Glenn takes on the ‘New McCarthyism’

Are we on the verge of a ‘new McCarthyism’? After watching actress and Democratic activist Scarlett Johansson face intense scrutiny for standing behind her brand ambassadorship with the Israeli company Soda Stream, Glenn wondered if we are witnessing the beginning of a new wave of witch-hunts. On radio this morning, Glenn explained what he believes to be the ‘new McCarthyism’.

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It was about 70 years ago the so-called ‘Hollywood Ten’ were called in to the House Committee on un-American Activities to defend themselves against charges of communist subversion emanating from the movie industry. And this was the beginning of an era in which some in Congress – most famously Joseph McCarthy, and less famously, John F. Kennedy – undertook an effort to expose who they suspected of conspiring to bring about the radical overthrow of the American system of government. In response to the overreaching negative effects of these efforts… I thought we all learned our lesson.

In the summer of 2012, Michele Bachmann and five colleagues of hers in the House of Representatives were lambasted for their McCarthy-like witch hunt questions about the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood in our government, including at the highest levels of foreign policies in the form of Hillary Clinton’s former chief of staff, Anthony Weiner’s wife. But the attacks have not been limited to the politics of personal destruction. The government has taken a set of negative powers and flipped them on their head – turning the political system into a weapon.

Yesterday, I found it absolutely amazing that the president said that there was not a smidgen of anything wrong [with the IRS]. You remember in 2010 when the president said, we’re going to punish our enemies. Well, he wasn’t kidding… But the pendulum now has swung. It is swinging further beyond politics into now your home, into civil society, which is even more insidious. In the Soviet Union, neighbors were encouraged to spy on their neighbors. I guess you would say maybe, at this point, [there is] a softer version of the same system in America.

Leftists and many on the right have replaced McCarthy’s questions with their own. The ones that are prevalent in our society right now:

    • Do you now or have you ever supported the state of Israel?
    • Are you now or have you ever supported the Tea Party?
    • Do you now or have you ever supported traditional marriage?
    • Do you now or have you ever supported the Second Amendment?
    • Do you now or have you ever supported the intent behind Edward Snowden’s revelations?
    • Do you now or have you ever supported the GOP – George Bush or Mitt Romney?

McCarty and his colleagues had questioned Americans over their efforts to subvert the Constitution and bring down America. But today, the left and the right are questioning Americans who seek to uphold the Constitution and restore America. I mean you want to talk about flipping it on its head.

Which brings me to Scarlett Johansson… We disagree, I think, on practically every issue. But Scarlett Johansson has been crucified for the act of signing on as a spokeswoman for an ad that you saw on the Super Bowl last night. An Israeli company based in Judea and Samaria, otherwise known as the West Bank. For this crime of supporting an Israeli enterprise, operating in a region that those on the left feel shouldn’t be even there… Scarlett Johansson has been attacked by members of the boycott, the divestment and sanctions campaign, which include Code Pink. She’s been dropped by OXFAM, an aid organization she was a spokeswoman for eight years. Most recently she’s been condemned by one of the worst guys, Roger Waters.

Leave aside the fact that this Israeli company scores high on all measures of fairness, of justice, of equality. SodaStream employs both Palestinians, Jordanians I would point out by heritage, and Israelis who work side by side with Muslim employees, allowed to pray five times a day there at the SodaStream plant. They receive pay and benefits far in excess of what they ever could hope to achieve anywhere else, and yet somehow or another she’s a hater.

I want you to know that even though I disagree with Scarlett Johansson on almost everything, it will stand with Scarlett Johansson against all despite the legions of areas of which we disagree. She’s putting her career on the line for what she believes in. I have incurred the wrath of those who seek to do harm to Israel and other things. I’ve never, ever tried to boycott, get anybody fired at all. I was the guy with van Jones who said, ‘Don’t fire him. I just want to know how he got in. Do you believe the things he believes?’ No, they went and fired him. I would support any and all who stand with the only free democracy in the Middle East, our staunchest ally, and the first line of defense of the west. It is the canary in the coal mine. It is the font from which our Judeo Christian heritage, all of our laws comes from there. And I’ll do it until my last breath, but I don’t want to make this into an Israel thing.

