an imagination….Maybe you should be writing movies…LOL

        • Mark Smith

          One can assume that the guy who wanted the dog goes on to drown his tears in a few Budweisers, then kills somebody driving drunk.

        • Proud Army Wife

          he adopted one of the other puppies…

        • Lance Ward

          Horse adopts dog… nuf said.

        • Kent Betts

          I remember an AT&T commercial from 20 years ago. A black soldier called his black mom and black dad from a pay phone. The black mom started sobbing because Leroy picked up a pay phone to call them, like it was an earthly miracle. The commercial was 100% manipulative. Of course, it was the ad agency, and AT&T just wrote the check. But the puppy and horse thing, they don’t even use the product.

        • Anonymous

          The puppy had many other siblings, apparently. All is not lost.

      • david wilson

        and how does this have anything to do with Budweiser??

        • Anonymous

          Brand-building. Associating heart-warming feelings with a brand.

        • Anonymous

          both taste like puppy piss in a bottle

          • Melanie

            And you know the taste of puppy pee because…? 😀

        • Marcus Adams

          Budweiser always has commercials with Clydesdale horses

          • Anonymous

            Except for the Frogs…but they aren’t as cute as puppies.

          • Anonymous

            Loved the frogs, too.

        • Anonymous

          Who cares….Did you Love the commercial ?

        • Anonymous

          The Budweiser Clydesdale horses that always pulled their beer wagons– and now are their biggest marketing draw at special events, fairs, etc.?

          • Anonymous

            Cute story – took my son to Ohio State Fair many years ago (he’s 43 now). He was about 4 and he took off – when I caught up with him, he was standing UNDER one of the Budweiser horses, as they were getting ready for a performance on wagon-pulling (or whatever they call it). The horse’s feet were as big as my son’s head.

            A trainer was standing by and he said ‘don’t worry, maam, the horse knows your boy is there and he won’t move’.

            Those horses are so well-trained and so used to being around people – and they are HUGE.

            I love this ad.

        • Anonymous

          The horses pull the Budweiser wagons – they pretty much ARE the brand. And it was an excellent choice made years ago, I must say.

          I don’t drink beer myself so I don’t know how it tastes, but I do like puppies and horses so I give the commercial a solid YES vote.

      • Proud Army Wife

        and the farmer and dog breeder live happily ever after with the dogs and the horses…

      • Rod Knuth

        I have a feeling he gets the Girl too.

    • starlyn

      the problem with the video is that the 2 men (the guy with horses and the adopter) look tooooo similar and it confuses

    • Anonymous

      Actually the dogs were at an adoption shelter. The puppy being taken away was headed for the Obamacare gas chamber because he escaped too many times.The horses knew this and stopped the euthanasia train.

    • Anonymous

      Then you don’t need to….

    • Anonymous

      It’s real simple, now listen up, ” The Heart wants what the Heart wants” if you’d ever had that butterfly feeling in your stomach for another you should understand…

  • Lisa Christopher

    This is so beautiful the dog the horse the bond the love that you would do anything for Bringing the difference together Just so beautiful

    • Anonymous

      Corkey (after his corkscrew tail) followed me around 18 holes of golf, and came into the clubhouse and curled up at my feet. No tags, no chip. Hell, the price was right.
      I think he’s mostly pug, all white, but a normal dog face. Great dog.

      • chewinmule

        Sucker! LOL Me too!

  • Anonymous

    dogs are good people and the horses know it

    • Anonymous

      As the saying goes, “a dog is man’s (horse’s) best friend”.

  • Simpledakota

    Love it!.:)

  • John Vescuso

    So you drink more BEER !

    • Anonymous

      The commercial says NOTHING about beer.

      • Anonymous

        First of all, it does show the brand in the closing. Second of all– they don’t have to. Clydesdales = Budweiser.

        • Cindy Scribner Curtis

          Loved the commercial, thought was great need more like them.

  • donna boster

    WOW! A super commercial without nudity, filthy language, or a sense of corruption! Makes me want to guy out and buy Budweiser and I don’t even drink beer!

    • Anonymous

      Makes me wanna go and adopt me a dog.

      • Holm Wrecker

        It made me go play with and love on mine. Every time I see a touching dog story I go right to her to love her up and play with her. They bring such joy. The worst part about having a dog is you will most likely outlive the dog. I go right out and get another one. Sure, it won’t replace her, but we’ll make up our own new memories. I never want to be without a dog.

