Glenn met with a GOP bigwig who wanted him to change his tune…this is what happened next.

Yesterday, Glenn had a meeting with a GOP bigwig. He’s not naming names, but he did reveal one big topic of conversation: Glenn really needs to stop asking people to defund the GOP. So, of course, Glenn took to radio today with one very clear message: Defund the GOP.

“He started in on me and he was very nice,” Glenn said. “I think it was probably one of his more uncomfortable meetings. But he started in and…he was very, very nice. And I stopped him and I said, you know, ‘The longer I thought about meeting with you today, the more hostile I have become.'”

“I said, ‘I’ve met (the Tea Party and 9/12 Project members). I don’t know if you have. But I’ve met these people. And they’re moms and they are dads and they went to, you know, Hobby Lobby and they went and they got some cardboard and they got sprinkles and glue and they sat around their kitchen table and they made signs and then for making those signs, boy…they took abuse from the media and the Democrats and Nancy Pelosi saying that they were nothing but shills for you. And they weren’t shills for you. They were shills for the Constitution.”

“And then what happens? As soon as you’re done with them, as soon as that happens, you can’t get away from them fast enough and…you stab them in the back. Then you stab them in the chest and you stab them in the eyes and you stab them in the side.”

Glenn heavily criticized the lack of action taken when it was revealed that the IRS had been targeting Tea Party groups.

“We’ve tried absolutely everything,” Glenn said about the Tea Party and 9/12 members. “We’ve tried to be nice. We’ve tried to come with signs. We come with our families. We’ve changed our life. We have gone out of our comfort zone. And we have taken it every step of the way.”

Despite the support the GOP had from the Tea Party, especially in the 2010 midterm elections, they have never embraced the Tea Party nor have they given more than lip service to them. It is only when Glenn is telling conservatives in his audience to defund the GOP that the establishment GOP reaches out.

“And now the only time you have ever had your shadow cross my threshold is when you are suddenly being cut off by funds. It seems to me it might be working. Because you’ve never given a rat’s ass what these people have said.”

Glenn did say he would give the unnamed GOP member an opportunity to come on the radio show and tell their side of the story, but he would not let it be a one-sided conversation, nor would he allow his show to become a shill for the GOP.

“Mitch McConnell should be gone. Lindsey Graham should be gone. Cornyn should be gone. Boehner should be gone. McCain should be gone,” Glenn said.

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  • MB

    Ha! Look at this wannabe Richard Neville.

  • landofaahs

    Frankly Glenn, it damages your credibility with me when you don’t name the names. If you can’t name the names then why assert the conversation to begin with. When you do this it creates in people mind the doubt of all GOP members. Be fair to those who are not part of the BS. Until you name the people, I will consider it a lie. My Mother always said believe nothing you hear and half of what you see.

    • Curtis Armstrong

      Maybe so. And maybe it would help your credibility if you used your real name when calling other people out. I also wish Glenn, and others, would only agree to these kinds of meetings with the understanding that everything will be made available to the public.

      • landofaahs

        Because I am not profiting off of it. I receive no applause or personal gain. My ideas are what should be on trial buddy, not my personal being unless I am getting something out of it.

      • landofaahs

        By the way, if you have followed my posts long enough and are astute and well read, you would be able to know who I am. I have left many clues but the IQ level is beyond you. Sorry to be so blunt but I really can’t stand stupid.

    • Anonymous

      Which is more credible, telling someone you’d speak to them with anonymously and breaking your word? Glenn has his character to support his word.

      • landofaahs

        I would not be stupid enough to tell someone absolutely that I would keep the name to myself. What would Glenn have done if he had given his word and then it was revealed that something illegal was going on? Now, perhaps he put qualifiers on that agreement prior to that but then we may never know. Frankly he would have done better to just say that the RNC is hurting and they are getting desperate due to the defund the GOP effort.

        • Anonymous

          OK… no matter if it is News or Commentary, when you name the people you talk to, you will suddenly find yourself with no one willing to talk to you. Now, an educated guess would probably be Perry, but who it is matters not. The very fact that they sent a highpockets RNC hack to try to shut Glenn up speaks volumes. It means that what the Tea Party and the true conservatives are doing is having a profound effect on politics and highlights the fact that individuals can still make a difference. Now, if we could just get the Dems to wake up and realize the truth about all the BS they are happily slurping down, our country would once again become GREAT.

          • Anonymous

            Karl Rove is more likely.

    • Anonymous

      At this time I respect his not naming names. As he said, give this guy an opportunity to come on the show. I’m not above being patient and Glenn has EARNED the trust of Americans, which means I’ll extend courtesy for him others wouldn’t receive! Great job Glenn, thank you!

      • landofaahs

        I like a lot of things Glenn says but that does not equal trust. Frankl;y, Glenn has too many times brought up things and said “Nobody is talking about this”. while I read it on different sites before even heating it from Glenn. Glenn hits sites like Zero Hedge, Drudge report, Breitbart etc. and then passes that stuff off as his own.

    • Liberty Belles

      don’t be tacky! He has offered the guy to come on himself and he has agreed to. YOur curiousity will be satisfied soon enough. You start naming names..and PEOPLE will NEVER talk to you in confidence again.

      • landofaahs

        Even worse. I know something and I could inform you now but I want to tease you to keep listening to my program. It’s kind of like someone saying they have news you really need to hear now but I’m going to make you wait.

  • landofaahs

    The defund the GOP must be hurting them badly for them to take the chance of exposure if it were true. But since there is no open honesty on Glenn’s side, I just consider it a one-sided account.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Glenn, for contributing nails for the GOP’s coffin.

    • Revan

      You know liberal we are just going to replace it with something else and be your worst nightmare.

      • Anonymous

        been here before. …and then..there was Ronald Reagan.

      • Mike Nelson

        Because revenge is an excellent motivation to Do The Right Thing?

        You sound exactly like the people you claim to oppose, and that makes it very difficult to want to be a part of the “we” you speak of, despite the fact that I, too, oppose the Progressive agenda.

        People today want to say that “if you’re not with us, you’re against us,” but Jesus said, “if you are not in opposition to us, then you are with us.” This is the position of a man motivated by love, as opposed to vengeance.

        I hope you are never in a position of any power, until you change your motivation.

        • Anonymous

          Because it’s gotten to the point that we have to fight fire with fire with them. No more mr. niceguy. That’s why we are where we are.

          • Mike Nelson

            I know just where you’re coming from, but I have lost 20 years from my life in pursuit of that path of accepting my judgement over God’s Will, and it’s just not worth distancing myself from morality any longer.

            A woman I love recently departed my life, and amongst her last words were, “I think you need to read your Bible more.”

            All other factors and circumstances aside, she was right.

        • Man of Shiloh

          Would love to see the passage that you quote from scripture.

          • Mike Nelson

            Matthew 12:30

            Mark 9:39

            Luke 9:50 & 11:23

            Thank you for asking for references.

            I don’t think that many of the people here who post things about the Bible/Jesus really know what the book says OR means. If more did, posts like those Sam Fisher/Revan makes in clearly vitriolic terms would not get so many up votes.

            Revenge is never, never the way to righteousness, unless you fully ignore the New Testament, and any crowd you gather with words motivated by violent sentiments will expect only violence of themselves and others.

            That is the Dark Side, the Weakest Link, the Path to Hell.

            It is easy to walk that path in juvenile and/or self-righteous anger, but that path does NOT lead to the destination “we” want, and I can’t walk that path any longer, having realized the error of my own self-righteousness. Anger, wrath, revenge… these are automatic, human reactions, and require no effort, but the choice to Do The Right Thing required both knowledge and active work.

            Epiphany comes only when you’re willing to search with open eyes and hearts, just as fortune favors the prepared, and when you dismiss the idea that everything happens according to God’s Plan, you dismiss God from your pursuits.

    • Anonymous

      It needs to go so we can get a party that will bury the Democrats. Right now, we have only a handful who fight against them.

      • Bud Combs

        The Tea Party and the new Veteran’s Party are coming. The Dems and Repubs are done.

        • Anonymous

          TeaParty, Constitutionalists, Libertarians, Independents, Conservatives, BlueDogs, established well-to-do minorities, employees, some unions. Together we are more than a majority, as long as we eliminate any social issues from the Party Platform; They’re mostly state issues anyway. We have enough on our plate with Benghazi, Obamacare, Executive Orders, Fast&Furious, Border Securitty, Deficit, NSA, Ignoring the Constitution, etcetcetc.