I want to talk to you about McCarthyism. I mean it is clear m that regardless of your political affiliations, if you zig or zag from the hard-core party line of the left, let alone attack any of its sacred cow cows, your career is over.

And if you want a list: What about Maria Conchita Alonzo? She’s the one who stood with the Tea Party candidate and lost her job. Or Danesh Azad, or Mark Stein. Or how about the guy who made that horrible film. It was a horrible, horrible film on Islam. But look at what happened to him. They destroyed that guy’s life. Hmm. But beyond the names that you might know, how about the countless nameless and face already Americans throughout America how about the people you’ll never meet. The people like you.

At the end of the day, tolerance requires hearing opinions and beliefs in which you disagree with. I’m sorry, I don’t agree with your opinion. Threatening anyone who challenges your belief with a lawsuit, unemployment, or worse, the left has become a real caricature of Joe McCarthy. They themselves have fought against for all these decades, but they didn’t mean it… I will stand with those on the left and the right with whom I disagree as long as they practice tolerance and diversity of opinions that they purport to believe in… Left and extreme right: You’re becoming everything you have always said we can never be.

  • John Ashlin

    Tolerance will kill you! If you’re going to be a Christian, do as the Bible teaches! Let your yes be yes, and your no be no. There is no “gray” area with Jesus. Never did He teach tolerance. Teach people the truth. Tell them where they’re wrong. If they listen, you found a brother, if not; shake the dust off your feet and flee!

    • Anonymous

      Umm, you have a very warped sense of Christ’s message. No offense intended. I guess those “love your enemies” and “turn the other cheek” lessons and the entire Sermon on the Mount just got glossed over. Or the parts where he dines with the tax collectors and prostitutes? He didn’t “shake the dust off his feet and flee.” In fact, he washed THEIR feet.

      Christ taught love for all. Not running away from those that disagreed with your version of his message. God Bless.

      • Anonymous

        When God addressed his disciples to ‘turn their check’ and to ‘love your enemies’ he was warning them about people such as yourself, who claim they know him, but by their misplaced words, prove that they, in fact, do not. John Ashlin is right.

        • cathryn

          Wow! I like that. Truth as true as ever. I am a Christian and i agree with you. It really isnt one or the other. Problem though is we are moving away from freedom of religion.

      • Mark Smith

        I seem to remember that Jesus said “go, and sin no more”. He loved them, but their behavior was not acceptable or tolerable.

        • Avril111

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      • Anonymous

        Be careful that love, charity, tolerance and kindness is not mistaken for or interpreted as permission. No one has permission or the right to do Evil. Make no mistake, Christ loves all, we are to love others as Christ does, there is forgiveness and mercy and there is a Heaven and a Hell.

      • Dorothy Snyder

        It is okay to say what you believe to be right and wrong. John is right, tolerance can kill you. Apparently Blang you don’t know much about history. You are allowed and have an obligation to yourself and your family to follow what will ultimately be in your own best interest to survive. You should question other people’s intentions, other people’s morals. It is okay to say that their intentions and moral are not right.

      • Daniel

        The left wants to criminalize everything their warped sense of reality perceives as discrimination and the right wants to criminalize everything their warped sense of reality perceives as a sin. Then neither of them understand why the majority think they are both crazy.

      • Bobbie Franklin

        Thank you exactly true! I’ve been seeing that above paragraph verbatim on so many pages, its like these people have been brain washed or something. Yeah right Jesus hates certain people, what a load of shit. I love Jesus but he died for us because are aren’t perfect not because we are perfect. That means that being a christian does not mean you have to live exactly as Jesus did and turning the other cheek etc… he did all that for us for a reason. And when they say “Tolerance will kill you” that sounds a lot like a speech Hitler used. God forbid you tolerate anyone’s differences right? F them! I’m NOT tolerant of them lol

    • Draxx

      Now, is the year where they are going to put the fear of the Gov’t into people and being more heavy handed… Getting a passport to leave the country is getting harder every year, so that they can keep people in and not let them go away to save themselves!

      • Anonymous

        Like all over filled bubbles…they burst, unfortunately, this bubble is filled with our own blood.

    • Anonymous

      “Two cannot walk together unless they agree”….that bible verse just about sums it up. Why would anyone think that our nation can travel in two different opposing directions.