        • Anonymous

          I have been there…you are so right!

        • Anonymous

          That’s why I bred my male Schnauzer twice, I have two of his daughters, and they’re staggered in years, so I’ll have them until I’m old or die.

          • Glennfriend67

            Hear, hear, Holm! One of my Westies is snuggled up to me in bed right now. These commercials make me want to love on both my Westies even more and spoil them even more than I already do, if that’s even possible!(lol) I can’t do without my fuzzy kids. They keep me going, keep me smiling!

          • Glennfriend67

            Five months after I first posted this, and I STILL love that commercial! And my little Westie girl is snuggled up to me in bed, as always.(My parents keep sneaking off with my Westie son, else I’d have them both merrily snoring away with me, lol!) And yes, I still spoil my children rotten. Zoe and Mac are the loves of my life.

        • Brenda Skidmore

          I’m with ya man!

        • Chris Strickland

          To quote a line from Stephen King, “A man’s life is three dogs long.”

          • Anonymous

            I am such a schmuck for this. just love it. btw we are on our 4th set. 1st was Cindy our small lab mix, then Angel the farm collie, then the Border collie Bridie + Skylar the Aussie heeler. Now we have 3 Border terriers, Mia Louie & Zuzu.They are on my page. So is Skylar

          • Brenda

            Not if you have 3 at a time 😉

        • Anonymous

          Me neither. I have always had dogs and always will as long as I am able.

        • Paul Wade

          Two things I will never be without; a gun and a dog. Both are the best protection you can have. My dogs “tell” me when someone is approaching my home and my gun makes sure no one comes in my house unless they’re welcome.

        • Fred

          Lost my five year old Golden to cancer this summer. This commercial just about killed me. Were looking for another.

          • Mary Kilbride

            I’m so sorry. I know just how painful that can be.

          • OhConservative

            I’m sorry for your loss. I know how hard it is. Soon you will find another great girlfriend. God Bless You.

        • Mary Kilbride


      • Jasmin

        Me too.. made me cry!!

      • Sea Rock

        … my two guys “adopted” me … I really didn’t have any “say so” in the matter …

        … and I gave them hugs and said “Thank-You” …

      • Paul Wade

        OK. Want one of mine? (just kidding. I’ve only got three)

        Animals on the farm (especially the dogs) are part of the family. I’ve never been able to understand why anyone would give a member for their “family” away.

        I’ve got a “DogGone” dead end lane on the farm where I bury them.

      • Anonymous

        You got the talking part done. Just do it!
        Do some research first so you can get a dog that fits your circumstances and lifestyle.

    • Azumpire

      Best Feel Good Commercial I have seen in an extremely long time. I cannot even remember the last time I saw a commercial this good. Really.

      • Anonymous

        Last time was the previous commercial with the Budweiser horses.

        • mountiandew

          hahaha yeah that was just like the commercial from last year. still adorable though.

      • Anonymous

        The BEST Bud commercial was one they made and showed once that I know of. Their tribute to the old World Trade Center. Not “feel” good – heck I balled! But truly touching as well.

        • Anonymous

          Is that the ad with the Clydesdale horses kneeling. That was so touching and beautiful.

        • Anonymous

          I linked it on this thread further up. Brings tears.

      • Paul Wade

        I’ve never been a ‘budder’ but Budweiser has shown some of the best commercials I’ve seen.

    • Drew

      And no man got hit in his privates!! There was one bad thing – the guy who bought, or adopted, the puppy, lost his new friend! 😉

  • sfmey

    This is one of Budweiser’s best ever! At least someone out there is still showing love and compassion. We sure need MORE of this! Definitely made my day!

    • zz383mero

      The only bad part is that it is coming from a beer company.
      If only every company started showing more meaningful commercials.

      • Anonymous

        I agree with every company should be more meaningful…but come on lets not knock what we have. And that was gorgeous..:)

      • TC in Texas

        What’s wrong with it coming from a beer company. They’re more patriotic, caring, more animal loving and just as sincere as if the biggest church in New York City did it. I am very proud of Budweiser for this.