      • Anonymous

        Don’t just fight the GOP. Get the nasty dems first and then take care of the others.

    • Anonymous

      Yes thank you! Yea!.. oh wait, you’re sad about that?
      I would rather lose with those I believe in over winning with a wolf in sheeps clothing any day. At least I know what I’m getting.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah… I’m just glad the GOP is dying.

        • Anonymous

          What about the dems dying? Right now they are destroying the US and it is run by criminals all the way. Sen. Cain is against the Keystone Pipeline. You know why? He owns a pile of stock in another oil company that gains if the Keystone isn’t built! Isn’t there a way of charging him with ethics violations? The dems are a rotten lot. Many more like him that need an investigation. So you fight the GOP and let the dems off with nothing?

          • Anonymous

            Again, it is not me who is killing the GOP, so why on earth would I be so pretentious as to think I can kill the democratic party? Screw Cain, and screw the Keystone pipeline. I won’t be anyone’s little soldier.

          • Anonymous

            The GOP is committing suicide by declaring war on its voter base. The end goal is really one political party with a left wing and a right wing, like in Europe. Notice over in Europe that no matter which wing is in power, nothing ever gets better.

          • Anonymous

            yeah… so?

          • billsnotes365

            That is because socialism is the norm in Europe. Obama is heading us in the same direction.

          • Difcan’s Avatar

            Despite the fact that all of their economies are currently breaking down.

            “The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of everybody else’s money” – Margret Thatcher

      • billsnotes365

        So you would rather lose and let Obama win than try to work with others to defeat him. That makes no sense.

        • Anonymous

          We’ve lost the last two presidential elections by putting up these “others”… again, I would rather cast a vote for someone I truly believe in who is REALLY different than for voting for liberal repubs who wont change much even if they did win. And if they do win, then you’ve just redefined what a ‘conservative’ is…and the slope keeps on slipping.

      • Anonymous

        You can have both. What the Tea Party needs is infrastructure, financing and leadership. That is available in the GOP but certain fossilized RINOs need to be shunned. That’s YOU McCain.

    • Anonymous

      I have a question for you since you are happy to see the nails in the GOP coffin. Are you going to donate to the costs of buying a strong rope and finding the tall tree with a strong limb to administer the same treatment as benny Arnold got to judasbama, holder, pisslosi, reid, FU shumer, etc.???

      • Anonymous

        The question is not if I would “administer” any kind of treatment for anyone party. You are asking for a loyalty statement, but I have no loyalty for any political party or person. What’s happening here is that the GOP is self-destructing. And Glenn here is happy to help fall what is already falling. Nietzsche said this was our responsibility, and I agree. For that, I commend Glenn. On the other side, let me answer with the question: do YOU think the democratic party is also self-destroying? Hint: if they are, why would anyone need to blabber hate speech about hanging them, as in a lynching mob?

      • Anonymous

        Unfortunately, B Arnold was not hung. He moved to London and died ignored.

    • Cleveland Cleary

      The GOP is voting with the democrats, they have nailed their own coffin. It is time for a new party that represents us; the conservatives, the constitutionalists, the “I have been taxed enough”, the “if you want more, get better, make yourself more valuable” crowd. The crowd that says if you want to contribute, good, but quit giving my stuff to someone else.

    • Anonymous

      It’s not necessarily the GOP death we’re looking for but a rennaissance. Out with the Corrupt RINOs, in with the Libertarians and Independents; out with the Progressives, in with the Constitutionalists.

  • Thylacinus

    Just a little slow to the show, Glenn. But good on you for showing up.

  • quest

    I do wish you did “name the names” as we know Karl Rove must go along with others. But this raises questions on Glenn. So speak the truth to all, when you only give 1/2 the story, causes doubt!

    • Jason Pritchett

      Every Tea Partier knows and hates Karl Rove already. This most likely isn’t him. But as Glenn puts forth, there is a NEXT STEP for this person, and by keeping them anonymous for now, he is hoping for that next step (the on air interview). You have to make some allowances, to coax the rats out of their holes! :)

  • Ed Caryl

    Name the names. No credibility without the names.

    • Michael David Davis


    • Anonymous

      I want to know the names. But I trust Glenn. When the time arrives, we will know them. Mr. Beck has more problems to deal with than you and I. Not the least of which is the possibility of him having a “tragic accident” at the hands of certain people. Remember Sonny Bono? There was a whole string of “tragic accidents” involving sitting congress members around that time. Be patient. This is a dangerous game and it does not pay to be hasty.

  • Joe Hinkie

    Bless you for telling it straight!!!!!

  • Lynn Hawkins

    The GOP calls me rather regularly for donations. I always tell them that “I cannot in good conscience give you any money. You do not represent me or any of my conservative friends. When you get back to the Constitution and the core beliefs this country was founded on, THEN call me and I’ll gladly contribute to your campaigns.”

    • october

      I get calls and emails from them and I tell them I have called the NRC and tell them the same thing I told the NRC: I am tired of their leadership attacking conservatives like the Tea Party and Senator Ted Cruz. They should focus on the real adversary: the Democrats. They are destroying the Republican party and I will not give them any support until they get their priorities and focus straightened out. I will instead support conservatives in every way I can.

      • Anonymous

        “They should focus on the real adversary: the Democrats.” No. The progressives are the real enemy and they are in both parties. As long as the progressives run candidates in both parties it doesn’t matter which individual wins, the progressives win.

        That’s why everyone should support individuals rather than parties. Thanks for that.

        • happierboy

          That may be true but democrats always vote & support democrat, even so called conservative democrats. Every democrat voted for Obamacare, including the “blue dogs”.

          • Anthony Williams

            “Blue Dog” is derived from “Yellow Dog”, the segregation democrats, led by Strom Thurmond, who said they would vote for a “Yellow Dog” before they would support a Republican. The Progressives are “progressing” back to the white supremacy era with the help of black voters. The Progressives revived the KKK around 1912 with the first Progressive president, Democrat Woodrow Wilson. Hitlary…er… Hillary Clinton is a self described Progressive. Blue Dogs are fiscally conservative Democrats who were “choked blue” by Republicans.

          • Anonymous

            The last ‘Blue Dog’ died a couple of years ago.

        • repeater1957

          You have hit the nail on the head! @thx1138v2:disqus Everyone should understand that it is the progressive agenda that is being implemented and is destroying our constitutional republic. Conservatives from all parties need to stand together if our constitutional republic is to survive.

          • D.b. Swanson

            Let me make a suggestion, but first… I congratulate Glenn for his courage. Now I would like to ask him to support “Operation American Spring” which may be the last massive peaceful attempt by Conservatives at restoring Constitutional rule of Law.

            Has OAS been attacked by Republicans? Yes. Has OAS been attacked by the Left? You bet. Has OAS been attacked by Nut-Cases of every stripe? Yep. Through all of it we continue to grow at a heart warming pace and keep asking all Freedom loving Americans to come to D.C. one last time. The difference this time will be… We are not leaving!

          • billsnotes365

            I don’t think that there are any conservative officeholders
            left in the Democrat Party any more. The last one that comes to mind is Zel Miller who was a senator from Georgia. Obama and the communists who control the Democrat Party have purged all of the officeholders who disagree with them or threatened them into silence.

          • Dave Frandin

            No, I believe the democrat party of JFK is now become the American Communist Party… they sure do toe the line on the
            Communist manifesto….

          • Anonymous

            So if the GOP ‘Progressives’ are butthurt by the TeaParty, you would expect them to go after the TeaParty hard, wouldn’t you. Oh, Wait. That is what is happening.
            So who runs the GOP?

        • kandy830

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          Lincoln MKS Sedan by working part time off of a laptop. have a peek here C­a­s­h­D­u­t­i­e­s­.­ℂ­o­m

        • xoxozo

          I AGREE… Most are members of the One World Gov’t platform and are taking us for a ride. Once we get there, we’ll be thrown off the train

      • Bruce Welty

        Clarification please? The GOP is in bed with the Socialists, They have the same agenda.

    • Anonymous

      I’m with you, Lynn. I get call, I get emails. “My membership is in danger of lapsing”, according to the RNC, NRCC & NRSC. I’ve told them until I’m blue in the face that “NOT ONE MORE DOLLAR WILL GO TO SUPPORT THE BELTWAY ORGANIZATIONS.” I’ll donate to individual candidates AFTER I’ve vetted them. No more McCain’s, Romney’s, Bush’s, Flake’s or Christie’s. I’ve had it up to HERE!