      • robineggblue82

        People will always disagree. There will always be a multitude of opinions. People CAN walk together if they agree to disagree. Its called tolerance. In a democracy, or a constitutional republic as we have, differences are decided by vote. Whatever the majority want, they get, and the rest of us have to live with it and hope to win the next election. If you want to be the majority your numbers will grow a lot faster using persuasion than force.

        • Anonymous

          Then by your own words – what you’re saying is – God is either a liar, or two opposing ideas can come to the same conclusion.

          People who enter into debate under the pretext to agree to disagree, are only kidding themselves and will find the time being courteously rude to one another, gets them nowhere and in the end…he who’s convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still.

    • robineggblue82

      This isn’t about Christianity this is about a country that’s supposed to champion freedom of religion – no matter what you believe. We also champion freedom of speech. If you’re a true American you shouldn’t have a problem tolerating differences – as long as they are not attacking our freedoms. America is not solely a Christian nation, it is a nation for all religions and beliefs as long as they respect freedom. AS SUCH, to be a true American you must needs be tolerant. The entire country is not your church. You believe what you want, vote the way you want, but stop trying to force it on everyone else. America is not the ancient nation of Israel. We are not a theocracy. We tolerate choices that the church may not. Try to respect the difference. Preach your truth by all means, but acknowledge that others may do the same.

      • Anonymous

        All religion that opposes God destroy us. There is but one God – having one Gospel message, it is up to our people to prove what is right and builds and what is wrong which destroy us. Ask God why he doesn’t have tolerance for the religious opinions of others and he’ll say – “there is no other but me, everything else comes from the devil”

        • robineggblue82

          Sin may destroy a nation, but you still have no right to impose your religion on others. Ever heard of free will? God allows people choices and so why shouldn’t you – as long as it doesn’t harm your freedom. I’m NOT saying you can’t speak out against these things but to use the public pressure that liberals use to silence those that merely disagree is wrong. Phil Robertson is a good example of this.

          • Anonymous

            America has an obligation to itself, to prove the true identity of who the one and only God is – if the debate about religious freedom continues much longer, our time for being a nation is over, it, all together, will dissolve. We will have no nation until we get it right. God will see to it.

            God insist we know what we’re talking about before teaching it to others. The vast majority of religious denominations have utterly failed to do so, they teach lies and present themselves as fools…our young people are no longer interested and seek out understanding from the minds of Darwin etc.- which furthers them down the road of self-destruction. So our churches must shoulder the biggest part of the blame for the position America finds itself in today, they have led our people astray and it is directly associated by their refusal to prove God at his word.

            Freedom of Religion doesn’t mean willful deception of it.

          • Anonymous

            Correct. We cannot impose. We can counsel as best we can and bear witness. If people will not or can not see and hear, then move on. There may be others who need the message and are willing to see and hear. As to the one moved from, trust in God, there may be another who can communicate the message better or clearer.

        • Anonymous

          Stark but be very careful. Recall in the Gospel that we are to trust in the Lord: “Do whatever He says” (John 2:5). Again and again there are examples in the Gospel of people who place their trust and faith in the Lord. When all charitable attempts are exhausted to deliver The Good News we must then place trust Christ.

          • Anonymous

            I agree 100%, and how do we find what Christ says, its by believing every word of God. Now that’s quite a task, considering the fact, that every word means the whole bible.

            A very large percentage of the New Testament, is derived from direct quotes from out of the Old Testament. There are many church denominations who teach, the Old Testament has been done away with, rendering there parishioners blind to some very important information, information most needed in the growth of any student of God.

            That example and many others like it, is my point. God implores those who wish to learn more about him, “to prove him at his word.” again, the bible is the word of God in print and unless the individual takes that responsibility upon himself, that person will not learn truth. If we must prove God at his word, like he himself, has ask us to do… why would we then, blindly except, without question or hesitation, what men tell us about that word? So it is up to each man, or woman, to do their part by doing their homework, but therein lies the problem, humans are naturally lazy, and I don’t mean that with any disrespect, most though, prefer to take the easy path – which is exactly why God refers to that same path as “wide”, but he warns, “it leads to destruction”. – “For the gate is narrow and the way is hard that leads to life, and those who find it are few” then, ironically, in the very next verse, it gives indication as to why it’s so difficult to find the narrow gate, (which leads to a much fuller and better understanding,) “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves.” Mt. 7:13-15