        • Daniel L Silliman

          Budweiser is not an American company~

          • Myles Cirillo

            I disagree; as I recall and can verify Adolphus Busch left Germany for the United States in 1857. He settled in
            St. Louis, Missouri, where he eventually established his own brewing
            supply house. In St. Louis, Busch also met and married a woman named
            Lilly Anheuser. Lilly’s father, Eberhard Anheuser, owned a small brewery
            that had been yielding lager beer for some time. In 1864, Busch
            partnered with his father in-law to form what would eventually become
            the Anheuser-Busch Company. Sounds like an American company to me.

          • Daniel L Silliman
          • Anonymous

            Like most liquor companies, they are now international conglomerates. That doesn’t change the fact that Budweiser was a quintessential make-good-in-America-story American company.

          • Daniel L Silliman

            I did not say that it was not, I just stated that the company was not American, and it is not anymore.

          • Amanda Mercer

            Busch was bought out by a Dutch company a couple of years ago, therefore it is no longer an American company

          • Paul Wade

            Isn’t it still an American company just owned by a foreigner (company).

          • Tom S

            It does seem like you stopped your comment to short in the Budwieser saga, yes they were baught by a European comany a few years back called IN-BEV.

          • Anonymous

            Anheuser Busch is owned by the Dutch and Coors is owned by the Canadians. I understand the boys in St Louis are allowed to run things pretty much as they always have. As long as they hit their numbers, the home office leaves them alone.

          • Rod Knuth

            Budweiser, the king of beers, was once owned by the Annheuser-Busch company, and is now owned by a Belgian brewing company called In-Bev

        • John Burris

          Proud because they wasted money on a feel good commercial that will have NO effect on their sales?

          • Rod Knuth

            This proves they are about highlighting America, puppies, Clydesdales, love between a man and a woman. Beer commercials (for sales) are for people mostly males pre 21.
            Beer consumers are very loyal. Not sure their money is wasted. Word of mouth and young kids will remember those commercials forever.

          • shirley stone

            boy this got off track real quick

          • shirley stone

            maybe you all better go back and watch it again. You can also pull up the Budweiser commercials and watch them all

          • Rhonda Kelley (nee Williams)

            John Burns… trust me, it WILL increase their sales. A successful company does not waste money on an ad that will have no effect.

          • John Burris

            Successful companies run lousy ads and lousy products all the time. Ever heard of the NEW COKE?

          • ramp23

            The above conversation is what I hate about the internet. Everybody has got to find fault to prove that they themselves are geniuses. Can’t just take a simple feel-good message and be happy with it.

          • John Burris

            The whole point of advertising is to be effective. Nothing else matters. Having said that, it’s their money to spend foolishly if they so desire.

        • shirley stone

          nobody else has the Budweiser horses

      • Rod Knuth

        What difference does it make who starts the revolution, Beer Maker or Small Mom and Pop shop selling Bibles. Lets just march with who ever we agree with. That is the biggest problem we have on this side we allow petty differences to divide us where the anti Americans don’t care who they toss Molotov cocktails with.

    • sailpace

      If you have not seen the 2013 Superbowl commercial with the Clydesdale being raised by a trainer since a foal, I would strongly urge you to go to youtube and do so. It truly tugs at my heartstrings every time I see it!

      • Stormchaser Onne

        That is not a Clydesdale Trainer. That is Neil Armstrong who found The Ark on the Dark of the Moon.

        • Alphamail61

          There’s no such thing as the “Dark side of the Moon”…there is only ‘near side’ and ‘far side’. Since the moon is tidally locked and shows Earth only one side, that’s what we see. However, since the moon rotates around the Earth, all sides receive equal sunshine.

          • Shay6

            Pink Floyd may disagree with you

          • Risleuf

            is half the moon not always dark? smart ass lol

          • Paul Wade

            How can you know if you can’t see on the other side of it?

        • rulie haveman

          HAha ha ha I’m gonna get me a beer !

  • Eleanor Barber

    Amazing video, amazing breed of dogs. Animal connections are beautiful and certainly heart warming!

  • tom

    Felling good shouldn’t always involve beer…but Budweiser has made a “feel-good” commercial here. I’m not a drinker per say…but I may have a Budweiser as a nod to their ability to promote a feel good moment during the game. I thank Budweiser for not “shoving” their beer down my throat through their advertising – I’ll do that voluntarily.