      • Anonymous

        I am so with you, dayplace! I even have stickers saying I only donate to the Senate Conservative Fund or individuals that represent my conservative views!

      • Anonymous

        Or Rubios or Ryans or other disguised big govt or prog pols.

    • Christine Golden

      Much better: ask them to send you a SASE envelope, then wrap it around a brick and mail it back. They will never bother you again.

      • Kenny Lipowski

        Ha! I did that with AARP… Not a peep since then!

      • Difcan’s Avatar

        HAHAHAHAHAhahahaha..ha…haaaa.. I have got to try that!

    • Joyce Childers Wallace

      When the RNC calls me, which is often, I tell them I give to individual candidates, and tell them how much I recently gave to Rand Paul, Mike Lee, or Ted Cruz. I tell them if I gave it to the RNC, it would be funneled straight to McConnell, Graham, McCain, and the likes, and that I refuse to allow them one penny from my pocket. I assure them that I WILL be giving as I can afford to, to the CONSERVATIVES, but nothing to the RINOS, and nothing to the party.

    • Anonymous

      I really like filling out those fake “surveys” and skewing them as far as possible. I always include a little note saying that I do not donate money to any party, but only to individuals who represent my very conservative principles. These fake surveys always come with post payed envelopes, so I always thank them for the use of their stamp—love to rub it in!

    • Anonymous

      They call me, a 34-year donor, and ask for more money….I tell them I’m no longer a Republican, but a conservative and they have left me as completely as the Democrats left my parents in 1972. I will not give these jamokes one more red cent, not until we have some fiscal sanity in Washington.

      In the meantime, as one of those nuts who fly both the federal and state flags, I now fly the state flag at equal height to the left as one views them from the curb. A few people have commented upon that – all conservatives, as it seems only we know the Flag Code!

      • Frank W Brown

        Your American flag can rightfully be flown upside down as this country is in DISTRESS!

        • melissa

          AMEN brother!!

    • Ryan Wilson

      They called me, I said something similar and they hung up. Made my decision easier.

    • Anonymous
    • Anonymous

      Lynn, I write them the same thing, good for you. Maybe they will get the message.

    • Raymond Penyak

      I get calls for them. being a vet after 14 years of service in the navy I have said that I can not give you money b/c if I did my job in the navy like you have done your job people would have been hurt. and I would have been put in jail. they sit on there hands and never fight.

    • Anonymous

      We need to elect real conservatives who are ready to fight for us! Eric Gurr is challenging John Boehner this May. He needs funding if he’s going to beat the Boehner money machine!

  • Anonymous

    I totally agree Glenn! Thank you for meeting with the back stabber.

  • Willy Rho

    Big Business allying with Government is called Fascism.

    Democrats are Big Government: Republicans are Big Business.

    They are both enemies of Liberty, Justice and the Rule of Law.

    The people who Love Liberty Justice and the Rule of Law are the Libertarians and the Tea Party People.

    All others are Charlatans and Enemies of Liberty.

    • Anonymous

      I think big business joined dems now.

    • Anonymous

      Independents are Libertarians who haven’t quite gotten there yet. They can be had if we dispose of the McCains, Boehners and McConnells. Then we win. Win the Senate, Build the Damn Fence.

    • Anonymous

      I would include a substantial portion of ‘Independents’ and a smaller fractions of Hispanics, Blacks, Indians, etc. What a coalition we could have with some leadership, financing and infrastructure. Gingrich, Napolitano, Beck come to mind.

  • Janice Kirk Gabbard

    Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes!! I agree, Glen, all five of those you named should be gone….by their actions, or lack of action, they have done as much harm to the people of this country as Obama and the Democrats have done!! There are many others, though, that continue to give in to the Democrats and they should be gone, also. It it hard for me to understand how the American people can continue to vote for these traitors….both Democrats and Republicans!!

    • Anonymous

      So what do we do about John Boehner?

      While there are grassroots efforts emerging to primary Boehner in Ohio’s 8th District — and we wish them all possible success — the time has come to consider an alternative plan. A nuclear option, if you will.

      Assuming that Boehner wins his primary in OH-8, I suggest we rally
      support among Tea Party and Constitutional Conservatives in that
      district to vote. To vote Democrat.”

      • billsnotes365

        It this kind of thinking that makes Obama grin from ear to ear. Divide and conquer … that is the strategy that was worked for despites and dictators throughout history. The trouble is we are doing it to ourselves.

        What would you have Boehner do? He is trying to hold together a coalition of Republican representatives from all over The United States. If you think that a representative from New York or New Hampshire is going to think exactly the same way as one from Texas, you don’t understand politics. If that New York representative did that, he probably would not be able to hold his or her seat. You get things done by working with people and compromising.

        One of Obama’s greatest failures as a President is that he can’t work with people, not even in his own party. That’s why he is now sitting in the White House acting as a dictator with his executive orders. Obama is not a good enough politician to get his program through Congress. His “signature” health care bill was passed when the Democrats had huge majorities in Congress. He just preaches to the bobble headed idiots outside of Washington who hang on his every word and acts like he has nothing to do with what’s wrong with the country.

        • Anonymous

          You forget who is the majority in this party. It is the conservatives. Establishment Republicans predominantly located away from GOP strongholds have held sway in the party for too long. This is a problem that goes back to Goldwater. Boehner is just serving the Republican parties interests, he is doing nothing for conservatism. In fact, conservatives have had only two major policy successes in the past 18 years and one of those is gone and the other is in tatters.

          We need a warrior not a placeholder. Boehner needs to go and it will cost absolutely nothing to replace him with a Democrat.

          • billsnotes365

            So what do you propose? That we shut down the government again and let the lame stream press make the GOP the heavies as they have every other that has happened? Congress is held in lower regard than Obama. How many times do you need to put your hand on a red hot stove before you learn that you will get burned? Shutdowns DON”T work, especially when you are in the minority.

            Here is the solution: Knock out as many Democrats as
            possible and then put pressure on the GOP senators and congressmen and women to do the right thing. You will get nothing from a Democrat no matter how hard you try. I know. I’ve tried writing to them. Obama owns them, and they will say anything during an election cycle to deny that they are Obama’s slaves. Stay home because you don’t get 100% of you want, Obama wins. Get out a push as many Democrats out of office as possible and win the Senate, we have a chance. It’s just that simple.

      • Anonymous

        This is only a good idea if it does not spread. It will represent a shot across the bows of the RINO GOP and serve notice that we will not be ignored, we will not be cowed and we will win.

      • Anonymous

        I am still convinced Boehner is to Obama what Obama is to Purin. Stuff you scrape off your shoe.

  • SouthTexasFrac

    WTG Glenn! Here’s our next Senator:

  • Hobie

    I have been practicing defunding of the GOP in that I do not give to the party but only to individual campaigns. I would give to Democrat candidates if there were any that held my fews but there are none. But I am also NOT contributing to Eric Cantor’s campaign, nor to Paul Ryan’s campaign, because they are now attacking the T.E.A. Party and other constitutionalist groups. I am also not supporting so-called Libertarian candidates who are only running as spoilers for the Democrats (and who are funded in large part BY THE DEMOCRATS).

    • Anonymous

      That is what happened in VA and gave the dems a clean sweep. The so-called libertarian funded by a dem bundler is going to run in the senate race and stop help the dems again. I hope that is not what is happening in KY. I see donating to individuals but do not see the need to kill the GOP leaving the dems in full control for the rest of our lifetimes. I am not hearing anything to damage the dems but let them go free with their criminal ideology and kill the GOP. Makes no sense to me.

    • Anonymous

      Nice try troll. Libertarians are our allies as Constitutional Conservatives and we need them.

  • Brian Compton

    Thank you. I cut em off before and won’t support them till more go up ready andable to fight.

  • Kenny Lipowski

    Yea Glenn you pointed out five RINO’s…The GOP needs it curtain pulled back even further!!!

  • Anonymous

    I can’t wait for whoever it was to come on the show. Glenn has done the right thing by not naming names if this person has a possibility of changing their tune…

    • Kenny Lipowski

      I doubt that. But I’m a firm believer in miracles.

  • Warren Holliday

    I cannot wait for business to pick back up so I can subscribe to the Blaze and 1791
    Praise God, it’s coming

  • budman

    I want a GOP that has the courage and conviction to say they don’t need your money. In fact, that they are going to live by the principles of conservatism and they aren’t going to waste the enormous sums of money that are being wasted getting elected. A GOP that has the courage to stand up and say that it will conduct the next election by campaigning no more than 120 days before any election. That their country is too important to waste national treasure on elections but rather their monies will be spent on managing the limited government our Constitution promises. Stop taking handouts and control your destiny. Let the other parties stand for big government and spend their fortunes in the continuous election cycle. We, the people, are smarter than lowering ourselves playing their game. Our principles are still the principles of dignity and freedom. We must not continue to participate in a rigged game and the GOP must understand that they are on notice.