            And what do these false prophets preach?…

            Lets see what the apostle Paul told the Galatians; “I’m astonished that you’re so quickly deserting him who called you in the grace of Christ and are turning to a different gospel – not that there is another gospel, but there are some that trouble you and pervert the gospel of Christ. But even if we, or an angel from heaven, should preach unto you a gospel contrary to that which we preached to you, let him be accursed. As we have said before, so now I say again, if anyone is preaching to you a gospel contrary to that which you have received, let him be accursed.” – Galatians 1:6-9

            Getting the gospel message right is vital, in fact, it’s so important, and from what we see here, there’s a double curse for not preaching the truth.

            Most professing Christians don’t even know what the gospel of Christ is. Today we hear it being called “a gospel of grace”, or “a gospel of salvation” even “the gospel of hope” among numerous other titles and many will make the claim, that its not necessary really, or is it, all that important. But, nothing further from the truth can be taught. It’s very crucial that we understand, not only what the gospel of Christ is, but also, what it means.

            So where does the word of God in print – tell us – where the word of God, Jesus Christ, specifies the name?

            “And Jesus went about all the cites and villages, teaching in their synagogues and preaching the gospel of the kingdom”….Matthew 9:35 This one verse alone, indicates, the gospel message is about Gods kingdom. Several places throughout the bible back that up. The gospel is a message about the kingdom of God.

            Our churches are teaching their followers to walk on the wide road of destruction, our people are cursed because of it, in fact, God say’s its a double curse, but narrow is the gate that leads to eternal life in the kingdom of God.

            My aim is to get people thinking for themselves, before its too late for them to do so. “For this is why the gospel was preached even to the dead, that though judged in the flesh like men, they might live in the spirit like God” – 1-Peter 4:6

          • Anonymous

            Yes, the Old and New Testament must go hand in hand and not be separated. To understand, fully, the New Testament one *must* read and understand the Old Testament. For example, The Ten Commandments were never rescinded and that’s the “tip of the iceberg”. The path and gate is narrow and there are many who desire to pull (or push) people away from that path and gate.

          • Anonymous

            I think money and the power it gives, keeps many a minister from acknowledging the truth to his members. I remember one time (years ago) when I presented something to an honest minister, showing him a more clear picture of truth, when the guy mentioned it the next weekend, by the following week, the members had fired the guy and had already replaced him with someone who spoke more with what they wanted to hear, so fault of deception, cannot be pinned alone on the backs of false prophets.

            “For they are a rebellious people, lying sons, sons who will not hear the instruction of the Lord; who say to the seers, “See not” and to the prophets, “Prophecy not to us what is right; speak to us smooth things, prophecy illusions, leave the way, turn aside from the path, let us hear no more of the Holy One of Israel” Isaiah 30:9-11

            Again, my urgency has to do with what is said in the following verses, see what is described in verses12 thru 18…much of what is described, our nation is certain to experience and soon. It could, and should be avoided.

            Obviously, our people cannot rely on words spoken by lying politicians, that is, to lift our nation up from the depths we’ve sunken, isn’t it a shame though, that we cannot rely on our clergy to do it either. That means, it must come from the individual, but from what is indicated by the above verses, and even by the responses I receive, I doubt our people have what it takes to right the ship and keep it afloat. Sad…Z

          • Anonymous

            Time is short for all of us and we do not know the hour. We know, however, that for much of humanity the end will be very bad and all the Political Correctness, phony respect, and feigned sensitivity will be gone.

            It is very sad. I like think that there are lurkers out there reading and comprehending and choosing the correct path, even if there isn’t a “like” or a comment.

            Just do one’s best to soldier on while remembering that the soldier has a soul to save too.

          • Anonymous

            Yes, the Old and New Testament must go hand in hand and not be separated. To understand, fully, the New Testament one *must* read and understand the Old Testament. For example, The Ten Commandments were never rescinded and that’s the “tip of the iceberg”. The path and gate is narrow and there are many who desire to pull (or push) people away from that path and gate.

  • Cliff E.