    • Anonymous

      There’s been a trend to not shove it “down our throats” from the Budweiser Super Bowl (And, in many cases, some of their seasonal) ads- the message comes across solid without the pitch.

    • Rod Knuth

      Did I miss everyone drinking beer in that commercial?

    • Karen

      How could this not win you over. This is how life should be, I wish I could say “is” It should be simple, unconditional and accepting. Why is it animals have to teach us the truth in life and love, Unconditional love and acceptance, it is how we as humans with exceptional minds should live, but for some reason it seems to simple a concept for us to comprehend..

  • Brad J Evans

    too bed to many People have to have Alcoholism in the family to bring you this.

    • Proud Army Wife

      Not everyone who has a drink is an alcoholic…good grief!

  • DJ in AZ

    Wow…I’m kinda tearing up here…I think I want to drink cold Budweiser now….wait, just kidding. :)

  • Anonymous

    What America used to feel like. Thanks Budweiser, I’m proud of you.

  • Anita Butler


  • ErikandKathy Muller

    Cutest thing I have seen in a while!!

  • 1620

    I wonder if Budweiser is going to have Michael Vick star in the next one….. with the pack of dogs chasing him and the horses stampeding him.

    • Anonymous

      Hahaha…too funny!

    • Anonymous

      Only if they finish the job

    • Rod Knuth


    • Marilyn Zeman

      Seriously, not a chance. Budweiser is too smart for that. Their commercials are always beautiful and touching. Thanks A-B.

  • Fozzie

    I’d like to see more of the hot blonde.

  • Orlando Braga

    Good Shot!

  • tim

    They keep on getting better and better every year. I forgot about how bad our country was for a minute. I wish life was that happy. Bud need to incharge of our tv showes and show happy and giving, like the old days not murder and rape.

  • Anonymous

    That was terrific, two beautiful animals.

    • chewinmule

      Things that make me feel good, with no side effects. Things like this are addictive. I don’t miss a chance to get every fix I can. Am I really deep down a “good guy”.

  • Paul Beaver

    Incredible, just Incredible…Maybe instead of our World News one night just show this Over and Over again..

  • Holm Wrecker

    My dog and I have a bond that is rivaled by nothing even though I’m very happily married. She is my shadow and my protector. If I’m sad she’s sad, if I’m happy she’s happy. Here’s a little test; Put your dog and your wife in the trunk of your parked car for two hours. Upon opening the trunk, see who’s completely happy to see you.

    • Laura

      Mmmmhmmmm…see who is happy to see you, but who do YOU want to make happy. And guess who won’t be making you happy in the bedroom any longer…smartypants.

  • Willowann

    Beck did good!!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t drink anymore but when I did it was Budweiser,a great beer,but then again I should sue them because when I did drink I got into a lot of trouble.

  • maryanne Epler

    Love dogs, and love the AD. Just enjoy the love and the joy, that’s what it’s all about.

  • Anonymous

    Agreed Donna Boster lol OMG this is the best I have ever seen. My heart is filled and I am happy…Wish it was a movie…….

  • Anonymous

    One of the Best ever…these guys produce some great stuff…Gets to heart of the matter!

  • Ron Fiorella

    I like pigs, dogs look up to us, cats look down on us, pigs treat us as equals..!!

  • Larry Pollard

    Not a pet lover myself, but must say, it was very touching! (:

  • Anonymous

    Love it !!

  • Anonymous

    Leave it to Glenn!!

  • Mary

    It would have been better if it was a commercial for something beer.

  • SomeJerkThatNobodyLikes

    I would have made the ending where the puppy led the horse to a cute little girl in a wheel chair and made a magic ending. 😉

  • Anonymous

    Great commercial, I have horses and dogs. This commercial brought me to tears! Way to go, Budweiser!

  • Debbie Lashinsky Leavelle

    Gulping down the lump in my throat…..~♥. I…ABSOLUTELY L♥VE THIS…!!!!

  • Jared Anderson

    so they got you all warm and fuzzy feeling emotions all over and then they flashed the budweiser sign right at the end. Let me ask this, why did you see no beer in this commercial. Marketers and advertisers have learned a lot over a few decades. They are great at creating “social norms” they want you to think “budweiser” when you want a beer. Wow this commercial was done so well! I hope others can see through marketing scheems.