    • Kenny Lipowski

      I concur wholeheartedly!!!

      • Anonymous

        If they campaign only 120 days before the election they have lost. Guaranteed. You don’t get yours in until the others are gone and yours cannot win if they do not campaign as long as the others and if they kill the one side that has some believers. The dems have no believers and yet you are anti- GOP.

    • Anonymous

      The GOP has been infiltrated with progressive, liberal, leftists whose only thought is the power they can attain and keep and who like to spend our money.

    • Gaye Lynn Edwards Puerner

      That is the proroblem; they Will say it, but never follow through, then blame it on the impenetrable political machine

  • Craig Crockett

    personally ive never known Beck to lie,, further I thought it was common knowledge that they’re ALL crooks, democrats and republicans alike. I dont blame congress for their actions,, i blame america for NOT holding them accountable for their actions. Beck never sided with the GOP. yes he leans conservative, as do i. but i believe him. I will look for myself, into the GOP intolerance of the tea party. i suspect his conversation was with Rand Paul, whom i hope runs for president, as an INDEPENDENT. I think we’re all ready for a real change.

    • Sean Davis

      Rand Paul? I think you might want to go back and reread the article. Glenn didn’t name names, but it sure sounds to me as though he was speaking to a progressive RINO. I don’t think Rand Paul fits that description.

    • Anonymous

      I doubt it was Rand Paul.

  • David Bennett

    I bet it was Rancid Prius…

    • Anonymous

      Who needs to go.

  • Randall Slack

    People need to wake up and realize that the democrats and the Republicans have the same goals.They both are corporate owned, in Wall Streets pocket They both wish to destroy the Constitution, take away our rights .

    • Frank W Brown

      Two Sides Of The SAME Coin, believe it!

  • Derek Maupin

    Thank you Glenn! Everyone please support Lee Bright against Lindsey Graham

    • Christine Golden

      And Dwayne Stovall, a small businessman and TP-endorsed candidate, who is running against Cornyn. If we can keep John Boy below 50+%, he has to face a runoff primary which he may well lose.

  • Revan

    I am going to say this maybe these morons in the GOP will finally grow a backbone after more of our money walks away from their hands or die out one of the two.

    • Christine Golden

      Only until the election is over, then it will be back to ‘business as usual’ for the GOP. Next up: expect the name-calling and accusations to begin, starting with “it will be *your* fault if…”.

      • Revan

        Yeah the good old shell game. It gets old don’t it?

  • Anonymous

    I’m guessing the GOP bigwig is not one of the ones Glenn named above, but that still leaves a huge list of possibilities. Rubio, Ryan, Cantor, Ayotte, Kasick, and Rove would be my first guesses.

    • Christine Golden

      I’d put my money on Priebus: if he doesn’t rake in the cash, he will be replaced before the 2016 presidential election.

  • Danny Robertson

    I agree. But here is one better. On April 16 2014. We the people will take back are country. So we march on Washington DC an both houses an the supreme court. We will take back are country and the Constitution an the bill of rights. This march is not a DC movement or a Republican party or a tea party group. Or any Generals that got dumped by obama. This movement is by the people of the good people of this country, nothing else. So on April 16 2014. We march on Washington DC an both houses an the supreme court. We will take back are country. Please remember that this is a peaceful movement. We will take back are country. It belongs to the people of this country. Amen

    • Anonymous

      Good Luck on that! I just don;t see it making a difference. You can march all you wish. The only people that benefit, are the D.C. Hotels and tourist sites. No one pays attention to this anymore, if they ever did. Start with your local representative. Then…go after your Congressman, then …your Senator. Can’t gather their attention? Maybe it’s time to roll the Tar and Feathers brigade.

  • Anonymous

    I have stopped giving money to any GOP organization. Now FreedomWorks gets practically all of my political donations.

  • pslinger

    The GOP is dead. Suicide by cowardice and betrayal. Good riddance.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, and what about the dems? They have done far worse. Look at the country right now. Do you think it can last until the end of Obama’s term?

      • pslinger

        No. But the movement to save the country will have to come from the people, not any political party.

        • Difcan’s Avatar

          Gents, at this point, it is a movement to save our humanity not just our party or even country. We were the shining light on the hill, a beacon for all to follow. We can be again, and your right, it will not be the governments of the world who will bring about our renewal. It must come from fearless men and women like yourselves who are willing to champion freedom publicly. Keep fighting the good fight.

          “All that is necessary for evil to succeed, is for good to do nothing.”

  • Anonymous

    It’s the same tactic used by the GOP in the 80’s when they enlisted the televangelicals and religious right for campaign funds and their associated ground roots organizations. But with it came war mongering, homophobia and the drug war which is now killing the GOP.

  • Brad

    “Mitch McConnell should be gone. Lindsey Graham should be gone. Cornyn
    should be gone. Boehner should be gone. McCain should be gone,” Glenn
    said, I do not think they are the first ones who should be gone.

  • John McNail

    I absolute agree that John Cornyn needs to Go! Glenn have Dwayne Stovall on your show; he’s the real tea party candidate in the race to unseat old johnny boy.

  • William Tell Milton

    I was born a conservative, told I was a republican and believed it for many years because I wanted to.
    But you see I believe a conservative is some one with the ability to recognize truth and the courage to peruse it. I am not a republican.
    I stopped funding GOP Long ago. In fact about the time when the patriot act came about.

  • Swed.

    I constantly get calls from the GOP, I tell them that when they start to defend the Constitution and Bill of Rights then and only then will I donate.The GOP hates the Good in Congress, Paul, Cruz, Brown, Bachman or anybody Tea Party. The gop is democrap lite at best.

  • Anonymous

    Stay the course!

  • Anonymous

    If those who tipped the tea into Boston Hahbuh had backed down, there would not be the USA. Get some gonads and back the latest TEA pahty.

  • Anonymous

    Give your money to the candidate you want elected. If you give it to the GOP they will give it to the people Glenn listed that should be gone.

  • Anonymous

    and that’s one big part of the problem….you won’t name names. you know who a-wipes are up close and personal, so how about informing the public?


    I usually give to the GOP Not this time. They can go whither on the vine..If the republicans want Marxism then that’s the way it will have to be. Will not give one dime to republicans until they allow the TP to take their turn and take charge.

    No more republicans from the old school

    • Anonymous

      We have Marxism with the dems. right now.

  • Fat Lip

    Give them funds ? I’ll give them squat , look at were we are both parties can come and pick up dog poop in our yard I’ll pay them someday MAYBE !

  • Anonymous

    Yes! We have had the GOP call us twice in two days asking for money. We just tell them we will never give a cent to the GOP establishment ever again. We will only give to individuals whom we deem are speaking and voting for us in the future.

  • Danny G


  • Anonymous

    I’m so happy to see so many Patriots up and fighting for America. Defund the GOP is the real deal. No money for them until they embrace the conservatives.

  • Anonymous

    ..Alexander should be gone. Bob Corker, should be gone. NOT a dime to The GOP. Time for a New Party. I DO NOT care if Hillary is elected. We start with The Senate and The House, and return governing policy closest to The People.

  • Anonymous

    I was getting mail from the GOP asking for donations. I used a red marker and wrote,” you do not represent me anymore. I am an Independent. The Gop left me a long time ago. Do not waste your postage on me anymore,as you clutter my malibox with junk mail!!” When the Young Republicans called I told the person that the GOP does not stand for conservative values anymore & they need to consider representing a real party. I gave him a list of wrongs with the GOP had committed. They don’t call me anymore.
    I have joined the Constitution Party. The only Party that stands for the values that I hold dear. It is in 27 states and the states that it isn’t in can petition the state to get on the ballot. It’s worth the effort. By the way,the GOP brought a law suit against the Constitution Party.

  • Jim S.

    I will NEVER give any “:republican party” organization or “committee” ANOTHER FREAKING PENNY AS LONG AS THEY ARE DEAF, DUMB AND BLIND !! to the American people… WE The People !!! Just load up their mailings with junk mail and send it back to the dumb asses in those “postage paid” envelopes… I get so sick of those bullcrap “surveys” and “opinion polls” that are just a solicitation for money… they DON’T CARE what my thoughts really are so …. GET OUT OF MY LIFE YOU FAKES !!!