    I totally agree, however its time we do as you say and take the left’s tactics to them…. take for instance this Coke Ad…. I found it disgraceful and offensive to take a great American Hymn and murder it by singing it in other language, Both of my Grandfathers earned Purple hearts in WW2…. so we wouldn’t be singing our songs in other languages…… I have began a Boycott of Coca Cola products, and I am extending that to those who serve only Coke products, like Restaurants, Theme Parks and Sporting Venues…. and i have been a Coke Drinker for years

    • Usagikitti

      I love Coke and had a different take on the commercial but I believe you have your opinions and are allowed to do whatever for them. However, extending a boycott to restaurants or such for them carrying Coke is a bit excessive, in my personal opinion. Those are just businesses that are using a product that is the most cost effective to them and personally I don’t think Coke meant to offend but should have maybe done a little more thinking into the presentation and if I was still drinking soda pop I prefer Coke over Pepsi, just saying. Since I no longer drink soft drinks I can go to places that have them but I do not drink them so at least I am supporting my local economy but not draining their supply of the beverage so I can still safely say I am not supporting Coke but I am supporting my local business. Just a thought to maybe mull over. By the way, I respect all my veterans, old and young and appreciate what they have done and still do to protect my country and my freedoms but I also love the way my country calls to other nations and is the symbol of freedom and opportunity to succeed. That is what I took from it – Our country is great and awesome because of its freedom and opportunity. But it is on you to make it, no one else. Love that.

      • Cliff E.

        Excessive how? its extends maximum impact, you tell Chili’s, Texas Motor Speedway etc. that you won’t be patronizing them for this reason they will call Coca Cola and say hey your actions are costing us sales and business.

        For example TMS i spend about $600-$1000 with them per race season, now they loose that… and the last two races i attended they had a lot of fans dressed as seats (as they were empty)

        Now if myself and others start doing this it makes an impact.

        • Cliff E.

          And my local family owned eatery serves Pepsi products

    • robineggblue82

      I think you may be who Glenn is talking about. Where is the proof that there was some secret liberal message/agenda in the Coke ad? You’re seeing witches where there are none – you’re seeing communists where there are none. Put aside your emotionalism for just a second and think rationally not reactionary. See the positive in the ad. We can ALL love America EQUALLY no matter our culture.

      • Cliff E.

        *Penalty flag* don’t pull the race card…..AMERICAN ENGLISH is the direct result of the melting pot, otherwise we’d be speaking a different language in different regions. But normally where you see smoke there is fire, when you smell something funky there is usually something going sour somewhere…. this ad smelled funny. But yea it was just enough “nice” to go that was a nice homage… but the twist of it was not peoples of the world who immigrated saying “I’m an American” that ad was good and i liked that….when you move to a new country you adopt their customs, they wont take on yours to make you feel comfortable.

        Okay you go to England and sing God Save the Queen in swahili and see your reception?…. Go Sing O’Canada in German, see what will happen.

        Coke has had a leftist pinko leaning for 40 years, going back to the Hippies buying someone a coke.

        • robineggblue82

          Um, if you think I pulled the race card you DO have an over-active imagination. I’m no longer surprised you saw something evil in the ad. Coke might lean left (I don’t know) but I’m still waiting for proof that this was some political message.

          • Cliff E.

            “We can ALL love America EQUALLY no matter our culture.”

            you imply that I’m being bigoted for not celebrating culture, you left wing nitwits its your first down play, too predictable… you accuse the right of being racist or uncaring (see throw granny off a cliff)

            Did i say “Evil” well maybe quasi evil… but an overtly foreign group of people celebrating America, an over all implication that we are currently a nation of people made up funny accents (Wisconsin, Alabama and Boston aside)

            It overtly implies that English and American English should not be the language of the land that i should drop my American identity of the English language to help those less fortunate ones out…… I hate to sound bad but my ancestors… didn’t get jack handed to them, they went out and EARNED IT, they took unused land (yes open land) farmed it, they built the first Flour mill in Medicine Lodge Ks, they built Blacksmith Businesses, owned general stores. They thrived and had some failures and setbacks along the way but all they had they worked for and earned. Furthermore they fought English Tyranny, they fought to preserve the Union (and one to keep their rights), they fought the Germans and Japanese when they tried to dominate the globe.