  • Alan Keen

    Now if Budweiser were to make all it’s products with only Organic and non-GMO ingredients I would drink their beer, otherwise there just another beer I won’t drink. Animals are always a good trick to use on the sentimental.

  • Sharil Brown

    Budweiser absolutely has a remarkable marketing team for sure. Their ads are always the best. I have never drink alcohol of any kind in my life but they certainly know how to touch people’s heart. The one they did following 9/11 still makes me cry. Congratulations Budweiser you are the best.

  • Anonymous

    I love it! What this world needs is lessons in compassion, kindness, and love. Hats off to Budweiser for their wonderful advertisement!

  • fire lion

    Did you know that pigs are smarter than dogs? and they are sitting in their own filth in small cages eating their own feces and being injected with hormones and anti biotics so they dont die too fast?

    Oh but jesus only loves dogs right?

    • Anonymous

      Yes I heard that pigs are smart. But this particular commercial is about dogs and horses. Maybe you can contact Budweiser and get them to do one with pigs.

  • Steve Powell

    Nothing better than owning, and loving a dog.

  • Carol

    This really awesome the best commercial I have seen Budweiser make!

  • Stephen Woodruff

    in my fathers house there are many mansions ! i would just like a farm like that Please

  • Vicki Matney

    I love the Budweiser commercials when they use the Clydesdales and other animals. They always warm the heart.

  • Emily Henson

    I watched this four or five times with my two year old and we giggled every time. Such a cute commercial!!

  • Ron Ford

    If you want something, do something about it.

  • Ann Lewis Locascio

    OMG, so beautiful !

  • Anonymous

    So… I suppose the message is, if you drink enough Bud, you can believe this commercial? Ah… so, hic-up, cute.

  • Jean Aschman

    So sweet and beautiful – just love it.

  • Cinnamon Adamskie

    And we love Bud because they support the SAFE Act, which is helping to defeat horse slaughter.

  • Glennfriend67

    Just what I needed to make my day better. Horses and dogs- my two favorite people! Thank you, Bud, for making such a great commercial, and thank you, Glenn, for bringing it to us.

  • Irishgirl

    Wow, Nice looking man..Oh yes and the commercial was great too…I have horses and dogs, nothing like being loved by your furry children…

  • Mike Hobgood

    Great message wrapped in decency…

  • Anonymous

    Loved that puppy and the message it brings… Animals do have a brain and the know what they like and who they love!!!

  • Melanie

    Inter species relationships and communication!

  • Daelene Burris

    Loved it no sex or violence. They will probably sell more beer than before. Like i said it was clean and that’s great because children watch the super bowel also. Thanks Budweiser.

  • Bonnie Papso


  • Anonymous

    the best…

  • Di Egberts

    Now, this is a great commercial…I actually viewed it 3 times. Good job Bud!

  • Pamela Mills

    I hope it makes lots of people go out and adopt a dog. They bring so much joy and enrichment our lives. This commercial brought tears to my eyes.

  • Carla Jean Page

    i,ve been to the warm springs ranch in boone county,missouri if you all ever get a chance to go it is well worth the trip

    • Victoria Carignan

      I was raised around that area.

    • Anonymous

      I read that Warm Springs Ranch, MO, is where Budwieser raises their Clydsdales. The dog rescue is next door.

  • Vicky Corpuzthomas

    i love that commercial tears just start coming very touchy, i like that commercial vbetter than those booty commercials.

  • Evelyn Jackie Rohfeld

    Great Ad!!!!!

  • G Estore

    Sometimes, you can conclude animals have more genuine emotional depth than humans. Very nice.

  • dog crazy

    Nice to see all of those beautiful purebred puppies doing what they do best!!

  • Anonymous


  • Victoria Carignan

    It made me cry! I have to watch it a few more times and cry a little more.

  • bekindtohumans

    Dog dander can kill me, so one more commercial featuring a dog, just does not make me feel all warm and fuzzy. #sosickofpets

  • Cabrón

    Holy Crap ! That makes me wanna slam some Budweisers !!

  • John Burris

    How does this promote their product?

  • Mickey

    I don’t get it. First of all, the puppy shelter is giving away purebred yellow labs? And was the dog missing the horse? And then the horses…..stole someones dog? What is the lesson here?