  • Raffing Out Roud

    It’s all about the ruling class which is equally democrat and republican. To think either of these parties have your backs is ridiculous. There’s only one way to straightened this situation out but your not beaten down enough yet it appears.

  • Anonymous

    I have gotten a couple calls here and there from the GOP asking for money. I’ve told them I like to fund individual candidates’ campaigns, which has been my position for many years. I have made a decision, though. At least for the time being, if I vote for a Republican, I am only voting for candidates whose agenda is to bring the federal gov’t back to a constitutionally limited gov’t. They don’t have to bring the gov’t back into compliance with the Constitution overnight (because we didn’t get here overnight), but I want them working to take us back in that direction. If I don’t see such a candidate, I’ll likely vote for their Democratic opponent. I know this rankles even doctrinaire conservatives, because they see that that will make the conservative ideal that much harder to achieve, but my logic works like this: If the people in my locality choose candidates which present a choice between “big government” and “big government-lite,” I’d rather give us the full bore. We’ve had “Big government-lite” over the years, and all it’s given us is the same poison with an anesthetic to lessen the pain while the American idea of freedom dies. I want Americans to feel the pain that their own choices are imposing on us. (BTW, Obamacare is doing that quite nicely!) I consider that our only hope of turning this around.

    If locals choose a candidate who believes in some restraint on gov’t, and is willing to work hard to steer the country in the direction of a gov’t that actually shrinks in size, not merely slows its growth, I’ll gladly vote along with them. Some will say, “You’re being unrealistic. Slowing the growth of government is the best we can hope for.” In that case, American freedom is already dead. It’s just a matter of time. Why should I continue to operate under the pretense that anyone in the GOP is fighting to preserve liberty?

    I used to tolerate “big government-lite” in the GOP because for a while I thought it was the right balance. Later, I thought it bought conservatives time against the predations of the liberal agenda, that at some point the conservative argument for smallter gov’t would win out, and that the strategy would pay off. All it’s done, though, is delay what the Left has wanted to do all along. It hasn’t stopped it.

    This country needs to make a choice. Are we going in the direction of decline, where only the politically connected succeed, and we feed the Beast In Washington, or are we going to realize we are a free people? We may very well find out that we have left the idea of freedom behind, and we want this politically corporate hierarchy that’s being built. If so, I will not be happy about it, but at least I will have the satisfaction of knowing that we have dropped the pretenses, and we can all see that this is who we really are. I hope America chooses otherwise.

  • Jeramiah Styers

    I wish you had pulled your head out of your ass sooner Mr. Beck. You are gaining my respect. I am not going to lie I couldn’t stand your show when it was all negativity and about the problems. You seem to have switched directions and are now working on the solutions rather than continuing to beat dead horses. Your show about the fed I felt was really refreshing. Many people know it many don’t, nobody was willing to talk about it openly but you did and I am proud of you. Your admission of being part of the problem was the most honest thing I have ever heard from a political perspective. Most of the asshats in Washington could stand to learn a thing of two from you since your head has been removed from your ass keep up the good work sir.

  • Grandpa

    This is what I put in the GOP donation envelope:

  • mmt

    I’m not comfortable with PACs in general. If a candidate I support, asks…I might send them some of my money….but I won’t trust “leadership” of any organization anymore. There is too much temptation to compromise against the CORE.

  • Larry Crisp

    Wow! Never been prouder of you Glenn Beck!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve returned letters requesting financial support from the GOP, the RNC and others with a note telling them to get their act together, stand by the American People and the Constitution and do their damn jobs we sent them to Washington to do.

    They don’t listen. They don’t care. They do what they want, They’re like king-men all standing around eager to please Obama and not upset the Democrats in order to retain some degree of power, hoping for scraps from the President’s table like dogs. It’s utterly pathetic, frustrating and unacceptable. I hope to high heavens the dirty GOP leaders who claim to be Republicans but are really Marxist Progressives, get booted out of office this election.

    I refuse to even consider voting Republican simply because a candidate is Republican. From now on, I will be voting for the man or woman with proven integrity and is of the highest caliber and character. Men like Ted Cruz, who the GOP leadership hates because his job and says what they should be saying but don’t have the spines or the honor to do so.

    Thank you Glenn for standing up to the un-named GOP leader! We, the American People, have just about reached our limit of patience with them, with Washington, with Obama, even the Supreme Court. We’re fed up with the lies, corruption, scandals, fraud, Obama’s support of Al-Qaeda affiliated terrorist groups, snubbing our best allies, destroying our health care system, trampling our rights and freedoms, leaving Americans to die in a foreign nation when they could have been saved, the divisiveness, racism, unwillingness to prosecute the law while attempting stop those who are, police state actions by the DHS and FBI acting more like thugs and Nazi Gestapo than Law Enforcement and National Security agencies, the illegal NSA surveillance of Americans, IRS targeting of conservatives, , the EPA shutting down businesses and manufacturing, the extortion by the Park Service shutting down all national parks and monuments… and the list goes on!

    There are certain elites in Washington that need to be tried and hung fro treason. Glenn just name a few of them. WE ARE FED UP FED UP FED UP!!!

  • luke orem

    Listen, the GOP was co-opted by the Neoconservatives. It is NOT a party of small government or individual rights. It is a welfare party of protectionists and nation builders. Don’t be confused by rhetoric, look at the history of the Neoconservatives, their roots and their goals. It has nothing to do with small government, they want a more efficient empire with broader control of foreign affairs. They want to always be at war, always be in control and buy off the voters to make it happen. These people are guns and butter liberals, ALL of their policies show this indisputably. This isn’t the party that nominated Goldwater or opposed entering WWI. These are the exact opposite. They know how the world should be run, and they know that you should pay for it and pay them to do it. You would have had a better chance of convincing Woodrow Wilson to adopt the articles of the confederation than you will of getting the Neoconservative politicians in the republican party to be about small government.

  • Ron D Clayson

    Here is my little “Yeah! Go, Tea Party Song”. Hope you like it

  • Steve Sullivan

    Glenn Beck God bless you brother #defundtheGOP & #fundtheTparty

  • David Lelm

    Told last 2 callers from RINO GOP to take me off of their call list as I will no longer contribute to them, but that I now give to the Tea Party

  • CDub

    This is going to be an exciting election cycle. Lot’s of good ol’ boys/gals are going down for the count this time around. I can’t wait to hear all these concession speeches.

  • ginger

    Aha last…I still get calls and letters from the GOP and for three years now I have told them that I will contribute to the campaigns of those candidates that I vet for myself..people I believe are Constitutionalists and people of honor and integrity..but I shall never give money to the GOP pacs…and they are stunned that I won’t support them…and I tell them why and they don’t want to hear it. They don’t give a rodent’s rear what we the people want…they just want business as usual..want us to give them our money and sit down and shut up. NOT…I support the Tea Party…what the GOP doesn’t seem to get is ,,,,there are More of us then there are of them and we have had it with them.

  • dennis reilly

    I’m not giving any money to the GOP sell outs

  • Anonymous

    Right on Glenn!

  • Committeeman_Steve P.

    I was a republican for 17 1/2 years and a Precinct committeeman for 19 months up until December when I changed political parties and went to the Constitution party. I tried to make a difference in the community I live in. But the constant RINO left leaning policies of those in Washington, Boise and locally here in Blaine County, Idaho by Republicans. Made me realize that this RINO GOP isn’t the one for me.

  • Anonymous

    thanks Glenn. well said.

  • Mickey Phelps

    Every time the GOP calls us we tell them they will not receive another penny from us and will contribute to individual candidates that reflect true conservative values and have the backbone to support those values.

  • matthew brandley

    The GOP has sold us out. Its that simple. they have no balls, no spine

  • Jesustheonlyway

    The Progressive anti-Christ mindset has infiltrated both parties – the Democrats just fell harder. Both parties have gone too far to the dark side to return now. America will collapse under either leadership. It’s time to look for the return of Jesus.

  • Scott Heinig

    Every time I get a letter from them asking for money (poorly disguised behind a “survey” espousing conservative talking points), I simply write #DefundtheGOP in big letters.

  • Anonymous

    Along those same lines I just received a letter from Obama asking for donations. Can you even think of how low he thinks I am!!! to give him the time of day would bust my budget of compassion for such a low form of life. Maybe Daddy Soros is ready to quit backing this dead Horse’s A$$. No reflection on all of the horses in this world

  • Barbara

    You go, Glenn. The GOP had better be kissing up to the Tea Party because the TP is much bigger and more powerful than they are. When are the dolts going to realize that?