          • Mary Larsen

            The political message was multi-culture, not American culture. There is no way anyone should be singing a song about America in a different language. If you sang a song about Russia, or china in English in their country, trust me they would be less then happy. It is not racist to love you country!!! If you come to this country to live you need to speak English, you need to adopt our laws, and form of representive government. We “DO NOT NEED TO ACCOMADATE YOU”. I thought this add was shameful and disrespectful to all who serve and have served this country

  • Anonymous

    glenn beck stands by her? well that should make her rethink her position.

  • The Blue Tail Gadfly

    Re: “McCarty and his colleagues had questioned Americans over their
    efforts to subvert the Constitution and bring down America. But today,
    the left and the right are questioning Americans who seek to uphold the
    Constitution and restore America. I mean you want to talk about flipping
    it on its head.”

    Sounds like Glenn is trying to deflect from his own record of trying to subvert the US Constitution by calling for an Article V Constitutional Convention and the Trojan Horse Amendments that have been written to accompany it.

    Progressives are calling for a Convention also, apparently they are not impressed with the rhetoric that “conservatives” can control the Convention. Hell, conservatives cannot even control a Republican National Convention, let alone a Constitutional Convention.

    Learn the truth behind this scam and stop it in it’s tracks before it is too late.

  • Mark Bigger

    hard to tell where Beck stands at times. What are his beliefs ? He tells of conspiracy theories and so any different topics , perhaps he needs to take a stance and stay there

    • Guest

      Beck is on both sides of many issues, a master of contradiction.

    • DLH

      Glenn Beck will say anything that gets him attention, he’ll even cry. He is one of the meanest men in the media, always deciding for us what is right and who to condemn. We have become a mean country and I call it “TRICKLE DOWN MEANNESS” from the media and our politicians. If they can be so rude to the man the majority of this country put into office then people all over can be mean to each other. Glenn shows respect only to people who agree with him and is hate filled for other people and this country reacts to the meanness.

  • Revan

    I find it odd that liberals never would dream of treating us with respect. I mean the always demand it. Where I am from it needs to be earned.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe “Tail Gunner” Joe was correct after all. (Not his methodology, but in his suspicions)

  • Anonymous

    I’ve said that a long time ag

  • Truthfully Speaking

    People seem to forget there is a difference between “Tolerance” and “Acceptance”. Tolerance is defined as:
    the ability or willingness to tolerate something, in particular the existence of opinions or behavior that one does not necessarily agree with. Acceptance is defined as: the action or process of being received as adequate or suitable, typically to be admitted into a group.
    A person can tolerate something without accepting it. I did not vote for Mr. Obama. However, he was voted in as President, so I must tolerate him and his politics. That does not mean I have to accept his ideals, agenda, or politics. I believe in traditional marriage. I can tolerate gay and lesbian people, have them as family, and friends ( which I do) but that does not mean I support their lifestyle, or their stance on same sex marriage. It is time people realize that disagreeing with someone doesn’t mean you hate them, or that you are a bigot.

    • Anonymous

      Tolerate from the Latin toleratus — to endure. As we are all imperfect we must tolerate (endure) the sins of others or we would simply kill each other or ourselves. Acceptance from the Latin acceptre — to receive. As we are all imperfect we do accept (receive) sins.

      We have no permission to receive sins yet because of our flawed nature we are instructed to endure them. That means the sins of others and sins of our own.

      Be wary of the wordsmiths who twist and subvert the meanings of words.

  • Stephan Bruno
    • Guest

      You beat me to it. I wonder how long it takes for Glenn Beck to forget what Glenn Beck has said. The man has no shame. Glenn Beck is the face of new McCarthyism.

      I would add “astonishing, ” but it’s really quite typical.

      • BlueMN

        It helps that his followers forget what Beck has said too. Just throw around “Red scare” words and a “God” now and then and you’re golden.

  • Radical democrat

    This is Beck doing his best Joe McCarthy impression when he was on Fox.