  • Anonymous

    So a dog and a horse can be married and it’s beautiful but two guys is unnatural and sinful. Got it.

  • Francine Huskyluvr

    I love these horses…..:)

  • DrDanger

    Right in the feels!

  • Kevin Paul

    If it wasn’t promoting the worst drug out there it would be cuter.

  • Wichy Polanco

    okay gorgeous guy, beautiful girl and omg too cute puppy with a beautiful horse and a wonderful story. Yeah they need more commercials like this and less freaking sex and crap. If i drank i would definitely pick bud. <3

  • Kachina Lively

    One of their best commercials!!!

  • Anonymous

    Really cute…puppies & ponies. TAKE THE BEER OUT— PERFECT.

    • Michelle Brady

      Didn’t see one beer lol that’s part of the beauty of this advertising campaign, if you didn’t know it was a Budweiser commercial because of the Clydesdales, you’d never know what they’re selling. Nicely done and other businesses should take note…

  • Jennifer Hughes

    Budweiser has done it again!!!! Love, Love, Love their commercials and especially love those Clydesdale !!! Way to go Budweiser and THANK YOU!!!

  • Eva Rupe

    I loved the story about the little dog and the horse, That was so great.. Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful commercial,

  • Anonymous

    best commercial I have seen in a long time

  • Quart

    That sure does make me miss the goldens that I’ve had in my life over the years, and happy to still have the pups that I do. Dogs are great!

  • For 1791.

    How ironic that a commercial titled “Best Buds” will air during a Superbowl between teams From Colorado and Washington. Hahahaha.

  • Anonymous

    Make me wanna adopt a puppy!!!

  • tim

    I don’t get it,why do people take a nice commercial and trash it,there’s no violence no nudity,abuse,war,killing,and so on,yet there are those few that have to try,(and i say try) to make it look like there is some kind of message against them or some other group or organization, it is just a nice commercial leave it alone,if you don’t like it don’t watch it.

    • For 1791.

      I’m probably one of those you speak of. It’s a great commercial. Are we as a society wound so tight that we’ve lost our sense of humor? I was making a statement about the symbol # (Hash tag) and words (Best Bud) as both of them can be loosely connected as slang for marijuana. The two teams come from the two states that have legalized marijuana. Take it for what it was. “A joke”. Lighten up a little.

  • Bertha Caler

    Loved it!! :)

  • David Makin

    Great ads. Worst drink in the world – I’d even prefer a warm Greenall’s Biter and that’s usually said to be as good as what comes out the other end.
    Wake up to Real Ale FFS !! Try something from the Purple Moose Brewery or Williams Bros. – screw the conglomorates.

  • Jan

    Oh my, those Bud folks have done it again!!

  • Genise
  • Bill

    Once again Bud puts on a kick ass awesome commercial! cudo guys you did it again

  • Nancy Hemphill


  • Leslie Ward

    Friends don’t have to be the same size, the same color or even the same ‘race’ – a real high five to Budweiser for making a great point in our hard times. And finally the humans figured it out.

  • lorraine Caddigan

    I Loved this!!!!

  • Lois Batchelor

    I love the Budweiser commercials! And I don’t drink beer either.

  • Rose M. Harrington Schuldt

    BUDWEISER has the BEST of the BEST commercials ever put on TV. Some make me cry, some make me laugh. All good. I LOVE them all. Thank you BUDWEISER !

  • Kyle Field

    Nice, classy, heart-warming.

  • Jasmin

    BEST commercial I’ve seen in a long time… made me cry!!

  • Kris Bell

    Promote rescue, rescue, rescue!!!!!!!

  • Elizabeth Cordell

    Love it! Budweiser always comes up with the most touching commercials. Just love it!

  • David George DeLancey

    Farm life, nothing like it.

  • AlexiaJones


  • Junita Sibiski

    awwww! i like this!

  • Anonymous

    thanks glenn. the new way to understand feelings, emotions and connectivity is surely through things like budweiser commercials. i am so glad the spectacle has replaced genuinely developed empathy (i know you hate that word) and understanding in our human psyche.

  • Ann Moore

    So Sweet God Bless animals

  • steven gavel

    To bad Anheuser Busch is one of the lowest of life forms when it comes to the beer market.

  • Tim

    Man! Too bad, it STILL can’t make me want to drink that awful beer.