  • Anonymous

    Why not reveal who you were talking to Glenn? The RINO’s need to be purged from the GOP.

  • Anonymous

    I have not given a dime to the rino nrc for the last 3 yrs and do not intend to until they put forth a candidate with brass between his legs and steel in his spine. Until then, screw them.

  • Anonymous

    The RNC called my home last night asking for $$$ to help defeat Nancy Pelosi et al. When I explained to him that I supported the TEA Party he went on to explain how we needed to stick together. After a long conversation, and my explaining to him how I had not left the RNC, the RNC had left me and that McCain, Boehner et al were just as much traitors as NP, he finally gave up trying to get me to give money. He then admitted that he was a TEA Party member as well. I then encouraged him to give up trying to raise money for the dead elephants and join the rest of us real Americans. He said, there wasn’t a national TEA Party to join up and fight with, so how do we do it? I said think local. We start with our hometowns, our neighbors our friends. From his intonation it was obvious he was a man of color (is that PC?), so I asked him if his friends and neighbors knew he was a TEA Partier. He laughed and said no they would gang up on him. I explained that I have been called a racist and much worse by people whom I thought were my friends, but also said it takes courage to stand up for your convictions in the face of brutal onslaughts such as we are subjected to including those by our own government.
    There are many more of us out here than is being portrayed by those with the voices to do so. We have been ridiculed, subjected to IRS abuses, I had my house searched by the SS for my opinions, They are afraid of the power we hold and I for one will stand my ground to my last breath.
    May God once again bless America if we can prove ourselves worthy.

  • Kevin Clark

    Amen. I quit giving any money to the GOP. They don’t listen to us. Screw them.

  • 13citizen13

    I’d like to know how the GOP bigwig responded to what GB said.

  • Anonymous

    When the GOP calls and asks for donations, I tell them I will not donate a dime to the Republican party until they stop promoting amnesty and get serious about securing our borders and start enforcing the immigration laws we have now. I also tell them that my donations will go to groups and people who will fight against amnesty.

  • Raymond Crow

    They called me numerous times. I finally answered once and told them if they want my support FIRST they have to support the rights of all citizens that are born here. Instead of attempting to strip our rights and give to those who come here for a better life but do so illegally. Also when they bring our troops home to defend our borders then I will support them. The lady on the other end was speechless. I stated Have a nice day and hung up

  • Stephan Bruno

    The truth is the truth.

  • sstout

    I have in front of me a “National Republican Congressional Committee–State of the Nation Survey” PO Box 98219, Washington DC 20077-4591 Filled out the survey…last page of course asks for donations. to help Speaker Boehner and etc… I put a ‘?” mark drew an arrow to this… and marked “Other” contribution box w/ a $0.00. Being a Texan, I surely agree with Glenn, Sen. Coryn should GOOOOO! I sat up watching Sen. Cruz and Sen. Lee filibustering ObamaCare. I NEVER saw Sen. “CORN” do one thing to HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 50 cents and a can of CORN–Yeah I’ll donate the same to them as what I fell I am getting from them. Golden Rule–Right?

  • Stephan Bruno

    You idiots are only empowering liberals. Keep the party pure folks. LOL.

  • Fraggle’s Mom

    Well said Glenn Beck! Thank you for being the voice of the real American people.

  • Anonymous

    You know, I’ve always kinda wanted to like Glenn Beck, but he is just so slimy. I trust him about as far as I can sling a piano.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I don’t donate to the GOP or their various groups. I only donate to individual candidates I wish to support. And if they don’t start embracing some of the Tea Party principles, I am switching to Independent.

  • Green beans

    I’m a bad egg. I don’t and wont contribute to any campaign. I think these politicians are bought and paid for in DC and my contribution really means very little in the whole spectrum of things. Furthermore, I feel that the majority of these people are in DC for the paycheck and are disinterested in doing what we elect them to do. All of them, democrats and republicans alike have sat around and played games all the while “feeding the monster” and then turning a blind eye to that fact. I am tired of finger pointing in DC and I want people there to hold themselves accountable for what they do and don’t do. Us doing isn’t working unless we are going to get dead serious and take it to them at the polls. We need to tan some collective hides and send the slackers packing. Anyone dining of big corporate credit cards and getting giant kick backs needs to be the days of old. There was a day when politicians “wanted” to make a difference and they weren’t so concerned when Congress was going to be giving themselves another raise. Raises should be done with and we the people should be who decides who gets a raise and who doesn’t. Obviously, raises should be determined by who accomplishes what, and not across the board. (I know that’s a pipe dream.) In closing, we need to take our country back. Democrats and republicans alike are responsible for this head ache and its right time they were held accountable.

  • Anonymous

    I quit some time ago. the Tea Party get our money now. The RNC gets a click

    • RedMeatState

      you should tell them that when they call. then hangup.

  • Moke

    I received a letter from the GOP the other day wanting donations. Today, I wrote a note on it and returned it. The note explained that they were nothing more than democrat lite and would not receive any more money from me. I’ve been a supporter of the GOP since I could vote which was 42 years ago but no more..

  • Mavrick2012

    I’m thankful to read finally “We the People” are having an impact on causing some kind of stir on Corruption itself. Even if it is a simple request to stop being a pain in their Butt. I’m all for hearing results instead of report after report after report. Makes me picture Paul Revere galloping by on his horse saying “The British are Coming” once a day until finally his horse drops dead as the British slaughter every one (Yeah the people were happy they were being warned. They just didn’t believe the British were going to be a big deal until it was to late). Feel Me?

  • Anonymous

    When Boehner leaves, I may have more respect for them. Now? Not so much.

  • David P

    100% agree Glen! Money talks and BS walks! I have ranted, raved, shouted, written everyone I can find an address to in DC, signed every petition, all to no avail. Defund The GOP! Find whomever supports the Rhinos and Liberals and boycott. Money gets their attention!

  • Guest

    I only donate to NumbersUSA. The only group looking out of the interests of the country. No Amnesty!

  • Gutierrez’s Puppet

    I only donate to NumbersUSA. The only group looking out for US workers. Please donate or at least become a member.

  • Wayne Williams

    Am I over the top when I suggest that the GOP has the same agenda as the Democrats? (The destruction of the Republic)

  • landofaahs

    Glenn, you said one main topic of conversation was the “defund the GOP” What were the other topics of conversation? What are we playing here, “I Gotta Secret”? You could tell us about the “Defund the GOP” why not the other things? Frankly Glenn I don’t like news filtered through you or anyone else for that matter. But that is what happens when media get the attitude of “I’ll decide what the people need to know”.

  • Anonymous
  • Rick Loughrey

    I dont see all that is going on but what I see on my FB screen from Tea party posts is silly.. By all definitions, I am a fiscal conservative. Notice how I said FISCAL..Not religious.. But anyways, all I see is posts that bemoan our current president and things like Impeach him NOW!!!! and of course we had the whole gov shut down over the incessant desire to get rid of Obama Care which COULD NEVER FRIGGIN HAPPEN until 2016 anyways…This to me is an absolutely perfect example of how foolish this movement has become!!!!!!.. The problem with the Tea Party movement is that it has become a home for zealots, no difference really from the Move On group.. So in the end, what would we have if Glenn Beck got his way????? two opposing political groups who would consider it a sin to find a compromise..Theres a reason why the house ratings are so horrible.. Its called Zealotry… Think Im wrong Glenn Beck?? Lol I wont hold my breath for a response.

    • B D

      You’re exactly right. Glenn Beck is pushing the religious extremism that Barry Goldwater warned about in the 1960’s and his core audience of ignorant indignant over 55 people love it. The problem is, the US has changed and it’s not changing back.

      • Ritchie The Riveter

        Sound principles have not changed. If we have changed, it is because we choose either to embrace those we had not before (like racial equality), or ignore those we had before (like fiscal/personal responsibility).

        Is Glenn Beck promoting a theocracy? I don’t think so … OTOH, we already have a de facto theocracy running this nation; the Cult of the Credentialed and Connected Omniscient, who believe that credentials/position/popularity make one so all-seeing that they can solve the problems of 300 million people FOR them through top-down intervention.

        That takes more BLIND faith to believe in, than anything Glenn, or I believe in.

    • Ritchie The Riveter

      Outside of abortion/contraception and gay marriage – for all of which, a secular case can be made to support the allegedly “religious” position – just where are the “religious” causing a problem?

