Yesterday, Glenn had a meeting with a GOP bigwig. He’s not naming names, but he did reveal one big topic of conversation: Glenn really needs to stop asking people to defund the GOP. So, of course, Glenn took to radio today with one very clear message: Defund the GOP.

“He started in on me and he was very nice,” Glenn said. “I think it was probably one of his more uncomfortable meetings. But he started in and…he was very, very nice. And I stopped him and I said, you know, ‘The longer I thought about meeting with you today, the more hostile I have become.'”

“I said, ‘I’ve met (the Tea Party and 9/12 Project members). I don’t know if you have. But I’ve met these people. And they’re moms and they are dads and they went to, you know, Hobby Lobby and they went and they got some cardboard and they got sprinkles and glue and they sat around their kitchen table and they made signs and then for making those signs, boy…they took abuse from the media and the Democrats and Nancy Pelosi saying that they were nothing but shills for you. And they weren’t shills for you. They were shills for the Constitution.”

“And then what happens? As soon as you’re done with them, as soon as that happens, you can’t get away from them fast enough and…you stab them in the back. Then you stab them in the chest and you stab them in the eyes and you stab them in the side.”

Glenn heavily criticized the lack of action taken when it was revealed that the IRS had been targeting Tea Party groups.

“We’ve tried absolutely everything,” Glenn said about the Tea Party and 9/12 members. “We’ve tried to be nice. We’ve tried to come with signs. We come with our families. We’ve changed our life. We have gone out of our comfort zone. And we have taken it every step of the way.”

Despite the support the GOP had from the Tea Party, especially in the 2010 midterm elections, they have never embraced the Tea Party nor have they given more than lip service to them. It is only when Glenn is telling conservatives in his audience to defund the GOP that the establishment GOP reaches out.

“And now the only time you have ever had your shadow cross my threshold is when you are suddenly being cut off by funds. It seems to me it might be working. Because you’ve never given a rat’s ass what these people have said.”

Glenn did say he would give the unnamed GOP member an opportunity to come on the radio show and tell their side of the story, but he would not let it be a one-sided conversation, nor would he allow his show to become a shill for the GOP.

“Mitch McConnell should be gone. Lindsey Graham should be gone. Cornyn should be gone. Boehner should be gone. McCain should be gone,” Glenn said.