    BECK: Today, communism has a happy face. It’s a fashion statement. Call somebody a communist, and it’s a joke. But as you’ve seen tonight from Hollywood, to class, to the Oval Office, Marxism is alive and well. It is thriving here in the United States. You might know what it is, but our children do not. We just think that somehow or another they know, but they do not. And they are not being taught the evil of communism and socialism. Progressives do know what it means, and they can mutate it. It always mutates. It goes undercover. [Glenn Beck, [6/24/10]

  • Guest

    “Leftists and many on the right have replaced McCarthy’s questions with their own. The ones that are prevalent in our society right now:”

    I wonder how far Beck had to reach up into his rectum to pull out those 6 questions. No one asks those questions. No one!

    Beck can get away with making so many false claims because the sheeple who listen to him believe his biggest lie: “The truth lives here.” Nothing is further from the truth.

    • Anonymous

      So you’re okay with black listing Johansson and Soda Stream?

      • BlueMN

        She hasn’t been blacklisted.

        • Klasko

          Let’s see then how much work she gets after The Avengers. And we’ll also see if they don’t just minimize her screen time in that. They don’t have an actual list, but they won’t forget that she didn’t toe their line, no matter how invisible they pretend it is.

      • Guest

        For what? Endorsing a product? Much better to boycott Glenn Beck for deceitful and divisive propaganda.

  • Anonymous

    Is Glenn not making enough money? Now its “extreme right?” Are us extreme righties not buying enough tickets to your shows and $140 jeans? What exactly is “extreme right?” Now you’re standing with the left? They want to DESTROY the country…hell if I’ll stand with them.

    And Glenn has a fundamentally ignorant view of islam.

    • Radical democrat

      Glenn has a fundamentally ignorant view of history, political science, political theory, the Constitution. That’s why his bio is subtitled Glenn Beck and the Triumph of Ignorance. EX: Extreme right are Nazis, but Beck ignorantly asserts that they are “left.”

      The left doesn’t want to DESTROY the country. They’re trying to legalize democracy. It’s the Supreme Court who’s destroying the country more than any other institution or ideology.

      Beck never makes enough money. Wealth and fame are his life-long ambitions. He’s not stupid; he figured out that what Rush Limbaugh was doing was the way to achieve his goals. Both are college drop-outs.

      • Anonymous

        Actually Nazis—National Socialists—fall on the political left. The American Left, led by the Liar in Chief, does want to destroy, ooops I mean “fundamentally change” America.

        I don’t know what being a college dropout is supposed to mean. Isn’t the FB billionaire a college dropout? And the guy who started Apple?

  • jeff.cox

    This column is exactly why Beck is so much more interesting than Limbaugh – Limbaugh’s “Let’s you and him fight” shtick is so tightly scripted that any body with experience with writing to a style sheet could easily toss off Limbaugh monologues virtually identical to the real thing. But Beck never disappoints. I am a firm believer that he is genuinely sincere and charming, but his brains are so scrambled that you just never know what bizarre representation of his imaginary world will come tumbling out of his mouth. Some fellow here wants Beck to be consistent, but that’s like asking a lawn sprinkler to behave like a fountain pen. I doubt Beck remembers what he said as far back as three days ago. I love this guy and this site is one of my favorite reads.

  • DLH

    We have become one of the most intolerant countries in the world. The bible tells us to “JUDGE YE NOT” but everyone,passes judgement. On religion, on what a woman does with her body, on the color of someone’s skin. We have just become mean. We aren’t going to let the Lord handle anything, despite saying we are a Christian country. What’s christian about us anymore? Glenn Beck always said he was a Christian, man of God, and yet he always wants to do God’s job and pass judgement on who is right and who is wrong. We excuse child molesters – because poor things they were molested too – but condemn others not know how they were raised, what they grew up with. Let people have their own opinions, you have yours, as shown by this blog.

    • Anonymous

      We do not know the entirety of a soul’s life. We do not recall the entirety of our own soul. We have neither the right, authority nor ability to condemn a soul. Therefore, judge actions not people. We must judge actions hundreds of times a day: If having witnessed a person run hit by a car, do I cross the street in the same manner? Do I assist the person who was hit? Do I flee? Do I kick the fallen person? TIme ticks on and I will do something. Do I take a drink, do I fornicate, do I steal, do I assist a destitute person? Do I eat a pizza? I will judge and decide.