      The problem is twofold – the blind zealots who don’t take the time to make the objective case for conservative principle, and those like yourself who are stuck in the conventional wisdom of “civility” and “compromise” in the face of intellectually-dishonest Progressives who persistently turn those attributes against your principles.

      Civility in response to intellectual dishonesty, is counterproductive in the defense of liberty.

  • Clay Slape

    Glenn, I have seen the problem between the RNC and the DNC for many years now. They both want the same things once inside the beltway. Who they serve is the only difference between them. It is time for a 3rd Party to enter the system to off-set the RNC and the DNC, to give them COMPETITION on WHO will serve the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the PEOPLE, not CORPORATIONS, WEALTHY, UNIONS and the DEPENDENT sucking off the Government Tit ! Party Platforms are irrelevent because they are not followed. They are used as talking points to ensnare voters.

    The time has come to break free and do what we must to secure the future for future generations of Americans.

  • Gaye Lynn Edwards Puerner

    Thank God you told him what a majority of us are feeling. I learned a long time ago, people do not seem to care about anything until it hits them in their wallet.

  • Anonymous

    Not one red cent will leave my pocket to go to the Republican Party. Are there good men and women there? Absolutely. But there are also some very vicious snakes and skunks who are unworthy to bear the banner of Lincoln, or to besmirch the title of conservative. Michael Medvid may try to paint a rosy picture of these Republican reprobates, but I would just as soon see the party disintegrate by going bust financially, than by melding into a progressive pastel copy of Democrat goals and principles. NOT ONE RED CENT!

  • Keith Westbrook

    Time for Conservative’ to unite here:

  • Ken Holloway

    I was a member of the RNC for 30 years, but no more. The establishment Republicans have compromised their principles in the interest of becoming “big tent”. They have become “Democrat lite” big government people. I can’t be part of that!

  • Mike

    I agree. I have sent the RNC several emails stating that since they continue to support liberal Republicans, I cannot contribute to or support their efforts. Instead I choose to contribute to and support conservative Republicans such as Senator Paul and Senator Cruz.

  • D.b. Swanson

    I congratulate Glenn for his courage. Now I would like to ask him to support “Operation American Spring” which may be the last massive peaceful attempt at restoring Constitutional rule of Law. Has OAS been attacked by Republicans? Yes. Has OAS been attacked by the Left? You bet. Has OAS been attacked by Nut-Cases of every stripe? Yep. Through all of it we continue to grow at a heart warming pace and keep asking all Freedom loving Americans to come to D.C. one last time. The difference this time will be… We will be staying!

  • munched55

    Holy crap. I think I just changed my mind about Glenn Beck.

  • Jo Darling


  • Ronald Nelson

    The GOP Leadership is not going to change because of Glenn… the GOP is cut off from their base, they have isolated themselves from those who have supported them for years, apparently expecting too attract those who are working to put them out of business… the minorities, gays, godless, humanist, moderates whose only loyalty is to a government pay check. They are going to wake up to find not only their base gone but those they attempted to attract missing in action on election day.
    The GOP leadership is trying to play both sided of the isle… alienating the conservatives to the point that they will no longer support these two faced demagogues. It’s as if the GOP RINO’s are deliberately trying to destroy the GOP… Makes one wonder if the leadership of the GOP is in fact part of the GOP or Manchurian candidates working to destroy the GOP.

  • Ritchie The Riveter

    For those of you who keep telling us that any RINO is better than a Democrat when it comes to populating the House and Senate … how low does the agreement percentage have to be (I am speaking here of agreement in terms of resolute action, not just lip movement) before it becomes as good or better, for the sake of sound governance over the long term, to let him/her be replaced by someone we do not agree with at all?

    As in, get our “friend” out of the way … so we can truly deal with the problems once events and consequence expose the stupidity of our enemy, instead of continuing to support a measure of stupidity in the name of political expediency and prolonging the problems?

  • Roger Fredinburg

    2 Party system had transmogrified into a single minded Tax and Spend Cult – A cult that we now call the Tax-O’Crat party – All the Tax-O’Crats want from us is the blood in our veins and our life force to be expended for their benefit. They aren’t public servants, we the public are their servants – And I am SICK of it!

  • Jim Dicken

    Politics is a chess game. The Tea Party wants it to be cut and dried, but reality is that while the TEA PARTY is pretty much right, the way they want to be the bull in the china shop is not going to get conservatives elected. You can rail against the GOP leadership on the budget deal, but in the end, the damn budget is a NO WIN FOR THE GOP. Shutting down the government hurt us, and could have cost us the 2014 election if the Tea Party had had its way. Since the budget deal that re-opened the government the media has been focused on Obamacare and its harm. DO YOU REALLY WANT TO GO BACK and shut down the government again and have the DEMOCRATS use that to enrage their base and get the vote out??? The deficit is falling. Falling because of the Sequester that McConnell worked out. As a Kentuckian, losing him to a closet liberal like Matt Bevin who took bailout money, even begged for it, is stupid. McConnell has been a staunch CONSERVATIVE, he is a REGAN Republican. HE saw that the media and the Dems were gaining on the budget so he compromised, and that compromise put Obama into a NOSE DIVE on popularity. Thanks to McConnell we now have a chance to beat the Dems. The My WAY or the HIGHWAY of the Tea Party is not going to win this next election. DO not take me wrong, we need the Tea Party, but you guys really need to see things beyond the cut and dried. You put 3 people up for Senate who were of dubious ability in the last election and they managed to blow double digit leads and lose the SENATE to the Democrats again. Had we won those 3 seats we would have the House and the Senate… and we could even have a chance at impeachment. The reason we do not have the senate is poor planning on the part of the Tea Party and failure to vet the people you put up in the last election in places that should have been shoo ins for Republicans.

  • Willie Radford Sr.

    It’s all because of the “One World Order” agenda that this dumbing down is
    Happening , unfortunately both parties ( RINO’S ) are working with the Obama administration to make this happen…I would not hesitate to say that George Soros’s money is helping to persuade the RINO’S, especially since FOXNews reported that they have all become millionaires….Back track before Obama became President when Henry Kissinger said in a campaign ad, and I quote ” Obama has been primed to lead us into the One World Order, without we will be in chaos” un-quote..
    I would guess, the fastest way to bring us down is though Socialism
    Last but not least “Who Primed Him”???

  • Anonymous

    So what do we do about John Boehner?

    While there are grassroots efforts emerging to primary Boehner in Ohio’s 8th District — and we wish them all possible success — the time has come to consider an alternative plan. A nuclear option, if you will.

    Assuming that Boehner wins his primary in OH-8, I suggest we rally
    support among Tea Party and Constitutional Conservatives in that
    district to vote. To vote Democrat.”

    • livefreeordie

      Glenn didn’t have time to name all of the traitors in the GOP! Much easier to name the two or three we respect and are doing what is right!

  • D.b. Swanson

    Glenn must get tired speaking out and only getting grief for his efforts. Something he has reached his ‘anger level’ with the way our politicians think they know better than we mere Citizens. Millions of us have reached our anger level and no longer believe in the system that progressives seem to control in this country. The only document that WE THE PEOPLE have to fall back on is our Constitution, and it’s about d*** time we use it. Sure obama and his kind must go, but those that would rather kiss his royal rear end instead of fighting him must go also. On the 16 th day of may, millions of patriots will be in DC to demand a restoration of Constitutional rule. I pray that Glenn will embrace the event and join us. In fact, we pray that many of you will join us and for a very good reason… this may be the last peaceful event held to save this nation. For God and Country!

    • Anonymous

      “but those that would rather kiss his royal rear end instead of fighting him must go also”, yeah? Go where?

  • Stephan Bruno


    • Anonymous

      No outrage ?! What are you talking about ?

    • Anonymous

      Stephan, you really need an OWS rally, don’t you? Going through withdrawal from sitting in a public place and hating everyone around you, aren’t you?

  • Stuck_in_Ca

    Every donation request I get from the GOP with a prepaid envelope goes right back with the following message, “Stuck (not my real name) is now a registered independent. Long live the Tea Party! Love, Stuck”

    I highly recommend you do the same.

  • z–man

    Well Said Glenn! The whole of the GOP Establishment needs to get tossed once and for all.

  • Melissa Montana

    It’s up to each of us to help secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity:

  • Stephan Bruno

    1000% bullshit. Name names or I call bullshit on this.

    Oh I forgot this is Glenn Beck we are talking about.