  • mike

    that ad was so cool and by the way i drink bud but i love that puppie good work guys

  • Karen Reiger

    That was so refreshing, I even cried!!!!!!

  • Carole Naro

    Love Budweiser commercials, they’re so meaningful. Especially this one. Great

  • Sandy Jo Teeple


  • Sandy Jo Teeple


  • Anonymous

    Heaven is the place where all the dogs you’ve ever known wait to greet you.

    • Anonymous

      Got 3 fox terriers waiting for me.

  • Anonymous

    Budweiser always comes up with the most inspiring commercials. I’ve never seen one I haven’t like, but this is one of the best.

  • Anonymous

    Adorable!! The song”Let Her Go” was sung on the most recent show “The Voice” by Cole Vosbury. The original song was by made by a British artist. Vosbury came in 5th. People loved his version. Check him out on YouTube. Vosbury is going to do well. Blake Shelton was his coach. P.S. I love animals. Have a 12 year old shelter dog. Please consider adopting a pet.

    Thanks, Glenn, for all you do. I’m a long time follower!!

  • Jackie Skevington

    thats cute……..

  • Johnathan Read
  • Dixie Gatlin


  • Anonymous

    Absolutely PRICELESS….!!

  • Marek Arawn

    Kleidsdales and puppies! Works for me.

  • Debbie Howard

    Always love the Bud ads………awesome.

  • Bonnie Somer

    great who won’t love it and remember the one w/the dalmation training the clydsdale that was so adorable

  • Barbara Isaac

    The best commercial…..

  • El Capitan

    Most collectivist attacks attempt to exploit the common misconception that the term “individualist” refers only to isolated individuals.

  • cathy martin

    Love that Budweiser, they always out do themselves. This one is a good tear jerker..last years made ya cry but this one is even worse…. leave it up to animals to show love.

  • Myra Garrett Wright

    I LOVED THIS Commerical Puppy/ Pony,, love & friendship:))
    Myra Wright, from ~Indy~

  • Anonymous

    Leave to Budweiser!
    One of natures beautiful horses and a man’s best friend.

    Another of their greats:

  • Anonymous

    Delightful, Wonderful, heart warming commercial. Brilliant marketing. Exudes warmth, love, and compassion. Great job Budweiser and I too don’t drink beer but I know which brand to buy for my b

  • Watch it

    Just what’s needed for a good pick-me-up ….. and no dangerous side affects!

  • Anni Anderson

    I LOVE IT!!

  • Patti King

    Too bad they have decided not to do the clydsdale commercials anymore…..they think they should direct their attention to the “younger generation”……I ASK WHAT GENERATION DOESN’T LIKE THIS??????

  • RayOne

    The happy dance.

  • deniseunlimited

    The long version is even better. Best Super Bowl commercial ever. The Budweiser ones always are.

  • Timothyprevie

    Budwiser always has great commercials

  • John Kennedy

    Very nice. Makes me want to have a cold Bud.

  • Michael

    Apparently Budweiser has dropped the Clydesdales from their ad campaign ….they are targeting a younger demographic

  • April English

    Here is another great dog commercial….this one took a lot of work to make.

  • Nermal146

    sweet commercial…really sweet

  • mfrench

    Love, love, love this!!

  • Jim Price

    A awesome commercial that ONLY Budweiser could make! Year after year!

  • Julie McDaniel

    This came out during the super bowl, and this song has been my ring tone ever since! I LOVE this!

  • Jessica Randall Sherwood

    Who ever their ad people are they make some of the best commercials they make you want to see it again. Thank you so much

  • chief2000

    One of the best commercials ever although the kohl’s Christmas one with the dad driving the kid and the kids ignoring him then they come to the open field and then Strange Magic happens. Is real a close second…

  • loljaeger

    Love it very much……………….

  • Billie Jacobs

    Anyone who doesn’t like dogs has no soul !!!!!

  • Doug-Tammy Isaacs

    I wonder why they don’t show the broken families, the maimed and orphaned children, the battered wives, the lost jobs, the stupid choices, the innocent families smashed on the highway….oh sorry..I didn’t see the “enjoy responsibly” there, my apologies.

  • splooshman

    Sniff…No, that’s a not a tear in my eye. I think I got some dust in it or something. Ok… it is a tear. I confess. Best commercial ever.

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