      Judge from the Latin jus — law, duty, right. Judging is not necessarily wrong. We are expected to do the right thing but as humanity reveals we constantly make poor judgements — bad law, ignore duty, do wrong.

      We must be thoughtful and careful as to how and what we judge as the same will be measured unto us.

  • chip griffin

    still can’t get over the skull on the deck, the devil in your back pocket, keeping that money rolling in huh. the rich keeps getting richer huh glen the new front man who has never said a real word about nothing the family is dead. the government took down the towers, but live it up for a couple more months.. then pay day is here. the taker over don’t need a front man. glen that never said nothing for the longest time and GOT SUPER RICH. good job glen. they all believed you were fighting for us the people. the people were dead, the family is gone, nothing left to save!!!

  • Jeremy Armour

    One big problem with particular diatribe is that McCarthy was right!!!!! His methods may have been somewhat undesirable, but had he been successful we’d be a hell of a lot better off as a country!

    • The Last Prepper

      We have a 2nd amendment to protect ourselves from any future “commie” witch hunts …Be warned. We will fight back.

  • Anonymous

    Kerry is threatening Israel with boycotts unless they cave-in to the Palestinians. This is far worse than a new McCarthyism. We are witnessing the world turn on Israel- the nations of the world uniting against God’s chosen people as prophesized. Sadly it is being led by the USA, which will end in the destruction of this country and all who oppose Israel.

    • The Last Prepper

      Oh my god, get over yourself. People in Israel aren’t above reproach and criticism. They are not “holier than thou” and shielded from critique. You people saying things like this are downright LOONY.

      • Anonymous

        Criticism isn’t the issue and neither is “holier than thou”. The issue is of the surrounding regions that desire to wipe Israel off the map. Those who do desire the destruction of Israel realize that it may not happen within their lifetime or even by force — they are waiting and waiting for the rest of the world to do the dirty work for them.

        It’s not lunacy — it’s how evil works. It begins with one person accepting a lie and passing it on.

  • Anonymous

    Disagree with you on this one, G.B. — The publishing of the Venona Communications, from the former Soviet Union, vindicated McCarthy as an American hero. Subversive Bolshevik scum were in our highest levels of Government in critical positions, from which they likely influenced America’s actions during WW2 and after. May be worth glancing at “American Betrayal”, a book by D. West.

    • Anonymous

      Focusing on the era of ” McCarthyism ” and proof of Communists in the U.S.. government, it is MOST CURIOUS that the name of HARRY HOPKINS is NEVER mentioned. Harry Hopkins was Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s right-hand man–always involved in every political move FDR thought or made–much like “Colonel” House was to Woodrow Wilson. It is a matter of record that Hopkins was very involved with the Russians but there is never a word spoken about him — WHY? So, when the Venona Communications vindicated McCarthy, more investigation should have focused on the whole administration. Good on You, waynesteapartyworld for your response.

  • Klasko

    I’m going out on a limb to say, it turns out, Joe McCarthy wasn’t wrong. The communists and socialists have taken over no only Hollywood, but the rest of our country.

  • Anonymous

    Thank You, Glenn Beck, for all your work and research. Thank You for informing the citizens of this country about the dangers threatening the culture inherited from the Founding Fathers. Thank You for your dedication and passion to save this nation.

  • Anonymous

    My question to Glenn is as many times before, “what and who is and are defined to be (hard right)?”
    I know what and who are known as hard left but am I, by my convictions of less government, balanced budget, second amendment, constitutionaly driven ideology and anti abortion plus much more conservative ideals, considered to be another hard right thinker? Am I the man John Boehner and Mitch McConnell are referring to considered as another one of those “Damned conservatives?” Finally, was Joe McCarthy considered by his party to be hard right?

  • Six Edits

    No matter how egotistical or altruistic a person may be, the human needs that one can gauge accurately are limited to a small circle of influence and thus a tiny slice of civilization.

  • Dale_G1

    It’s tempting to say that if they turn on themselves, then good. As long as the liberal predators are offing their own young, then there’s less of them to mess with. But then I remember the profound words of Pastor Martin Niemoeller who didn’t “speak up” when all other were being rounded up by the Nazi’s. Until they came for him. Glenn often says that if we allow one wrong, even if it’s against our philosopical enemies, then we may as well condemn ourselves too.

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