  • Fr Jim Rosselli

    I once called the RNC and asked to speak to someone in their campaign office about a promotion I received that I felt was an absolute disaster. It was so patronizing it came close to being illiterate. I felt this was ill-advised, and I wanted to try to help them. I introduced myself as someone who works with Heritage Action.

    I got a cute little intern who tried hard to sound like a grownup, but couldn’t help
    giggling when I told her what I wanted. I insisted on being transferred. She kept
    me on hold for an official amount of time, and handed me off to–another intern,
    who could barely contain herself at the cleverness of it all.

    This is the Republican National Committee! This is the outfit that is supposed to set the platform agenda that will save the United States from the ruin of which we are
    on the brink! and what you get when you call them is inane children.

    How can the RNC care about the country, when it doesn’t even care about itself?

  • Anonymous

    If you receive any mail from the NRC or any GOP Fundraisers, do not throw it away! Mail it back with no money and with detailed commentary on your Conservative views. My final words usually suggest that they can expect monetary support as soon as they confirm that Boehner, Mconnell, MCain, Graham, Cornyn……….and all the other RINO’s are gone!!

  • Anonymous

    There is hope for GB yet. I have left him alone since GB’s response to Sarah Palin at Indianola.

    If GB wants to join the war with all seriousness and stand for Liberty against the GOPe with the Incumbent Challengers, that’s a good thing.

    GB’s interview with Katrina Pierson was quite wonerful, thank you. Steve Stockman is available. Matt Bevit is available. Nancy Mace will come calling.

    Hopefully, GB, you are not just after the ratings pump, from these bright faces, but supportive of their goals to stand for Liberty.

    • Anonymous

      You must have missed something. Beck isnt perfect, none of us are, but he has done more to wake up people about the nature of the GOP than probably any other figure in contemporary US history. He was one of the very first major public figures to publicly back and support the tea party.

  • Anonymous

    Now that’s the over-dramatic, tough-talking, self-involved Beck I love. Surely he knows working against the GOP helps Democrats. Wait a minute…is Beck a closet liberal? Interesting strategy.

  • John Burns

    it’s time to put the GOP in the dustbin of history alongside the Whigs… all you establish mint Republicans are f***ing fired!!!! its Tea time or goodnight America you decide….. the Cowardly Republican Party has failed us all miserably dereliction of duty with a capital D

    • billsnotes365

      I guess you have given up on the country. I suggest that you study the demographics and the issues in the 1850s before you decide that you are ready to risk putting an end to the Republican Party and any organized opposition to Obama and the Democrats. Folks like you are on the path to making this a one party country.

      • Anonymous

        It is already a one party country: democrat and democrat lite. There are more commonalities and similarities between GW Bush and Obama than there are differences. Bush was a lousy president, Obama is Bush on steroids.

  • Anonymous

    These are words that should be said to all… wake up and stop trusting the GOP establishment. I only give $$$$ to Gov Palin not a penny to the GOP.

    PALIN 2016!!!!

    • Caribou “PAYCUT” Barbie™


    • billsnotes365

      Ex governor Palin. She couldn’t even take the heat in Alaska. What would she do in Washington where the politics is like a blast furnace? She is a totally unelectable and unqualified candidate.

      • Anonymous

        She receives a barrage of constant criticism, criticism that almost no other political figure is faced with and does so with dignity and aplomb. Perhaps you should listen to her instead of what alinskyite character assassins say about her because she is a strong conservative woman. What makes McCain qualified to be president? He was a POW that is not a qualification. He has been a leftist senator for his entire political career, and has more joint legislation with ultra-leftist democrats than any other GOP senator, that also is not a qualification. He has no business experience and no other qualifications for president. Sarah Palin has been both a successful mayor and governor, helped run a small family business,and takes on all comers and does so with intelligence and with dignity, instead of with temper tantrums and rants like McCain.

  • Republitards suck

    What a load of bullshit.

  • Jannette Dillingham

    Glenn, very well said.

  • Difcan’s Avatar

    Pretty sad, how our guys became “the ends justify the means” people as well. All because they share the same kind of super ego that the democrats have, which tells them that if they can’t fix it, nobody can. Just out of control in love with themselves, these people.

  • billsnotes365

    The Tea Party and Obama are killing this country. We all know what Obama is up to, but a lot of you new activists don’t understand that you can’t run a national political party under the “you must agree with me on every issue” banner. Sure, there are RINOs like Mike Castle from Delaware in 2010. He supported Obama Care and Cap & Trade. I’m all for tossing a “Republican” like him under the bus.

    But in Nevada and Missouri we ended up the Tea Party candidates who lost elections we should have won if only they could have kept their feet out of their mouths. Wouldn’t it have been great to have gotten rid of Harry Reid? It might have happened. But the Tea Party takes the attitude that if an incumbent doesn’t do everything they want, that office holder must go. That is stupid and plays right into to Obama’s hands.

    You are never going to get a Ted Cruz from a northeastern state, but wouldn’t it be great if you could get someone who opposed Obama Care and Cap & Trade? You bet, and the Tea Party people would do well to remember that. And remember this. You can have a dialog with the vast majority of Republican officeholders. You can’t have one with an Obama clone, and for what I see about 95% of the Democratic Party officeholders have been cloned to Obama. They can’t or won’t oppose him on any issue.

    • Really?Really!Really.

      Rewind, please. Not ONE member of the Republican party – RINO – or otherwise voted for the ACA. Not one. “Supporting” something and “voting for it” are like Pregnant and “sort of” Pregnant.

    • Anonymous

      If you got rid of Reid You would have Durbin in his place and Schumer would be one step closer, so getting rid of Reid would accomplish absolutely nothing. Likewise, electing a rino that would essentially do the same thing as Reid, just at a slower pace would also have accomplished nothing. You conveniently forget that the tea party supported Scott Brown and Toomey. F the GOP!

  • bull57

    My days of feeding the GOP coffers is over. I’m a PROUD Tea Party member and will help them and Tea Party Candidates with my money and will March side by side proudly!

  • Chris Keniston

    I joined Veterans Party of America ( for every reason Glenn provided in this article. The Tea Party is noble and idealistic, but refuses to separate from the GOP. As a reward, the GOP treats them like foster children. They’re good for a paycheck, but have no voice in “family” (party) decisions.
    I am a Veteran. Most of my party’s leadership are Veterans. But more importantly, we are AMERICANS. We swore an oath to defend the Constitution, as do the politicians from both parties. But our oath is solemn. We mean it. Their oaths are a lip service formality. Neither party respects the Constitution. They all obfuscate it at every opportunity. Enough has been far more than enough.
    At the very least, my voice is now heard by my party. My concerns and efforts are recognized. I used to complain about the corruption and share noble ideals with fellow my Patriots… then get stuck having to vote for power-hungry liars. No more. Veterans Party of America takes those same noble, Constitutional ideals and turns them into political strategy at every level: local, state and federal.
    I commend Glenn’s decision to abandon the GOP. It’s a decision I made long ago, for all the same reasons. I want representatives who respect, support and defend the Constitution. We won’t accept anything else in our party.

  • susansteward

    Right on Lynn Hawkins ! I feel the same way. The Gop is just as weak as before. We give them a chance to stand up and fight for us and go by the Constitution and they do nothing. Look at our country now. All I say is God help us and God bless the USA

  • jerseygirl25

    I quit the GOP almost 2 years, no membership no support……I donate money to Ted C; Scott W; Rand P; and to individual local candidates that support my conservative constitution beliefs. It feels so good. I will support conservatives across the country but not a dime goes to the GOP. It is working…….I gave the last donations to Romney and Ryan……no more!!!! It feels so good.

  • xoxozo

    Here’s their # Call and tell them UNTIL THEY DO WHAT THEY WERE VOTED IN TO DO…NO MORE $$$ … 202-863-8500

  • bindare

    I stopped financially supporting the Republican party back when Bush only gave lip service to closing off our Southern border. I give to individuals only and I recommend everybody do the same now. They keep telling us that enforcing our laws is impossible and it really is impossible when you just don’t want to do it. Obama has spent more money on vacations than on closing the border to illegals. McConnell and Boehner couldn’t work any harder for the Democrats if they were on the Democrat payroll (which they probably are).

  • jalina susan stutte

    I qut giving to the O along time ago and didn’t listen to you about invading from within Glenn, because I could see that it was too rotten to save. We must give or dollars to the canidiates pacs and not the GOP. I intend to give to Ted Cruz, even though I don’t have much I will give.

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